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What is Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th state of The United States of America, and is one of the midwestern states.    It is also the 36th largest state, and has about 11.5 million residents! (MORE)
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Where is Ohio?

Ohio is in what is called the "midwestern" part of the United  States. It is located between Ohio and Pennsylvania in the  northeastern part of the continental US.
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Does Ohio own the Ohio river?

No, Kentucky owns it. It was just named the Ohio River because tons of people in the late 1600's came down that river to come to Ohio so that's why its called the "Ohio River" (MORE)
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What is in Ohio?

Ohio is the 17th State in the United Stated of America. The capital is Columbus,Ohio. The state bird id the cardinal.The state animal is the White-Tailed Deer. The state repti (MORE)

Why was Ohio named Ohio?

Ohio means beautiful river in native American and when the native Americans saw the Ohio river they called the area Ohio.
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What can you do in Ohio?

There's alot to do starting with all kinds of malls, Kalahari in Sandusky, Casta Way Bay, Cedar Point, and go spend a nice evening on the Lake Erie beaches. :)

Why is the Ohio shape on the Ohio quarter?

The designs of the State Quarters were approved by each state, with  minimal restrictions on what could be included, as long as the  detail would show up from the dies.
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What is Ohio border-Ohio h20?

lakes and rivers are the natural boundaries to the south (Ohio River), on the east, the Ohio River runs between Ohio and West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania connect with a po (MORE)