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if the illegal alien has not been in trouble or been in detention, it is in there best interest to go home and apply for legal residency, it could take a couple years, but if you are caught here being illegal, you can be banned for re-addmision, deported , and cannot apply to come back for ten years
yes, a Canadian citizen can move to the USA, they will have to apply for a green card if they want to work there, also, if they want to retire, they must live in Canada for 6 months other wise they will lose part of their Old age security.and pay a significant penalty for having been out iof the...
Consulates and embassies of all countries are present in Pakistan. You can file visa application for any country from Pakistan.
Type your Old immigrants came from northern and western Europe, they were mostly protestants and spoke English. They had a high level of literacy and occupational skills which made it easy for them to join society. New immigrants came from southern and eastern Europe, many were poor illiterate...
then if they get caught, they will get arrested
yes they could come to your home.....but i think they follow you...then come to your house....they DON'T go to you kids school!
You cannot obtain a legal marriage license in the US under the age of 16. There are a couple of states that will allow it, but it requires a court order from a judge.
A person born in the United States is automatically an Americancitizen. Although immigration officials could potentially takeaction against a citizen's family members who are in the countryillegally, and each particular case varies, a citizen cannot bedeported.
A US citizen can marry a Nigerian woman, but the process for her tobe able to live in the United States is typically difficult. Shecan enter the country on a fiance visa, and then the two can getmarried. Once married, the woman must apply for a green card inorder to remain in the US, a process that...
In the last 10 years there has been 70,161 people who have legally immigrated to New Zealand by getting a New Zealand Citizenship. There were 39,017 people who have applied for residency and got given it between 1 st of July 2003 to the 30 th of June 2004..
Absolutly yes, And in these cases, they deport the women, and they do not alow her to take her American born children with her back to her country, this is a tragedy for everyone involved.
Call NZ Immigration from USA at 64-9-914-4100 and ask them aboutcurrent requirements. As of now, they claim it could be an issueunder the "Character" section of the application. However, thattends to be more focused on wehther or not you have committedcrimes and have spent time in jail. So, he...
I am not sure about European countries, but if the illegal is from hispanic decent-No, having an American child makes no difference in your case.
No Marrage, or even having an American child makes no difference. This is a common assumption by americans- they think that if an illegal marries a citizen it gives them the right to be here, The truth is that it makes no difference whatsoever
Which country can a Nigerria get Visa So Esay?
In 1996, the appeal to the Pope was for a call to action againstthe violence and exploitation of children. Some of these youngpeople are forced into illegal activity. Often homeless, withoutany parental or guardian, these children were either forced to begon the street or forced into prostitution.
An illegal alien can become legal by filing documents with the INS.If the person can prove they have been here 17 years and never beenin trouble, it could help them receive papers faster.
Responsibility Reason Rights :)
Romania is part of the European Union, so Romanian travelersgenerally do not require a visa for traveling to other membernations. Outside of the European Union, visa requirements varyaccording to the country being visited.
Cesar Chavez's activism centered of the rights of immigrants andworkers, especially farm laborers. He is credited with securingunion representation for tens of thousands of agricultural workersin California and Florida.
Answer . In the US, you have to be 125% above the current poverty line. Look at uscis.govhomepage and you will find all the answers to all your immigration questions.. In Canada, there is no income requirement. Even if there is no income requirement for you to sponsor your partner/spouse, your...
Yes. It's called fraud. If you look young, you might be asked for other ID to prove your age & that could cause problems. BUT..... if you are well past the age of, say, forty-something then probably nobody would question you if you shaved off a few years... ;-)
Yes.If immigrants come to America and have dangerous weapons or without visa they will definitley be sent back to their own country.
If you are saying this in concern of someone on a work or student visa like you put in categories there is a chance that they could be deported back to where they came.
No, but she has the right to live with him in Britain. After a number of years living legally in Britain she can then apply for citizenship.
It followed the migration of the Irish to the Americas following the potatoe famine. It was however a truly US commercial invention.
Citizenship in US can either be acquired by birth or through naturalization process. For naturalization you need to file the completely filled Form N-400. In order to be eligible to file you should be at least of 18 years of age and a green card holder in the US who has continuous physical residence...
My father, who is a us citizen filed for me and I received my visa. However, I landed in the us two months and have not received my permanent resident card as yet. How long will it take for me to get it. Can I still travel?
I'm gonna give you 2 answers, it all depends weather you are a republican/conservative like me or a Democrat/liberal 1. conservative answer: They use our roads and public usses, they are using our stuff witout paying for it, in turn we will have to raise taxes if they wear down the roads and...
No, an alias name is not legal for the signing of any documents and that includes a marriage certificate.
Pl somebody answer!By filing bankruptcy immigrant petitions for family members are not affected. If the owner files for bankruptcy immigration petitions by employers may be affected. Your petition for immigrant visa for your spouse and minor children will not be affected in your case. Whether you...
The best answer to this is that the same average cost ($27,000) should apply to all weddings. However, there are some issues to be taken into account: . Some same-sex couples may need to travel out-of-state to be married. This can increase the cost of the wedding exponentially. . Some friends and...
You can't adopt an older sibling. You could sponsor them. Adoptionis for minor children to be cared for by an adult.
are aliens different then us? yes because aliens are a strange foriegn
Type your answer here... yes, as long as you have a visa you can
There are specific details you must say on your letter, after which you must notarize the letter. You can find a sample letter on this website:
When applying for our K1 Fiancee VISA we were told it would take around 8-10 months for approval. We decided to move my fiancee to Mexico to study Spanish and English on a student VISA for 6 months. This way, she would be closer for me to get to and on the same time zone for communications. After we...
'Hello'. They do use English (mostly) in Britain, of which England is part.
Yes, she has been married to Freddie Prinze Jr. for about 10 years.
im his great great neice by my grandmother
I think it is similar to myself I was b orn in the UK and my mother is british and father who is deceased a US citizen. They never married and Iam now applying for Citizenship and should know by March I have had to prove myself over the last 6 years if you think you are a citizen fight for it dont...
It is possible to get a passport to Jamaica with a felony. However,an individual must not be a convicted international drugtrafficker, subject to federal arrest or felony-related subpoena,or forbid by a court order, or parole to travel internationally.
I believe about 45 countries Iranian can go without visa , which some of them are Turkey ,Maleziya , Indonesia , Kenya , Lebanon ,and so on
It differs from state to state.
I've known some Pakistani people and my impression is that some of them are striving to improve their life conditions, since there are not many chances of education, work and a decent life there or even basic human rights, there is a lot of child exploitation, I know is easier for people who has...
Answer Wells Fargo . I know someone who got one from Wells Fargo.... You might also try Bank of America. They were issuing credit cards to people without proof of US citizenship and without SSN's. Not sure if they're still doing it though.
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You can get a Mexican passport by visiting the Mexican Consulateoffice and filing the necessary paperwork. Although it is not donevery quickly and can be a process of several weeks.
Something that was made illegal in 1964 and contains two words arepoll taxes. The Civil Rights Act was also passed in 1964.
A very bad idea; I guarantee that there's nothing in this for you. There are laws against marrying someone for the purpose of their gaining citizenship. But a felon? I'm pretty sure there are laws against an alien with felonies gaining citizenship even if married to a US citizen. So you would have...
State court website. Contact the family law clerk office and theywill guide you. Simply Google Divorce papers in "your state" and goon the court website Or you can email and one of our legalsecretary can send you the divorce papers in your state withsimplified instructions to...
You were born in the United States. You were Naturalized You were 18 or younger when your parents were naturalized
Answer . \nGo to abacus financial on line. it is a UK Mortgage company who should be able to help you.
It differs between countries, but if this is for US. Following information can help. A written request must be notarized and must include a copy of valid photo identification of the requester to the following address. Vital Records Section, Passport Services, 1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 510...
A person who has achieved (and still obtains) British Citizenship.
If the baby was born in the United States of America or even at a U.S. Embassy anywhere in the world, the baby is automatically deemed an American citizen despite the parent being an illegal immigrant.
If the birth was registered, then getting a birth certificate is astraightforward process. The "Where to write for vital records"page on the CDC web site provides the contact information for eachstate. You can order a certificate in person or by mail. Birth registration is compulsory in the United...
Not personally. The citizen can file a lawsuit in a Federal court challenging the President's current directives to the Immigration services, on the grounds those directives violate a law passed by Congress. It will be ruled on by the Federal judge(s), and they will be the one forcing the...
This is stands for "held for ICE," which stands for immigrations and customs enforcement.
This will vary from person to person and how busy they are. Mosttimes, the application must be approved by both DHS and Departmentof State.
The U.S. citizen can sponsor the wife and her unmarried kids. When she will become a citizen (3 year) she can sponsor: . Unmarried child under 21 years of age. Unmarried son or daughter over 21. Married son or daughter of any age. Brother or sister, if the sponsor is at least 21 years old , or....
I think Turkey and Malta, check the embassy websites for these countries. Also the other Caribbean Islands except Dom Republic and Cayman.
If they are the parent and they jabe custody, yes, that is one of their rights. If they have shared custody, an agreement must be made with all persons that have custody as well. If they are not the parent, then they have no right to take the child anywhere, unless that permission is explicitly...
Try visiting the Ministry of Information Fiji. National Fiji Archives. Births, Deaths & Marriages Registration Building in Suva. The Immigration Department.
Every society worries about their own livelihood. When new people, immigrants, come to an area they bring differentcustom's and culture. This culture has language and lifestyle's.Some of these lifestyle's add to the betterment of society and somedon't. What causes issue for immigrants is either the...
Nothing changes unless the couple chooses to apply for a change ofcitizenship. That may depend on where they choose to live and work.
By turning 18. if your under 18, but at least 16years old, you can apply for"emancipation." But that's a long legal road. ============== If you are referring to becoming a legal immigrant, you have toapply for a "green card" and then abide by the conditions of thatgreen card. Alternatively, you...
It depends on the country she is from you should contact theimmigration services or check it out online. You can ask questionsanoumsly
The United States should not limit immigrants on the basis ofcountry of origin. In support of human rights, the United Statesshould welcome citizens seeking asylum from all over the world. TheUnited States should encourage skilled and professional immigrantswho are likely to boost the nation's...
They put up a large 20 foot high wall. In front of the wall they planted mines all along the border. Guarding the wall they have armed guards with heavy weapons who blast away with their machine guns at the invading Mexicans. To guard the coast they have submarines that sink any refugee boats...
This has changed over the years. Today most settle in Urban centres, usually within communities having large numbers of people from their homeland.
An 18 year old can marry an 80 year old in Reo and live in amansion and have five kids while keeping their wealth. This istotally possible by managing money properly.
Letters from an American farmer :) - Petey G
No, because you would be a man. Your wife could, though, if she was in the UK when she gave birth to a baby. You might note that if you live in the UK she is still a citizen there. If you live in Venezuela she is a citizen there.
The number of immigrants coming to the United States declined.
The National Organization for Marriage, the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party all oppose same-sex marriage.
nothing, that's the problem. they don't even have to speak English.
Answer . It will take some time--there is a backlog. Usually, you have to go back to your home country at some point in the process.
Answer . You should of already gotten your citizenship already. You can go check the status of your case at You will need to have your case number to do so.
What is the e-mail address of the british home secretary
No. You need a passport if you just plan on going on a short 90-day vacation. However, to remain their longer, you need a visa.
Illinois does not have expungement of felonies or misdemeanors if you were convicted and the only way you can have your rights restored is with a Governors pardon.