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Asian history is a term that refers to the collective history and recorded events in Asia, including events that occurred in numerous distinct regions in Asia, such as South Asia, East Asia and the Middle East.
Yes. His name is Raheem Ruben Carter. He was born in the 1970's.
Because Mao Tse Tung declared it to be, after WW II.
That Was the ancient country of Mesopotamia, known originally asSumer and later as Sumer and Akkad. Babylonia is the Greek name ofwhat the inhabitants knew as Mât Akkadî, the fertile alluvial plainbetween the Euphrates and Tigris. This was the heartland of theBabylonian Empire, which dominated...
yes taj mahal is a wonder of seven wonders.
It is the longestwall all over the world. The total length of the Great Wall ofChina built in different dynasties is 21,196.18 kilometers. TheGreat Wall of China can't be seen from space by the human eyewithout aid. The wall is becoming shorter and shorter day by daydue to the natural erosion and...
They use mud bricks or else just normal stones that wereunusually big or just rocks put together with mud
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For thousands of years China was ruled by Emperors, but in the late 1920's the Emperor of China was over-thrown. This was called The Glorious Revolution and the man who became leader was Mao. He had the idea that there would be a world where everyone looked the same, and would follow his rules in...
Red generally has to do with both Shinto and Buddhist traditions,and brides often wear it. Orange means happiness and love Yellow means bravery and cheerfulness (quite the opposite of ourWestern interpretation of cowardice). It's also to color of thenational crest, the chrysanthemum, and in Buddhism...
During this time, much of Asia was under Mongol control. The SilkRoad was a major trade rote connecting Asia and East Europe.
The ancient trade path from Europe to the far east was somethingthat just grew up.
If you have both, you have a lot of influence on a LOT of people.And, depending on how good your heart is, you'll make good choices.But, unfortunately, generally speaking, not very many people remaingood at heart with a lot of power and authority in their lives.
At first, the Philippines loved the Americans... but after Congresswanted to annex them, they got really mad and started rebel. The USresponded by seizing villages and towns. They killed hundreds ofthousands of people.
Magellan left Portugal for Spain in 1516. In 1517 he began preparing for the circumnavigation of the world. The voyage began in 1519 and ended in 1522. Magellan himself died in a battle in the Philippines in 1521.
Acupuncture was important to the ancient Chinese because it wastheir form of medicine but with using needles that put pressure onyou.
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The samurai prefer Shinto (Maybe Mahayana Buddhism) because it isJapanese tradition which was influenced from China mainland in thepast.
It's dangerous because because it's too long and their are burglars so they traveled in caravans. ( small groups )
It is in New Delhi and its name is India Gate.
The Grand Canal helped unite China's economy, it became an important route for shipping projects between Northern and Southern China.
here's the list of some fiancee's location (nearest to any TenguMage available): -Yotaro (first village before Bamboo Forest): you need to tell him3 big stories in your adventure (i recruit him after finishing thegame so i don't know which story that he wants) -Kasu (big platform near Sunken Village...
Construction, as well as chopstics and baskets. Household articlesand weapons, as writing materials. Take your pic.
They made many people work as slaves and even humiliated them.
I'm not sure of all 4 but they use to use glass with flammable liquid to heal physical body wounds.
No, however you can be fined if you smoke in public places.
To fit into society
i n Philippine history si rizal ay nakikipaglaban sa pamamagitan ng diplomasyang pamamaraan , itinatag nya ang ibat ibang kilusan laban sa mga espanyol , ginamit nya ang kanyang kaalaman sa pagsusulat upang batikusin ang mga maling pamamalakad ng mga espanyol. ang kanyang pamamaraan sa...
Ghanta srinivasa rao is the education minister of AP.
Spanish people benefited most from the Manila galleon trade.
The new rule of Tokugawa Shoguns, and new danger faced from trade.
This happens twice actually. Once in "We Are Family: Now Get Me Some Water!" and in "Everyone Was Best Friend Fighting."
While searching for immortality in the west of his empire, Huang Di had alchemists brew him elixers, which were unfortunately full of mecury. He was slowly posioning himself as he searched for a way to live forever.
She is probably 21yrs old..
The Alai Darwaza is the main gate from the southern side of theQuwwat-ul-Islam Mosque in the Qutub Minar complex .Built byAllaudin Khilji the Sultan of Delhi in 1311 AD, the Alai Darwazahas a domed entrance which is constructed using red sandstone andis adorned with white marble.
Although José Rizal, now eleven years old, had passed a good entrance examination in Manila in June, 1872, he nearly failed to matriculate in theAteneo in July, because his mother's arrest had made him a month late, and because he looked so little, so slender, so young. He would not have been...
tinamaan sya sa may bandang batok na malapit sa ulo
"Knowledge" is a powerfull thing. To have knowledge enables one to be acutely aware of oneself and the world around him to the extent of recognizing how far you can go [for instance] to the edge of a cliff without being ignorant to possibility of falling over.
Vision document was declared by the dr manmohan singh for the development of india
buod ng nagbihis na ang nayon
A course on Rizal design to familiarize the student with Rizal's role in the development of the Philippines' progress in political, social, economic and educational aspects. It includes the hero's youth and parentage, his schooling here and abroad, his travels and their implications to Philippine...
Luzon and Mindanao form part of the Philippines, along with many more islands.
Sorry , India is a fast developing country in the world.
general Han Hsin of Han dynasty
Xian Cheng, Wang is an associate professorin Biophysics andBiochemistry, Director for Quantative Prroteomics, PhD of Penn.State Univ. Our research focuses on both developments and applications ofunconventional and transformative technology of systems biology toelucidate the molecular mechanisms...
The first high speed printer was invented in 1938 and was invented by Chester Carlson. In 1455, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book. It was a copy of the Bible, but the first ever made with movable type. in 1970- 1953
Most Asian languages like Japanese, Chinese and Korean can bewritten horizontally or vertically. The Mongolian language is oftenwritten vertically.
Confucius impacted the Han dynasty through his education beliefs. The methods of testing for power and the focus of Chinese education on memorization all came from Confucius. Han Wu Di, Liu Che, listened to him as he adopted the 'du zun ru xue' policy which meant that only Confucianism was learnt.
Life begins under martial law, simply..when martial law isdeclared. Someone who has enough power and influence on Army togain and control over power (denying all democratic rules,institutions and practice). This usually happens in the 3rd worldcountries. Some General decides to have power...and at...
8th February, This is the date of Celebrate ROSE DAY in INDIA .....................
They suffer a lot. No autonomy, no freedom of speech and religionfor those Tibetians living in Tibet, China. Those are in exile inIndia (incld. Dalai Lama), they have no land of their own. Just arerefugees.
If by Emergency implemented by Indira ismeant... here is the acuurate answer. Please do not hesitate toask, again..if the answer is not to the point. Emergency diploid by Indira Gandhi: State of Emergency was from 1975 to 1977. Gandhi moved to restore order by ordering the arrest of most of...
Hydrochloric acid. Mucus. Pepsin . hydrochloric acid. mucus. pepsin
there are over 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide but mostly live in Peru or Brazil
Generally Terracotta made by one type of clay.The Terracotta Army or the "Terracotta Warriors and Horses" is acollection of terracotta sculpturesdepicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang ,the first Emperor of China . It is aform of art whose purpose was to protect the emperor in hisafterlife.
In a post medievial society imperialism helped. The king, the Tsaror the Emperor was the sole governing authority. Inheritedpositions. General people had no say. The counsellors to theEmperor played active roles. This was upto 2nd world war.Monarchies in Europe even before great world wars changed a...
I think it was the Ming but I also don't think it could be the Ming because they weren't in the Bronze age
12th century Korea was united. One country. Economy was prosperous.Many commodities were famous: silk, porcelain, tea, spices,handicrafts etc etc
About 45,000 tourists visit Red Fort annually
A noose is an adjustable loop of rope, such as one you would use tohang someone, or at the end of a lasso.
There is no alphabet in written Chinese, but a collection of tensof thousands of characters, if not more.
- You could get bullied or payed out or teased - It could make you hot and sweaty - You stand out in a crowd - Messes up your hair Benefits: Can keep you warm, you can get some to go with your outfit
Harappa in historical terms is more significant than other ancientcities. Not only was it discovered first which pushed back thehistory of the subcontinent at least five thousand years back,forcing a review of human evolution, but also provided a uniqueinsight into the process that created a...
theree similar because there cool its not a good answer maybe this will halp more...so They are both Asian countries. They are both very strong economies, and export many commodities to the world. China and Japan have almost the same written language. They also have similar forms of...
based on the movie and my teacher, he was poisened by an opposite klan when they were trading. the movie says they were trading milk. but i wouldn't be so sure about the milk part
they taught the Aryans about city life i know that because ihave an A+ in history
they used black power, composed of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate.
someone tell me what is difference between Chinggis khan or Genggis khan
To make a single hand crafted katana will take up atleast 6 months to 1 year to forge and will cost up to $400-$1400 USD
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Famous Chinese Explorer . there were no chinese explorers zxcvvv
The Boxers wanted to expel imperialist forces (European and American) from China
Answer . Between approximately 1550 and 1610
Rice, beans, bamboo, boxes, knives, spoons,
Bronze items that symbolized authority and during the shang dynasty Silk cultivation was discovered there for silk items were also another main good that was traded