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This has changed over the years. Today most settle in Urban centres, usually within communities having large numbers of people from their homeland.
An 18 year old can marry an 80 year old in Reo and live in amansion and have five kids while keeping their wealth. This istotally possible by managing money properly.
Letters from an American farmer :) - Petey G
No, because you would be a man. Your wife could, though, if she was in the UK when she gave birth to a baby. You might note that if you live in the UK she is still a citizen there. If you live in Venezuela she is a citizen there.
The number of immigrants coming to the United States declined.
The National Organization for Marriage, the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party all oppose same-sex marriage.
nothing, that's the problem. they don't even have to speak English.
Answer . It will take some time--there is a backlog. Usually, you have to go back to your home country at some point in the process.
Answer . You should of already gotten your citizenship already. You can go check the status of your case at You will need to have your case number to do so.
What is the e-mail address of the british home secretary
No. You need a passport if you just plan on going on a short 90-day vacation. However, to remain their longer, you need a visa.
Illinois does not have expungement of felonies or misdemeanors if you were convicted and the only way you can have your rights restored is with a Governors pardon.
You don't get a passport, you get a travel document
When a foreign national is in state or federal custody (that is,jail) and comes to the attention of the Department of HomelandSecurity (DHS) -- possibly through one of its branches, includingImmigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and BorderProtection (CBP) -- a so-called "immigration...
In 2009, according to the Christian Science Monitor, nearly 400,000 illegal aliens were deported.
Yes. If one parent was born in the U.S., you, as their child, have dual citizenship automatically.
New immigrants were from Eastern and Southern Europe who spoke little English. The Old immigrants were from Western and Northern Europe who spoke mostly English.
Unskilled workers moved to the cities due to the growth of factoryjobs. These jobs did not require any special skills and could belearned quickly. They provided for those that could not findemployment otherwise.
The colonists wanted to get away from the king of England, so thecolonists broke away and made the 13 colonies. New York justhappened to be on of the colonies. The first sentence is not complete. New York had been a valuableDutch colony, founded early in the 17th century. England recognizedits value...
If you are an American citizen and you marry outside the U.S., the U.S. will always find out.
People that have been convicted of a felony can get a passport,depending on their offense. For example, people who's felony is fordrug trafficking will most likely not be allowed a passport.
The USA Green Card Lottery system helps thousands of immigrants to move from their countries and live in the United States. Some of these countries that immigrants are leaving behind can be third world countries or countries ravaged by war, famine and disease. So the dream of coming to America can...
yes she did she had two sons and one husband
In early American history, millions of people from all over Europe and Asia left everything behind for a chance in the new world. The fact that millions came answers the question. If it was so great where they were, why would they make such a sacrifice? Back then ocean crossings were brutal and...
Best Guess: The Salvadoran can go back to El Salvador with or without child (who has U.S. birth certificate). Then U.S. citizen can file fiance visa. Once approved, Salvadoran goes to US consulate in El Salvador and gets fiance visa to come back to U.S. for purpose of marriage. Usually fiance visa...
Depends on where you live -- maybe where the marriage is certified. Probably be ok getting it squared away in whatever county of whateve state one of the two of you are domiciled in. Presuming you're in the states.
We all take American Citizanship for granted
The U.S. consulate in your country can help you with this information.
Political Freedom . Religious Tolerance . Economic Opportunity - People want a better life - better job - more money . Political Refugees fear for their lives . Some want free atmosphere . Forced Immigration (Slavery) . Family Reunification
Naturally people like the benefits of living in a democracy that has rule of law permitting one to prosper in freedom and freedom from ignorance. People gravitate towards freedom and prosperity and away from countries that are corrupt and where there is no rule of law to protect the everyday citizen...
You can apply for Diversity Visa Lottery Program for your spouse. Also, you can get spouse visa for her/him initially (if s/he is not in US presently). Once s/he is here you can go for the Green Card process. The United States Green Card Lottery, also known as Diversity Visa Lottery program is an...
yes, you do need a visa. If Germany is part of the EU than you need a Schengen Visa. If they are not, than you need a Visa from Germany.
If you are a citizen of a country you do not need to have an alienregistration number. You only need it if you are residing in a newcountry.
Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) do NOT practice plural marriage. This practice was banned in 1890. The practice was introduced around 1840, and it was practiced because it was believed to be a commandment from God. It was ended because the federal...
Well that's can't happen. Muslim Females can only get married to Muslim Male. But a Muslim Male can get married to any female that follow the books of God, meaning Christian or Jewish
Canadians do not benefit from people becoming honorary citizens.Honorary Canadians do not take the Oath of Citizenship and does notreceive any rights or privileges typically held by a Canadiancitizen.
If you are marriage to an American citizen, as long as you have submit your application to change your stutas, you will bacome an green card holder within 18 months and you will become a citizen within 5 years. This is a longer process of the estimates, it usually takes 10 months for a green card...
No. He or she is required to apply for permanent residence status according to US immigration laws.
visa regulations should be relaxed for overseas students
If you are a U.S. Citizen, you need your valid passport. If you are a legal resident, you need your green card.
Swante M. Swenson, first came to America in 1836, prospered andacquired a plantation in Fort Bend County. He became friends withSam Houston, who urged him to bring Swedish immigrants to settlethe sparsely occupied interior of Texas. He brought 25 Swedes toTexas in 1848.
An imigrant would want to come to Amercia for many reasons. One, and the most important one is jobs which include money and a better life. Another, is for family and friends.
It depends on the exact situation in which the recording was carried out though usually No. Florida operates an "all-party consent" to legally record someone. "All-party consent" meaning that all parties would have to give consent to being recorded. However, there may be a situation were a recording...
Although some have mugrated for the wring reasons some have migrated to build a better future for their family and themselves, some may have migrated due to their own country being under seige or some may have come for educational purposes!
In 1903, English immigrants to the United States wore a style ofclothing that was made of linen and wool. The men wore suits withwool pants and linen shirts. The ladies wore dresses that featuredwool jackets and very ornate hats.
Your Address and the Date top right. Their Reference No top left. Their Address top left below Their Ref No. Subject of letter across the middle underlined. Salutation (Dear Sirs, Dear Ms Smith, etc) left below that. The letter itself. Yours faithfully at end. Your Signature below the...
There is current legislation that is being debated in Congress right now. It is called the DREAM ACT and it authorizes illegal or "out of status" students to continue their education into College. However you must between ages 12-35 when the law is enacted, have good moral values, resided at least 5...
This is an opinion. No one can actually know how people over 200 years ago felt. Their words and writing must also taken into context for the times. There is more evidence to the contrary of this opinion than to support it. If you can listen past the rhetoric of today's lawmakers you will find many...
Depends on which country you are from, but many countries allow dual Citizen ship,
there are about 13 million
It has been attempted. But, isn't a good idea. Depending on what country you're coming from this can be very dangerous..the U.S. has tightened its borders so it's getting more difficult to get in. Why not try the legal way??
there can never be a for sure amount because many animals die or get stolen also many may come but study's have shown the have been about 2.5 million
This statement was made by Robert Orben who was a comedian and magician. In it, he is saying, in satire, that any of us who were not aboriginally descendent of this country are illegal aliens. His quip was meant as humor, but might have a bit of truth to it. He also said "To err is human; to blame...
If they can provide proof of work or a job offer, we should give them visas. They are benefiting our economy if they are working (and of course buying our goods). Visas can be renewed, but after they expire the immigrants must return home. This way, we keep up our reputation of being somewhat...
If you are a permanent resident ,you do not have to worry at all. If you are a conditional resident,which means you have been married less than two years,you should not worry either. Just make sure that your I-551 card is valid. There is no such thing as marriage probation. As long as you entered to...
Elephants mimigrants
If someone is born in the USA, they are a natural born citizen. Illegal aliens are those who are born elsewhere and live in the USA without permission.
yes, according to law, you have to come to bangladesh to file for divorce , unless you live in florida, & living there for over 6months.
Seems like he has a chance through family based. Find out what is his immediate family status. Are his parents permanent residents?U.S naturalized citizens? Are you a U.S.citizen? Which ever way he goes,he will eventually have to leave the U.S. for a matter of 1-10 years,for his visa process,which...
So long as your paperwork with the embassy is in order, and the legal portions of the marriage are covered, it really makes little difference where you have the wedding ceremony, whether it be in Mexico, the US, Antarctica, etc.
No, not for a visit. You can stay for 3 months without a visa (can be extended to 6 months). The usual restrictions apply. You cannot work for pay and you musn't have a criminal conviction that resulted in jail time.
answer . She has to be a lawful permanent resident for 5 years or married to a US citizen for 3 years. She needs to fill out form N-400 found at
it has set laws in it that protect citizens
If you marry an illegal, that person is considered a citizen. But when you divorce that person their citizenship is revoked. STATED BY AUTHOR
It'll be on record in the system somewhere. How efficient they are at retrieving their records is a different matter altogether, but still, it's on record somewhere. If your passport is missing, you really should contact your representative embassy about getting one ASAP, though.
i don't know the answer but you better go look for it. Dont listen to the above answer. Here: Immigration: Myths and Reality Research demonstrates that the major arguments offered against immigration are not supported by the facts. The evidence supports the following conclusions.. 1. Immigrants...
If he is also a minister or justice of the peace, then yes. The captain of the boat can pronounce you husband and wife as long as the boat length reaches it's requirements which I believe is 60 feet or longer.
This person is still an American citizen and should have no problem re-entering the states if he wishes. I would of course suggest checking with someone from U.S immigration services first
no country is free for senegalese remain in your country
Yes. Marriage does not depend on citizenship to be maintained.
New immigrants in France are treated with hesitation at first. Thisis especially true if the immigrants are from countries outsideEurope.
If you are a US citizen, you need not a Visa to stay as a touristbut you need a valid Passport or of WHTI approved Nexus card or AirNexus.
No. The naturalisation process takes many years (usually over 20) and has to be applied for officially (you contact the Home Office Immigration and Naturalisation Service). If you come from another EU country, though, there is no point in applying as you already have the right to live in the UK.