Turbo and Superchargers

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Turbo and superchargers are engine components that pump pressurized air into the engine via a compressor. Their function is to increase the power generated by the engine by providing it with increased air pressure inside the cylinders.
Yes if boost is too high, fuel air ratio is not correct or the engines mechaincal parts are not up to the power level.
You can, but it would be difficult due to placement, I wouldpersonally throw a CX Racing CT26 Turbo in there, it kicks a hellof a lot more and easily fits to the car. Hope this helps! P.S. TheCX turbo runs for around 385, so I would not charge you if you wereto need assistance.
supercharger is belt driven and turbo is exhaust driven. supercharger boost is based on rpm and turbo boost is based on load and exhaust volume.
The turbo increases the pressure of the air entering the engine, so that there is more oxygen inside the cylinder when the spark plug ignites it - and the piston is pushed down with more force therefore delivering more power. But when you take your foot off the accelerator, if there is no blow-off...
Could be the bearings/pulley. until you fix the issue you should remove the charger belt, so it doesn't get worse (blow the supercharger).
No such item -- "relay sensor". However, relays themselves are located: 1. in the Relay Center -- behind the glove box (open glove box, pull rear wall tab toward you while continue opening: dump glove box contents on floor). Behind and to the right, at kick panel. 2. in the engine compartment, at...
I would say that for more power and efficiency, you should go with the twin turbo.
Both twin turbo AND Twin superchargered, you could..but it would be a complicated installation. Also it would be a very expensive to do, and not worth it...horsepower wise. Volkswagen did have a car with both a supercharger and a turbo. The real reason to run twin - anything... Is that there isn't...
A few years, and Emissions standards. MEMS3 is remap-able and MEMS2 is not. However MEMS2 gets more gains from Induction and Exhaust mods than MEMS3 does without a map.
Answer . Boost is positive pressure in the manifold, so you only see boost when you give the gas pedal heavy load. The best way to check the boost pressure is to connect a vacuum hose to a boost gauge. This will tell you the exact boost pressure when you are in wide open throttle.
supercharger is belt/gear driven of the motor, the turbocharger is driven by exhaust gases from the exhaust.
It is inside of the FUEL TANK. Must remove the tank or raise the bed up to remove the pump from the top of the tank.
In the engine compartment at the outlet of the exhaust manifold.
In the case of engines, turbo is used as a contracted name for the turbo charger.
no...... you tear the engine up
The Turbo charger function is to provide extra air. also to add or to increase the efficiency of air in the cylinder to provides a high pressure to meet the combustion power and air-fuel mixture.
Direct is designed to low emissions and should allow for higher performance due to better atomization and a more accurate air/fuel mixture.
Yes, but with today technology, it would be a waste of money(not needed/expensive.)
No it is not needed, yes usually a performance intake adds power, the real question is why would you run 1psi?
obviously its the same 4g63 engine
You would be better off getting an actual SC motor from a parts car than trying to swap an SC onto a standard 3.8L LX. The SC motor is designed for the boost application, as it has forged crankshaft, rods, and better pistons to handle the boost. A normal 3.8L would not handle the boost you can get...
When it comes to performance, yes.
Answer . yes you can as long as the lug pattern is right and you have tires to fit them.
It probably wwon't run correctly, but if it did, it lose 40%-60% depending on the model/amount of boost.
Answer . \nAlot think about what your parents pay then triple it
Look under the hood, if it has a supercharger you'll see it, SC thunderbirds have badging on the fenders saying it also.
the exhaust spins a turbine to make it spin
sea foam.......from parts source
Turbo charged engines must be idled down to allow the turbo to spool down and even out the temperature in the turbo this is done either by using oil cooling or the engine coolant or both in combination.The engine needs to be running to circulate the oil and coolant if you shut the engine down...
Turbos use hot exhaust gases to spin the turbine wheel when the engine is under extreme loads(think a big truck going up a steep hill)the exhaust temperatures rise which makes the turbo work harder these raised exhaust temps (on long haul trucks max exhaust temp before the engine must be down rated...
Answer . NO! Definitely NOT! At least not by a considerable amount. A turbo charged car performs best when removing the entire exhaust system. Although I can’t advice you to do that..
hi there iv got 1990 mx6 turbo running 8psi with a ihi vj11 bhb?5 turbo hope this helps ya
Most street kits come with everything you need, If you are staying in the 6-8psi area. Depending on the car in question, most parts/modifications needed have to do with the fuel systems(map sensor/ injectiors and/or a fuel pump). Most new stock car internals can handle 6-10psi. Compression ratio and...
Anything can be done, I haven't seen any single kits for that body. You Would probably have to get a custom cover over pipe made to run a single. From engine bay pics., I think you would have to relocate the coolant expansion tank and position the single turbo in that area. Since their was a turbo...
No, there are different bolt patterns for mounting the turbo on theexhaust manifold. T3,T4, T6, KKK turbos can be different. Downpipes can be bolted o or connected with v-clamps.
Adding a turbo to a v8 that already has a supercharger, isn't worthit/cost effective. If you are removing the supercharger andconverting it to turbocharged then yes. The engine is built for theload/power and is the best candidate for turbocharging.
Yes- Whipple, magnuson, magna, vortech, pro charger, edelbrock allmake a supercharger kit for the ls7.
Yes, if it is from the same family of motor(head boltspacing/head gaskets/bore spacing/etc.). but the compression ratiowill more than likely go up. Also the turbo head might(should) havelarge cooling passages, so might have detonation issues. Need tocheck manifolds, sensorsto see if they would work.
Yes, adding a turbo to a N/A engine can, it the cooling system can't handle the extra heat the extra power will generate. It alos can on a factory turbo car, if the boost is turned up too high, causing excessive exhaust backpressure/egt.
Where to buy: . Nowhere yet. TRD has not officially released it yet. Once it is released you will be able to buy from any Toyota Dealer.
It refers to the throws of the crankshaft/distance the pistonmoves. It usually is compared to the bore of the engine. An examplea 302 4"bore x 3"stroke is a short stroke motor, by comparison a5.4L ford v8 3.552" bore x 4.165" stroke.
I would install a turbo, due to the availability different turbo kits, I think only Jackson racing is the only company advertising a supercharger for the prelude. Turbo kit has room to grow, easier to modify, better fuel economy, etc.
A turbo is an exhaust gas powered supercharger.It uses the expansion of waste gas(exhaust) to spin a turbine wheel (the hotter the exhaust gases the faster they will expand and in turn the faster the turbine wheel will spin) that is connected by a shaft to an impeller wheel that sucks in and...
Need to know year/make/model to let you know if there are any kitsavail. for your application, but there are superchargers for 3L v6fords, mazda 6, jaguar is currently running sc 3L v6 cars, audi 30v v6.
it could be a few things that cause this either it is your piston rings have worn enough that combustion pressure is being pushed into the sump which is in turn pushing oil past the seals in the upper engine or your turbo has blown a seal and is pumping oil into the intake air charge do a...
no. the v8 is an over head cam design. the v6 is pushrod. the will never fit
A supercharger runs off the engines power directly. : A turbo has two fans one that takes power from the engines exhaust.
You can put a Turbo on your 1992 engine. You will need to purchasea air intake Turbo modification kit.