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Physical pain is a part of life. We all experience it, whether a scrape on the knee or a broken bone, receptors in our bodies sent pain signals all the way from our extremities to our brains. Here you might ask and answer questions about unexplained pain, what it could mean, and what to do about it.
jump down more than 10 steps i did it b4
Some synonyms for pain are....1. agony2. hurt3. ache4. affliction5. cramp6. discomfort7. burn8. convulsion9. torture10. suffering11. illness12. irritation13. wound14. torment15. tendernessIf you need more, go to Thesaurus.com. Hope that helped! :)
            Chest pain can arise from anything in the chest from the skin to the muscles and other connective tissue of the chest wall to the organs such as the lung and its lining, the esophagus, the heart itself and the sack around the heart. Sharp pains are usually from a...
It can ache yes but masturbation should not cause any pain.
Your stomach is located on the left side of your body where as your liver is on the right
well first thing is first num it then fall down the steps
I take Maalox. It's the best thing for sour stomach by far.
More force goes through you knee when doing stairs - when coming down a force of 3.5x body weight goes through your kneecaps!The most common causes of pain going downstairs is1) Runners Knee - a problem with how the kneecap moves2) Chondromalacia Patella - thinning of the cartilage lining the...
== Answer ==   The new toenail will grow in and the old one will fall off or be pushed along if it is still attached. Go to a doctor if it pushes into the skin or otherwise irritates the toe.
No, as it does not affect the ability to work effectively to a degree that is significantly more than natural variation among healthy individuals.
== Answer ==   It is almost never the piercing procedure that is painful, unless it is an extreme piercing such as a mandible, clavical, chest or extreme genital piercing. To reduce pain after the procedure Ibuprofin or the like will reduce swelling and also help with pain. Aside from that you...
Pain! And swelling around the area of injury.
early morning pain thigh and leg
Yes i had both of them by the same time, these kind of pain needs only time and everything will be alright, believe.
from the looks of it you bleed when the ulser busts. you will eventually trow up all that blood and you will fill like you have died.
Most likely, you have a muscle strain or contusion. However, if the leaning over was at all traumatic, there is a possibility that you have one or more rib fractures. You should be evaluated for rib fracture, particularly if you are having difficulty breathing or if you develop fever or chills.
Ulcers can be of many types viz stomach ulcers, leg ulcers, mouth ulcers, venous ulcers........ You have to be more specific to get a correct response.
  If it's broken, it's broken. Keep your cast on and follow the doctor's advice. Getting enough calcium probably wouldn't hurt.   Preventing fractures can be accomplished by increasing bone density. Regular exercise, both resistance and cardivascular exercise involving impact can improve bone...
No. They are caused by a few things, one of which is excessive acid production by the acid producing cells in the stomach. Another cause is frequent use of pills such as Aspirin. Another cause is infection with a type of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori).
If you get pain and a crunching sound in the middle off your back  and neck, your spine may be out of alignment. You may also have a  problem with the vertebrae themselves. It's best to consult a  physician or a chiropractor.
  If you place cotton mittens preferably white (to avoid dye) on the pt, and add a ribbon by cutting small slits thru the wrist band at the top of the mitten and tie it looslely closed( prevents the person from removing them) this will allow freedom of movement and helps prevent them from...
Yes, you can take Lorazepam with Excedrin PM. Lorazepam is an anti-anxiety medication. Excedrin PM contains acetaminophen (Tylenol) and diphenhydramine (Benadryl). Both are safe to take with Lorazepam.
  What would cause tiny white blisters and swollen lips on a baby?
Answer . It could be something as simple as gas or the start of gall bladder problems. It's best to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.
You need to try to ease the burning or they never go away. (they are caused by irritation) Try some of the over the counter stuff & take it as easy as you can.
  Yes!!!..ofcourse..animals get pains just like humans. Pains come with age or being active too mcuh!
Answer . It depends on the cause of the pain. If it is recent, red, hot, swollen, then apply ice, apply a compressive bandage, elevate, and rest. If it doesn't get better in a day or two, see a doctor. If it is chronic, and only mild pain, you may try heat and or massage.
The CN X is the vagus also it is called pneumogastric nerve,the Wanderer or sometimes the Rambler
A pain killer is an 'analgesic'.
Firstly, maybe digestion or hereditary problems can be ruled out by a visit to the doc and some blood tests. Doctors are great at seeing whats already established in the body, and getting a blood test is great prevention. So go see if this is simply an indication that can be seen in the blood and...
Sounds like a bladder infection. Do you have a fever? Try drinking large amounts of cranberry juice for a couple of days. If that does not relieve your symptoms, visit your doctor at once.
You shouldn't, it is not normal. However it is quite common. it is caused by the hormone progesterone relaxing the ligaments and muscles so the joints move more than when not pregnant. It is the same hormone which causes the relaxation resulting in heartburn and constipation. It usually starts in...
4 year old girl, broken humerus 2" from shoulder ball. doctor, put a low sling on it a said it will heal itself. humerus bones overlap each other an 1". has not been set or casts. should i get a second opinions?Ron Deaneedeane@cfl.rr.complease help
Good question. As far as I know, the frenulum is usually removed with the foreskin.
Okay. So I'm guessing your on your period if your having pelvicpain. I'm sure your just having some cramps. My suggestion is toapply a heating pad to the area, or in some cases you should put acold ice pack on the area. Which ever one works for you is fine. Another thing to do is drink herbal teas....
  Have you tracked your cycle with a Basel thermometer??? Do you know exactly when you ovulated? If not you could have ovulated later than you thought and are having a long cycle. I have a very regular cycle but last cycle my body ovulated really late and gave me one very long cycle. This cycle...
In most cases an Ortho-doc would cast/splint if needed, but in some cases hairline fractures in the wrist area will heal just fine without stabilization.
Oftentimes, an egg is fertilized during ovulation but doesn't "take." Instead, it's shed with the uterine lining when your period comes. A pregnancy, however, means that the fertilized egg does indeed "take." It attaches to the uterine wall and the amniotic sac begins to develop to nurture the fetus...
I got relief at night from using a blanket lifter to get the covers off my feet in bed. However, the problem of using the blanket lifter was by lifting the blankets it created a hole in the end of the bed that made my feet cold and painful.I found and used a blanket lifter called Somnimax that has...
the only way to know for sure would be if you go get a blood test and talk to your doctor. the blood test will determine the level of h.g.c (pregnancy hormone) the normal level is 5.0. if your period was especially heavy that could be another sign, passing pieces of what appear to be skin like...
Tramadol is a very strong pain killers and I would not recommend you take it with Codeine or Paracetamol as Tramadol already contains Paracetamol and will increase your risk of experiencing unpleasant side effects.I would recommend you continue taking your Paracetamol or Codeine every 4-6 hours as...
A fracture of the spine.
== Answer ==   It is very important that you visit a Chiropractor. Most likely your neck and spine are out of adjustment, or subluxated. Meaning, they aren't curving the way they should so it pinches a nerve which cuts off the "power supply" to areas of your body. It is like pinching a hose, the...
They carry nerve impulses from your sensory organs, like your eyes, to your brain, or your central nervous system (CNS). When your eyes see something shiny on the ground, your afferent nerves tell your brain what your eyes see. In contrast, efferent nerves carry nerve impulses from your brain to...
== Answer ==   okay---- if you are less than 3 months pregnant you need to see a doctor immediately because the pregnancy could be ectopic (in the fallopian tube) , if this has already been ruled out due to early ultra sound examination, then as long as there is no bleeding then it is probably...
First off, a baby does not develop in its mother's stomach an organ filled with digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid. The stomach is part of the digestive system and any organic material would e procesed as food. Th unborn bay is found in the mothers womb which is filled with amniotic fluid....
I have that too, but I don't think there is anything to worry about :)
If you already have an ulcer, then you should avoid any acidic liquids. Coffee included.
secondary complications of diabetes mellitusSecondary complication of diabetes mellitusDiabetes Mellitus.
I think you may need some lifts made to insert in your shoes. You may be having some trouble with leg length. I have included a web page to help.   http://www.myfootshop.com/detail.asp?condition=Foot%20And%20Leg%20Cramp   http://www.myfootshop.com/knowledgebase/
A urinary track infection can cause severe back pain.
More serious burns require attention the most quickly. Especially those in sensitive areas such as the face.
there are a lot of ways. you can use midol and other products from drug stores. And you can also use a warm rag to put across your stomach. They also sell heat pads that you can use for cramps. Actually, sometimes excercise will help and ibeaprophen with warm tea.
I have never personally experienced a stinging feeling, it has always felt extremely amazing shall I say, maybe her nipples are oversensitive or a little .. the first lick very very soft wait till she asks for more the latter on your "off" times tell her to be some petroluem jelly to keep moist......
No, stoics are only indifferent to their own pain and suffering.
The build-up of lactic acid in muscles are the reason for fatigue and pain.
put ice on the sore spot, not for longer then 20 mins then apply heat to it
yes,bacteria would be a problem, logically having plastic near the skin would cause irritation. But was is the cure?
Yes. That is normal actully. You can have menstrual pains up to 7 days. :)
Negato is indeed the real pain.
That will depend on the specific poison, some cause chemical burns,some don't. There are also poisons that digest tissue, while thisis not really a burn it will likely look and feel like one!!!
Most likely not, because you fall at about say 100 kilometres an hour the speed and force will make the water seem almost solid and you will probably get the same injuries if you hit concreat but not as severe but you would most certainly die try not to attempt
Ok if it is a minor burn and the skin has not broken: Run it under running water (tap is fine) for 15 minutes Apply a hydrogel such as Solosite Apply an Opsite clear patch over it and leave it on until it falls off You can take paracetamol for pain relief when required If it is a major burn ...
  == Answer ==     yes, sometimes women experience things like that. Cause i had that problem when i was pregnant. But i was about 22 weeks pregnant. But if it get to bad and it doesnt stop see a doctor. But the main thing that is cause of your stomach is stretching. So try to rub lotion...
yes, because it is type of non steroidal anti inflamatory drugs (NSAID's) which helps in killing the pain caused by different diseases such as arthritis,gout,menstrual cramps and others. but it may increase the risk of heart problems, and this risk will induce as long as you use it.
Excellent question. I appreciate that you reject the use of conventional words that indicate a question is to follow, such as "what" or "how." I find them superfluous.
yes alcohol,drugs, an bacterias can cause stomach ulcers.They can also be genetic
It depends upon the severity of the fracture. A hairline fracture can heal in a matter of days to weeks. Compound fractures could require many months.
Menstrual cramps are called dysmenorrhea.
Answer . Don't panic and start second-guessing. Many things could cause your symptoms so it's best to see your doctor. Don't sit and worry, see your doctor!. Answer . Don't panic and start second-guessing. Many things could cause your symptoms so it's best to see your doctor. Don't sit and...
No! wait until it heals! it will get infected/be extremely painful, plus since the skin isnt healed it might end up peeling right off
By doing yoga like cycling surya namaskar
To some extent it will for a second. When stitches are removed there is a little tug of the stitch as it is taken out. You can feel it, but it isn't as bad as when the stitch was put in. I had 8 taken out recently and was glad to have them out since they started to pull a little on the area where...
it is very dangerous to take them together ,both are CNS depressant.
heartbreaker. tormentor. rake.
Yes! I have ovarian cysts and I've had them for quite a while. After numerous hospital visits and an ovarian cyst discovery, they attributed my lower right flank pain to them. It never fails that when my cycle comes around and the cysts start bursting, my right flank starts up again. I manage with...
I was asking because today i fell at the skatepark on a finger and it is slightly swollen and hurts like h%$# if i press on it.