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What are the elements of power in international relations?

The elements of Power in IR fall under 2 x categories i.e Tangible and intangibles   tangibles include; Population, Territory, Natural Resources and Industrial Capacity, Ag (MORE)
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What are roles of internal public relations?

internal public relations play an auspicious role in the economical condition of an individual and even of the country,the internal public relations are the footprints for hav (MORE)

What are the actors of International Relations?

  Most classical IR theory (i.e., realism, liberalism and world systems theory) considers that the actors (main participants/decision makers) in the international sphere a (MORE)

What skills do international relations people do?

One model for understanding the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace examines the following areas: self-awareness-being aware of your own moods and emotions; self-r (MORE)