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Life on the farm is not laid back with all those animals to take care of. Got a farm animal question? Put it here and a farmer just might take a minute and plow out an answer for you.
Get a mouse trap or a mice snake.
The first time camels were brought into Australia was for anexpedition which was in 1846, and was Harrocks expedition. Thecamels were lead by afghan cameleers who sought to unlock the mystery and potential of the vast,inhospitable interior of Australia. Horses, and to a lesser degreedonkeys and...
Maybe because there body can't hold all of that heat. It's like uswe sweat when the temperature is 99 - 102 . It's just a lower heat
Some famous cattle trails in Texas were: . Goodnight-Loving Trail . Great Western Trail . Chisholm Trail . Sedalia (Shawnee) Trail
As a whole rodeo competetors are not cruel to their animals. Their personal horses are well trained and very expensive to replace. They are well taken care of. The broncs and bulls for bull riding are owned by companies that supply them for redeo events. These are also will taken care of. If they...
Yes he does he pretty much cares for her and loves her.
\nI am not sure exacty what you are asking but it may be short for highway fence.
Get it used to being handled when its young (under a year old)
I would say water and carbon dioxide, but those are just guesses.
cows live in all different parts of the world. including alot of cities in Mexico
Piglets are born with soft hair on their bodies, as the pigletgrows, that hair will become more coarse as will their hide. Pigsdo not have a thick coat of fur, they have a thin layer of hairmuch like body hair on humans just more coarse than ours.
Yes. Lots of people raise cattle in Louisiana. Cattle is a common industry for that area.
If it is a meat animal, the ability to convert food more efficiently into meat. And for many plants, the ability to resist diseases common to that plant.
Answer . It depends on your height. I think that you're approximately at the right weight though, if you aren't 2 foot three or eight foot eleven.
The Old Spanish Trail began at Santa Fe (now New Mexico) and ended at Los Angeles. It was a path for Spanish explorers and traders beginning in the mid- 1500s, and reaching its widest use during the last years of greater Mexico. from about 1830 to 1848. It was still in use even after the majority of...
No, when the mother goes into labour and does not deliver the fulllitter of piglets, the piglets die. In as little as one day thedead piglet(s) will start to decompose in the womb therefore,releasing toxins that the mother will absorb into her bloodstream.If the decaying piglet is not removed the...
The predators that ostriches have usually go after the eggs forfood. These would include vultures, mongoose and jackals. As theostriches grows, they gain other predators such as hyenas,cheetahs, lions, African wild dogs and leopards.
Often they were over hundreds of miles long, particularly if you measure the distance from Bandera, Texas to Dodge City, Kansas for example.
Ostriches are not found native or naturally in Mexico but are keptas farm animals for their meat, feathers, and skin. Some escape andcan be seen 'wild'.
Mountain air is not usually subject to pollution, so the numbers of animals dying from polution that live on mountains are very few, if any.
a dude ranch is where visitors learn about the ranching way of life. a guest ranch is where visitors get to do a variety of activities not necessarily connected with ranching.
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Ranchers moved west for more land.
NO. They don't put there heads in the ground, it is a fake fable.
The development of the railroad made it profitable to raise cattle on the Great Plains. In 1860, some five-million longhorn cattle grazed in the Lone Star state. Cattle that could be bought for $3 to $5 a head in Texas couldbe sold for $30 to $50 at railroad shipping points in Abilene orDodge...
Geese laying season last from February until May. Female geese maybe able to lay anywhere from 12 to 30 eggs depending on the age.
Poland China pigs is a breed of pigs developed in Ohio. It is alarge breed and excellent for pork production.
The red fox communicates with a series of quick barks and a howlingtype sound. They have high pitched sounds they communicate with.
seven, unless there's an elf involved.
the process or action of remembering times past or recalling the days of your youth, etc.
Nearly all non-mammal vertebrates have nucleated red blood cells (nRBC). Non-nucleated RBC's are a unique feature to mammals. There are of course a few notable exceptions, such as the artiodactyl order, which have an odd blood morphology.
Two main things: 1. Maintain pasture/range health with moving cattle from one area to another 2. Get a profit off of the cattle that are sold at point B from when they were moved from point A.
The most famous example of genetic cloning is Dolly the sheep. Shewas the first cloned mammal, born in 1996.
The cattle drives over the open range ended because of The Great Blizzard of 1888. The Cattle started slowly dying out.
No. Water is a transparent liquid. Opaque means you can't see through an object or substance.
the hubcap ranch is in Pope Valley California. it is owned by Mike Damonte(my father) but the real landlord is Midge Damonte, his father. the hubcap ranch was started by Litto Damonte the first when he came from Italy as a marble, and cement smith. he one day found a hubcap on the road outside of...
Yes, camel riding is still quite popular, at least for people like me. I love riding my camel.
Yes, like Cape Buffalo in Africa.
because air resistance pushes up on it and gravity pulls it down and together they work to slow it down.
In Wisconsin, about $48,000 a year in the 1900's newtest3
Two cows cannot mate to get a calf (or "cow" in this instance). You have to have a BULL and a cow to get a baby calf. Just like you gotta have a Mom and a Dad to "make" you. Now back to the question. If the bull is black and the cow is black, there is a high chance that you will get a black...
'Bison' is the real name for the American 'Buffalo' (just a nickname). Afican Buffalo are called Cape Buffalo Asian Buffalo are called Water Buffalo. North American Bison are called.... well... bison... And European Bison are called Wisent. And those are the non-extinct species of Bison...
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Sheep and Horses are the most common but cows and chickes ar also produced
Disconnect the battery. Make a drawing of the belt routing. locate the belt tensioner pully and release enough belt pressure so a cohort can remove the serpentine belt off the closest pully. Remove the bolted on battery cable and electrical plug from the alternator and the mounting bolts or remove...
It's a standard that states that all farm animals should be treated with their well being in mind. This includes access to food, water, and shelter, freedom from health problems, and freedom from malnutrition. Factory farms tend to keep the first three in mind as far as ethics are concerned, but...
They had small plots of land and it was generlly poor soil. On an unirrigated few acres, a family had to grow enough grain for bread, fruit trees, olive trees for oil, vegetables and run goats and poultry. As well it had to feed an ox to plough with.. And of course, it was impossible to contain all...
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poo slope around sleep wee get milked. Eat?
\na group of ostriches are called a flock you spelt ostriches wrong so it didnt work how u planned it to work\n. \n. \n. \n. \n . ostriches :)
"DANGER" rearranges to GANDER that refers to a male goose, which is considered a farm animal.
The Spanish ranchers grazed cattle on the grasses of the haciendas.
no camels perfere the desert more than the tropics
In a quiet forest thick area.
In Bonsall, California, there is a ranch called 'Rawhide Ranch". You don't ride with saddles there. You ride bareback, but with a saddle pad.
Because the gate leading to the holding pen will be the only oneopen, sometimes with young bulls one of the rodeo clowns will standin front of the opened gate so they can see the opening andtherefore, go through. Once a bull has done the job a few timeswill know to go through the gate as that is...
Camels are light brown with humps and flat feet to help with the hot sand my signature is Angel
No. Emus occupy a certain niche in Australia's wildlife, and therefore cannot harm animals within their natural environment. They are omnivores, and will eat a variety of insects and even, at times, small reptiles.
80 pieces 20 piece serving size x serving per container = 80 pieces
Moving cattle from range land to the shipping railroad heads, before highways and trailer trucks were available.
I think it is a fat animal that flu around parts of the world in the ancient history
dog, pig, cat, horse, lama, sheep, goat, cow, rabbit and then chicken. dog being the smartest and chicken being the least smart.
Answer . yes u can, ducks can be pets almost anywere in north america, best 2 get a young, to addapt 2 your inviroment
An ostrich is an omnivore, so it is not. Though they mostly eat plants, they do eat insects and small animals such as lizards.
:] You have two basic biggy choices there. In a grocery store or fast food. Good luck. I'm also fifteen and in Texas.
yes you must stay on the bull for 8 seconds and not touch any part of your body or the bulls body during the 8 seconds and you can not have your spir in the rope when you leave the chutes
Sort of. A Punnett Square is useful in determining the genetic linkage of a parent's offspring that have been conceived by sexual reproduction, where half of the genes come from the sire and the other half are from the dam. However, which half that the offspring gets from who is unknown unless we...
To highlight the skills used in handling livestock.
When farmers spray their crops with pesticide or fertiliser, it doesn't just vanish. It lands on the soil. Most farms have drainage systems so that their plants don't get root rot from waterlogged soil. Most of these drains eventually run into creeks, rivers and then the sea. These chemicals then...
They had dogs cats and others manly farm animals (horses pigs ect.)
Camels locate water by finding moist sand or often find it neartrees. A camel can go for weeks without water, and generally canhold 100 liters of water.
It would be exactly the same way you make any punnet square. Just remember that the Y chromosome on males is recessive to the X chromosome. So for example, if a certain recessive phenotype is carried on the X chromosome, and the offspring is a male, the male will show that phenotype (because Y is...
It depends which area of the world you are in, if speaking of the Natives in Brazilian rain forests the conflict stems from the Natives use of poisonous blow darts to kill cattle while the ranchers are poaching the idolized red monkeys indigenous to the area.
Answer . Thehen is smaller and has a smaller tail, comb and wattle. Therooster is bigger has a larger tail, comb and wattle.