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life expectancy in the year2000 is 61 yrs
His biggest mistake was either promising not to raising taxes (if you're a Democrat) or breaking the promise (if you're a Republican)
it kinda depends on where u get it but where i get it, it was 1.75m
The main uses of fire are to cook food,keep us warm,etc.
It is the president's objective to deliver affordable healthcare toevery citizen in this country. To that end his focus is to ensureaffordable coverage to every American by knocking down thosebarriers to needed care currently found in many states.
Beacaue her dad got a new job :(
Well there 50 in the United States. Or 57 Islamic States. Or 54 African States. Your question is a bit vague.
ARAI hill is a hill found in the Sarahi desert. It is one of the largests hills there ever was. If you are an average man and walk up to this hill, wow its way bigger than you are! ARAI stands for: A Really (not) Acute I-Hill.
44 cents is the first class rate in 2010.
what songs were good
Alva. As in Thomas Alva Edison.
love, kindness and beautiful
most often they are 30 caliber blank cartridges
The largest was the World Trade Center attacks and the American response. While America has turned it's back on it's long history of individual rights and checks and balance in the power of the State Canada has been furthering the integration of Canadian and American Military, Law and Border...
Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for the 1993 and 2001 attacks on theWorld Trade Center.
January 20, 1993 - Bill Clinton is elected president. . August 31, 1997 - The death of Princess Diana. . January 17, 1998 - News of the Lewinsky scandal first breaks. . April 20, 1999 - The Columbine High School massacre happens. . December 31, 1999/January 1, 2000 - The clocks pass into 2000...
Today, a dozen eggs can cost nearly three dollars. Back in 1995, adozen eggs only cost a little above 1 dollar.
Women have always had a place in the military since 1775. Womenfirst started out as just nurses but in the 1970's it became commonfor women to fight alongside men.
I'm sorry there is no answer for this question yet!)=
With your pure heart introduce yourself to the front personality. No need to act 'Over smart'. Grow your tree of friendship with loyalty because it's difficult when some hidden things come out.
buildings, Russian buildings
Kentucky is thriving in several areas of industry. Some of the topindustries in the state are automobile manufacturing,biotechnology, and horse farming.
New England and middle colonies
If you count Mt. Vesuvius in Italy then yes. It erupted in AD 79 and it was the first recorded eruption. There are still many ruins today especially in Pompeii. If the question is did people know WHY volocanoes erupted then the answer is no. That is why ancient civilisations worshipped Gods and...
Sweet corn is an edible crop that is readily available but the cash crop comes from the wide variety of ornamentals or greenhouse plants, sod and decorative trees and plants. Truck gardens do well and have a ready urban market.
Ancient Egyptians used a variety of things for a variety ofpurposes. Ancient Egyptians used dogs, water, tools, chariots,papyrus, precious gems, calendars, and a written form of languagecalled hieroglyphics.
In 1961, physicist Theodore Maiman perfected the laser, now widely used in surgery, holography, communications, and printing. . Douglas Englehart of Stanford University developed the computer mouse along with a five key "corded" keyboard in 1964. . The first hand-held calculator was invented in 1967...
Serbs' heavy weapons pound Sarajevo (Jan. 5-6). . Thousands dead in Rwanda massacre (April 6). . South Africa holds first interracial national election (April 29); Nelson Mandela elected President. . Israel signs accord with Palestinians (May 4), peace treaty with Jordan (Oct. 17). . IRA declares...
Gordon Campbell is the premier of BC as of February 2010.
In the year of 2000, many people in foreign countries, as well as North America, thought the world was going to be overrun by computers because of the increase of technology, as well as it being the new millennium. I am unaware of what happened in foreign countries though.
Thankfully, it appears that this is pretty much a dead issue at the moment.
It was Osama Bin Laden but he is dead now and so is Saddam. So I think it is Putin.
historical events from 1992 until present
9/11, Iraq war (Dont forget this war went hand in hand with the war in 1989), Barrack Obama is elected President of the USA, American recession (America owes 9.3 trillion us dollars), China`s rising power, Haiti Earthquake, Tsunami in Indian ocean hitting 9.3 on the Richter scale, Hurricane Katrina,...
A weapon payload put on a missile. The payload contents can be anything destructive: conventional explosive, nuclear explosive, incendiary, chemical poison, biological, radiological, etc.
Perhaps the biggest event of the year 2008 was the US Presidential election in which Barack Obama was elected President.
In the US for the last one hundred years all states have required a death certificate when someone dies. Some states started requiring death certificates even earlier. This is filled out by a physician. Death certificates are filed in the county courthouse of the county where the person died. In...
the first emergency services to get to the wtc was ladder 7 who was with brothers jules and gedeon naudet who were 2 french men making a documentary about a rookie fire fighter who just joined the force.being called to a gas leak only blocks away from the wtc the brothers filmed the only known...
It means to be regarded by your fellow men as someone who has extraordinary talent, skill or courage or who has carried out extraordinary deeds.
In existence? None Believed? Hundreds and hundreds - every culture has dozens, if not hundreds of mythical creatures, and there are hundreds of cultures across the world.
Executive orders are instructions given by the U. S. President in his/her endeavor to faithfully execute the laws of the United States, as is required of him/her by the U. S. Constitution, Article II, Section 3, Clause 5.
around about the price of 4.50
Price of milk per gallon: in 1950= $0.82 in 1955= $0.92
Classical antisemitism is nowhere near the levels at which it once was. However, there are still some hate crimes, plus the problem of terrorism.
In 1919 the paramilitary Canadian force the NorthWest MountedPolice, based on the Royal Irish Constabulary were used to put anend to a general strike in Winnipeg. The NWMP had the same mandateas the RIC which was to keep colonists in line and that they did,violently. It was not the first time Canada...
The Phillipines was reluctantly a US insular territory. After the US assumed control over the Philippines from Spain in1898, it decided not to grant independence (as occurred with Cuba).Some Filipinos fought for independence from the United States in awar from 1899 to 1902, and in a guerrilla...
Nicholas (Nick) Robinson
About 48 million people will die each year from foodborne llness
IDEARC Stock Prices on 12/12/2007: Open: $17.90, High: $18.85, Low: $17.00, Close: $17.51.
When the British starting using the term to refer to the area claimed by the French. Before that it was just used to describe the city. Today's Quebec is the result of them being part of the Canadian Confederation. Before Confederation they had lost New France and the French under British rule had...
Ann Francis has died.
13th Amendment, December 1865
The huts were made of mud brick and dirt ground.
The Bill of right is a good idea because it gives people their rights. people has rights because of the Bill of Right... The Bill of Rights listed the things that the Government was NOT allowed to do.
About 1.25 a dozen. It depends on where you live but that's a pretty good average.
It means dealing with/getting through the bureaucratic structure/problems of the government. Bureaucratic: a process that governs organizations in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures (negative connotations)
In 1982, Canada ended its relationship with the United Kingdom inwhich the British Parliament was authorized to make changes theCanadian Constitution. From that time forward, Canada wasauthorized to make its own laws without stricture.
11 WOW really he's only 11. He's in the lovely bones which is my favorite movie well 1 of them anyway I have at least 6 but that movie in my opinions the bes of the best. My other faves are hsm3 senior year, aatc the squeakqueal, one missed call, 17 again, and Paul.
Well Israel would be a prime example of history repeating itself, people have been fighting in this region for thousands of years and it started with the Jews and the region was controlled by the Assyrians, Romans, Christians, and Muslim Turks but today it is once again controlled by the Jews...
There are many events that happened during these times. Such as hurricanes, blizzards, most importantly 9/11, wars (Afghanistan), and more. The touch phone came out too. The laptop was invented. But not alot of "historical" events actually happend. Most events were before 1980. Unless you count ...
The average price of a dozen eggs is $2.20.
Explorers of where? most likely: climate/wheather, disease, hostile natives, terrain
stonemasons, blacksmiths, shopkeepers, squatters, farmers that kind of stuff
During this review, there should be an open and honest discussion of people involved in the incident response. During this review, there should be an open and honest discussion about processes involved in the incident response. During this review, there should be an open and honest discussion about...
continue american isolationism by ending the lend lease program
\n. \nwhich price do you want raw honey or processed honey
January 1 - Euro is established. February 11 - Pluto moves along its eccentric orbit further from the Sun than Neptune . It had been nearer than Neptune since 1979 , and will become again in 2231 . March 12 - Hungary , Poland and the Czech Republic join NATO . April 30 - ...
well in Australia its always ranged from around $2 to $5
yes they are referred to as the "West Side 90's" and don't get along with the "Shotgun 60's"
Many children worked in many different factories.
The average cost for a loaf of bread in 2008 is 1.98. The averagecost of a dozen eggs was 1.34 and a gallon of gas was 3.89.
Terrorist Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon.. Several shark attacks on eastern U.S. coastline
He wen to Yale University, and Harvard Business receiving a BA in business..
1/20/2001 George W. Bush Succeeded Bill Clinton 1/26/2001 Earth Quake in India kills 12,000 1/28/2001 Super-bowl xxxv Baltimore Ravens defeat New York Giants 34--7 9/11/2001 Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Centers 9/18/2001 anthrax attacks
6 ft or 5ft i think not a country. Singapore is a country. Back to the question...It is wise to use homicide rate instead of crime as the metric when comparing countries, simply because it's easier to compare bodies and eliminates the issue of unequal reporting standards across nations. (check Wiki...
  "The next war in the Middle East will be fought over water, not politics." Boutros BoutrosGhali, former UN Secretary General in 1985 "The wars of the next century will be about water." Ismail Serageldin, former vice president of the World Bank in 1999 "Fierce competition for fresh...