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Ethnicity is an identifier which connotes a group with a common national or cultural tradition. Some ethnicities are massive with billions of members, such as Han Chinese, and others are small clans with fewer than 100 individuals. Some countries are almost mono-ethnic, like North Korea, and others have hundreds of indigenous ethnicities, like Nigeria. Come explore the history and culture of ethnicities in this category.
He is a Mexican & Cuban American.
Most are Danes. There are also Germans nearer to the southern border. There are also some migrants from Greenland (Inuits) and the Faroe Islands (Faroese). Some other immigrant groups include Eastern Europeans (former Yugoslavs, Albanians), Northeast Africans (Somalis, Ethiopians), South Asians ...
ethnic group finn are known s finns or finnish people in short  description.
Major Pakistani ethno-racial groups are:   Baloch, sindhis, pashtuns(30%),kashmiris(mostly from azad kashmir),  punjabis (biggest). They all have different origins & migration  histories.
He is African American. (:
A person with an ethnocentric orientation views individuals of  their ethnicity as having a superior culture, way of life, or  genetic characteristics than individuals of other ethnicities. A  person with a polycentric orientation is a person who does not  place value judgments on cultures, ways...
ethnic group blamed god for this. ethnic group is involved in kind  activities.
There were more than three, but the most popularly discussed ethnicgroups in Yugoslavia were the Catholic Croats, the OrthodoxChristian Serbs, and the Sunni Muslim Bosniaks. Other Yugoslavethnic groups included the Orthodox Macedonians, the Sunni Muslimethnic Albanians/Kosovars, the Catholic...
It is the most common among men of northern European heritage (German, Dutch, Scandiwegian, etc) at about 10% of individuals affected. It is least common in indigenous Americans, at only 1% of individuals affected. But it is found in sub-Saharan Africa, so it's safe to say the mutation dates back...
Vietnamese is its own ethnic group. Within Vietnam, the dominant  ethnic group (which is externally called Vietnamese) is called Kinh  (pronounced Kiñ).
Lebanese. It means "priest" in Arabic. Traditional spelling is "Khoury".
ilocano <---- not this, its Christian Malays
They are ancestors of the Slavs, the Baboloons. They also maintain the largest religion in Russia, the Babboonial religion where they worshop Babboons and believe that if they sacrafice a Babboon, they will later be reincarnated into a Babboon and be sacraficed for their religion, and then be in...
there are over 650 000 serbians which is far biggest . ethnic group and is only second to Americans
Mazumdar is a Hindu Indian name. Judging by her facial appearance, she is 100% Hindu Indian, but most likely born and raised in the United Kingdom.
A woman who was born in India but raised in the United states  defers to her parents home, wearing traditional clothing and  helping prepare meals for her father and brothers, while at her job  she wears western clothes and is an assertive leader for a team of  ten men and women. This scenario...
While blacks were slaves for many years, many people forget how disadvantaged the Native Americans have become. They have the highest suicide rates, the lowest education, and the most extreme poverty and substance abuse.
barretts oesophagus is most common in white ethnicity. it is much less common in black, Asian ethnicity.
  German or English, sometimes Dutch, Flemish or Polish, but mostly German.
I was told the name Halbman is Austro-Hungarian. My grandparents came from Austria-Hungary at the turn of the last century-1899-1900- when it was one country- the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
There is probably nothing you can do about it. We must ask ourselves what is wrong with each culture being separate from other cultures and putting their own people first. Is it really immoral, or is that just being politically correct? We must ask ourselves if people who cannot be loyal to their...
Chicago is an extremely diverse city. There are Chicagoans of Black, Mexican, Chinese, Irish, German, Italian, Swedish, English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Slovak, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Macedonian, Russian, Ukrainian, Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Assyrian, and Puerto Rican...
To be ethnocentric about any group of people means you are interested is all aspects of their culture and customs. To comment on the size of someone's body parts is just plain rude .
ethno violence is any hostile behavior against people solely because of their race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation
== Answer ==   Race... Culture... Religion... Creed...   There are many different words used to describe ethnicity because the word "ethnicity" itself is unclearly defined. In fact, many dictionairies have different definitions for this word.   ______________________________________________...
Secular Jews currently. But because of their low fertility it is believed that the Orthodox Jews and Arab citizens (which reproduce rapidly) are going to have the strongest voice in a few dozens of years.
The origin is Jewish or Hebrew and means: "God is my Judge"
The Ethnic groups of Antigua and Barbuda are: African Heritage: 91% Mixed: 4.4% White: 1.7% Other: 2.9%
Not a lot. The Black people we tend to get are Africans, not Black North Americans [or African Americans/Canadians]. I'm not sure why we don't have a lot of Black people - maybe because we are so far West? The Quakers helped Black slaves escape from America via an underground railroad on the East...
  he's an alien ha ha. He's a black due. His moms looks JUST like him
asain language is wow
According to the USDA, no one ethnic group is affected by abusive relationships more than any other. http://www.da.usda.gov/shmd/aware.htm On the other hand, the US Dept of Health and Human Services says nearly 50% of the reported cases of child abuse are from White families whereas only 20-21% for...
Black and Hispanic
the name beyrle can either be Russian as my mame and family origins or Germany also you will also find this name in Ireland also one must remember people travel insearch of work and more peacefuyll surrondings also athony beyrle Mexico city
Her mother was Italian and her father was African American.
cultural, national, traditional, native, folk, racial, genetic, indigenous
Mandarin Chinese are the largest ethnic group
  English- as in from England. My last name is Naylor, and its etymology is just like it sounds, "A maker of nails."   English- as in from England. My last name is Naylor, and its etymology is just like it sounds, "A maker of nails."
Talk show host Wendy Williams said in an NY Daily news interview that both of her parents, Thomas and Shirley Williams, are black (African American).
Based on the last name, could be either English, Scottish ( Laing more common spelling), or Scandinavian or Germanic. It means Long and has the secondary meaning of a length of= rope!
Example sentence - The ethnicity of the people at the meeting were quite diverse.
Ethnic groups: Dutch 80.7%, EU 5%, Indonesian 2.4%, Turkish 2.2%, Surinamese 2%, Moroccan 2%, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba 0.8%, other 4.8%
Afro-Jamaican, Afro-Panamanian and Chinese.
One, and two halves. There was a Haitian-French man aboard the ship, who was Black. He was married to a French woman (who was White). They had two children (making the two half Black passengers). The family was traveling in second class. When the Titanic sank, like a true gentleman Mr. Joseph...
eth·no·cen·trism (ĕth'nō-sĕn'trĭz'əm)    n.   Belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group.  Overriding concern with race.         Ethnocentrism is the tendency to look at the world primarily  from the perspective of one's own culture. It is defined as the ...
  == Answer ==   No. Ethnocentrism adopts the idea that an individual's ethnicity should shape (or does shape) their viewpoints. It endorses a person to form their opinions and  ideas based on the perceived strengths and skills of their ethnicity. In some forms, it encourages physical or...
Serbia felt that they should control Kosovo.
According to ancestry.com, the surname Kurz is a German name. It was a nickname for someone who was short in stature, from the German kurz 'short'.
The Irish came steadily, Polish, other east European, the Chinese came in 1849 for the California Gold Rush (of 1849), in the 1890 the Italians were a large group until the turn of the century. In the 1930's a religious migration began from Europe, primarily from Germany due to religious (Jewish)...
the Chinese people are Asian.
Steve Jobs's father was an Arab immigrant and came to America in the 50's. His mother was a white speech therapist. Therefore, he is half-Arab, half-Caucasian.
The name Anderson is Swedish, "son of Anders", and is one of the most common names in Sweden.Andersen, Andersson, are other related names from nearby Scandinavian countries.
No, Taylor Lautner evidently has French, Dutch, German, and 2 different Native American bloodlines. No Hispanic, but being of Native American descent would give him a darker complexion.
Black and puerto rican
In the US it is. I'm not sure about other countries.
Humans are all part of the one gene pool. The differences  genetically are very minimal between the different ethnic  groups...an excellent antidote to those with racist views.   Answer   In the book of Genesis chapter 11 verses one through 9 you can read  about the Tower of Babel. In this...
Davis is of English, Irish, Scottish and German ancestry according  to Wikipedia.
Apolo Anton Ohno was born to a japanese-born father and an american-caucasian mother.
Joe Rogans mother is full Italian and his father is half Irish half Italian hence the surname "Rogan". So hes 75% Italian 25% Irish.
of course they are same people. It is like when the germany wasdivided into 2. Smae languages and same culture
    The last name corona comes from England,spain,and Italy     There for its very popular in Mexico, and latin America because all the europeans imigrants going to the Americas.
does the fact that spongebob is yellow, can't drive, and does karate insinuate something...?   He's Asian T.T
The keyword is ethnobotany.
Indo-Europe, the area where India and Europe converge
Individual community traditional fashion.
establish independence and self-government. (: A+
Ethnocentrism is how you view people outside of yourself or group.  Generally, it is a constant effort for people in public positions,  such as teachers, police or other workers, to treat all people the  same, regardless of race, culture, abilities or values.
  According to the Related Link, it can be either English, Scottish or Dutch. You would have to know about your genealogy to know which one yours is.
What is the ethnicity of Richard Gere the actor
Probably Italian. If it is Italian, it could be pronounced "ROHT-see".
White European as a majority. However, the country is multi-cultural
A sort of general answer is that when there are two groups which are readily distinguished from each other, the group that enjoys the greater political/economic influence begins to marginalize the other. It happens subtly but tends to gather speed as it goes. Eventually, one group winds up as ...
An ethnic group is a human population whose members identify witheach other, usually on the basis of a presumed common genealogy orancestry.
The main nationality is Icelandic, but ethnically many Icelanders are related to Swedes and Norwegians, as Iceland was settled by Vikings centuries ago.
Most likely New York City (or better said, the entire New York Metropolitan area). It has the largest density of immigrants and it's also known as the "Capital of the World' due to its wide variety of world cultures found in one location.
Germany's most dominant ethnic group is German, which makes up 91.5  percent of the population. Turkish is the second largest ethnic  group.
Nicki* Annd she's Trinidad
The 3 Major Ethnic Group in Nigeria are Hausa, Igbo and Yaruba also the most Influential in the Country, Nigeria is located in West Africa and the population is generally 50% Muslim and 50% Catholic. Wrong it`s the Hausa-Fulani,Yaruba Then Igbo
  It is Ukranian. Coming from the name Kovalchuk