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History of Writing

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The history of writing is the method of expressing language through letters and markings. The earliest writing dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica. There are debates whether the development of writing originated in China or Egypt.
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The conversation between Montano and the gentlemen serve as a means  for building suspense.
It seems to be the Khmer alphabet with 41 letters. There are languages with more letters, but Khmer is the largest with each letter representing a single sound.
There are several ways of answering this question, but the main basic reasons are because: a) People are willing to purchase Rosetta Stone at what the company charges, b) The company needs to recover costs involved in making the programs (not just programmers, but also linguistic specialists) and...
He discovered it by using the same writtings on the rossetta stone lolz keep on learnin xp
in Hebrew it is chochma (you pronounch the ch like there's a popcorn stuck in your throat.) it is spelt חוחמה      French : Connaissance [konaysans] or Savoir [savoar]
First you need to understand clearly what editors do : they read  pieces written for publication and correct spelling, grammar,  punctuation, and style. You need to have at least a bachelor's  degree in some subject, preferably in English, communications, or  journalism. Then you need to go to...
English originated from the fusion of languages and dialects, now collectively termed Old English or Anglo-Saxon, which were brought to the eastern coast of Great Britain by Germanic settlers beginning in the 5th century of the modern era. A significant number of English words have Latin roots...
I turned on the television with the remote.
Hieroglyphs were designed to write just one language: ancient Egyptian. The word for friend or friendship in that language was written xnms, since vowels were not written, only consonants. We can never know how this noun was pronounced, but the x represents a throaty kh sound. Click the link below...
There is none. No single letter appears in all alphabets.
an alphabet is a set of letters. All alphabets are composed of letters.
Gallantry is an older concept in American English, meaning male chivalry and consideration. It is not commonly used now in American English; however, I wouldn't call it an old-fashioned word.
they were made carved and painted or written
At the British Museum in London.
conservative clergy and other male opponents of women's rights  predicted that if women left the home or gained any justice under  the laws, the world would end. what specific evils and problems do  they predict will happen? on what grounds do conservative clergy  and other male supporters of...
Good question! It's from the Egyptian temple were Ramses the Great wrote a Rosetta stone. c: .
== Answer ==   The short answer is yes. Magick functions on a subconscious level that does not really understand spoken language. Thus with magick any language can be used, but it is the intent behind the words that really matters and not the words themselves.   However keep in mind that there...
Suggest you go to the library and take out a crossword dictionary. It divides words into the number of letters each word has.
In Urdu language if we reverse the name of Rome (روم) it becomes (  م و ر) and written as (مور) that is called peacock in english.
To be honest, they really weren't all that important. They didn't facilitate a change that would affect history. In fact, one field of thought on the trials was that they were caused by a change: the introduction of people that were focused on money and success instead of religion into a Puritan...
Otto Heinrich "Pim" Frank was born May 12th, 1889.
The Egyptians never developed an alphabet - this is a deliberate falsification on the part of certain misleading American Internet sites. There were many different types of signs used in hieroglyphs, including some that stood for a single consonant sound. These were sometimes used to spell out...
  == Answer ==   i dont think its possible to represent ogham letters on any font type that i have. ogham is a series of vertical and horizontal lines and bears no resemblance to any modern alphabet.
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The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. It is called a Pangram.
A group of advisers who represented different political and economic backgrounds.
Most often, Egyptian hieroglyphs were written right to left, but since hieroglyphic carving was often used decoratively, considerations of symmetry sometimes led to left-to-write writing as well. In either case, the direction of reading is always clear, because signs with well-defined fronts and...
The inventor and founder of the company, Rosetta Stone, is AllenStoltzfus. The software helps people learn up to 30 differentlanguages.
Lincoln was shot dued to the reasons of the War. John Wilkes Booth sided with the Confederates for the Civil War. Booth believed it was right to be a slave owner and believe that the South should have won the War. Lincoln on the other hand thought slavery was wrong.
20 examples of 1st syllable
THOMAS YOUNG AND THE ROSETTA STONE Two hundred years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte sent an army to invade the coastline of Egypt, which they successfully did. But the British fleet attacked their ships at the battle of the Nile, which left the French army stranded. Bonaparte had not only sent soldiers...
Talk to a man in Melmond, he will use it to teach you the Lufenian language. Now you can speak to the people in the town of Lufenia for the next steps in the game.
They wrote on papyrus and wrote with reed brushes dipped in ink. The ink I used was a brightly coloured mineral that got grinded into a powder. We soon once mixed the powder with a liquid so it was easier to apply.
y mostly a vowel but how can you tell if it is a consantent? well heres the answer. It depends by the pronoucation. Ex. In the word already, y is a consonent!
Pierre-Francois Bouchard found the Rosetta Stone in Egypt, while on an expedition by Napoleon.
Egypt started the hieroglyphics at first it was just pictures then  turned into a regular writing system
Embalming and mummification. Two of the wonders of the ancient world: the Pyramids of Giza and the lighthouse at Alexandria--Pharos Early systems of mathematics and writing Glass technology
I think you mean, "What is the Hangul alphabet. It is the Korean letter system. When you have a syllable, it stacks the first letters on top of it. the word, pantry, would look like this if the letters where romanized. pa tr n y (pan) (try)
There is no such word in English. Sorry.
\nherpes comes from a the Greek word "herpo" which means creeping and herpon (creeping animal)\nIt is applied to the study of reptiles - herpetology.\nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herpetology
By the taxation department in sales tax, gst, value added or income tax the same as anywhere else.
The Englightenment brought independant thought and the philosophy  of sovereignty.
a biography mus t be at lest about a paragraph bu very informational
It is at lifeasahuman.com
Depends on which Alphabet you are talking about: English: W Spanish: S Greek: ? Hebrew: (doesn't exist, there are only 22 letters) Russian: X
In 1799 a French soldier in Egypt stumbled across the Rosetta Stone, A French scholar named Jean Francis Champollion worked for 14 years to decipher Hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone has three languages on it, Hieroglyphics, Demotic (another Ancient Egyptian language) and Greek.
Mesopotamian [IRAQ] Scribes
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia
The Languages are . Hieroglyphics . Greek . Demotic ( Another Egyptian Language) The Rosetta Stone was found in 1799 by a group of French Soldiers, and Decoded by a man named Jean Francois Champollion.
In the 1800's there were mostly letters, In the United States they formed a mail system to where you can write a letter and that letter will be over in New York or Georgia in a couple of days.
they both havent been returned to original owners or places.
Same as today, the wood and graphite one, no eraser though, they were working on a rubber one but it crumbled in use, so they used stale bread to erase markings.
If you are using OS X, hold the shift key down and the letter 'n.'  After a moment, you will get a numerical choice. Choose 1 to get  the tilde on the n... Ñ
Through a lack of education and poor understanding of linguistics
This agency was created to assist President Roosevelt in distributing information about the war to government agencies.
This agency monitored the rationing of scarce consumer items.
No, it's characters. They're 3,000 characters in the Chinese alphabet.
She added an emoticon, then sent the email.
Yes. Our alphabet is quite similar to the greek alphabet. In fact, the word Alphabet comes from "Alpha" and "Beta", the first two letters of the greek alphabet.
apple, brick, cot, digger, egg, flower, glass, hat, igloo, jam, kettle, lemon, medal, nose, olive, pillow, quill, rocket, sock, tank, umbrella, violin, window, xylophone, yacht, zip.
it help people write easily on paper than drawing or writing on wall of caves
people stoped using cuniform writting on may 31 2001
Most buildings in an ancient Egyptian city were made of soft clay  bricks and plaster. The most important public buildings meant to  last forever according to Egyptian thinking were carved in stone.  To make a permanent statement of their beliefs and the deeds of  their most important people...
Answer . Philologists have estimated that the language today may contain as many as 350,000 to 500,000 words.
Use caution. The following answers are just opinions. In truth, it is not possible to count the words of any language, because there is no universal definition of what a word is. Most languages have between 40,000 and 160,000 words. Answer: There are about 150,000 words in the Russian ...
My favorite letter is N; my name begins with it. And my favorite is R - it is simply the best. ;) xx But the best of all is the letter E- because it's the most fun to write and people write their E's so many different ways. My favorite letter is H because my name starts with it. M -...
No pure alphabets, but there are some abugidas that were inventedby African cultures, for example, the Amharic abugida.
  the letter a was invented by the antint egptins.
The " Rosetta Stone " was a carved stele, or slab, which was created in 196 AD during the reign of Ptolemy V. It was discovered by the Napoleonic army in 1799 at Fort Julien, near Rashid (Rosetta), Egypt.. Because the stele had essentially the same message written in three separate scripts ...