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Food Spoilage

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The preservation of food has been a major challenge throughout the history of man. Much has been learned about keeping food fresh and edible, and our Food Storage and Spoilage category is the place to ask and answer questions about keeping food healthy.
This is my guess. When white bread became popular, the bakeries geared up to make it on a large scale. Switching back and forth, and keeping track of different products and different labling costs money. So NOT bleaching some of it costs moneh. Compare tea bags vs. loose tea. The bags were more...
because the chemical reactions are the same as the chemical  reactions in clay
The "Sell By" date is the date after which the store is notsupposed to sell the product.
1 - 2 years because of all the preservatives
if its in light the food will spoil faster because light helps bacteria grow
Frozen corn will stay fresh for eight months in the freezer. You  should shuck the corn before freezing. Store the corn in an  airtight freezer bag.
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about 1 month. because the food is cold no bacteria can grow. if it  was turkey it would only last a few hours.
It might be microbiologically safe, but flavor-wise - it isn't worth the effort.
it changes by scientific notation of food changing
Ham cannot last in freezer without electricity
It usually has a label on the top or the side of the cake box,  instructing you on how long it is good for. Normally, if kept  refridgerated, it is good for about a week.
  Yes, it helps you fill your body with sugar. That stuff is awful. Try good old fashioned milk with Ghirardelli Chocolate mixed in.
Depending on the size of the freezer, the amount of times the  door/lid is opened and how good the seals are, anytime between 1 -  3 hours. But it's best to check the temperature of the food  regularly
they will be blackish or grey
i would not go past 2 days,mayo+fish=bad stomach ache if it gets too old or improperly stored!!
  A variety of metals, wood, bamboo, ceramics, paper, plastic, leaves, glass intestines, animal skins, the list is endless
The answer to this is dependent on the type of product in question.  Items such as part baked breads that are sealed can be kept in a  cool, dry cupboard, whereas things like raw cookie dough or bread  dough are best kept in the fridge to prevent spoiling. Bear in  mind, it's best to let the...
Prawns can be kept in the freezer at -18 degrees C for up to 3  months.
How fast a bread molds depends on the amount of preservatives in the bread. If a bread has a lot of preservatives in it, it will mold less quickly than breads that don't have preservatives, no matter if it's wheat or white. Wheat breads are more likely to be "natural" and "preservative-free" though.
Once Chicken/Turkey has thawed it is OK to re-freeze it if it has thawed and the ambient temperature of the bird has not risen above 40 deg for more than 3 hours. Because freezing causes ice crystals which damage the meat each time, repetitive freezing will result in poor texture.
You can keep canned chicken broth in the refrigerator for several  days. Do not store it inside the can, pour it into a bowl and cover  it. You can also keep chicken broth in the freezer. Pour it into  ice cube trays and once it is frozen put it into freezer bags, it  will for many months this...
If the yoghurt is stored at refrigeration temperature then it is  unlikely that this would happen (fermentation microorganisms don't  work very well at this low temperature).
The fizz from soda comes from dissolved carbon dioxide. In the  closed bottle, the carbon dioxide is in a state called equilibrium.  That means the carbon dioxide is constantly moving from dissolved  form to gas form and vice versa. The temperature of the drink  determines how much is in the gas...
You can freeze a turkey for up to a year. Leaving it longer than  that will likely result in a loss of quality.
the green bell pepper spoils the slowest. It took me like a month to rot it
Yes, among the main ingredients of flour are starches, which are polysaccharides (complex sugars) that consist of many glucose units.
Bacteria starts to multiply in food after a couple of hours in the temperature danger zone. The temperature danger zone is the temperature at which bacteria multiply rapidly. The temperature is from 40 degree Fahrenheit to 140 degree Fahrenheit. Foods should not be allowed to stay in this...
To freeze citrus fruits you should first clean the outside of the  fruit. Peel the fruit, cut it into serving sizes. Place the fruit  pieces into containers with lids or freezer bags. Cover the fruit  with fruit juice and place the containers into the freezer.
Due to the high level of preservatives, Velveeta becomes unpalatable long before it becomes unsafe to eat. Also there must be an expiration date on the package .
Very possible, especially if it was still in the can. You'll know very soon though.
Keep opened canned tuna in a plastic container for up to 2 days.  Alternatively you can freeze it for up to 4 months.
There are several, Salt - Sodium Chloride has been the best preservative up to the 20th century, however Sodium Benzoate has been used in a lot of food products up to now.
It was created by NASA to hold their dirty diapers and not leave them floating around in their small cabin.
I would say no. It's a shame to waste good food, but this food in question has the potential to make people sick. ..
The most common reason for browning on lettuce is a chemical  process known as oxidation. Enzymes activated by cutting the leaves  or stems produce compounds that result in brown stains, especially  at the base or anywhere the leaves are damaged during harvest and  storage.
A slimy film is the telltale sign of a spoiled mushroom. If you  catch it early and cook 'em up right away you can get another day  out of your mushrooms, but once the slime starts, it's a slippery  slope toward the darkening in color and mushy texture that indicate  mold of the inedible variety...
Yes food such as Twinkies, rice, grain, and other things made from organic products.
Most are as cold as 5°F.
Just a couple of days like 1-2. After that throw it away
  Deep freezer is just a term for a style of freezer, in that's it's generally dedcated as a freezer without a refrigerator section. It may also be called `deep' because the freezer box is usually deep so that it can hold quite a bit of product. Most deep freezers tend to have the opening in...
Body temperature is a good temperature for most food poisoning  bacteria to thrive in. They can multiply quickly and cause illness.
I would guess one year. My Food Saver says 2, but I wouldn't do more than one.
You can not freeze Bocconcini to make it last longer. Due to the delicate nature of the fresh cheese product, it does not freeze and defrost well and the product texture will be well below its usual quality if you freeze it. Ricotta also does not take kindly to being frozen. Freezing ricotta cheese...
Food Service Sanitation courses teach that cooked food should be reheated only once.
2 days if want it to taste good. But it won't go sour until 1 or 2 weeks. YUCK!I regularly keep cooked rice in the fridge at 34-36 deg. F , for 5 days, and it doesn't seem to change much except that it dries a bit , and it tastes fine. But if you're not sure , smell it and look for mold, if it...
Not always, but rice does tend to go sour if left too long. It  would be best to use it as soon as possible and taste it for  sourness before using.
I dry age beef steaks, venison steaks and duck breasts before roasting or cooking at fairly high temperature in a large, well seasoned cast iron skillet on top of the stove in butter, olive oil mix infused with garlic. To dry age wild duck, kill and clean the duck, paying particular attention to...
No. If you do eat this cheese you'll start to feel sick a little bit and probably have stomach problems. On the other hand if it is only one to days out of date it might still be fine. Same with liquids. Beware.
3 to 4 days, just make sure your refrigerator is nice and cold and  that the deviled eggs are wrapped well. They can absorb odors from  other foods if they aren't properly wrapped and can spoil if your  refrigerator is too warm.
because it is supposed to do that
It should be fine to be cooked if it is the first time it is  thawed. Don't freeze the steak again.
Generally speaking it should be safe as long as it wasn't  contaminated with anything else, was properly refrigerated and  still smells fine. If you are going to cook the meat it should be  fine. Maybe be careful of consuming the meat raw.
its something to do with acid control the acid in the lemon stops the apple from reacting with the air. luv ya x
Yes they do. It's best to wrap them up tightly in a bag This  prevents air from getting to them and it preserves them longer.
Any product that has been altered from it's original state. This  can include cut fruit / vegetables, marinated meat, ready to eat  salads, etc.
Blue mold that is found on food is basically like any other types  of mold. There are different strains of mold. If you see blue mold,  discard that food.
Smell it! It's cooked and the harmful germs are gone. If it smells bad it won't taste good. The dog and cats might like it.   Use my rule, if you think it might be bad it is bad
  Yes, flour will 'turn' into gluose. Flour consists of carbohydrates. and carbohydrates broken down into its simplest unit is glucose.
Canned food will be good for years. However, it may lose some color and the taste and texture may not be quite as good.
They can last, like other potatoes, three to five weeks. It all depends on the storage methods (read the packaging).
There should be an expiration date on the container. But if there's  not, then it should be good for about a year unless it's been  opened. Once opened, store tightly covered in the refrigerator for  about two weeks, then discard if not used by then.
Try adding lime juice to it. Or you can also put lettuce right on top of the surface of the guacamole, or some other vegetable or cover. Either way, the guacamole still cannot be preserved for too long.
An apple starts to spoil from the moment it is plucked from the  tree. Refrigeration slows down bacterial and enzymatic spoilage and  this leads to an extended shelflife.
  You do not "get rid" of ammonia smell. It is a sign of deterioration and spoilage. Throw it away and DO NOT EAT IT. The best you can do is avoid buying it in the first place. Ask a lot of questions when you buy, such as when the fish came in, how often they receive fresh shipments, where it...
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Apple Cider vinegar never goes bad but the appearance and flavormay start to deteriorate over time. There is no need to keep in the fridge. Keep in tightly sealed bottle to increase shelf life. Properlystored, apple cider vinegar will generally stay at best quality forabout 2 years, but will stay...
Bottled water does not spoil, however it comes with an expiration date because it can eventually absorb the taste of the plastics that contains it. The plastic-infused water is not harmful, but it may not taste good.
Eggs are a healthy part of many diets. You can either buy them from  the farm or you can purchase them at the store. The average age of  an egg in the market is approximately 21 days.
  It will keep longer. If it's not frozen it will dry out and go stale much quicker.
Run a pot of diluted white vinegar or lemon juice through it and rinse thoroughly.
is it ok to eat food that has been frozen, then thawed then refrozen?  this is the question ,not the answer
if it smells bad or looks funny toss it out. ham however is one meet that stores well for a long time. if sealed and refrigerated it could be eaten well after the expiration date. a safe time is not exact but certainly a week or two it should be OK. frozen ham can last over one year. a true caned...
Cooked chicken meat should be refrigerated as soon as possible  after cooking. It can generally be left out on a counter for an  hour. Usually for as long as it takes to eat dinner. It should then  be put away.
There are many foods that are considered American. This includes  hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, corndogs, as well as cinnamon  rolls.
As a physician, and someone who loves yogurt, I have looked into  this quite carefully. I have explained what I have learned below -  I hope that you will find it helpful.    Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat yogurt after the date stamped on  the container, unless you notice signs of spoilage...
If you remove the lobster head, take the intestine track out, put it in a zip lock bag, fill with water till the tail is covered, then freeze in that block of ice. I thawed it and it tasted fine after 1 year.
As long as it stays sealed in a bag and in a refrigerator it will last for a few months.
Plans to use up cut melon within 3 or 4 days.
  freeze it - then pick it off
Let me answer this slowly, a.........Fridge...!
Cooked turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy may all be frozen successfully. To maintain a high quality product, use within 3 months.