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A motorcycle is a two-wheeled motor vehicle. They are very popular modes of transportation around the world and can vary from a small moped to a large Harley Davidson. Ask questions about motorcycles here.
Connecting rod big end side clearance Std .0039-.0256″ (.1-.65 mm)  Limit .0315″ (.80 mm) Connecting rod big end radial clearance Std  .0004-.0015″ (.011-.038 mm) Limit .0020″ (.05 mm)
Manual says align with the first T
It's very old you may want to upgrade the engine
Too high of an idle could be producing too much fuel for your jets  to work with
if it starts i might need the carburetor tuned or cleaned or check  the spark plug gap
usually you can find online if you don't go to the dealerships  website there going to charge you alot
22.68 horsepower. torque is 10.02 foot-pounds or 13.58NM
from the book Macbeth scene 1 act 5. Do the doctor and  gentlewoman know? 
neutral, one position down will be 1st, then going upwards  direction through or past neutral will be 2 nd gear, one position  up 3rd, aother up 4th, another 5th and lastly one up 6th gear. And  then the precise opposit when you down shift.
On the rear brake calipers look for a hex nut just right at the  back of the piston , unbolt it and with the Allen wrench turn right  the inner pin carefully until the pads touch the disc and then move  back 1/3 turn. and put the cover bolt and that's all. you have to  do it in both calipers
buy a tag from the title shop 
Remove the panels on each side below the seat, one has 2 screws,  one has 1, while here unscrew the pipe cover one(1 bolt) also and  unbolt the rear resevoir(1 bolt) from it, remove the bolts from  each side of the front seat(2), remove the seat. Unlock and remove  the rear seat, the upper side...
I prefer Reflex. It is newer and it has more fun in the gaming career.-EPIC_XTREME_AURA
It's between the air filter and engine
To find the the oil drain plug on a 2005 Harley lowrider, look  under left side bottom of Primary and find a rubber hose that is  clamped to a metal plug or lug, loosen the clamp and let the oil  drain, ensure you remove the oil tank filler cap, your oil is  drained out of the tank. remove the...
take the boult off the bouttom of it
I have posted a picture below in the related links section of a picture for reference.
It depends on what piece you're trying to remove. Also depends on  the nut and bolts in the piece. Anything below a 1" ratcheting  socket wrench or monkey wrench generally are the ones you want to  use. It's a real pain for most pieces though.
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take a look at the chase number on the bike, google "where to find  chase number on..." and then google VIN number check and find a  free one. put in your chase number and there you go.
check the carburetor and make sure the air cleaner is clean
under the side cover, just like most bikes
I think Honda shadow 1300 is much better than 100.
Yes and no it all depends on how the harley is built i have seen  harleys beat crotch rockets but if you race a stock crotch rocket  and a stock harley the crotch rocket will win
i dno find it out your self
Since late 2010, the Ack Attack team has held the motorcycle land  speed record at 376.36 mph (605.69 km/h).   The fastest production motorcycle is the MV Augusta F4 R 312 with a  top speed of 193.24 mph (310.99 km/h)
yes, you can easily put on a size 160-180, any bigger you might  need bigger rims and even a bigger swing arm.
As a person pushes a box across a floor, the energy from the  person's moving arm is transferred to the box, and the box and  floor become warm. During this process, energy is?
it really depends on how long you've had it for. but generally it  is for any bike. It would take me about 14-15 years to get that  much and i drive everyday. I've had my bike for 6 months and I only  have 4500 km on it.
Its probably 10w40, what year is it.
The Outlaws are the only MC in Dayton worth mentioning.
You'd probably be best to start off hanging out with one of their associate clubs.
blow your car with a C4
Rent a Ktm Bike with endurobikes.co
you would have to go to a garage and get it physically removed, then you need to get your bike re-registered. but this also depends on what country you live. in countries like australia you have to do this. in my country (indonesia) we don't use limiters other than the ones that comes with the bike...
GS bikes are a type of motorcycle made by Suzuki starting in the early 1970's. They started out as normal type bike's then evolved into different models such as cruisers and sport bikes. The ranged in engine size from 250 to 1100 and were considered a very reliable and practical bike. They are still...
where is the neutral switch 1998 Suzuki king quad
Electronic ignition was starting to be used on enduro bikes by  early 1980's.
  == ==   standard spark plug: DR8ES-L   Spark plug gap:   0.6 -0.7 mm (0.023 - 0.028 in)   tighthening torque:   20 Nm (14.5 ft-lb)     0.6-0.7 is your gap settings.
You will have to replace it. It just might not be able to hold the charge. Also, check the charge rate at the battery, with the rev's up around 2,600 you should get around 14 volts.
Half a quart a little more possibly needed after first ride make shure u start bike and let it idle for a bit before just taking off after oil change.
It all Depends On where you buy it from you can go to  motercycle-usa.com and buy one from there for $2,800.
When going up jump press shift and ford then press back to do a back flip.
You either need new ones or the bolts you adjusted are too old.
  not if its the same as my 84 the fluid compartment by left hand is for brake fluid and behind clutch handle there is 2 wires going in means its electric clutch like mine right now im trying to figure out how to adjust it to get more clutch
"Harley-Davidson stands for independence, freedom, individuality, expressing one's self, adventure on the open road, and experiencing life to its fullest."-Joanne Bischmann, VP of Marketing for Harley-Davidson:
you buy it and duke on it
2.1 u.s quarts if not sure about my answer look it up
  The headlight is the only thing different on the Vulcan Classic. The Vulcan 2000 has a projector headlight with a larger housing.
is it a automatic clutch such as electronic shift
To set the idle, adjust the carburetor.
their really is not a specific fuel octane mix. if you just run  premium in it, it will be fine, but if you do put octane in, just  put a little bit in it. because it could make your fuel too rich  and foul out your spark plugs.
  It is under the seat, there is a cover directly in the middle.
  == Answer ==   polaris has its own type of transmission fluid. it is called "polaris demand drive fluid" and is available from any polaris dealer
makes it easier to start a fourwheeler
the vin number on a Honda ATV is either on the  two stickers on the front main frame next to the bumper or is more  then likely engraved on the bottom left main .
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  It's suppose to be on the forks. Not too far down from the handle bars.
go with jms performance that guy is amazing