History of Africa

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African History started out with the emergence of Homo sapiens in East Africa. It is full of internal and external pressures, famine, disease, and territorial conflicts that brought out distinct changes in African society. This category is for the chronicles, inferences and various aspects of African History.
native people to Rwanda and Burundi
Nikki Giovanni does not have a husband she believed non-marriage
You need to find a definition of 'apartheid'; talk about incidentsof 'apartheid' in history, and talk about the consequences of'apartheid' and the ways in which it is still relevant today.
There are now 2 Congo's - Democratic Republic of Congo and the smaller Congo-Brazzaville.
Apartheid destroyed Africans traditions and put them into adepression.
A large part of Africa belonged to the British. The first placeclaimed in Africa by the British was The Gambia in 1783. Between1880-1890 the United Kingdom gained most of its other Africanholdings. After WWI ended in 1919 the British gained most ofGermany's colonies. Here is a list of all areas...
Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor,Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipemakes ten countries.
Sudan has been split most strongly in this regard, but Chad andMauritania have similar issues.
Africa is the second biggest continent in the world and is home tothe largest desert on Earth, the Sahara. Other major deserts foundin Africa are the Namib, Kalahari and the Libyan desert.
The Temple of Luxor was built in Egypt in 1650
He wrote a book about his family called"Root''
the impact of culture on development with special reference to contemporary nigeria
Basically he he made the decision that apartheid needed to be reformed, he dismantled petty apartheid laws and then announced the end of apartheid altogether. He released leaders of the black resistance, including Nelson Mandela. In addition, he signed the Pretoria Minote.
Europe has done nothing but good for Africa. I dont see Africashipping us food, clothes, clean water.
There was a great discussion between two people Mobutu Sese Seko and Laurent Kabila and their lid a fire between them. this is the reason why did the second Congo war start. Kabila purposely shot Mobuto to get on his place and the same happened.
Life begins under martial law, simply..when martial law isdeclared. Someone who has enough power and influence on Army togain and control over power (denying all democratic rules,institutions and practice). This usually happens in the 3rd worldcountries. Some General decides to have power...and at...
Sundiata keita died in 1255 (drowned)
Abolitionists were worried that the Emancipation Proclamation wasnothing more than a war measure. They feared it would carry noweight after the American Civil War ended.
A 1936 Southern Rhodesia coin is worth about 50-80 dollars in very fine condition, I bought one at 41 dollars on ebay. very nice coins and rare.
In 1830, James Andrew Jackson became the first non-native settlerof the town that would become known as Freedom, Wisconsin. He wasan African American who traveled there to gain his freedom.
Freedom, Wisconsin is located in the United States. The town islocated in Outagamie county. As of 2014, the population is 5,842.
Charles Waddell Chesnutt was a lawyer, writer of novels and essays,and a political activist. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on June20, 1858.
The Freedom Summer of 1964 was a period of overwhelming violence inMississippi. Activists and local volunteers were arrested, beaten,and murdered. Local churches and businesses were vandalized,bombed, or burnt to the ground.
In the colonial age, every western country had to have a colony to be "in". Belgium became a part of King Leopold II PERSONAL treasure, it was called belgian Congo, but actually it was his personal possesion. He made Hugh profits with producing rubber and digging for diamants, selling it all, to...
They have white shoes the dance good Cj walkers are in gangs they wear blue bandannas and they are fly.
Blackface minstrelsy was prolific in the 1800s. It stereotypedslaves as dumb and happy or exaggeratedly refined. The caricaturesfed a racist narrative about African behavior, attitudes, andculture.
she became a scientist for beauty supplies and hair care products.
Nzinga Mbande also known as Ana de Sousa Nzinga Mbande, was a 17th century queen (muchino a muhatu) of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms of the Mbundu people in southwestern Africa. Ngola was both a name and a title in Ndongo. . For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject,...
With personal and legal means first (being a lawyer), then also political (member of ANC), military (armed wing of ANC) and diplomatic tools helped him to fight this system, together with the aid of millions of other people in South Africa and the rest of the world. He allowed the world to use him...
Black and White segregation laws were made because the peoplethought it was necessary. They thought it was important that peopleof color has to be restricted because of their skin color.
Britain ran Kenya as a colony, with no African input from the late 19th Century.
The NAACP recorded this on their web site about their founder. ****Du Bois's life and work were an inseparable mixture of scholarship, protest activity, and polemics. All of his efforts were geared toward gaining equal treatment for black people in a world dominated by whites and toward marshaling...
Tupac Amarau Shakur.
schools in Uganda officially start at a half past eight am (08:30)
They went because it was a great trading city.
Redd Foxx's most remembered achievement was the role of FredSanford on the television show Sanford and Son. He was also one ofthe first African American comics to perform in front of a whiteaudience in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It is not known. There were many battles in the year that he died so it is likely that he died in one of those.
They died. They followed moles and lived underground, and no one has seen them since. It is said that their children are mole people, half mole, half man.
African rock art is the oldest form of art from the continent ofAfrica. Rock paintings and engravings are what make up African rockart.
Answer 1 Islam is slowly converting Africans from the north towards south. Answer 2 Islam is not a religion of violence and terrorism to convert Africans from the north to the south. Islam is the religion of peace and mankind cooperation for the benefit of mankind and environment. Islam is the...
Ethiopians work to earn money just like other parts of the world.Some Ethiopians are farmers and herders and they may barter.
he had help the afirican Americans to stop segregation and give them and education.
she married thomas SHE MARRIED THOMAS OK
They Would View It As Blacks Couldn't Do Anything Whites Did, And Blacks ALWAYS Got Arrested If They Stole
August 27, 1963 , possibly of old age, he was 95 years old.
A few short years after Columbus discovered America (In 1441, the first slaves were brought to Portugal from northern Mauritania.)
The Morehouse College and Atlanta University
Jesse Owens was the first black man to win the 100 meter dash. In1936 he went to the Olympics in Germany and was the first Americanathlete to win 4 gold medals.
Nelson Mandela was famously Christian, and his faith led many ofhis political and humanitarian efforts. He was raised by a devoutChristian mother, so he did not convert, but rather grew up in thefaith.
Because they ran away from the people that had them ..
MADAM C.J WALKER created the hair relaxer and many different hair products for especially black African American girls and women
They were Muslim pirates who operated from the North African Coast between the 11th and the 19th Century
Mansa Munsa and Askia the Great both had in common was that they both help spread the religion of Islam.
Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald
They were Killed By getting beaten to death
It is important to learn and remember terminology. It is an Empirethat is a group of states under one ruler.
Quagga, a possibly extinct South African Donkey
The term 'apartheid' was coined in the late 1930s by the South African Bureau for Racial Affairs (SABRA), which called for a policy of 'separate development' of the races. But the architect behind it was Hendrik Vervood.
The 19th century European imperialism was mainly caused by thedesperate need of nations to secure their acquired territories andcolonies. Also, they needed to strengthen their military forces todefend against possible invasion.
Commander H. Worsley Hill was the very first governor of the GoldCoast. He was appointed in the year 1843 at the reinstatement ofthe crown government.
They live in pigmy caves.
cute and pretty and black but pretty
money and controlling the government forever
the dinosaurs died by a meteorite. and went boom boom in my pants.
France, they still even speak French there as an official language
It depends on which time period. It was Spain, Baghdad. At one point it was Timbuktu. Currently, I think it's Cairo in Egypt. Hope this helps...
Nigeria is the name of the British colony in West Africa.
Ignorance, lack of initiative and accountability, poverty and low self-esteem. Generations which have a background of slavery cannot appreciate their success in life or even the success of their relatives or friends or same background and origin. Creativity is limited and devlopment life skills...
it is located in north-west africa.
the Italians invaded Ethiopia in world war two part of britans empire witch forced Britain to come into the war.
The Ob River is a major river in western Siberia, Russia. It is thecountry's fourth longest river. The Gulf of Ob is the world'slongest estuary.
It also was a huge trading empire that came after Ghana and Mali.
He wrote a novel and published an antislavery paper.