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Is there sharks in Cyprus?

I live in Cyprus, and yes there are sharks in Cyprus. Not a common sight but they do exist, they're usually past the breakwaters, rarely reaching shore. In the 20 years th (MORE)

What is Cyprus famous for?

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, is famous for its ancient sites including the village of Khirokitia (a United Nations World Heritage site) and the Tombs (MORE)

What country in Cyprus in?

Cyprus is not part of any other nation, it is an independent country in it's own right. However, it is a divided nation following the Turkish invasion of 1974, with the Northe (MORE)
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Why is Cyprus called Cyprus?

There are various explanations for that, but, the more possible one is that it took the name out of Kuprum, which meant Copper in the ancient era of Cyprus. And as the island (MORE)

Is Cyprus a democracy?

Yes    According to the Democracy Index they score a 7.7 out of 10 in making them a "Flawed Democracy" The Index score countries based on their Electoral Process, Plura (MORE)
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What does Cyprus mean?

  There are several definitions for how Cyprus got the name, however, a popular one is that the island had a lot of copper sources in the early years, and by the name cupr (MORE)

What country is Cyprus in?

Cyprus itself IS a country. An island in the Mediterranean Sea However, if you really must know, it's below Turkey, west of Syria. The capital is Nicosia.
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Situation in Cyprus?

Long story short Cyprus wanted Enosis (annexation) with Greece and Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus supposedely wanting to "protect" the Turkish Cypriots. The island split up a (MORE)