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Milk is one of the world's most common beverages. You add it to your cereal, you dunk cookies in it. It also "does a body good." Ask questions about this calcium-rich animal product here.
Most dairy animals' milk has measurable amounts of herbicides,  pesticides, dioxins (up to 200 times the safe levels), up to 52  influential antimicrobial (maybe 53, with LS-50), blood, discharge,  dung, microbes and infections. (Cow's milk can have hints of  anything the dairy animals consumed....
    Johannes Vermeer  The Kitchen Maid, Artist    
just do not drink a whole gallon a day only like a glass of milk  and its the sugar.
first, you get a glass of milk the snort it up your nose. then you plug your nose tight then close your mouth tight too then blow. instead of air coming out your eyes, MILK will come out. I hope it helped :}this would only be possible if the valve (eustachian valve ) (spelling could be wrong ) is...
milk was discovered when the 1st cow was discovered
yes it goes off demand if u want to produce more drink lots of  liquids
Boiling point of milk is close to the boiling point of water that  is 100 degrees centigrade at sea level but milk has additional  molecules in it and therefore the boiling point of milk is slightly  higher than water. How much higher than water depends upon the  chemical composition of the milk...
Milk boils out because -    Milk is a colloid that has many substances suspended in it such as  protein, sugar and fat. When milk is heated slowly the proteins and  fat get separated. Since protein and fat are light they rise to the  surface of the milk and collect together in the form of...
Around 30 ounces of milk will be consumed by a 12 month old baby in  a 24 hour period.
Because many people buy it
1. cheese   2. yogurt   3. butter   4, ghee   5. milkpeda   These are some of the famous products made out of milk.
no more than 14oz of whole milk
There are 13 grams of sugar in one cup of 1% milk.   There are 12 grams of sugar in one cup of whole milk.
If blue litmus paper was put into milk, it would not change color. Although the lack of color change would imply that milk is not an acid, milk actually has a pH of 6.4-6.8. I have no idea why blue litmus paper reacts the way it does.
Usually around 100 calories.
This process is called homogenisation. Cream is broken into tiny  globules and distributed equally throughout the milk.
The cost of a gallon of milk in 1982 ranged from $1.79 to $2.24.  The price varied based on location, brand, and time of the year.
Cost of a gallon milk in 1981 was $2.30
a milky cow.
According to their website there is milk protein concentrate in Ensure.It also said that the product is lactose free.
No, because salamanders are amphibians. Only mammals produce milk  and feed it to their young. Salamanders are carnivores.
Good quality milk will not curdle when boiled. It can be used as a  test to determine how heat stable the milk is before heat  treatment. Ie, if it curdles, don't use it as it would foul the  equipment.
Milk is a liquid.
If you just mix sugar into cold milk, it will sink to the bottom  and they won't really combine, but if you mix sugar into hot milk,  it will dissolve.
What part of Africa is being referred to? Africa has 54 countries  each with their own currency.   In South Africa the metric system is used and milk is sold per  liter. Milk costs in the region of ZAR 10 to ZAR 12 per liter.
It's more or less about the reason it contains carbon so that the fat in the milk does not mix with the carbon.
the best to put on your face is the cow's
Yes. According to the following site askdrsears.com, goat's milk contains slightly less lactose than cow's milk (about 4.1% vs 4.7%).
102 calories are present in an 8oz of glass of 1 percent milk.
no such thing
The average cost of a gallon milk in 1964 was $0.93.
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yes because of the chemicals the cow makes inside itself
No. Their names are quite literal; goat's milk really comes from a goat, and sheep's milk really comes from a sheep. Goat's milk has a tangy taste and, since it is easier to digest than cow's milk, some who are lactose-intolerant are able to drink it. Sheep's milk has a richer, creamier flavor than...
It turns chunky and a weird color. Almost the same reaction will occur if you try out mixing redbull and milk. Hope this was helpful:)
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because pf vinegar
Certain plants when eaten will give a strange taste to the milk  produced.
This is called either pasteurisation or sterilisation.  Pasteurisation is used for fresh milk while sterilisation is used  to produce long life milk.
Gail Borden invented Condensed Milk.
Lactase is an enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk. This allows  lactose intolerant individuals to drink the lactose free (or  reduced lactose) milk.
Whole milk contains between 3.4 and 4% fat. This is 3.4 to 4 grams  of fat per 100ml. Unless you drink many glasses full of milk, this  is not a high amount. If you only use milk in coffee or tea, it is  not very significant.
No. Low fat milk is not bad for you. In many cases it is considered  healthier than full cream milk, though it is likely that both are  equally good for you.
No. Once milk has spoiled there is nothing you can do to fix it.  Milk spoilage causes changes in proteins that cause curdling and  the milk will likely be sour. Bacteria might be killed off with  boiling, but the damage will already be done.
For liquid milk, UHT or Long Life milk will last longer than  Pasteurised milk. Pasteurised milk will last longer than raw milk.
Skim milk has almost the same amount of lactose as full cream milk,  so in terms of lactose intolerance it should be just as bad.   Many people are helped by taking a digestive aid called Lactaid (or  other similar products). They help with the digestion of the  lactose.
should be ok. milk unrefridgerated goes from 6-8 hours
Mix 2 cups of warm water with one tablespoon of liquid handdishwashing detergent. Take white cloth and moisten it with thismixture. Use cloth to soak up any remaining milk from the affectedarea of the carpet. Continue blotting the area until the stain hasdisappeared.
Skim milk has less fat content and is more nutrient-dense than whole milk.
No: Cows' milk comes from cows, coconut milk comes from coconuts, and is not actually milk.
Milk is more dense. Cream has more fat in it, which is less dense than water.
No it is physically impossible to drink a gallon of milk in 30 minutes. The human stomach isn't big enoug. You WILL throw it up and probably before you even finish the whoe thing.
14 grams or about 3.25 reaspoons.
No sugar is added to skim, low fat or whole milk. The only  difference is that skim milk has less milk fat (also called  butterfat).
yes, because a solution is the "best-mixed" of all possible mixtures which consists of two or more substances that are not chemically combined. EX: if you bake cookie dough in the oven with chocolate chips they become chemically combined.
Milk has always and will always be produced in the mammary glands  of mammals.
Once it has been mixed, it is very difficult to separate the parts (chocolate, fats, color, milk, ect.) of chocolate milk.
After you've heated a glass of milk or hot chocolate, sometimes the milk forms a skin on top of the liquid. The skin is comprised of solid proteins that combine with the milk's fat molecules, which begin to evaporate as the milk is heated. These proteins, casein and beta, clump together when the...
dairy (n.) : late 13c., "building for making butter and cheese; dairy farm," formed with Anglo-Fr. -erie affixed to M.E. daie (in daie maid "dairymaid"), from O.E. dæge "kneader of bread, housekeeper, female servant" (see dey (1)). The native word was dey-house.
299mg of calcium in a cup of skim milk.
4 cups quality vanilla ice cream2 teaspoons vanilla extract8 tablespoons sugar2 cups milk or less for thicker milkshakes   Using a blender or milkshake machine, blend all ingredients together until smooth.   Serve in tall glasses with a straw. You can also garnish with whipped topping,...
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Light could oxidise the fats in the milk leading to a rancid taste  and smell.
The reasons for processing milk is 1. to prolong the shelflife of  the milk and 2. to eliminate the pathogens (bad bacteria) that may  be present.
  about 10actually it depends on the season but usually its from 6-8lb in winter and 8-10 on summer time .
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There aren't many disadvantages unless you are trying to make  specific raw cheeses where the bacterial activity is needed.
A major component of milk is water. The water contains minerals,  fats, proteins and vitamins (about 3.3% fat and 8.3% non fat  solids).
Milk is an emulsion of fat in water.
Actually, both are about equal nutritionally.
100% whole raw milk contains anywhere from 3.5% to 5% fat. This varies greatly with breed. Holsteins produce more milk with lower fat and Jerseys produce less milk with higher fat.
Mostly hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. There is some nitrogen, sodium, chlorine and various other elements as well, in small quantities.
Whether fat free milk is healthier than whole milk depends on your age and the state of your health. If you are a young, growing person, fat free milk will not give your body the fat and protein it needs to support your healthy growth. However, if you are older and have conditions such as high...
Grocery stores, whole-sale stores (Costco, Walmart, Target, ect.).
due to pressure milk is in thick not mixing water
milk is good for growth:))
Butterfat 3.6 kilograms @ $5.3000/kilogram = $19.08 Protein 3.4092 kilograms @ $7.5576/kilogram = 25.77 Other Solids 5.7921 kilograms @ $7.5576/kilogram = 43.77 Total Price $88.62