Human Origins

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Theories that attempt to explain where humans might have originated, and investigations into our evolutionary family tree
Without water, your body wouldn't be able to get rid of toxins thatcan cause damage to your cells and organs. Water is also needed formaintenance of body temperature, digestion, absorption of food, andcirculation of blood.
genus, then species (homo=the genus, sapiens=the species)
the wargles from morrgarath because he needed miners to build a secret bridge he was working on for a long time
Averaged out at about six million years ago when we split from the chimpanzee branch.
The position of the foramen magnum on the fossil Australopithecus africanus discovered by Raymond Dart suggested to him that the species had an upright posture and was bipedal .
It depends on your religion, after all "It was always burning Sincethe worlds been turning!" So really it depends on who you thinkmade the world turn first!
stuff like spear heads and weapons that were craved by scraping it against other obijects.
If the respiratory system failed, you will obviously die, due to lack of air. If you couldn't breathe for even 10 minutes, no human can live without air for that long.
Toumai is the nickname given to the first fossil remains of Sahelanthropus tchadensis to be discovered.
......mosquitoes, rats, ticks, fleas, cockroaches and pathogens. And the appendix - it serves no anatomical purpose, but can still make you ill, i.e. appendicitis.
The ancestors of today's chimps were ape like creatures that roamedthe Earth millions of years ago. Chimps and humans evolved fromthese creatures.
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We have discovered remains of human civilization in and aroundAfghanistan that dates to roughly 90,000 years ago. As a result, wedo not have names for these particular people.
They died out 27,000 years ago.
You seem confused about what is meant by evolution and what is meant by speciation. Scientist do not prove things, but they do support their claims with evidence.
by carving and carving stones,bones.
The HOMO of butadiene is the Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital, which happens to be sp 2 hybridized orbitals. see for some really descriptive photo representations and explanations on structure.
all near parts of egypt
Homo habilis did not draw anything. They had no representational art at all. The earliest evidence for the brain development required for symbolic thinking is not until much later.
The Celts of Britain and Ireland are descended from a population who expanded out of northern Spain after the last Ice Age (See R1b on Wiki). The DNA doesn't show any connection with Berbers. They are the source of dark hair and eyes among the Celts; they are not dark-skinned however. PREVIOUS...
No. We are not descended from Neanderthals, but they are related to us.
Shorter and stockier than modern humans. Bigger muscles. Expanded ribcage with larger lungs.
Yes. There were two kinds. Cromagnon and neanderthal.
Neanderthals were shorter and stockier. Weak chin, prominent brow ridge, pale skin, probably red hair.
Homo erectus did not co-exist with any of the Australopithecines.
Most people believe it will be the members of the hominids in descending order of likelihood: . Chimpanzees . Bonobos . Gorillas . Orangutans . Gibbons After them then the monkeys. However, according to Terry Bisson it will be Bears.
chromium monoxide
They didn't go extinct. Cro-Magnons were early modern humans.
No. Homo sapiens , may have appeared as early as 200,000 years ago in Africa. According to one hypothesis, members of our species began a series of migrations from Africa that ultimately colonized the world.
Humans first appeared in Quaternary Period/Pleistocene Epoch. From about 1.8 million years ago to 11 thousand years ago.
It didn't. Humans never WERE apes.
homo-erectus were not as famous for their burials as for their discovery of fire
No. They were shorter and stockier.
Neanderthals hunted everything they could. They fished bare handedand chased animals all around the lands. They are often portrayedas killing huge beasts.
They roasted it on the fire or spit roasted it and sometimes boiled it or even dried it.
It is possible because the conditions for our survival is most suitable on earth. If you were to go on the moon, you would not survive because they is no gravity, no atmosphere, no water, no food and no sunlight, so you would probably freeze to death and your body would be floating endlessly in...
It probably wasn't very different. They were both stone age hunter/gatherers, who lived in caves and rock shelters. They both hunted large animals, such as bison, horse, mammoth, etc.
Adam was the first human on this planet
Human didn't spontaneously generate like mentioned in Christian and Islam ,instead they evoluted for long time before becoming a probably there were first Human being but not like mention in Bible and Quran. It's has been proved well so don't suspect on science cause science is almost...
Who discovered the human of the earliest known human at Olduvai Gorge?
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For some long time to come, there will continue to be confusion on this question. Biblical tradition has always stated that the world was created in an act of Special Creation, some six thousand years ago, but scientists now know that the world is immensely old and that different species arose and...
according to the bible it was Adam and then came Eve
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Monkey's do attack people, as they have very sharp claws. (in which they use to climb the trees.)
At the time, one of the more popular tunes being played by the people excavating the fossil was "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" by The Beatles.
Technically yes, if cloning was advanced enough to handle the Australopithecus' genome and DNA. Of course, that's impossible because time travel doesn't exist, catching one could be quite a struggle and... why the interest?
They died out 27,000 years ago.
According to scientists, the closest relative to modern humans is monkeys; since humans supposedly evolved from monkeys.
They both developed lighter skin as they migrated into Europe and Asia.
Homo Sapiens are the modern man (like me and you). They were the next and last in line during evolution and were created after the first Ice Age (not the film, the real thing). Neanderthals were one step before them in the line of evolution.
A: Look beyond the biblical account and the Euro-centricinterpretation of that account. Actually the first modern humanswere black-skinned people who evolved in Africa over two hundredthousand years ago. Two hundred thousand years is long enough for people to adapt todifferent environments. For...
Scopes was a teacher who was accused of violating the law by teaching evolution, which was banned. There is a great play about it that was made into a movie called "Inherit the Wind".
Homo sapiens, anatomically modern humans, first appear in the fossil record in Africa about 130,000 years ago, although studies of molecular biology give evidence that the approximate time of divergence from the common ancestor of all modern human populations was 200,000 years ago. It's hard to draw...
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Depends of how far back you go. One thing to clarify is that "back then", they didn't have stores. If you wanted to buy something, you would go see the artisan. But yes, homemade clothing was common for quite a while.
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Answer . yes if a baby was very deformed for one or more reasons but it is very unlikely. Answer . yes if a baby was very deformed for one or more reasons but it is very unlikely
From the Neander Valley in Germany, where the first fossils were discovered.
the first human or more correctly the ''modern man'' (the actual translation from Latin is ''wise man''). An archaic form of homo sapiens is dated 800.000 years ago and a more modern form is dated 200.000 to 100.000 years before and is sometimes called ''homo sapiens sapiens''.
The Homo erectus existed between 1.8 million years ago and 300,000 years ago. It is possible that there were still some Homo erectus alive around 250,000 years ago. One Answer In the beginning on the sixth day of creation. Another Answer Actually the just recently found new remains on...
The last Neandertal population had moved south and lived in the caverns of Gibraltar in southern Spain. There they faced extinction in 30.000 BC.
The Scientific name Australopithecus Afarensis was given to the earliest know humans. Remains were found in eastern Africa, dating back 3.6-3.9million years ago.
1. Food 2. Clothing 3. Religion 4. Arts
But first consider this. If a person opposes even the possibility of there being a God, then any evidence can be rationalized or explained away. It is like if someone refuses to believe that people have walked on the moon, then no amount of information is going to change their thinking. Photographs...
plenty of other animals stay with their offspring after full development. almost all of the primate species have this family bond, as well as dolphins and more.
All the australopithecines lived in what is now modern day Africa and finds of africanus have been limited to Southern Africa.
Answer . Researchers have dated the oldest Neanderthal fossils to more than 200,000 years ago. But it is not just the Neanderthals that are changing the Church's position. Our own species, Homo sapiens has been dated to around 180,000 years ago, and this has now been confirmed by mitochondrial...
Mary Leakey was a British archaeologist and anthropologist, who discovered the first skull of a fossil ape on Rusinga Island and also a noted robust Australopithecine called Zinjanthropus at Olduvai. From 1976 to 1981 Mary and her staff worked to uncover the Laetoli hominid footprint trail which was...
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It is on the Zambia and Zimbabwe border with the Zambezi river passing through it.
He didn't , he had only incisors and premolars so we are talkingabout fructivores and herbivores species here.
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