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Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

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This category is for endangered species, under any status, on the three major International Endangered Species lists. Information concerning the individual lists, status, causes, and any predictions for the future of these animals, combined with physical and behavioral details.
Depends on the type of car, usually between about 5 to 85 psi and really depending on the type of car. Racing cars or HO cars have higher psi requirements.
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it gives the people something to do out side of the house and gives the players exercise lol
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Here are some bits of information that you may find helpful: According to the book �Chicago Sun Times: Metro Chicago Almanac�, regarding the community �Auburn Gresham�, �The former communities in this area were called Auburn (platted in 1872) and Gresham (platted as South Englewood in the…
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My family moved to Portage Park in 1949. I was told that the park got its name because the Indians "portaged" their canoes through this area. I read in a book about St. Pascal's church that homes were built in the area because people who worked at "Dunning" (the farmer's name who donated the land) …
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When a girl told me that she is pregnant
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Yes there are but I don't know where they are.
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I have 4 spiders as pets and have learned that they can go as long as 90 days without eating so i would leave 1 or 2 crickets with her and she will eat when she fells ready I have a Mexican Red Knee (still not fully adult) that behaved just this way.You need to give your spider some time. If she…
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Guniea pigs can get cold i took it to a vet and they said it is common for a guinea pig to get a cold and they recommended a anitbiotic specifically made for guinea pigs- which helped my guinea pig
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Get out the relationship fast! if you are experiencing the aggressive side to someone and it makes you uncomfortable, leave him/her. You do not deserve it, do not put it off otherwise it will only become worse.stand strong. say im gone call the police and if they say why you got to call the police …
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You have to make a choice. Your sanity and well-being against continued contact with your family in denial.
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From the Giants own history section of their web site, "On June 3, after a rousing extra-innings victory over Philadelphia, manager Jim Mutrie was so overcome with emotion that he supposedly blurted out a description of his team that immediately became the franchise's new nickname. He called them hi…
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No updates will "hurt" it; but for space's sake, only apply updates to issues that you know will affect you. For example, if you play a lot of games, you will want the latest version of DirectX for Windows 98. Updates aren't likely to seriously benefit performance. Some users have reported slight s…
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Some types of contraception, such as some types of pill or the contraceptive injection can irregulate the menstrual cycle up for up to a year.If you have just had a baby, it takes up to two years for your body to get back to normal, this includes your cycle! Other factors may include STIs, fibroids,…
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Entomology is the scientific study of insects and Myrmecology is the study of ants. The latter is derived from Latin word "myrmēco-", from Greek "murmēk-", from "murmēx-", "murmēk-", meaning "ant" + -logy, "study, science, theory".
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Answer Myrmecology Answer Could be, but I like antymology better.
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%REPLIES% Answer One word: pleather. Question to you: WHY is it boring and monotonous? Is it her personality? Maybe you aren't clicking on all cylinders. Give the engine an overhaul. If you're married, maybe a counselor. If not, consider your options. Is it the sex? Look at the ignition. Maybe you…
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%REPLIES% Answer I have one of these paintings and would really like to also find out any information on this. I currently cannot find any. Thank you. Answer There is a Berlin Butterfly Painting hanging in the Belmar Fishing Club in Belmar, NJ. I stopped to read the explanation...I don't…
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The Giant Panda has been listed by the IUCN Red List since 1986, and since 1984 by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered Species List. The CITES list has had the Giant Panda protected since 1983. While the Lesser Panda, or "Fire Fox", but normally referred to as the the Red Panda, has been …
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Answer When you consider the fact that all animals in the zoo, or nearly all, are species that normally only exist in the wild, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that living in a cage is not a normal or natural state to them. Some animals seem to adjust to zoo life, and some never do. I enjo…
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It was a system to attract England citizens to move to the Americas because it promised 50 acres of land and 50 acres for their slaves. Therefore, it developed thriving British colonies.
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Im unsure of the model year and make of your civic but when I received my 1997 civic LX manual it had a similar problem. As I found out, that model year, and possible the year before and after, had a problem with the idle air control and they were being replaced as part of a factory recall. The defe…
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Such a knife was likely produced in relatively large numbers. I would think it would be difficult to get more than $25 for this knife and less if you sold it to a dealer. This person was guessing.....some of these knives are worth 125-135 dollars depending on the print that's on them. The more rare…
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a cycle is when a batter hits a single,double,triple and a home run in a single gamewell that's a baseball cycle. a cycle are diffrent stages of something. such as a butterfly it starts as a egg stage 1 callpiler wich is stage 2 stage three is inside a cacoon. stage 4 is a butterfly.that's a cycle. …
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Answer I tend to call Carlito the "Upset Kid," everyonce in a while wrestling will throw one of these guys in our faces and force us to acknowledge them. At least when they did it with X-Pac though back when he was the 1-2-3 Kid he eventually did manifest into a good wrestler that innovated a lot…
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The major positive aspect of railroad expansion was a quicker, more efficient means of transportation of people and goods. The railroads could run almost anywhere, were faster than other means of transportation, and could run at anytime of the year. The first railroads connected eastern communities…
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The best possible way to line up your pedal chain is: Compressors > Effects > Expression pedals > Distortion Pedals > Boost > Noise gate This will give you the best possible tone with your set of effects. Note: If you do not have some of those pedal types, just skip over them; the …
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Pandas are dying out mainly because of one main reason: habitat loss. Their main source of food is bamboo, which takes a long time to grow. This problem wasn't present when pandas were spread throughout the massive south-east of Asia, including China. Hence, when a forest of bamboo was being consume…
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in Irish this "sea" is called "sruth na maoile", the narrow channel. moyle is simply the nearest attempt English cartographers made to "maoile"
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The fish bowl must be at least 1 gallon. You can fit 3-5 tetras in there. However, if you put them in a fish tank with a filter, they will live longer and will be healthier.
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One view: He is protecting his hens and his property. He is also showing you he is the man - sort of like he would react around another rooster. Another view: He feels threatened. Yet another view: Roosters are complex creatures--not unlike human men. I have one rooster that never att…
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Strengths: You're human and can think about survival. Weaknesses: You're human and can die.Students can analyse their strengths and weaknesses by taking the Multiple Natures Test. This personality/aptitude test clearly highlights your unique abilities.
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They are one of the rarest species on earthe. They live in China. And they are rare because people are cutting there food down (bambu).
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In July 1993, 19 members of the south east Thames faculty of the Royal College of General Practitioners gathered at Bore Place, in Kent, to consider how best to encourage ordinary general practitioners to carry out research. Someone said, "Why do old men have big ears? Some members thought that this…
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Answer Not unless the meteorite hit the airplane. But, magnetism can disrupt aircraft navigation and communication systems during periods of high solar (sunspot) activity. Answer Meteorite event may result in noticeable electromagnetic pulse that can impact airplane electronics.
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All animals can and should be considered to be dangerous. Depending on the situation, either one of these sharks is capable of being more dangerous than the other. This question DOES call for opinion. They are EQUALLY dangerous. Both are mackeral sharks-lamniforms. They have a metabolic edge on mos…
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it is perfectly healthy but you might want to ask a docter just to make sure and it depends on your height
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Answer Complex, for starters. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, intoxicant, analgesic and poison. Yes, alcohol is a drug. The question should be, What type of drug is it? A link to a site that addresses these questions can be found below under the heading of Related links.
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Does makeup testing harm animals? Yes it can and often dogs or cats (even rats and mice) are left blind and sometimes have wounds that do not heal. Once the ASPCA and SPCA got word of this many of the makeup products were boycotted by the public and now most people will look on the labels to be sur…
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Answer Please post back and let us know in what State or Province you live so we can do some research on options for you. Thanks! Texas
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Answer Frankie tragically died in a house fire in 2001.
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98 ford explorer roaring noiseThe roaring sound could be a couple of things. The first is a bad fan clutch if it is not an electric motor running the fan. The second if the sound is coming from the wheel area is a bad bearing or bearings in the wheel hub. Not quite sure what is meant about the rotat…
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-sigh- all these one word answers make me angry.... anyhow Yes it is illegal to marry a minor without parental consent but it is not illegal to transport cross state lines so long as they are age of consent and can legally move out, Title 18, chapter 117, section 2423 states; Transportation With Int…
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First of all i is bad for you to only eat one meal a day. second of all, you usually don't lose weight when you only eat one meal a day because you tend to over eat when you eat that meal. your body is very hungry so you eat more than normal and then your body stores as much of that meal as it can i…
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Many birds form long-term pair bonds that may last a lifetime, or only several years. No species is known to always mate for life; studies show that most monogamous species are more like humans, in that some pairings last only a short time, some for years, and a few for a lifetime. Birds known to …
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http://www.awm.gov.au/atwar/remembering1942/education/Perth.htm Story - the cat who knewThis is the story of a little black kitten with a very special job: mascot of the warship HMAS Perth. At the beginning of 1942, HMAS Perth and its crew were famous across Australia. Only the year before it had be…
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Experiments which can be proven in court to be defined as "abuse" ARE illegal in the US. One of the main problems of this question is the rather broad definition of the word "experiment". If you have ever witnessed someone placing a mouse in a maze with a piece of food at the end, you have witnessed…
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There is one human race and various ethnicities.
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Hello am living in Kosovo and a want to live in Canada how a can ?
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Answer No, but they are when they are born and like any other animal some can be blind for their life.
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Answer it sounds to me like you have lyme disease, the symptoms include flu like symptoms, head ache, stiff neck, fever things like that. it could also be an allergic reaction to the bit. what ever the case you should see a doctor soon ( lyme desiese can be deadly of not treated)
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Answer There are breeding populations that spend the winter along the coast of Texas near Corpus Christi at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Matagorda Island, Isla San Jose, and portions of the Lamar Peninsula. There is also a population of about 50 birds near Kissimmee, Florida. So, to lis…
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Faygo Red Pop Because there is nothing natural in it. There is just some kind of disgusting artificial flavoring that some head honcho thought would taste good, probably while never drinking it himself. Answer Disgustingness isn't the sole province of artificial flavors. Buy a bottle of tamar…
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ALL living things, both animal and vegetable eventually die and decompose,returning valuable nutrients and minerals to the earth. My own belief is that after death you live on in the minds and conversations of those you left behind. After one maybe two generations you will quietely fade away. I bel…
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The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular nursing specialties. Some specialties in nursing are as follows. Ambulatory care nurses Critical care nurses Emergency, or trauma, nurses Transport nurses Holistic nurses Hospice and palliative care nurse…
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It would be completely irresponsible for a person to release a domestic parrot into the wild. The bird would not survive so that's not an option. There are different types of parrot aggressiveness. Are you referring to parrots who bite their owners when the owner tries to interact with the bird (suc…
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Steph is a name (stephanie) but they use it as a nickname.
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I'm not sure what happened to the 2 questions I posted. The first question was "Does XTR and Pigeon Grade mean the same thing in regards to a Winchester 101 U/O shotgun?".The second question was "What does XTR stand for in regards to a Winchester 101 U/O shotgun"Somehow they both seem to have merged…
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Answer Part of the reason the nation limits the number of LEGAL immigrants is that we do not want them to become a burden on our social services. Almost all nations require that people have a means of supporting themselves before allowing immigration. If you go to Mexico, Candada or any of the So…
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Your Answer :) Toucans are near passerine birds from the neotropics. They are brightly marked and have enormous colorful bills. The family includes six genera and about 40 species. Toucans range in size from 18 to 63 cm (7 to 25 in). A bit bigger than a crow, their body is short and thick and the t…
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In Medevil times when knights carried swords, they were carried on the right side so they could be used with the right arm. If they were to mount their horses from the left side, the swords would not be in the way. Not much has changed since the way people rode back then, so today you are supposed t…
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needs cleaning/oiling on cylinder crane. In particular look at the front of the cylinder and the near end of the barrel for fouling. Lead builds up and can eventually close the gap between the two.
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It's a myth. There are only bottom feeding sharks in the waters. The dangerous part were the currents and the cold water and a person could be carried out by the current to the ocean if they weren't a strong enough swimmer.Over 29 years 36 men were involved in 14 separate escapes. 23 were caught, 6 …
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Protecting Mother EarthHave community meetings about awareness. Have cleanups in waterways. See if you county has a Agricultural Extension Service or a 4H group they have wonderful programs for people to pitch in the community and teach children the value of the environment and how to help. Look in …
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Human Evolution It's very improbable that humans evolved from apes, but we most likely did evolve from a common ancestor. Very likely Actually, it's very likely that humans evolved from apes -- ancestors of chimpanzees, more specifically. Evolutionary biologists have known that for quite…
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I have recently found a great charity called helping Gambia. There are no admin costs and 100 percent of your money goes to Gambia. You can sponser a child for just 2 pounds a month and you can even go out to gambia to visit your sopnsered child. You could make a one of donation, or contrubute regul…
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Answer There is really not enough context to properly answer this question. Please 'improve question' to allow FAQFarmers to better assist you. The only results I was able to come up with involve environmentally-concious companies, some wedding planners and something involving the FBI called the…
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There really is nothing you can do except try and separate the animal from the plant.
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Giant Pandas can weigh over 200 pounds Males can weigh up to 250 pounds. Females can weigh up to 220 pounds.
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There are three categories of donkeys.Miniatures are 36 and under,Standards are 36 to 54Mammoths are over 54 all measured to the shoulderGeorge Washington was the first owner of Mammoth Donkeys in the United States. The King of Spain gave him a Royal Gift, and General Lafayette of France gave him Ma…
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The option list on a 1987 Corvette is on a label stuck to the underside of the console cover.
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Yes, both the Giant and Red pandas are endangered.
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Whales' Legs Click on the link to your right for more information. What early scientist believed to be leg bones turned out to be a key anchor for the reproductive system
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The Endangered Species Act is a series of environmental protection laws passed by the United States Congress in 1973, and signed by President Richard Nixon. It was created to protect "critically imperiled" species populations from extinction, along with the ecosystems they live, and breed in. This …
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Mustangs/Wild Horses are no longer domestic feral stock. After five hundred years of adaptation and nearly one hundred and fifty generations of evolving in the wild,they are no longer feral! They have become a vital component of their own individual ecosystems.   No, in a contrasting view of …
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Answer Be sure the blackbird isn't trapped and that you know for sure it's coming out (often they are trapped.) If you know for sure it's actually coming out then phone your pest control and get their advice. Often they rent cages out and you may just be able to lure it out with food and water. …
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African Elephant's ears are 42 in. (107 cm) in diameter. Indian elephants have smaller ears.They keep the elephant cool. Elephants' ears are thin-skinned and rich in blood vessels. The ears of some African elephants are nearly 2 meters long and almost as wide, much bigger than those of Indian elepha…
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18 when you become an adult.
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Both grey and common seals eat a variety of prey - fish, shellfish, squid and octopus. They are opportunistic feeders, and will eat whatever is available, including cod, herring, flounder, sculpin, salmon, mackerel, sandeel, shrimp and whelk.
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Due to the unusual salt requirements of the Green Spotted Puffer (they can be kept only very short-term in freshwater, they need high-end brackish to survive, and when full grown, most people choose to keep them in full marine conditions), and their aggression, tank mates must be chosen carefully. G…
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Green Spotted Puffers have unusual salt requirements, while they can be kept in freshwater for a very short time when young, they need to be acclimated to brackish, and eventually full marine conditions to survive. Because of this, and their huge space requirement (30+gallons per fish) there isn't m…
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world war two bombers didn't shoot each other because they were very very very very careful.
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According to the WWF, Monarch butterflies are not endangered. However, their migratory patterns are at risk because their routes are endangered due to habitat loss.yes
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According to the WWF and the IUCN, Monarch butterflies are not currently endangered. However, their migratory patterns are at risk because their routes are endangered due to habitat loss. Illegal deforestation of their overwintering grounds is the greatest current threat. Logging of their tradition…
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No. Members of the parrot family, as a whole, have an upper hearing range of about 8500 hz. Dogs have an upper limit of about 45000 hz.
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there are 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and so on seahorses and we do no how many die 200,000,000 are killed each year.
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Tigers are predators, top in their environment. They can be extremely dangerous, as one tiger expert, Richard Perry notes, they can be very high strung, nervous animals. One tiger killed 13 buffalo in an enclosure during a thunderstorm!
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There are over 5000 species of Crabs in the whole world but only 4500 species are true crabs the other 500 crabs are hermit crabs which are not 'true' crabs. According to The World of Animals. by Walters, Martin & Johnson, Jinny. (Published by Parragon, 2007) 6,793 different species of crabs ar…
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Given that the definition of an "extinct" animal would be a species of which no living specimens have been sighted in years, then there are no extinct animals in the world. However, if you wish to know how many species have become extinct, I suggest you look at the Wikipedia post linked below. T…
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Red-Cockaded woodpeckers are endangered as a result of habitat loss, compounded by many other factors. They are dependent upon mature forests with standing dead trees, even more so than most other woodpeckers. Since mature forests have been cut for timber, converted to farmland, and managed as tree…
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Humans are known predators of sharks most commonly included in the diets of Asian cultures. i.e. shark fin soup.There are many types of small sharks that are no doubt part of the diet of other predatory animals in the ocean. Also sharks have been observed eating other sharks. The Sharks predators ar…
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Dik-diks are small African antelopes of the genus madoqua and are named for the sound they make when alarmed.
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Talk to an attorney that specializes in child custody and family law.
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Giant Pandas are mammals and reproduce sexually and give birth to living young. Also the Chinese Government helps in the reproduction process of the Giant Pandas. They have developed programs for raising all the cubs born by a rotating procedure, that allows all the cubs to spend time with their m…
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Sharks sometimes attack, but not every time they see someone swimming in the water! They attack sometimes, but not often, and it's RARELY fatal. Technologically , some sharks do not bite . Some sharks like tiger sharks attack humans and aquatic animals . White sharks attack only the small fishes in …
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Answer Height: Dogs 22-25 inches (56-63 cm.) females 21-24 inches (53-61 cm) Weight: Dog 60-70 pounds (27-32 kg.) feamles 53-65 pounds (24-29 kg.)
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Answer   I think a lot of American travel but not as much as Europeans. A lot do travel, but there are so many wonderful things to see and do in the US that many don't feel the need.(A Brit)The number of Americans that have passports is rather low, anywhere from 7-18% according to some online…
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Vendors for County Fair Actually, it might be more beneficial if you think about this in reverse. If you run or oversee a county fair, you should set up a website and include a contact and/or informational page for vendors who might be interested in displaying their products at your venue. Yo…
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Midevil times to today.
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