War and Military History

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War and Military History encompasses the causes and effects, the courses and actions, the good and the bad, of warlike activities - from the earliest of times to present actions.
Yes, nuclear bombs can destroy most if not all human, animal, andplant life, and contaminate water supplies.
Jobs needed were farmers, lawyers, printers, farriers, storekeepers, ship builders, sailors, fishermen, seamstresses, chemists,carpenters, bakers, and millers.
First of all, Adams was a politician, he was infuriated byParliament and their refusal to represent the colonies in theirmeetings. Furthermore, he was an avid publicist of the Sons ofLiberty, a patriot group that fought against British occupation,famously known for the Boston Tea Party. He...
On June 17, 1775 British regulars faced an assemblage of independently minded colonial militia at the Battle of Bunker Hill. By evening of that day the British held the Charlestown peninsula, and a new respect for the determination and resourcefulness of colonial forces. The colonials, if shaken...
Because of the near bankruptcy of Britain, the price of food andother goods may very will have cost a small fortune.
Most of the American Ships were at their base.
The Infantry Division did not exist in 1812. Instead there was a45th regiment, mainly from Massachusetts and what would becomeMaine.
Washington took no part in the Quebec Campaign. Benedict Arnold,General Mongomery, and Daniel Morgan were the American commandersof that ill-advised fiasco.
It was a Lockheed Vega 5B:Seven-seat passenger transport version,built for higher gross weight operations with commercial operators.
The Soviets invaded, at least in part, to provide support to theParcham fraction of the Afghani Communist Party. Until theinvasion, the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) andthus the government of Afghanistan had been in the hands of theleaders of the Khalq faction. The Khalq faction...
New voting laws limit the power of the Duma. . Beginnings of a constitution (The Duma takes control) . A Provisional Government is set up (Temporary) . The War with Germany is continued. Hope this helps.
"Supposedly" The war followed the September 11 attacks, and itspublic aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and denying it a safe basisof operation in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power.
where you vote for two different parties
William H. Seward, US Secretary of State.
between the North and the South so they had the war and then thatbroke us apart for a while.
Franklin was one of the people working on the Decleration of Indipendance.
No the British didnt, infact the British and Germans had been close allies before 1914, Nine years war 1688, War of Spanish succesion 1701-1714, 1756 Seven year War where Britain and Germany had strong ties and alliances throughout and of course there was the strong alliance in the Napoleonic wars...
It's getting down to this deadline. Personally I would not expect Iran to keep to the agreements as arranged. We can sign all the treaties we want they will not keep to it. Now we have Iran and Russia working together. We see these alliances. One day they will try to take over the USA. They may...
Yes Edit: Morning reports and rosters for infantry companies are in theNational Archives. You can contact them (nara.gov) and ask verynicely, and if you are extremely lucky and your request is assignedto a knowledgeable person who feels like exerting the effort, youmight get them to send a copy....
I searched for a roster of the 10 Infantry and the 10th Armored Division in the Battle at Ardennes/Alsace. I could find notations about them but no roster. Perhaps you should contact the 10th infantry or 10 Mountain Infantry at their website or consult the Oxford Military History Companion.
The cold war didn't have a specific start or ending time but if ihad to give one I'd say that it started right after WWII (1945) andended in the early 90's, probably 1991, the fall of the SovietUnion.
Mouschi was Peter Van Daans cat. Mouschi was a stray cat that Peter found and adopted. Mouschi ran away during the night.
This is not the place to answer such questions. There is no way to verify these weapons would be made only for fun, or with care sufficient to ensure safety. There are plenty of web pages for that sort of thing, and undoubtedly plenty of government computers watching them and watching out for people...
The Missouri Compromise was an agreement passed in 1820 between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions in the United States Congress, involving primarily the regulation of slavery in the western territories. It prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana Territory north of the parallel 36°30'...
There were 34 states inthe Union when Abraham Lincoln was elected president in1860. And twenty-three when the US Civil War started. In 1861,Kansas Joined the Union, therefore in 1862 there were 24 US states.
They wanted to capture Richmond, and cut off the South's supplies.
It was more than one dock. ALL of Pearl Harbor was bombed orotherwise attacked. However, not all of the American Fleet waspresent at the time of the attack. Notably the two US aircraftcarriers were at sea. The main area attacked was called Battleship Row, a mooring alongthe southeast side of Ford...
We do not have 2013 and 2014 numbers. From 2003 to 2012, there werea total of 1,060,100 US military personnel in country in Iraq. Thisnumber is made up of first time and redeployments. This is totalboots on the ground for all ten years, with no specific serviceinformation.
Wow , Your even asking ? Maybe because American's have always had it all & Mexicans Do all the work like 24/7 for Americans & How do American's repay us ? By Being racist & By saying that we Ruing Your Guy's life & Stuff . That's why .
Victory in Europe......................V-E 1945
The Japanese war with China began in 1937, Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Germany and Japan joined up and then Japan attacked America in 1941 which brought America in to the war who joined the allies.
The USS Clytie (AS-26) was an Aegir-class submarine tender that entered the Pacific Theatre late in the war. Stationed in Australia, she tended submarines of the 7th Fleet from April - September 1945, then was ordered home after the war ended.
The people who were mainly kept at the concentration camps werejews.
When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.
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The French fought with the colonists, and the Spanish helpedsomewhat as well
No not all of them are violent, it's just a little bit harder forthem to process things.
Yes, Its legal to fly it in any state. It's your 1st Amendment right.
Just some Senators/Congressmen; Kerry, McCain, as some examples.
Only if you have enough food and purified water. and strength ofcourse
Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, anessential nutrient that protects the body against immune systemdeficiencies . Lemons contain pectin fiber which is very beneficialfor colon health and also shhwerves as a powerful antibacterial . It balances maintain the pH levels in the...
Es geht mir gut, und Ihnen? is the correct form. It means: I'm fine, how are you? It is usually given in response to the question Wie geht es Ihnen?
It was really a mistake. American Colonists who were upset overBritish policies directed toward the Colonists were harassing aBritish soldier. It escalated to the point where snowballs werethrown at the Soldier, when other soldiers came upon the scene arifle was accidentally fired and this led to...
Yes, of course, since he became US President in 1861. Lincoln waspopular in the North and generally reviled in the South. His election to the Presidency in 1860 prompted Southern states tosecede. Lincoln was known to be an advocate of abolition, and givenmore Republican electees in Congress, the...
They left to home work in factories and other male dominated roles.
WWII was the last war in which virtually every US citizen wasexpected to participate, by virtually everyone else (as well as bylaw in most instances). However, the civilian population was notengaged in actually fighting the war, as in the European countrieswhere battles were fought. The war effort...
Lockerbie which is a small town in the Dumfries and Galloway region which is a very small town was bombed on the 21st December 1988. There was no real reason behind the bombing it was simply a terrorist attack. The man who was convicted of it - Abdelbaset Ail Mohmed Al Megrahi - was released on...
Operation Torch was attempted mainly because Joseph Stalin wasdemanding that the allies open up another front against the Nazis.Unfortunately, D-Day was still a year and a half away, so theydecided to ramp up the pressure on their only existing front inEurope - North Africa. And yet, although they...
When both sides of a war agree to a suspension of hostilities. A truce.
The Crispus Attucks monument has many meanings in and of itself,most of which have to do with the revolution. The figure on toprepresents the spirit of the revolution, a "Lady Liberty" if youwill. This element is inspired by Eugene Delacroix's painting, Liberty Leading the People. Which was...
Trenchs provided a cover for soldiers so not to be exposed to enemyfire.
North Korea! It's because of the way people are dying each year of starvation, death to those who've tried to escape, the people don't have freedom of speech and that it's a slave state.
WWII was almost soley caused by resentment in Germany after WWI.The Treaty of Versailles pretty much screwed over German in 1918.Hitler rose to power because of the anger building up as a result.So in other words, WWII would never have happened(At least the wayit did) if WWI didn't happen. The main...
The Americans dug in to protect themselves. While the Germans would where American uniforms and take prisoners and cause chaos
Answer . It was not impacted by the war because of distance, but it suffered from a lack of immigration and expansion because of wartime shortages.
It could not have, it was a surprise attack
Reagan was a no-nonsense man. He chose the right men to do the job, if they couldn't or wouldn't do the job, he replaced them. When he had a problem, he spoke with the men he hired. He expected to speak with only one man. And not waste his time or words with others, unless needed. If that ONE man...
The Vietnam War was a battleground in the Cold War. In the late 40sit was Central and Southern Europe. In the early 50s it wasNortheast Asia. In the 60s it was Southeast Asia. Vietnam was wherethe rubber met the road in our attempts to contain Communism in the1960s
This is called a constitutional democracy. The people create thegovernment, allow it to have its powers (outlined in aconstitution). This puts the govt in charge, but keeps itultimately answerable to the people of the nation.
The Battle of Stalingrad was widely viewed as Nazi Germany's firstmajor loss in battle. It marked the end of Germany's seeminglyunstoppable advance and the start of their retreat and eventualsurrender.
It was the first victory for the Mexicans.
They would supply both sides with weapons, troops, and financialaid.
554 of the women's army auxiliary corps (WAAC) were promoted towomen's army corps (WAC), they were the first women to go to warother than nurses
Late 1960's black people where given equality by the Jim Crow laws banning segregation (or separation of race) although the slaves were released long before this sadly they where free but still treated like a load or sh#% for another hundred so years
Waterloo, . Not Really. In 1851 he had been dead for 30 years. It must have been some form of "Heavenly Review Board" called for a study of his case. (Saint Peter may not have had jurisdiction.) Knowing only the bare facts on his life history the presiding officer and venue could very well...
Alan Pinkerton headed the Union intelligence service.
The battle of Charlestown is commonly called the Battle of BunkerHill. The Americans had 1600 men on the heights overlooking Boston,but they had little ammunition and powder. They faced overwhelmingodds with the British, but if they had had enough ammunition andpowder they could have won. The...
The concept of reparations can be traced back at least to JamesMonroe's effort to repatriate freed slaves in Africa, which createdthe country of Liberia, starting in 1816.
They didn't have enough weapons to kill the other war people
It is debatable but the countries occupied by Italy prior to the outbreak of world war 2 were: Austria, Ethiopia, Mongolia, and other parts of Southern Europe and Northern Africa
Culture wars concerns conflicts between traditional and conservative values and progressive and liberal values. Some of the issues presented where the following: abortion, privacy, censorship, separations of the state and church, gun laws, immigration, drugs on many fronts, gay right and marriage to...