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Britain in WW2

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Questions regarding British participation in World War 2, in both the European and Pacific theaters of the war.
Because of the near bankruptcy of Britain, the price of food and  other goods may very will have cost a small fortune.
They were first evacuted when The Nazi empire rose and bombed  London in 1940-41. parents sent their children way when the Nazis  bombed london thinking they would be safe. They were sent to  america.
I assume you refer to Ongar, which was closed in 1994. It was situated on the Central line, east of Epping (further from central London).
The land owned by France and Urgel is Andorra.
crash the ball on top while above the net
because he wanted to change his tactic to allow for more night  bombings
He never took part in a battle. He was managing the war in London.
The Polish Marian Rejewski, Jerzy and Henryk~!!A good book, by Robert Harris, Enigma, is next on my to read list. The Polish broke the pre-war machines, in 1932. Then after the war broke out, the Polish sent the information they'd learned to the British who then deciphered the new German war Enigma...
about 100 miles
They were evacuated to times or more and they were evacuated to the countryside...
The children of the Industrial Revolution did not attend school.
Fertility was at a rate of 2.07 in 2011 so most families average at  about 2 children.
The Battle of Britain started in the summer of June and ended in the Winter of December 12, 1940
Afi 36-2903 you can lightly iron your uniform to crease your  chevrons.
This is the most comprehensive list I have seen from Kyle Williams and Dan Alex and the Department of Defense. These are the British air crafts only. The Dept. of Defense supplied them with lists of aircraft and weapons from other countries too. Aircraft Airspeed Oxford Armstrong Whitworth...
Brittish refugee children were spread out from the main cities to the countryside or very secluded rural areas. This was to prevent the next generation suffering at the hands of the Nazi's during the time of the Blitz and other air raid attacks. This was put in place once the Germans had began...
Opening up a two-front war that was fatal for Nazi Germany.   Primarily, we succeeded in gaining a virtually unbreakable foothold  in Europe in Normandy.   We basically eradicated the Nazi's defenses on the coast when we  attacked. Nothing was left.
There are seven articles to the Constitution that the United States  guides itself by. The first article contains the role of the  Legislative Branch of the Government; the second article provides  the rules the President and Vice President are elected. The third  article frames the Judicial...
Evactuation is where Men,Women,Boys and girl's at the age of 6 month's had to be evactuated. They had to stay in the underground or Air raid shelters and Morrison shelters. The Morrison shelters were something you would lay in. Air raid shelters is the outside sheleter that has grass on top and it...
no,you would sit in a corner and carry it out in the morning
There were sirens to tell people to go into the shelters and there was another siren to tell them to come out.
The British Government (: CHEESE :)
Some important people in the Battle of Britain were Winston  Churchill, Hugh Dowding, Keith Parkes, Leigh Mallory, Hermann  Goering.
The final battle occured in Hogwarts
The code name for the proposed German invasion of England was Code Name Operation Sealion.. Immediately after the defeat of France in June 1940, Adolf Hitler ordered his generals to organize the invasion of Britain. The invasion plan was given the code name Operation Sealion. The objective was...
The German bombed Britain from France and eventually Hitler ordered  the airstrikes to stop.
Yes children did have to wear uniforns even though they were horrible. You may dislike uuniforms just now but they were even worse then.
because the british people didn't want the germans to bomb england so they mad sure there was no light so the germans just though that it was still sea and nothing was really there.
St. Augustine of hippo is best remembered as bishop
Because the population of US is roughly five times that of Britain, the sheer weight of extra manpower was a massive morale booster in the UK. The extra manpower and equipment that the US contributed was essential for the invasion of mainland Europe. Nazi Germany was so powerful, that it took the...
No. There was an HMS Rodney, a battleship named for a great British Admiral of the 1700s. There was an HMS Romney, but it was a minesweeper, a small auxiliary craft.
It forced them to abandon their plan to invade Britain.
Great Britain became one of the first Allied Powers at the  beginning of WWII.
october the 25th of september 1066 .... hope this helped ..i have a project on it :/ so there the month
thousandsBombing campaigns are not measured in terms of "how many bombs were dropped" but rather how many tons of bombs were used. The Luftwaffe dropped about 45,000 tons of bombs during the Blitz. Some of this tonnage was used on other locations but London received the bulk of the bombs up to May...
Look on woodlands junior. Just type it in google.
Germany could not (or would not) invade Great Britain. Edit: The Battle of Britain was the battle fought in the sky over Britain between the British and German airforce in 1940. Britain had superior technology such as the radar, and were far superior in general so defeated Germany. This was one of...
It became important to develop a more tightly organized form of  production than the traditional method of employing workers in  small workshops.
The battle of Britain was not a single battle, but a period of greatly increased air attack by Germany intended to destroy the british airforce as a prelude to operation sealion, the invasion of the british isles. it is my understanding that hernan georing was the main organiser from the German side...
  The Labour party were in emergency coalition with the Conservatives and Liberals from 1940-5 and all worked together for the good of the nation. Very soon after VE day the Labour and Liberal parties withdrew from the government forcing a much needed general election.
"Don't you know a rumble ain't a rumble without me?"
Refer to your Security Forces Squadron's Operating Instructions,specific to your base and unit.
After the crazy and lofty dreams of the parents both fail, the family is all that remains.. Family is a durable, lasting, and important institution.
Voting reforms were common, because people wanted to be involved in making decisions that impacted their lives. Many of the reforms that took place are still important in the United States today. Voting rights, minimum wage laws, child labor protection, unemployment and insurance all serve to...
There are many places named after British Prime Ministers. Pittsburgh, Melbourne and Sydney are a few examples - though obviously not the capital of their countries. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand was named after the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley who was Prime Minister from 1828 to...
No. Hitler and his army only managed to invade and occupy the British controlled chanel islands (just off the coast of France), which were subsequently returned when Hitler was defeated.
it is a quick and efficient form of shelter
What was the Hemispheric Defense Zone?   help me out guys        A defense zone in World War 2 to protect American ships
I believe it was Adolf Hitler who ordered. Heinrich Himmler was the architect of the plan and Hitler coined the phrase "the final solution to the Jewish question." It was believed that Hitler ordered it in mid-1941.
There is no "true secret" in Freemasonry. /IYM "There is no 'True Secret' in Freemasonry"/thank you
how did the wright brothers flew their planes
The assembly line method of production. Brought to the forefront by Henry Ford in his production of the Model T. Soon used for other consumer goods during the 1920s such as refrigerators and radios (wirelesses).
The nine Treaty sheets displayed in the Constitution Room at Archives New Zealand in Wellington are all in Māori, except the Waikato sheet, which is in English
The Royals in World War II People rarely think of the King of the Commonwealth and his family during World War 2. King George was nearly killed by a bomb during the blitz. Did he leave? No, he said that all families in London do not get to run away from London and he and his family will not leave...
Chris Trueman BA (Hons), MA put together these tables for the educators in the United Kingdom. This should give you the answer you need. Tanks produced 1940 to 1945:Great BritainUSAUSSRGermanyJapan19401,4003002,8001,600not known19414,8004,1006,4003,8001,00019428,60025,00024,7006,3001,20019437,50029...
The last time the United Kingdom officially went to war was in 1942 against Thialand.
The four-year war between Iran and Iraq once again raises the question of whether the United States should be the guardian of the Persian Gulf. For many people, including President Reagan and Walter Mondale, it goes without saying that should the war jeopardize oil shipments through the Strait of...
CC41 stands for 'civilian clothing 1941'. The rather striking CC mark was later also used later for other rationed articles such as 'utility furniture'.
German high command knew that any attemp to sent a naval invasion of Britain would fail because any fleet getting close would be destoryed by the Royal Navy or Bombed by the RAF. Because of this the Luftwaffe (German air force) where ordered to take out the RAF's ability to destroy a fleet so a...
Was God intervening in the 1st World War by bringing the two opposing sides together ? As a christian I believe He was.
They shot down so many German aircraft that the Germans decided not to go on with this and stopped bombing England.
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The Britons united together to support the war. Women worked in men's jobs, they grew gardens, worked at their husband's businesses while they were away, they sent their kids to the countryside, and everyone pitched in with living on less. They supported one another emotionally and helped those who...
6pm easternThis answer is incorrect. The eastern time zone is 1 hour ahead of Central. Therefore if it is 3PM Central it is 4PM Eastern, not 6PM.
Dunkirk was a political disaster but a strategic and morale success for Britain   Dunkirk for the British was a miraculous escape, but as Churchill said wars are not won by defeats. It is probable the lack of committing the panzers from the German point of view is that Hitler needed to use them...
To show that he was proud to be an Indian.
These are the grand totals for the Battle of Britain 544 airmen killed 1,547 aircraft destroyed If you want to see a daily amount of the deaths and planes destroyed you can see the official RAF site. www raf mod UK I tried to link this to this website but I am not certain it worked. Anyway, I...
Hermann Goerring was in charge of the German Luftwaffe
the war had a negative effect on Britain. They lost many citizens and soldiers in the war. their cities were also in shambles because of the German bombers.
On the 6th of feb, 1840