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Physical pain is a part of life. We all experience it, whether a scrape on the knee or a broken bone, receptors in our bodies sent pain signals all the way from our extremities to our brains. Here you might ask and answer questions about unexplained pain, what it could mean, and what to do about it.
yagermeister and pain ,different types of pains 20%
not necessarily, but it can seem as if it takes mental pain away.
The unosyrectum never in the Brain
Open fracture is also called compound fracture
It has not been conclusively proven. In one study, orb-weavingspiders autotomized (i.e. cut their own legs off) if they wereinjected with posionous components that induced pain. However, thiswas a near instantaneous response and autotomy has not beendocumented in most other spiders, so it may not be...
um it might be your testies..ever thought of that?
4-8 weeks of recuperation, followed by 2 weeks of no pain before it's considered healed.
I have found that if I have sudden leg craps it can be helpful if you just get yourself a small bottle of tonic water make sure it is made with quinine. the quinine gets rid of the cramps and it is easily available nearly everywhere.
No. Look for other signs such as no or an unusual period, nausea, increased urination, and a general sense of feeling different or unwell. Test with a home test around the time your period would have been due.. As for the back pains, it would be wise to seek a medical opinion as to what is the cause...
Some over-the-counter medicines can be poisonous to the kidneys if taken regularly over a long period. Aspirin, acetaminophen and Ibuprofen have been found to be the most dangerous to the kidneys.
When a person is hit hard on the chin (button) it causes their brain to rattel which knocks them out.
Acute, non healing burn
Not everybody does. It depends on what type of person you are. If you are the type that dont like showing people emotions then you are not going to shout or cry no matter how bad it hurts EXTRA: You are so right, but things people like that do when other ppl are in the room anywhere is either play...
its a blister. Your skin is stretched. of coarse its going to hurt
It needs ti be splinted to heal better in order to keep it straight, protected and immoblle. Two tongue blades on each side of the finger then wrapped with tape would help a lot.
Yes, it can be done. Added: Check with an attorney to determine what your chances of being successful are.
if you mean mouth ulcers, then wash your teeth thoroughly, use products such as listerine and bonjela to fix it up and in time it will heal!
There's sperm in both so the other one still works.
the fracture will not heal properly.
Sometimes, excess pressure is applied to a bone that results in the breaking of the bone, also called a fracture. Fractures are common. Most people suffer from fractures at least once during their lifetime. Children's bones are relatively more flexible and less likely to break. Falls or other...
You could do, but it is most likely unrelated to the pregnancy, because back pain in pregnancy normally only occurs in later stages of pregnancy when the baby is heavy and causing a lot of strain on the body
Answer . it could be any number of things, but all of them warrant a trip to the doctor... It could be something simple to cure such as esophageal lesions caused by excess stomach acid buildup, to esphageal tearing or cancer... you really need to get to a doctor to determine exactly what it is......
Seems a little extreme for some guy you don't really know and may never have had any kind of relationship with. You can fantasize all you want about what you might have had, but you do not know anything would ever have happened.
If sperm count and motility is too low, he needs to get it done in-vitro.
5 mg Oxycodone is a medication that is used to relievepost-operative pain. A picture of it will show that it is a littlewhite oval pill.
av been feeling like am off balence for thees past fuw days a dont no wat it cud be a also have anxity but a dont no if it the trazodone that cud be makein me feel like this its not nice am only 20 and a dont need it dus eny one else feel like this me names nico
If you are talking about anal sex; yes it can, but it can hurt less with proper lubrication.
The sciatic nerve is a combination of the common fibular (peroneal) nerve and the tibial nerve.
Could be - feel along the circumference of the rib if you are able to see if it gets more tender anywhere - it is hard to miss if you broke a rib - it is very painful to lie on or breathe. But it could also be other things related to lungs, etc - worth getting checked out.
A bone scan, or x-ray is simply a different type of scan than an MRI. No kind of scan is better than another, it simply depends what the scan is trying to ascertain.
No. it's actually good. If you are uncut, your "head" probably won't come out. This makes the need for lube minimal and is actually preferred by most people.
Put cold water or a bag of Ice over it.
Foot edema and pain can be caused by poor circulation, sometimes caused by diabetes, or it can be cause by a problem with the lymphatic system which "cleans out" the liquid flowing around the body. Foot edema / pain can be helped by elevating or massaging feet. For people with circulation problems...
I don't fully understand this, as Ibuprofen is an analgesic ("pain killer")
Peptic relates to digestion. Duodenitis is an inflammation of theduodenum which is the first part of the small intestine and justbelow the stomach. Peptic duodenitis is an inflammation of theduodenum that affects digestion.
The symptoms suggest it to be compression of a nerve. Usually sciatic nerve under pressure is called sciatica.. If it is not unbearable, if the patient is not too old, if the patient is otherwise healthy and if X ray findings do ot suggest a prolapsed disc or do not call for immediate emrgency...
The limb should be immobilised with splints. It should be moved as little as possible to reduce the chance of further injury.
Ulcerations hurt because they result from a lack of healthy skin over a certain area. Without appropriate skin coverage the nerves are exposed and inflamed, causing pain in the area.
I don't know why! Go to a doctor!
painless lump at the base of the neck is the symptom of infectionor muscular inflammation
Try taking some ENO or Diovol. That usually helps me. Or some carbonated drink like some Coca Cola if you don't like pills.
Ulcers appear on the oral cavity's mucous membrane through oraltrauma. While red ulcers are a sign of pain, black ulcers candenote a serious problem so a doctorÃ?s opinion is recommended.
use hot sauce. it will create a warming sensation that will instantly make you forget that you got hit in the nuts..trust me..if done it..you won't remember you got hit at all.
Many women have problems like this where their periods range from mild to heavy with large clots and bad pains sometimes in just one cycle. The best thing to do about it is possibly talk to your doctor about birth control to help regulate it and that will greatly reduce the flow, and pains caused by...
A some what wad of cash.
Your symptoms could be related to scarring or damage from chlamydia or could be completely unrelated. See your health care provider for effective diagnosis and treatment.
A second degree burn is red with blisters. Third degree burns have a black charred appearance. Second degree burns are also more painful because they have highly damaged the nerves, however the nerves can still feel. Third degree burns have burned so deeply that the nerves no longer feel.
There are several medical reasons why a persons left side may behurting. A few causes could be a UTI, bladder infection, or kidneyinfection. A doctor will be able to diagnose the problem.
The biopsied piece shows a hole in the skin in the middle and pus and plasma over the top of the hole.
A neuron is a nerve cell in which, are circular cells that are bundled together known as ganglion. A actual nerve is attached to the nerve cell. There are two types of nerves ones that travel messages from the brain or to the brain. A nerve fiber that sends messages from the brain is called an axon...
Normally that will take three to six weeks.
A stress fracture will be more serious and the pain might be greater or more common to occur even if you are not excersizing. A shin splint often only happens during times of impact while jogging or running.
sore groin ,groin muscle pain
The inflammation of the heart muscles. (Cardio = heart; myo = muscles; -itis = inflammation)
Answer . No, but Marijuana at least in Canada is used for medicinal purposes for pain.
wash it off then neosporin then band aid
Through impulses to the brain.
As of 2013, approximately 14.6 million citizens of the UnitedStates had cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries include breastaugmentation, lifts, and tucks.
It should not hurt at all during the procedure. Afterwards, there will be soreness and sensitivity, but that is easily controlled with Ibuprofen.
A numb or shooting pain in the left arm is sometimes a symptom of a heart attack in progress, but is not the cause.
I always use a tennis or baseball by rolling my foot on it for 15-20 minutes on carpet. hardwood, tile etc. also work fine but carpet or rug works best.
stream have more temperature than water
Being bloated can be a symptom, but it can also be for a variety of other reasons. Take a test if you miss your period
Because the bone that houses the brain is called the cranium. Brainium and brainial are not Latin or Greek terms.
Dry Heat Therapy
Answering "How long should you need to keep a splint on a broken finger?"
A splint should be kept on a broken finger for at least 6 weeks.However, it will be up to the doctor if it needs to come offsooner.
A burn not further than the dermis layer of the skin. The outermost layer epidermis is no longer intact but the dermis is still intact. Thus there is still pain and other sensations over the area as receptors for the sensations are located at the dermis or deeper.
in every state its legal for medical reasons I.E if you have breast cancer or tumor .in California its legal ...thank god
No, grapefruit has many benefits, including weight loss, preventscancer, and has plenty of Vitamin C...if you eat the peel of thegrapefruit it may cause severe heartburn, because of the sweet andtart taste.
You didn't say that you injured yourself, so I'm worried that the blue color and pain might caused by a lack of proper oxygen flow. I would suggest seeing a doctor about this one if it happens often, as it can be the indication of a serious circulatory problem. In the meantime, massage the area to...
there are a fewe ways to make tea. the mosr pop way and the easyest is u take the leaves and steams boil them in a pot of water for about ten 15 min give or take then u poor that water into a glass add some honey or sugar or what ever u want and drink up thats what i do and i get a nice buz
To Know if you have sprained your wrist, is, discoloration, swelling, and if you write that should hurt too. Now, to treat it, what you need to do is= ice for 15 to 20 minutes a day, wrap the hurt area of the wrist, and don't do physical activity unless you feel up for it. Swimming is fine because...
Calcium with magnesium. No sense in buying expensive versions of calcium supplements. Try green leafy vegetables. If you use a calcium supplement calcium carbonate is fine. Calcium citrate maleate is quicker absorbing but unless you plan on getting osteoperosis in the next two days that shouldn't...
With most back injuries, it's tough to determine without some type of scan (X-Ray, MRI or CT) to really know for sure. This is because severe muscle spasms cause enough pain that they can be mistaken for disk herniations or fractures. The reason that you need scans to verify it is that spasms always...
There is never a way to predict exactly when you will have the baby, but severe back pain can certainly be an indication of labor, which could last anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. I had back labor (DREADFUL), which started as a severe lower back pain at 4:00am. I had to go to the...
It depends how hard and how long you snowboard. . A 150 pound woman will burn approximatly 330 calories in 30 minutes of snowboarding. If you weigh more you will burn more calories if you weigh less you will burn less calories.
Answer . Excercise like you normally would. Even if you target a specific place, it will not help. Might as well work a place with little fat, such as the shoulders, to add muscle which will burrn fat.
Your radiology report is basically saying that you've got a small bulge (herniation) at the disk between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae (the most common problem area for most people, including myself) at the back (posterior) of the disk. The foramina are the holes/spaces between the vertebrae in...
Fall down on your knee.
if you are not flying a plane within 24 hours. try a small bottle of tonic water with quinine. the quinine in the tonic water settles down cramps almost instantly. If you have no tonic around, try rubbing the nail on your big toe.
Don't assume they're okay - tell them to lay still, then check the body for any signs of numbness. See if they can move arms/legs, fingers & toes, but tell them not to move their head. Never, ever assume - if there's a fracture or other injury, and you move them thinking they're okay, you could...
Take calcium supplements and drink milk.
A little alchohol like whiskey or scotch etc.. will help numb the pain if you are old enough. Another good fix is avoiding cold or hot liquids and hard foods. If it is a temporary ache use child orajel and save the adult orajel until later if the pain increases.
to stop oxygen for burning
The discs in your back are separated by what are called Facets, one on left. one on the right that are placed up and down (bilatteral. ) Screw it, basically what it means is the the "facets" are breaking down and can cause two discs in you back to be touching each other. But if it's mild than try to...
You need to see a dental or medical professional. Either return to the dentist you originally saw or schedule an appointment with another one.