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Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whether in a city, country or a single business. Questions about supply and demand and economic theory are welcome here.
Developed is completed. Developing is in the process.
Economic factors are the resources that can influence a person on his/her every day life.
what are the functions of the nigeria stock exchange.
They are: U.S.A, China, Japan, Mexico, and EU (European Union)
The positive effects of globalization is that it has helped us communicate better and stay healthier. Because of globalization we have learned to communicate with people from other places who don't know the language we speak in. Globalization has also helped us in war its not a good thing but think...
The incentive portion of an employee's compensation plan should be:. 1) Based on something measurable and under the employee's control.. 2) Aimed at accomplishing management's goal(s).. 3) A significant financial reward in relation to the effort required to obtain it.. 4) Realistically obtainable.....
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The average price for a gallon of gas in Arkansas is $3.90, Arkansas' statewide record for the highest price for a gallon of gas is $3.97, set in July.
The popular payroll system in CIS countries is 1S enterprise. Mostly 90% of all small business use this system. there is an additional module for payroll and HR Administration.
Transportation allows people and things to go places, whether it is across a room or across an ocean. There are many forms of transportation, like walking, bicycles, cars, trains, aircraft, boats, and in fact anything that allows a person or item to move. Without transportation we would be confined...
The poor suffer higher crime rates, which helps keep them trapped in poverty. They also tend to lack access to good health care, which additionally promotes poverty. The poor lack good educational opportunities, again trapping their children in a cycle of poverty. These are some of the primary...
recession is a thing that stops jobs and many things . recession is also a began in 1937 . now the recession is in the united states
This is a list of the 50 countries with the lowest GDP (nominal): . Tuvalu . Nauru . Kiribati . Marshall Islands . São Tomé and Príncipe . Palau . Micronesia . Tonga . Dominica . Comoros . Saint Kitts and Nevis . Samoa . Solomon Islands . St. Vincent and the Grenadines . Vanuatu ....
Price is the value or worth of a product or service and when you say price then it vehicle the normal price of a product or a service which a company charges. On the other hand, market price is the price of a product or service which is contained by a marketplace and is resulted through market...
Three in particular contribute: Education; cultural attitudes; and gender gap. Check this website below, although not all the info is true
=giffen goods are mostly maent for show off while inferoir gods are maent for convinience =demand for giffen goods goes up when their prices go up while demand for inferior goods remains constant despite price fluctuations
Human resources, Natural resources, and Physical resources!! .
i used to make 700 hundred a week how much unemployment can i get
yes, if there was a support order in place during that period . ANSWER But, if it was not modified to match her reduction in income, you should mediate a reduction in the amount owed and register it with the court. check my profile for why
" Let do " is a literal English equivalent of the French " laissez-faire ." Specifically, the imperative " laissez " means "(You) are letting, do let, let." The infinitive " faire " means "to do." But the words so combined actually convey the notion of leaving something as it is, letting things...
Yes, you will still be able to receive unemployment. I am not sure if the amount of severence has anything to do with it though. I received a severence and still qualified for max unemployment benefits.
http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Difference between international trade and international market "
i mean, what are some Mixed Economies and is it the most popular type economy in the world? Thanks. i mean, what are some Mixed Economies and is it the most popular type economy in the world? Thanks
the basic concern of economics is to study the choices people make
Communism, capitalism, and socialism. capitalism
In some cases, yes. Many states permit workers to collect unemployment if they quit for "due cause." An extreme change in working conditions, duties, hours or pay would normally be considered "due cause.". The company may also be required to make reasonable accommodations for your physical...
Answer . The simple answer is that the Chinese Renmimbi would rise in value against the US dollar, and therefore the US dollar would fall in value against the Renmimbi, firstly because of its massive trade surplus and secondly because of the continuing influx of investment capital to China.....
Yes its called a unemployment deferment or Forbearance. Most lenders will require you to apply for unemployment benefits with your state and show proof of active work search. The deferment usually last up to 6 months. You should consolidate your loans with the lender if there is more than one to one...
i think that the economy was in such a terrible state because they were @ war. they needed money for supplies and amunition. they also had to pay soldiers and generals. the reason that i think that is because in earlier times, this is why the new englanders dissagreed with the warhawks about going...
It would appear that the person's options are limited. Refinancing the home if one could get a lower payment and interest and perhaps cash out could be considered but that could prove difficult given the circumstances. There are debt consolidation and other such agencies, but one must be extremely...
The question makes an incorrect assertion, namely, that Turkey ispart of the European Union. As of yet, Turkey has not had itsapplication for membership (submitted over twenty years ago - April14, 1987) accepted by the European Union. There are five mainreasons given for the European Union's failure...
The current average as of June 16-17 Fed Funds rate can becalculated at .10.
The main economic activities for West Virginia included farming andfishing. Tobacco was the main cash crop that was grown in Jamestownwhich was in West Virginia colony.
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It depends on the law where you live, but generally if you go into self-employment, no. Best to ask your local Unemployment or career center directly.
federal reserve us when government failed to prevent the collapse of the bantina system doesn't seem to be a "bantina" system. Could we be talking "Banking" system? How do your typos happen?
The OPEC countries, and other non-OPEC oil exporters (such as Russia).
Answer . A perfect competitive market and pure monopoly market both have to follow the "law of demand".
According to CNNMoney, the underemplyment rate as of January 2009 in the United States is 13.9%. That is up from 13.5% in December of 2008.
\nThe genesse river is kinda poluted not realy cause its not were people throgh food at and well it is. Because people dump stuff in there.
no Taiwan is a mixed economy
Yes, although it will probably be a Form 1099
markan theory, inflation and extractive demand theory,
A basic understanding of Economics plays a fundamental role in achieving success in Business.
Jan '84 - 8% Dec '84 - 7.2% See the Related Link below.
\n\n== Answer ==\n\nIn order to make choices, you need the facts, the real facts. Researching the area or topic as thoroughly as possible, making sure you have reliable (credible resources)and true information so that you can make a choice based on the truth and what is right for you.\n\nIf scope...
The loss of many jobs, bad harvestests and gambling.
Political participation among Americans can best be described as a
a tax on imported goods
There is no difference They are synonyms.
No, hopefully never!
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competition; is the struggle between species for the limited resources in a habitat .
The expression relates to a concept in Economics know as"creative destruction". This concept describes a process in whichindustries based on old technology are replaced by industries basedon new technology, and with a better result for everyone overall.In this case, the Stone Age ended because stone...
1. Clients are conservative in their IT spending's 2. Lesser projects 3. Tighter operating margins 4. Cost cutting etc...
The government faced the problem of its nation economical strain throughout The First World War, making the decision to divide its wealth into proportional departments to support the War from behind whilst funding the country's agriculture, industry and growing commerce in various urban and rural...
Churches in most states are exempt from Unemployment (per Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA)). That means no unemployment. Each state can decide if churches have to pay UI tax. Unfortunately only a few states require this. Check the State Unemployment Tax Act laws regarding unemployment for your...
hipaa was made law in oreder to increase federal revenues true or false
Answer . Essentially nothing happens to the "real cost" of purchasing a home with fixed monthly payments while\ninflation is going up. Over time the house value will go up in dollars but those dollars will be worth less\n, i.e. they will buy less in the market place. Say you purchase a 100...
I am unique, Just like everyone else... no one is the same as me!
India is one of the fastes growing economy
\nSomething that you have personally observed.
Economic systems are needed to help control the power in the people and the government. Thus for different countries with different powers relates to the different types of economic systems.
Some arguments for disadvantages of the free-market economy: 1) Difficulty in over-coming underutilisation of inputs (this means it is difficult in a free-market to coordinate under-used resources). 2) Problems in regulation of safety (free-market firms can cheat and create harmful goods to make...
As with most currencies the value of a euro fluctuates depending on a number of economic conditions. The best way to check the current value of a euro is to use a service such as Xe.com (see related link).
Optimum allocation is when productive and allocative efficiency co-exist. Productive efficiency is achieved when when products are made with the least possible use of the resources, i.e, by incurring lowest possible costs in producing them Allocative efficiency is achieved when the combination...
that make any sense at all. I was approved to go back to school I picked a program in the WIA program, was approved have my voucher started school. Then didn't receive my unemployment check I called unemployment and they told me because I started school a judicature officer will have to contact me...
Answer . Depends on your tastes, but I just bought a 400cc scooter. I commute to work 5 days a week and ride for pleasure, all for about a gallon of gas per week. Can't beat it.. I purchased a 2006 Honda Accord Hybrid and it averages 38-40 mpg highway driving and about 35 mpg in the city.. A good...
The 13 colonies had different problems ,like farming, so some colonies decided to print paper money that was worthless when it was time to pay taxes because topay taxes you needed to pay in coins so some states only had paper mone hense bad economy.
Mexico has a free market economy.
cooperative, equity,collectivisation,public ownership of property
trade deficit:negative balance of trade trade surplus: positive balance of trade
the economy of America is based primarily on the free enterprise system. such tactics is wholly opposed to this system.
the unemployment rate of somalia is 47% according to this web-page in the Related Link below.
Assuming you have Mexican new pesos, it depends where you live. If you're relatively near the border you should be able to exchange them at many major banks; you'll have to call around to see if they have a foreign-currency department because not all will. Services such as American Express and...
traditional economy, where everything they do is based off of culture and tradition.
Revenue began to dry up, the Confederate government was forced to print blue-backed paper money with complete abandon. "Runaway inflation" occurred as Southern presses continued to grind out the poorly backed treasury notes, totaling in all more than $1 billion. The Confederate paper dollar finally...
FIXED COST: Fixed is that kind of cost which don't change and remain fixed at a time this will be fixed cost. VARIABLE COST: Variable cost is that kind of cost which don't remain fixed but change this is called variable cost
They can't. A 401k is your personal property and is not supposed to be cashed in before you are 59-1/2 years of age. It is the same as your own personal savings account.
People working 'under the table' and people who falsely report thatthey are actively searching for a job.
global economy and influence's to work smarter for less cost;energy shortage;faster change time;fluctuation climates... from dictionary.com
There are no hours in kilowatts. 11019 kilowatts is 11019000 watts. Watts are the product of Amps x Volts. One killowatt is 1000 watts. You are charged by the power company in Kw/Hrs, this means that you pay so much per 1000 watts every hour. Usually the cost is between .05 to .15 cents/kilowatt...
tariffs on imports from other countries and also back in the day tariffs on luxery goods like alcohol
The estimated unemployment rate for Afghanistan in 2008 is 40%.. Source: CIA World Factbook
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1.when tp increases mp decreses. 2.when tp is at his highest point, mp is 0. 3.when tp decreses ,mp becomes negetive. and i have no idea what im talking abouT its dumb they should just give it to guys!
Congress, Jefferson, Pennsylvania farmers(Whiskey Rebellion)
\nThe Gold Standard Act was when the U.S. government stated that it would be using real gold to back up the value of the American dollar, hence making their money actually worth something. For your info, the treasury does not currently have enough gold to back up all the printed money in the country...
Answer . A port is an excellent inducement for world trade, as a center for fishing, and as a shipyard where ships can be refurbished. Generally, a large recreation area is part of a port complex.
I don't see why you would have to quit school. It looks like you are putting everything in reverse order. Are you trying to quit school so you can get a job in order to quit the job and get unemployment?