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Actually, i lived in Canada before, they don't need to consider itfor the next 200 years, because no one wants to move and livepermanently in Canada, no offense; Canada is beautiful and no onehates the country, but think about it, the snow, the cold, no onecan take it for the rest of their life. I...
There is many steps to take for her to come to Cananda. Its going to be hard for her to leave the country depending on how serious her criminal records are.. You may be able to get her into Canada as your spouse, if her criminal record is not too serious, but that will not make her a Canadian...
An immigrant gets divorced and remarried in the same manner thatanyone does: by filing a divorce in the appropriate Court andfollowing the Court process to obtain a decree of divorce, and thenby having the marriage performed by someone authorized to do so.
No, child is not considered to be a stepchild under US immigrationlaw unless the marriage occurred prior to his/her 18th birthday.
This is far too complicated and specific of a question to try toanswer without appropriate legal counsel. You should speak with animmigration attorney in your jurisdiction.
It's not that easy. You should consult with a good immigration attorney, or an immigration aid center. If you are already not legal, the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) takes a dim view of you all of a sudden wanting to marry an American. And there are waivers that will be needed - and...
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Yes, you do need a Visa when traveling from America to Thailand.
If you have a passport you will have to go through the process of gaining entry through immigration via your route of travel. Each country you travel outside of you home country will require a visitor or tourist visa. For example, I am in America and let's say I was to travel to Japan and then to...
Some of the most successful Australian immigrants are: . Frank Lowy . Harry Triguboff . Zhenya Tsvetnenko . Richard Pratt . Maha Sinnathamby . John Hemmes
First after marriage or before: one of you have to decided which will denounce ones citizenship of either nation or if one of you will have dual citizenship. He can find work now on a visa
I am not sure about the UK but to Mexico the children have to have both parents consent to fly into and from Mexico.. My husband also had to go to the visa office and sign a papper giving his permission.. Hope this helps some..
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Citizenship cannot be granted via marriage.
i think you should call migration office regard to this matter. thanks
That issue depends on the state you marry in, but generally amarriage is a legal union preceded by a state-recognized officiate,which means that you cannot gain citizenship by marrying anothernon-citizen. However, you may still qualify for naturalization ifyou are a legal alien.
If you are living legally in the UK, your passport should be sufficient identification.
no you can`t.You still have to pay money for the flight.
Many scholars agree that if an individual meets the requirements ofa citizen at the time of birth then they are natural born but thereis actually no definition for natural born citizen. This means thatwhether someone with dual citizenship at birth is natural borncould be debated. Most would say that...
Yes, anyone born in the US is a Us citizen regardless of the parents status. (excluding a very small group of people, primarily official diplomats and those with diplomatic immunity)
Assuming that both parties, or at least the Petitioner (the person seeking the divorce) is resident in England and Wales then the English court has jurisdiction. I'm assuming that you are the petitioner and live in England and Wales. You may be entitiled to public funding (legal aid), depending on...
you can apply for a working permit or visa something like that and that will let you work for a specific amount of time and I believe you can renew it .
56,789 on average. They all get into one van and hope they make it all of them and our idiot president doesnt seem to give a crap. seeing as his grandmother was here illegally what would you expect?
Answer . Maintaining Permanent Residence . You may be found to have abandoned your permanent resident status if you: . -Move to another country intending to live there permanently. . -Remain outside of the US for more than one year without obtaining a reentry permit or returning resident visa....
Yes, you can. Once they are over here there spouse can help you getyour papers.
It is legal for a child born in the United States to live with aparent outside of the country. Both parents usually have to agree,however.
You have to take tests about the US history
There was no U.S. when British settled in North America. The british citizens that resented Monarchy is what started the creation of the U.S.
When choosing a spouse, it is not advisable to give too muchpriority to appearance. Some people are attractive, but they haveclashing characters. Appearance is important, but not the onlything to look at.
No. You need to file taxes and do the normal types of stuff, but there is no 'reporting' of the marriage.
On this page you will find a detailed history of Ellis Island. Thebelow text details the actual origin of the island as a locationfor an immigration hub, all the way to its current status as anational monument. Feel free to jump forward to specifi c sections, by clicking on asection title in the...
Yes. Effective June 26, 2013, the US federal government recognizes same-sex marriages, including for the purposes of immigration. An American citizen may sponsor a foreign same-sex spouse for permanent residency ("green card"), leading eventually to citizenship.
If there is evidence of a DUI conviction, the consular officers are likely to refer you to a recognized panel physician. The referral will be made if a single conviction occurred within the three years prior to the application, or if you have two or more arrests or convictions in your lifetime. You...
you would have to check with the Canadian consulate. But I cant see why not so long as you are not wanted on any serious criminal charges.
Except of Than 10 countries, including Colombia, Somalia, America,Britain, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistanas well as tourists from other countries will need a visa or a visaat the airport for them to be exported.
Yes there is, divorce does not change any obligations from form I-864, as it says on the form: "Note that divorce does not terminate your obligations under this Form I-864."
Assuming that you got your green card through marriage - 3 years after getting your green card
When you file your green card application you can file form Form I-765, "Application for Employment Authorization": if the alien spouse does not have a work visa (for example an H1B visa), this form can be used to request employment authorization card. You should get the EAD card in within 90 days.
Yes you do; contact the United States consulate in Auckland on (09) 303 2724.
This would depend on the laws in Italy, but I would be verysurprised is there is an exemption just based on you being a U.S.Citizen living in the U.S. We have to pay VAT tax on items fromCanada and I see no difference. Sorry but good luck.
Do you mean will the U.S. will let you back in without a green card? yes if you have a valid visa, such as a B1 visa or H1B visa. You can also apply for an Advance Parole while you are waiting for your green card to come in.
You can marry, but your marriage does not change your immigration status since neither of you is a US citizen.
Immigration has had a major effect on the United States. Other thanthe Native Americans that were on the continent when Columbusarrived, everyone has immigrants in their history.
push factors are jobs, few immigrant restrictions, avoid militaryservice, avoid religious persecution, and move up the socialladder. pull factors are unemployment, poverty and famine.
immigrants come from mountains
You will need to file form I-90. under Part 2, Application type, Number 2, Reason for Application, check box "d" which reads "My card was issued with incorrect information because of a USCIS administrative error." Include any documents that support your claim with your application. You must submit...
US has not stopped dual citizenship. It was banned in the 19thcentury, however, due to changes in law, it was again revised inthe 20th century. It is only allowed at considering certaincircumstances. America considers many factors before issuing it tothe individual irrespective of the country born....
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Well technically that's threatening you and he shouldn't beable to get way with that, you need to stand up to him and saysomething along the lines of " I didn't marry you for you tothreaten me or make my life a misery" what he is doing iscompletely out of order and non husband like ! Finance and...
Yes Of Course! No criminal records though.
Northern Ireland is part of the UK and South Africans need a visa to enter the UK. South African passport holders do not need a visa to travel Ireland though.
If you entered the US lawfully, the process can take as little as 6months. If you entered the US unlawfully, you will need to obtain ahardship waiver and then return to your country for an interview.If you are abroad, the process takes about one year.
This makes no difference, I am an American women, I was Born in the U.S., I have a husband who is from Mexico, we have been together for 7 years and we have a 5 year old son, however-the U.S. government will not allow him to stay in this country. If I want my family to be together, I must move to...
The US citizen can sponsor his wife for a green card, not for UScitizenship. Since he is currently unemployed, he will need to geta joint sponsor to complete an affidavit of support for his wife.
Any person who has been deported is still free to apply for entry into the country. Whether their application will be accepted depends upon their circumstances.
im sorry, but that question does not make sense, they do not "forgive" anything if you marry a citizen, no matter how the citizen abtained citizenship. I am a American citizen, and I am white, I was born in Washington state. I married a Mexican immigrant, we have been together for 7 years, and we...
A divorce with the custody of a child involved can get very trickywhen one parent lives abroad. It is almost impossible to force theabsent parent to pay child support, and if the parent takes thechild to some countries it may be impossible for the US parent toget the child back,
taxpayers money pays for illegal immigrants, but people should keep in mind-that illegal immigrants that work, unless they are working under the table, pay taxes too, as to the exact amount of money taxpayers pay that goes to illegal immigrants-only the government knows
No, both are two different documents. The Citizenship certificatehas its own number and so is the passport. If lost or stolen youneed to get the replacements.
yes, my husband is Mexican and we have a child, but they still deported my husband
That is like asking-"are Chinese people dangerous?" or "are Americans dangerous?" there are dangerous people all over the world.
Immigration into the United States has been shaped by legislation greatly restricting Chinese immigration through the Chinese Exclusion Acts beginning in 1882. These were a series of laws first passed in 1882 that restricted Chinese from entering the United States. They were not repealed until 1943....
it depends on there case, but most of the time it can take 2 to 10 years (unfortunately)
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr. got married September 1, 2002. They have been married for about 10 years..
The IRS would charge interest to anybody who doesn't pay on time regardless of immigration status. Anybody can request extensions or installment plans. Anybody, including working class Americans, would go to jail only if they intentionally don't pay taxes. As for illegal immigrants, they...
If you commit a crime, and are not a citizen of the United States, you can be deported, regardless of whether or not your parents are a citizen.
Immigrants have no good jobs and their family sometimes lives in the US.
A legal immigrant who marries a U.S. citizen can apply for a green card, so s/he can stay in the U.S., travel outside the U.S. and re-enter, and work in the U.S.
Answer . Having a student visa means that you are legally in the U.S.\nThey could change their student visa to a working visa (H1. After that they can apply for a green card and later apply for citizenship. Getting a green card can take years. Only after getting a green card they will be able to...
anyone can marry anyone from anywhere, however it does not make the immigrant legal, and alot of the time, has no effect on the courts decision if the immigrant can stay
No, not until they have obtained that citizenship.
That depends upon how long they want to visit. If they are coming for a week, they don't have to be sponsored. If they have passports they can come as tourists. Almost anyone can come to visit the US (certain types of criminal records make people ineligible even to visit). It's only the people who...
If you are married to him and he has a son that is also a United States citizen than he is very lucky. You need to contact immigration and let them know the circumstances so he can begin the process of citizenship.
You can marry by proxy in Mexico or go there and marry her. You could also have her apply for a green card and bring her here and marry her.
Citizenship is a "you are or you aren't" with no gray areas. If your status is resident - permanent or otherwise - but not citizen, then you'll have to take the tests and meet the qualifications of citizenship. That said, it sounds like you were raised here, which raises the possibility of you...
This may vary by state, but as long as no fraud is involved, whatever name you want to use is pretty much up to you. Inform your DMV and bank. If more is required they will let you know.
No, she will not lose her nationality. Chances are she may also getforeign national's country citizenship too. However, marrying aforeigner does not have chances of losing nationality.
Most immigrants want to play a full part in the life of their newcountry. Citizenship gives them rights and protections.
Annation, the lure of inexpensive land, and legalized slavery attracted thousands of people into Texas in the 1840s and the 1850s.