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Towns, cities, counties, and townships pass laws, ordinances, and regulations for the citizens of their communities.
if your 18 your an adult they can not strip your rights away its illegal for them to do so. so do what ever you want
Pay it or fight it. Most likely the judge will only make the driver go to classes and pay a fine and it shouldn't show up on their record.
The best and strongest stun gun is the: Strongest Stun Gun 7.5 Million Volts Rechargeable (Small Fry). It is available in black and pink, with rubberized casing for a firm grip, LED flashlight, rechargeable, lifetime warranty, disable pin, safety switch, holster, etc.
The curfew for minors is 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Monday throughFriday. On Saturday and Sunday, the curfew is 1:00 a.m. and 5:00a.m.
Amendment six deals with your rights in court.
define comprehensive agrarian reform program
Assuming you mean income tax, there are seven states that have no income tax at all:. Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming.. New Hampshire and Tennessee, tax only dividend and interest income.
Capable of being but not yet in existence evidence. Latent evidence is evidence at a crime scene that cannot be seen with the eyes. Examples might be a bloos stain that was bleached out, or semen stains that can't be seen without special lighting, or a fingerprint on an oneven surface, such as a...
There are probably no departments anywhere that permit their officers to swear at individuals in the course of the officer's work. It is almost universally considered unprofessional conduct. What happens when an officer swears at a subject is another matter. For anything to happen, a complaint...
You can spread ashes as long as it is not in a building, public park, or anywhere that it could contaminate food or breathing
It really depends on your exact county's, town's, or district's laws.
The Jamaican government is a constitutional monarchy and aparliamentary democracy. They are based on the Westminster model,and have a functional two-party system.
I have looked on the internet and found it usually varies from state to state but you can go to jail for 2 months to 7 years and a fin from $100-120,000.
It depends on the length of the blade. The rule of thumb is if the length of the blade is longer than the width of the fingers of your hand stretched apart (generally five and a half to six inches) then the blade will be considered a "consealed weapon" and will be illegal without a license. Anything...
12 years old and they also have to 14 years to babysit i just rung CYF to find out as well even if they are only going to be home for 1 hour by themselves. ********************************************************************** Great Answer! ~Kriehn
Yes monkeys are aloud in connecticut!!!!
Not all Surenos are bald, as far as the one's that are bald it's cause they choose to shave their heads but it's not a requirement that u have to shave ur head to be a Surenos or anything, it's just a choice.
There's at least one problem with chain letters. They're illegal if they request money or other items of value and promise a substantial return to the participants. Chain letters are a form of gambling, . Nothing like going to the library and actually researching the U.S. CODES. The topic above...
any age, but the store has the store has the option to refuse to sell
4 animals in total when it pertains to cats and dogs. You can have more but you have to show Las Vegas Animal Control that you have current Rabies Vaccination for all animals every year and that all dogs are properly licensed. As far as other animals are concerned it is based on space provided per...
If you want to start an exotic or strip club in Fort Smith,Arkansas you need to get a business license. There is a specificlicense for an adult business.
It depends on where you go and how much you pay. most mechanics check all the fluids and filters on your car anytime you bring it in because they want to sell you some more parts so he can make more money. this is not necessarily a bad thing if he thinks you need it you should probable get it done.
A.C.A. § 5-73-120. Carrying a weapon. (a) A person commits the offense of carrying a weapon if he or she possesses a handgun, knife, or club on or about his or her person, in a vehicle occupied by him or her, or otherwise readily available for use with a purpose to employ the handgun,...
A person accused of a crime must be offered a lawyer. If the personcan't afford a lawyer, the courts will appoint one for free.
no, they are legal Added: They are NOT legal - in all 50 states. Two states that I am personally aware of which ban them are the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia. There may be others. Be sure to check the laws of the state(s) you will be driving through. Ignorance of the law is no...
According to a deputy sheriff that I asked the same question, it is to be judged by the officer who arrives to a call of excessive noise as to whether it is a nuisance or not and upon hearing the noise for himself and judging it excessive he must issue a verbal warning then be recalled to the same...
" http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_does_the_IRS_examine_tax_returns "
Because of the disproportionate number of people with violent criminal history as opposed to law abiding citizens is one train of thought. But another is that often self defense weapons are used by criminals to commit crimes so people over react and make rash decisions. What most people don't...
In New York, debt responsibility is almost always eliminated whenthe debtor dies. The most common exception to this is if thedebtor's relatives are joint debtors or cosigners.
In statistics, variance measures how far apart a set of numbers isspread out. If the numbers are identical, the variance is zero.Variance can never be negative.
1.In society, we need rules in order to help humans live safely. 2.To prevent anarchy where the strong dominate the weak. 3.Minorities can live in peace.
The age limit for most clubs is 21 years of age if the club hasalcohol. The age limit for a club that doesn't have alcohol is 18years of age.
Depending on nation or region, there can be multiple laws applicable to radioactive matter and control of radiation emissions. Strontium-90 (a radioactive isotope of strontium with half-lives ranging* from 28.78 to 29.1 years) --- along with many other radioactive elements --- is subject to...
He definatly was.
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson set forth the rationale for the establishment of government in a society: to secure the fundamental, inherent, and preexisting rights of the people. The idea was that the monopoly force of government was needed to suppress the likes of murderers,...
Forever unless pardoned by the Governor
Because people generally won't behave themselves if left to their own devices.
There is no such thing as registering your property as section 8 property. What you are asking is "how do you accept section 8 vouchers from your tenants?" You can list your house with the local housing authority in your area. Keep in mind that your house or rental unit must meet federal housing...
If you mean where is a website that you can check to see if a gun is registered, there's not one.
Yes they can...all avenues of enforcement apply. Also in some states your drivers license can be suspended and your income tax will also be taken if you owe over $500.00 or more. A lien can be put on all your assets including bank accounts and property.
New York City has no curfew law. Curfew laws have been proposed, but nothing has come of it. And given that the New York State Court of Appeals has recently ruled that teen curfew laws are unconstitutional (see second Related Link), it is unlikely that one will be passed anytime soon.
In the United States model a national and federal laws aresynonymous terms. Federal laws are supreme and thus preempt anystate or local laws and regulations.
It depends on two things: Where you are and what you mean. If you are in the United States, most states don't require a permit just to own or possess a pistol. If want to carry the pistol on your person loaded, some states require a permit and some don't.
add wheels and tell and tell the inspector he can go bark at the moon. He has no say over trailers and parade floats.
The driver of the truck should be ultimately responsible for his/her actions. They should never drive somewhere without first checking to see that it is safe. If I was the landowner and I was handed the bill then I would argue it. BUT, if I was the one that told the driver that it was safe to drive...
for emergency responders, like the police, the firefighters, or the ambulance
No. And the friend could very well find himself/herself facing criminal charges.
A commisioner is basically a Lawyer with no Judge degree but has power to enforce Judgements just like a regular Judge would in the event that the judge is out on vacation or leave, or If the seat is vacant or if he or she is finishing requirements to become a judge (this would take years) but He or...
It is not legal in Alberta to drive a motor vehicle with an opencontainer of alcohol. This law also affects the passenger who isdrinking alcohol.
You'll still be arrested when they find you because you broke your probation before you were 18. Period.
To Start a Security Company in Tennessee, log on to:. www.startasecuritycompany.com. Find out about licensing, insurance, bonding, contracts, proposals, business plans, websites, costing, hiring, marketing, management, procedures, networking etc.... http://www.startasecuritycompany.com/index.html
It depends on where Colleyville is.............USA, England, Canada or ?
What to do during doing your period? . Simply go to a store like Wal-Mart or Target. Go to the feminine hygiene aisle and look at all the pads and tampons. Pick out a few different packs of pads and tampons to try out. I would recommend buying purse packs so you can conveniently carry products with...
a group is just a bunch of people..and organization is a group that is organized in some meaningful way
The Supreme Court of Appeal, The Constitutional Court and the HighCourt. The Supreme Court of Appeal is the highest court in SouthAfrica.
Sure is. You are required to provide a safe and stable living environment for children. Being homeless does not qualify as either, and the party in question would most likely have the children removed.
No. DC does have very stringent regulations on firearms ownership, but the case of Heller vs District of Columbia ruled that ownership is legal.
Most municipal police department are situated in small towns. Theyhandle smaller less serious crimes like non-criminal events anddisturbances.
I believe internet crimes are considered federal, since different stages of illegal activity can happen in different locations. This is also a reason why so many internet crimes go unpunished, because the FBI is busy taking down big criminals. They have no time to go after billy for downloading...
None. Its Child Endangerment. Felony is a Federal offense so you are 'blacklisted'.
Depending on the state and the crime...24 to 72 hours...after that you must be charged or released.
Very confidently, they have to go into someones house and take items- it would be very upsetting for the owner which would make you not want to take the items, even if it will benefit them.
Look into something that is call the "implied warranty of habitability." This basically states that your landlord must abide by reasonable standards in regards to the condition of the building that they are renting to you. You may want to talk to an attorney if you are not getting the response that...
First, you must live in a state that has legalized marijuana. Then, you must go to a doctor (ask around and find a doctor that is known to do this) and get a prescription (for anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, etc) and then go to a Medicinal Marijuana club and sign up for for a membership ($250...
Eminent Domain:For example, in one case a town wished to exercise eminent domain over a residential neighborhood, so that an upscale condominium development could be built on that land. To advance that goal, they defined any home within the neighborhood as "blighted" if it did not have three...
ceratainly if a minor entices another minor to break the law or perform an act causing a loss or injury to another. it is called peer pressure.
Yes, it is usually included under the Disorderly Conduct, or other such "public order' statutes.
Whether or not you can swear in public legally is a matter of statelaw. Some states still have laws on their books that make thispractice illegal, although it is seldom enforced. It is notconsidered polite to do this, however.
Technically they can, but they probably wont, and you cannot test drive it.
they keep the inmates under control and put them i certain cells
Expungement of criminal offenses is customarily only offered one time for one offense. There is no such thing as a blanket expungement of a criminal record.
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and am only presenting the facts as I understand them to be true. I may or may not be correct in my interpretation of the law. This is not legal advice. Please be advised that the court's interpretation of the law in your jurisdiction may or may not be congruent with my...
See below for a link to the county site. All the rules are listed. Boils down to any loud noises between 10PM and 8AM
Not in the UK
That's up to the parent, guardian and maturity of the child.
No. You must have watched Beverly hills cop.
Some positions that are appointed by the President are DeputySecretary of Agriculture, Secretary for Food Safety, and Secretaryfor Rural Development. Other positions appointed are InspectorGeneral and Secretary of Defense.
"all 50 states?" WRONG! look up your code regulations at your state website, IN for example only requires certain distance of visibility for bright and low intensities.
That type of building issue is governed locally. Please check with your town clerk's office to determine the rules in your jurisdiction.
Your picture is your intellectual property. However, it is hard toprevent it on the internet. You may have it removed by contactingthe website owner.
If you are a minor then nothing. If you are not a minor then chances are it will not affect anything unless you can prove the cop did not read them...because the court is going to take the word of a police officer over that of some random person.
he didn't make laws he just stated that what he says go's
Because there a law that makes it so child labor if looked down upon until the age of 14 when you can get a workers permit but you could start your own business at anytime.
Because if you get lost or your mom is late to pick you up or a change of schedule then you need your phone.
There are many penalties for spray painting as a senior prank. Youcould be fined or even face jail charges.