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Who founded Harvard University?

Harvard was initially founded by Puritan immigrants to train more  clergy. In 1636 the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts  Bay Colony voted to form "New Colledge," (MORE)

Where is Harvard University?

Cambridge, Massachusetts , United States of America. Specific Address : 1350 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138,United States. It is an Ivy League school and is the nu (MORE)

Is MIT same as Harvard University?

No, they are not. MIT is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is completely separate from Harvard. They are both situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, however. MI (MORE)

What is the size of Harvard university?

Harvard has about 2100 faculty and 21,000 students; it is defined by the Institute of Education Sciences as "midsize." The main campus is 210 acres, but the total size of all (MORE)

What are the courses offered in Harvard university?

Wow....Harvard has a lot of classes. I will try my best to list all of them: HARVARD ARTS: Architecture, Creative Writing, Dance (Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern), Film, Mu (MORE)

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