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Fables and Folklore

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Fables and folklore are stories that convey a moral story. They usually contain some kinds of supreme being and try to explain where certain things come from. Folklores are usually stories passed down in a culture.
to help people by going to war
It came out May 18th 2010.
 Dwayne Johnson as Derek  Thompson / Tooth Fairy   Stephen Merchant as  Tracy the Caseworker  Julie  Andrews as Lily  Billy Crystal as  Jerry  Ashley Judd as Carly  Harris  Chase Ellison as Randy  Harris  Destiny Whitlock as Tess  Harris  Ryan Sheckler as Mick  "The Stick"...
Many religions believe that vampires are real, while others refuse such a revolting image. The many stories and movies saying that vampires living among us - especially the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, the Cirque Du Freak series, and the Twilight saga (all are amazing vampire books, highly...
You can!::**SPOILERS!! SPOILERS!!**::Sonic is the true king arthur. It is revealed AFTER the fight with the final boss, when you suceed.
Well, Santa's can make toys as well as wrapping them in paper.
There are no such things as "full blood vampires" - purely because vampires are not born, they are made, and they are only "made" by a human being bitten by one.
I'm not sure if this is right, but I think it could be obtained  (rarely) from the daily gamble.
Although they have been popularized in media and common folklore, the "genie in the lamp" is entirely fictional. There was actually even a magic ring which doesn't get as much mention. Written many years ago as a tale in the book "One Thousand and One Nights/The Arabian Nights" by Sir Richard...
Some say yes, but others deny its existance. There is no proof it ever existed, but a greek man name Plato told of it around 450-500 BC that it was basicly a fantastic island that sunk. Some say it is real, and it sunk. others say it is real, but didn't sink( I am not sure, but i think i am going to...
If mythological creatures were real the first thing I would do is  to go run and hide then I would see if they wanted be friends. My  whole life I wanted mythological creatures were real. If my best  friend was a werewolf I wouldn't run and hide I would stay and help  them. Personally...
a wooden stake through the heart, is a good sugestion, but not the best; Hello my name is Dr. Tripe, and i spent 17 years studying the act of killing vampires. I lost everything, my job, my home, my wife and symies twins, but it was worth it, as i know hold the secret to truely killing vampires......
They were large in the imagination, but they were smaller thaninfinitesimally small in reality. In the human form they were the size of a human, but in the wolfform they were the size of a large wolf.
Will Scarlett probably had a lot of opinions, but that's not  important right now.
He ruddy isn't! Ok maybe he is but that's only because some idiot wrote a book about him! Good book though...
There will be no zombies in 2012. 2012 is just a prediction. Not a proven event.
  Because a blanket is too expensive
Because if they stand in it they turn to ash
You got to find a vampire first then get him/ her to turn you.
Hinilawod(from the Philippines with 28, 340- verse), Illiad and Odyssey(from the West) are the famous epics in the world.
As soon as the character was created in story telling, he was a hero. On his return from the crusades, he found his lands were forfeited and his family dead or gone and he took to the forest to survive.
Wear a scarf or smell like pumkin or garlic
somtime in February or march
They love the idea of something so awesome being real! I know I would love to be a vampire! wouldn't you?
There has not been known to be vampires in NY, and no one talks about there being vampires in NY on the web.
The chalice in King Arthur's tails was the Holy Grail.
No, it is a myth :)
She makes uses them for toilet paper and the leftovers are used to make llammas.
Episode 16- 'There goes the Neighbor Hood'
no shes just a cool nanny
  its not what does a lepaerchaun live in... its where!   a leperchaun lives at the end of a rainbow of course!   goodness, you silly chap!
I wish, I wish with all my heart; to fly with dragons in a land of art
The sphinx, located in Egypt. Was a well preserved monument until the British started using it for target practice. 2nd Answer: Some say that it was the Turks who shot the Sphinx's nose off, others say it was Napoleon's French army. But, the Sphinx's nose was clearly missing before Napoleon was...
Barny O'Gill and the little people.
In Arabic, a Djinn (also jinn, genie) is a supernatural creature.
Were you looking for types of vampires, if so here are a few from  the Asia.   Hanh Saburo, Yama, the wrathful deities, Thailand Vampire,  Mandurugo, Pacu Pati, Obayifo, Masan and Masani, Thaye and Tasie  ,and Bas.
No one is for sure but Yeti sightings date back to 326 BC
A chicken vampire is: A. A vampire that is too scared to do stuff. B. A chicken (bird) that has been turned into a vampire.
Fairies eat strawberries and lots of other things like that
Lincoln green tights,trousers,top , Lincoln green hat and brown feather,
yes he did he lived in sherwood forest
There must be an exchange of blood, but it is a lengthy process and will take time.
He made the Bishop dance in his boots and robbed him.
A recently discovered note found in the margin of a medieval history book may help to answer some of the doubts. Julian Luxford, an art history lecturer at St Andrews University, found the short note that had been scribbled in the book by a monk around 1460. The note said: "Around this time,...
No because you've said 'you can enter' in that phase! sozzy babes!
Well I had the same problem, and I looked below and there was something about the dark moon or something but it gave me an idea about Why does the moon have creators? but you shouldn't use real facts because then it makes it short
They were alive before they were Vampires!
Pretty much not that different. Hybrids handle blood lust better than vampires do, they get that from the lycan part. Lycans are warriors while vampires are brutal and beautiful. Hybrids get the best of both worlds. Plus the strength and multiple talents of the 2 combined in 1.
yes, there are two words. The Modern word for Fairy is, as we all know, Fairy. But there is another way of spelling it. In older days, it was spelled faerie. Not sure if pronouncing makes a difference.
In an essay about vampires, you could write about some of these points: Why do some people believe vampires are real;How vampires were first used as a metaphor for our fears;How vampires are typically described;The first horror stories that used vampires as the main character;An opinion piece about...
There is a possibility that there will be a Series 4 of Robin Hood. Though Robin was killed by a poisoned blade, Archer could take the lead and lead Robin's gang and like they cheer in the movie "We are Robin Hood." More evidence that there could be a Series 4 is that they said that would go on to...
They can come from anywhere, but normally the term is applied either to people from other countries, or creatures from other planets (the latter type being as yet entirely fictional).
CRACK-ENiTHiNKtbh i think it's just a matter of where you come from and what your accent is, i pronounce it Krah-Ken but my family pronounce it Krack-in it's just how you want to say it
A very small fictional Irish character who gets in a lot of trouble.
Little green men could hardly live without them, but by definition they are male faeries.
raise your hand and yell i i i i i i
Yes. If you're talking about the red dragon from the Disney movie Mulan, then yes he is. Eastern dragons are your dragons with no wings. Most eastern dragons are depicted as your typical Chinese dragons. They are characterized to be more gentle, and friendly, whereas the western dragons are the...
  Often that can be judged from the questions that are asked by him. are they related to her interests or his alone.
Well, not recently, but there is evidence that there used to be life on Mars. Satellites were sent near that planet and the satellite captured pictures of frozen lakes and oceans with parts of "ExtraTerrestrial" life. I hope that answers your question.P.S. I put some websites for you to look at! :...
i had to televise my peach and suck a pineapple
Because when he saw the jewels on the handle Sir Bedivere didnt have it in his heart to throw it away.
The Mothman is a creature reportedly seen in the Charleston and Point Pleasant areas of West Virginia from November 12, 1966, to December 1967. Most observers describe the Mothman as a winged man-sized creature with large reflective red eyes and large wings. The creature was sometimes reported as...
Probably not.See related link.
No, they do not grow like humans, in fact they don't grow at all. Once a vampire has changed they do not age, therefore they do not grow anymore.
The ancient Greeks and Celts had mermaid myths.
A myth invented approximately 2000 years ago by St John the Evangelist, the author of "The Apocalypse or the Book of Revelation". They are the embodiment of all the things people feared then: War, Famine, Death or Plague and Conquest. They will bring forth the end of mankind before Judgment Day.
Not at the moon but werewolfs howl to express their feelings.
Fairy Godparents are NOT real.
I just realized this is a perfect lead in for my new act:   You know you are a vampire if...   You fall suddenly out of a novel written by Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, or perhaps Stephanie Meyer.You end all sentences with, "Blah, blah, blah."You ask for your spaghetti without garlic.You avoid...
He didn't. Dragons are mythological. The story is a metaphor.
A folk-tale can be divided into several categories, but the main two are the fairy tale (which relies heavily on fantastic elements) and the narrative tale (it can include extraordinary elements, but not magical or fantastic). The first type has very typical features that are extraordinarily similar...
Most Sasquatches, like humans, have been known to have five toes.
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yes king arthur did have a pet it was a horse. BY KAITLYN RENEE KETSDEVER 4th grade 11-18-10
They can't eat regular food or be in the sun. And they can not see themselves in a mirror.
You cannot make a spell or potion to make yourself vampire - you can only become a vampire by being bitten by one.
yes she goes by the initial T B
the Mothman was first named by a local copy editor. Although the creature is rumored to look more like a bat, the name "Batman" was already taken, so the next beast name was "The Mothman".
They had horrible pit stink and in 1567 giants were only 5ft2. There population suffered because all the mean giants got trapped in a volcano and the other ones died of hard attack. The only one left was the BFG. The BFG stands for Big Fat Guy. BY the 1800's the population was extinct. By the early...
Nothing, elves are fictional creatures.
It is called a Yeti and many claimed to have seen it.
you have to rip them apart and burn the pieces or else they'll pull themselves back together. but that's only in twilight.