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The Chrysler Sebring is a range of middle-sized cars manufactured by American carmaker Chrysler between 1995 and 2010. It is one of the few practically priced automobiles available in sedan and convertible body styles.
Answer the water pump for my '98 2.5 V-6 is just above the mainpully (the big one). The strange part was that it does not have anexternal belt, the timing belt is the drive. The water pump is inside the passenger side of the engine, drivenby the timing belt on either available engine.
Out of gas, fuel pump, cam sensor, crank sensor, coil, computer,alternator, etc.
  You can download the manual for you car at http://www.chrysler.com/en/owners/manuals/   To disable the horn chip, follow the instructions on page 24 of your manual:   # Press the LOCK button on your key for 4-10 ten seconds and then, while still holding LOCK, press the PANIC button  #...
The system is finished displaying trouble codes in the odometer.
depends on eng size. The distributor contains the coils and module 3.0 and 2.5 if bad the whole dist needs replaced not servicable
i used my key on the passnger side door to unlock it and my alarm souned off i tryed unpluging the all the computers and battrey and the horn and the lights keep flashing i have no key pad .
The factory alarm is built in both the engine and body computers.There is no alarm box.
  I had one in a 1999 Sebring JXI. It would start flashing when the engine was hot and at idle. I removed the plug from the sensor and cleaned up the connections. It was good for about 6 months, but then started up again. I found that it was better to use 5-30 weight oil and now it only flashes...
Remove driver side front tire. Remove inner fender liner. Removebattery. Reverse steps.
Chrysler does not use reset / inertia/ shutoff switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.
Chrysler's do not have inertia/ shutoff switches.
It is in the plastic box, under the hood, front driver side.
my original response to your question is below.. but it may be a spark plug, which would cost a lot less than the coil/cap combo. but its a good idea to replace coil/cap/wires every 100k miles.Your Coil/Distributor Cap is going bad, replace it now before it dies and your car wont start. generally if...
  == Answer ==   when looking from the front of your car into the engine compartment it is to the right of the air filter on the left of the engine fuse box that is below your positive jump start post.
there are two on each side of the car one is in front of the car door under the lip and the 2nd is behind the door opening under the lip
The airbag light stays on when the computer has detected amalfunction and set a code. The codes need checked with a scan toolto know possible causes.
It is mounted on the top rear of the transmission bell housing.
  I just put Michelin P215 60 HR 16 Primacy MXV4 tires on our 2004 Sebring Convertible GTC with stock wheels. Car drives and handles much better.
It is directly between the Lower intake manafold and the fire wall  of the car. You will have to remove the upper intake manefold to  reach it. Possibly the worst car to work on ever. Good luck!
Key on engine off, press gas pedal to the floor three times, cycle key off and back on.
It stays on when the computer detects a malfunction in theelectronic throttle system.
  On the inside of the fuse box covers is a diagram of the fuse box with the fuse locations and sizes.
Just go to a junkyard and ask for a 6G73 Manual Transmission. This  transmission was used on the Chrysler Cirrus, Dodge Avenger,  Chrysler Sebring, Dodge Stratus and the Mitsubishi Diamente. I'm  not 100% sure if all of them had a 6g73 manual transmission  available but im sure that most of them...
The dealer sells a cardboard spacer the glues to the tip of thecrank sensor. You then install the sensor and push it tight to theflex plate.
The fuse box on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring is located under the dash,  near the hood release. It contains most of the vital fuses used by  the vehicle's electrical system.
A 2000 Chrysler Sebring was not built with a cabin filter.
No Chrysler does not use inertia or kill switches. 
Unlock the car with the remote or the key in the door.
The crankshaft position sensor mounts to the top rear of thetransmission bell housing.
There are four mounts. Center left, right, front, and rear.
It is inside the passenger side of the engine, driven by the timingbelt.
  I have a 2001 sebring and they tend to place the battery in the front driver fender area. You have to remove the front driver tire, then remove (pry or unscrew) the bolts that hold the fender shield in place. It's most likely there in the fender/ bumper area. chilton's guides are pretty good...
  I have a 2001 sebring and they tend to place the battery in the front driver fender area. You have to remove the front driver tire, then remove (pry or unscrew) the bolts that hold the fender shield in place. It's most likely there in the fender/ bumper area.
On the v6, it is inside the distributor. On the four cylinder, itis on the driver side end of the cylinder head.
None that I am aware of. If you call your local dealer with the cars VIN number they will tell you if you have any open recalls.
  According to my manual for the 2006 Sebring Base Sedan 4cyl with auto trans. It is rated to to 1000 lbs.
its on the throtle body under the acceleration cable.has 2  bolts.its very easy to remove and replace or clean.in order to do  that you have to take the thotle body out.this has 4 bolts.good  luck
It is on the top rear of the transmission bell housing.
If you have code P1776 solenoid switch valve latched in low/rev position. You have a sticking valve in the transmission valve body. The valve body will need cleaned/replaced.
Tried the suggested key tricksy with no joy. Disconnected battery cable for 10 min. After re connect, all back to normal
  well you didnt really give too much information about what kind of motor your car has so let's say it's a 2.7L lx model?   the thermostat is located about a foot down on the front of the motor, but still behind the radiator. it's pretty easily accessible. be careful if you're trying to...
get under the car and have a friend turn the key on and off...dont start the car but listen to the fuel pump it should make noise if it is clicking on...also use a test light to test the relays....could also try juicing the pump, hook up battery pack or jumper cables to wires on pump and see if it...
Drain valve is on bottom of radiator on passenger side. Valve at controls flow is directly above facing the engine. quite difficult to get to.
It is under the hood, on the driver side.
  * Yes. Look at "BigT216" profile on cardomain. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3077410
  If the tranny is removed from the bottom first, then you can remove the engine from the top after removing the front bumper cover, upper and lower radiator supports, radiator and condenser, and hood. Or, you could remove the tranny and engine from the bottom as a unit, but you'll still need to...
  == Answer ==     in the tank mostly
  == What Year ==   what year?     Take your VIN to a parts supplier for them to deterimine which one of two filters will fit your needs. One variety is mounted above the fuel tank and the other is inline beneath the passenger compartment but difficult to access. Labor costs will...
  == Answer ==   You will have to disconnect the battery. The fuel pump & fuel guage senders are now one unit inside the gas tank. (NO SMOKING) The gas tank needs to be removed. Disconnect the fuel lines & electrical plug(s). There is a large 4" to 5" diameter metal ring that...
Open driver door. Remove plastic fuse panel at end of dash... You have to rotate it counter-clockwise, then pull. Find the 20a fuse and simply pull out. No need to disconnect horn from insde steering wheel pad which requires removing four torx screws near bottom of steering wheel, disconnecting the...
Engine, body, and cluster all store the mileage.
Unless you're a fantastic seamster or seamstress, this is a job for an upholstery or convertible top shop. Price to fix is between $200 to $500 depending on where you go.
600-1000 depends on temperature and load.
The owners manual for a 2003 Chrysler Sebring LX is found at an  automotive shop. It can be found and purchased from the dealership  as well.
  == Answer ==       This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you do not have one, then I suggest you get one. You need an owner's manual to know what items to service and when, and for specifications. You can order one from a dealer, find one at a salvage yard, ebay,...
The coolant temperature sensor is the two wire sensor near to wherethe upper radiator hose attaches to the engine. The outside/ambienttemperature sensor is behind the front bumper, in front of theradiator.
I do not think a 2000 Sebring has the lower mounting locations fora child car seat.
A Chrysler Sebring does not have a reset switch.
The valves are not adjustable.
If you're positive that it's teh ignition switch, the part is as  low as $23 shipped - if you have a mechanic install it - he'll  trouble shoot to make sure thats the part you need (being the  problem), could cost you oup near $200 installed.
There is no transmission dip stick for a manual transmission. You have to get under the car, remove the filler plug, and either look in the hole or stick your finger in to see how much fluid is in there.      WTH? How do you fill it? Whats so hard about having a filler neck? Does anyone...
Depends on where you get it done but was $365 for me. Yuck!
The camshaft position sensor is most likely located on the cylinder  head of the engine. The location could vary depending on the  manufacturer.
The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the ABS system and it's not working. If you fix the problem the light will reset itself. Above is not true since you must have a DRBIII to reset ABS CAB Because: The light will not reset itself since Chrysler has a monopoly on the software to...
  == Answer ==     If its a 2.5 or a 2.7 the coil is built right into the distribitor assembly you have to buy the whole thing its about 400 bucks
A Chrysler Sebring does not have any reset switches.
Battery connections, computer, ignition switch, wiring harnessconnections, any of a dozen engine sensors, fuel pump, fuel pumprelay, ignition coil,
Chrysler does not use reset or inertia switches.
The center counsel on a 2007 Chrysler Sebring can be removed by  loosening the bolts on the bottom of the Council. The bolts are  located at the back of the Council.
you must remove the plenum on top of the motor to excess the spark plugs it is not hard but time consuming to say the least
Support the car on jack stand. Clean the area to remove mud and  grease. Use 9/16 inches socket wrench the four bolts. RemoveÊthe  cotter pin. Remove the ball joint.