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Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services whether in a city, country or a single business. Questions about supply and demand and economic theory are welcome here.
Socialism is an economic system where production, heavy machinery and distribution is operated by publicly-owned enterprises or by cooperative enterprises. There are no private landlords, shareholders or owners of these assets in a socialist economy. A mixed economy is a capitalist economic system...
140 euro dollars is $200.62 in the u.s. currency
  according to my point of view the us economy wont be co big in the future because of the present conditions and currency crisis of USA
  The value of any currency in an economy is hard to bet, to be stable for a long period of time as there are number of factor influencing its appreciation and the depreciation. The currency value of an economy influences the growth rate of GDP in an economy. Several other factors that have a...
Information Technology provides medium for Information Sharing & access to Masses. IT through Modern means of Transmission Technologies can provide access to Online Education, Quick Information flow (such as prices of commodities produced in villages) & other sources.
The price is how much you pay for something. Pricing is when you  decide how much it costs.
The most expensive Monopoly property is called the Boardwalk on US boards, and Mayfair on UK boards. It also depends which version you are using; novelty -opoly games may have a building, an event, or even a planet as the most expensive property.
    nag siling c mam mangita sa internet haw?
  Yes. Apply for benefits the first week you are unemployed. This will be your "waiting week", for which you are not paid. After that, you should receive benefits for each week you are furloughed. This is not a specific program of the ODJFS, I'm told, but is how they are handling the furloughs...
  Its behind Burger king on altama, behind that credit union bank, behind dairy queen and legends. like, RIGHT behind that bank.
emigrants, refugees, natural resources and the economic system
Adam smith was referring to the monopolies
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100 cents makes a dollar
Have you haphazardly seen my good pen and pencil?
  The Bill of Rights was important because it guaranteed regular parliaments and free expression. The Glorious Revolution had made big problems for both America and Britian. It's pretty hard for these answers, and I suppose these don't actually show the importance of them, but this is all I...
Capitalistic mixed economy
I think govt. Should give jobs to unemployed,provide free lobour,provide free food and should give clothes to them!
i heard the country was using most of their money on security
China has a communistic economic system. However, China's economy has gone under constant reform (change) since the "Cultural Revolution" beginning in the 1970s, and has become closer to that of a mixed economic system.
  They are sent to camps to be Decommissioned.
Unemployment benefits are subject to federal income tax in every state. However, in 2009, the first $2400 per person is exempt from federal income tax.
Not federal taxes. If you want federal taxes withheld, you have to specifically request it. Remember that in 2009, the first $2400 per person of unemployment benefits is not subject to federal tax.
A traditional and command economy adapt slowly, a market economy adapts fast.
I think they have a dictator or a representative democracy.
Markets used to exchange final good or service.
NovaNET Answer: investments in new plants.
Simple, the more police in a certain area, the safer that area becomes. People like to feel safe where they live, so if they are in a bad area that has little police enforcement, they will naturally want to have more police presence in their area.
Political unrest and open conflicts mean that capital is difficult to attract for the development of resources in remote areas. Africa continues to suffer from the lack of economic development since most countries gained their independence from the colonial powers.
  related to money   related to money
  definitions on poverty are unclear. Moderate poverty is defined by the world bank as living on less than $2 per day.
  Food prices are going higher because Gasoline prices go up, it costs more to transport the food thus making it inflate.
In Washington state amazon.com needs people for overtime all year around and they are struggling to get new hires.
If you are the only producer of a good or service, you can price wherever you want. If you price low, more people will want to buy, and you can increase the price and decrease your out put until you reach a maximum amount of profit. At this point, a monopolistic firm usually has more revenue than...
to unite Europe, thus making it safer, and to improve the economies of the EU countries.if they are all part of one union, they'll have an interest in each other and then not attack each other.They all try to use the euro, eliminating the problem of exchange rate, and by removing terrifs, it helps...
Money, is a easy way to buy anything, as long as you have it. Money is important for many reasons but don't take it for granted! For Example:- Money buys the basics a house, food, water, gas and electric. You need all theses most so if you have money left over then you can spent it on luxuries. ...
2011- Nigeria is developing and has not yet developed.
The Office of Price Administration was created by Congress to fight  the threat of inflation. The Office was created by Executive Order  8875 on August 28, 1941, to establish price controls and rent after  the outbreak of World War II.
The country's total poverty rate is 30.2% which includes 13.7% of extreme poverty.
If demand and supply don't intersect on the positive quadrant of  the graph, then producing and selling the product isn't feasible.  There are things that can adjust the two lines so that they do  intersect on the positive quadrant, such as lowering the cost of  production to better facilitate...
The Federal Reserve was created by act of Congress in 1913, railroaded through in a fashion very similar to the stimulus bill.
Although the north had an economic advantage over the south due to the industries the north faced an economic problems because they did not have a home front advantage such as the south. Furthermore the south lacked two economic advantages. One was the central goverment which would not let them tax...
In February 2007, the US national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was $2.285 - equivalent to about $2.41 per gallon in 2010.
Go to nada.com and go under antique cars.
the Union's effective naval blockade on cotton exports
  1932. There were more people unemployed in 1932 (6 million) this is because it was after the wall street crash in 1929 which caused Germany to fall into a depression.
i am moving to PA, and will be looking for work, can i collect during this period?
Because it had vital railroad lines passed through Maryland. Most signifiicantly, washington,DC, lays within the state
  Poor agricultural conditions of countries.
Antartica has a large mass of ice over its land. The ecosystem there is adapted to very low temperatures. marine life supports land life and so on. The humans there on camps are supported by cargo coming in during their expeditions there.
Skeet International TrapContinental TrapSporting ClayNow there are more "involving" shotguns but these are primary only shotgun competitions.
The US national average retail gasoline in 1970 was $0.35 cents pergallon. This equates to about $2.15 per gallon in 2015 dollars.
There are many reasons why china is growing so fast. Here are some major ones:1. China's unique history leading to her current economic miracle. Years of humiliation, suppression, and suffering in the past 100 plus years, most recently the cultural revolution in particular, had immensely steeled...
They didn't India is not in the EU the EU is only open to European countries... India is a part of Asia, like 7,000 miles east of Europe.
form utility time utility place utility
A recession is when the economic activity slows and people startlosing their jobs and/or companies slow their hiring.
  == Dow Jones Industrial Average ==   The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was founded by 1896 by Charles Dow and is made up of the 30 companies with large market captails in their industries. The companies are chosen Dow Jones & Co. and published by the Wall Street Journal, a...
There's really more upsides to mobile marketing for any business that any downsides. It's has huge potential that is literally untapped at this point. I'm mostly focusing on text or sms marketing versus mobile web.Some pros would be:Higher open rates and responses than email marketing. Since most...
They hoped to distribute wealth evenly throughout their society.
E-commerce and community economic development: is also considered by a second paper presented by Prof. Thorstein. He argues that virtual commerce interacts with geographically bound communities, creating new opportunities for economic development. After an overview of e-commerce potentials and...
what is the advanteges and dis advanteges of market segmentation?
Literally speaking,customer relationship management or CRM is a methodology to managecommunication between a particular company with their current andpotential clientele or customers. CRM approach uses muchinformation regarding the relationship between customers andcompanies to improve business...
the mountain in ice land wicht is the lagest is kerlingarfjoll
  it = 45000 rupees....   1 dollar = 45 rupees
  i think you are refering to economies of scale, which is the reduction in unit costs due to an increase in size in the firm. these cost reductions may come in many areas, such as bulk buying. the more you buy the cheaper it is. this is also linked to dis-economics of scale, which is increased...
~November 5th 2009 Florida Unemployment got extended again.   Check eligibility here:  https://www2.myflorida.com/flccid/elg_init.asp  Check claim remaining here:  https://www2.myflorida.com/flccid/   <<THESE ARE MY WORDS>>   Eligibility is VERY COMPLEX.   THEY are still...
recess choclate was started in 1928 by miltan hershey
  1. The process of making policies less constraining of economic activity. 2. Reduction of tariffs and/or removal of nontariff barriers.   For more definitions, see the Related Link.  
It all depends on the company searching for this kind of work.
Fired- hard   unfired-soft
The diamond-water paradox in economics is the statement that water, which is essential to all life is offered at a lower price but diamonds, which are not essential for all life, is offered at a much higher price. It is simply the statement that something that has more utility costs less than...
Most Career open are those IT jobs like: AccountantC++ DeveloperC# DeveloperCall Center AgentsContent WritersCreative DirectorCustomer Service Representative TrainerDesktop Application DeveloperDot Net DeveloperFlash DevelopersI.T EngineerInformation Technology OfficerIntermediate Graphic...
To be clearer...all employers who have payroll tax responsibilities - Yes...and of course there is probably some weird exception, for some type of Church or such....who has an obligaion to provide something similar (of course these may not be standardly taxable type entities in many respects)
If you plan to leave the area to look for work, or if you are moving out of the area, contact the toll-free Claimant Assistance Line at 1-877-214-3332 for instructions before you leave. While out of the area, you should keep your list of out of town job contacts, including employers' names,...
Answer . Because world wide demand would still continue and demand or even the percieved demand is what controls the market.
Using the Internet, intranets,   extranets, and other network changes how accounting information systems monitor   and track business activity.  The online,   interactive nature of such networks calls for new forms of transaction documents,   procedures, and controls.  Many...
During peak periods of the business cycle when the economy is experiencing rapid growth in real GDP, employment will increase, and unemployment decrease, as businesses seek workers to produce a higher output. If real GDP grows too quickly, however, it can cause price inflation as firms are forced to...
  Capitalism with some socialist elements mixed in.
Contracts Manager. The person who manages the contracts should really be the person to certify payrolls. They have the most intimate knowledge of the contract requirements and are in the best position to determine compliance.