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Asia is part of Eurasia and the world's largest and most populous continent, located in the eastern and northern hemispheres of the Earth. Asia has a number of regions and peoples and huge range of environments, cultures, histories and government systems.
They mostly work on anything but especially agriculture,  technology, engineering, and manufacturing.
The 2004 tsunami was caused by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean.  The quake happened on December 26, 2004 off the western coast of  Sumatra in Indonesia.
Asia is subdivided into 48 countries, two being Russia and Turkey having part of the land. Asia has very extreme diverse climates and geographic land features. Climates range from arctic and subarctic in Siberia to tropical in southern India and Southeast Asia.
No. There is no desert called the Simpson Desert in Asia, only in Australia, where it is the fourth largest desert.
There are 11 countries in Southeast Asia each with a different type of government.
1. India   2. Pakistan   3. Afghanistan   4. Srilanka   5. Bhutan   6. Maldives   7. Bangladesh   8. Nepal
The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia and is 90,000 square  kilometres.
What's that even supposed to mean. Sorry but I didn't want this on the discussion board so I put a period.
5 feet 7" or 5 feet 8"
I. a. Steppe- malawak na lupaing nagtataglay ng damuhang mayroong lamang ugat na mababaw. b. Prairie- lupaing may mga damuhang mataas na malalim ang ugat. c. Savanna- lupain ng pinag-samang mga damuhan at kagubatan. II. Tundra a. Ito ay nangangahulugang "tree less mountain tract". III. Taiga ...
Asia comprises 43,820,000 square kilometers.
There were seven wonders in the ancient world.... . Great Pyramid of Giza . Hanging Gardens of Babylon . Statue of Zeus at Olympia . Temple of Artemis at Ephesus . Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus . Colossus of Rhodes . Lighthouse of Alexandria .
Easternmost is Russia and I assume that Russia is also the  northernmost.
The Gobi is the coldest and most northern desert in the world. It  is mostly dry, rocky, sandy soil with only about 5 percent of the  land covered with sand dunes.    Clarification:   Antarctica is actually the coldest desert in the world.
No, Saudi Arabia is southwest Asia, not in Africa. The Arabian peninsula is across the Red Sea, E and NE of thecountries of northeastern Africa.
They border each other; easy access.
European nations brought warships and armies to build empires inSouth Asia.
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You just left Australia since 1993 and need to return how can apply . you still stay with your wife in Thailand.
Kastelorizo is in Europe and NOT in Asia.It is a Greek Island that belongs to Greece and is situated between The Island of Rhodos in Greece and the Island (Country of Cyprus) in the Mediterranean Sea.
Water can be found in solid state (ice), liquid state (water) and gaseous state (steam or vapour).
No more or less than things that are important about other continents.
1. A distrust of foreigners.2. Second language3. Additional religions4. Western technologies5. Product ideas (seeing how the other half lives & ideas to profit by them; with goods)6. Trade (seeing how the other does business/such as honest/dishonest/and habits)
Asia is a continent.
The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze River, at 3,915 miles. The  second longest river is the Yellow River at 3,395 miles.
Much of the land use in Southwest Asia is fractured on minig and minerals, they do grow crops but most if the land is used for mining.
Armenia is the only landlocked country in southwest Asia. Jordan  comes close, but it has 10 miles of coastline along the Gulf of  Aqaba.
Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
The reason why is because for trade. people want to trade with the localist crossroad transportation so this is for trading goods such as fruit and grains.
The Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Finland
Experts believe that the Cree Indians came from the area of modern day Tibet.
Bubonic Plague (Black Death) had many effects and in most cases killed. The population in this time went down a lot, and the great fire of London wiped the black death out.
Substinence Farmers
Long time ago I read an article from a travel magazine. They say you can list all the reasons in the world, but what truly makes Thailand great is its people.
It did not include India because when Alexander's army got to the  Indus River they refused to go any further. They had been fighting  for 11 years and had march thousands of miles from home.  Alexander's generals and men wanted to return to their own lands  and no one really knew much of the...
Between Europe and Asia (dividing Eurasia ): along the Turkish Straits . The Turkish Straits are a series of internationally significantwaterways in northwestern Turkey. that connect the Aegian, theMediterranean to the Black Sea If we consider 3 seas, then theNames are Black Sea, Aegean Sea,...
Buddhism is the dominant religion in Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
There are many impartial and accurate sources from which you can draw information for your assignment. The UK's Janes Intelligence Review and Janes Defense Weekly provide both strategic and tactical information, al-Jazeera's reporting is first rate (with their reporters often being arrested and...
Asia is a continent, not a country, and does not have a president.
There are 45 countries on the continent of Asia. Some of these  countries include Afghanistan, India, Japan, Laos, Oman, Qatar, as  well as Turkey.
China IndiaRussia* (about 80% of its population lives in European Russia) JapanPakistanBangladeshPhilippinesVietnamIranTurkey Thailand
There are approximately 47 countries in Asia but some also overlapinto the neighboring continent of Europe. Azerbaijan, Georgia,Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey have land both in Europe and in Asia.Armenia and Cyprus are generally accepted socio-politically asEuropean, although geographically they are...
Manila is the capital of Philippines which is located in South east Asia (Asian continent ) . The metropolitan area is the second most populous in Southeast Asia.
pass to new generation who is going away form nature and real life  .
All trees are susceptible to acid rain. It has been shown however,  that evergreen trees and trees growing in high elevations are prone  to more widespread and severe damage.
No, the Bering Strait separates North America (Alaska) and Asia (Russia). On the north side of the strait is the Chukchi Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. On the south side of the strait is the Bering Sea, which is part of the Pacific Ocean. An argument can be made that the Arctic Ocean...
Europe is not separate from Russia as part of Russia is in Europe. Two mountain ranges are credited as borders between Europe and Asia, however; they are the Ural Mountains and the Caucus Mountains. The Ural Mountains are the mountains that separate European Russia from Asian Russia.
The Caspian Sea is the largest saltwater lake in Asia, as well as the world's largest lake
Being just above the equator, they are covered by tropical forests. Some folks refer to them as jungles.
Korea is in Asia.
The countries of Laos, Cambodia, and all of Vietnam.
There is no definite boundary separating East Asia from Southeast Asia and North Asia, but countries usually considered to be in East Asia are China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, and Siberia (part of Russia).
The large peninsula in southwest is Arabian Peninsula
The physiography of Russia, understood as the vast region once  generally united as the Soviet Union, is dominated particularly by  steppes. Steppes are large tracts of open plains, covered with  grass or scrub with spare (if any) tree-covering. Climatically,  Russian steppes differ relative to...
Mouhot discovered Angkor, one of the geographic regions. It contains the most impressive temple comlex going back to when the region was one of the crossroads of an ancient world. Crossroads are something where goods, people and ideas come together from many areas. In the ancient times travelers...
Neither nor. It is in Central Asia.
    what country in southeastern asia has the highest standard of living    
various fins, whale, shark and dolphin for example.
No. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is on the continent of Asia.
Hinduism and Buddhism affected Southeast Asia, by introducing the two new cultures to Asia..
The large desert in northern Chile is the Atacama Desert. The  Atacama is the driest non-polar desert in the world.
Buddhism (hence the Big Budda statues they love). Although they are accepting of other religions such as Christianity also.
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Colombo is the largest city of Sri Lanka.
Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal is considered the founder of Bhutan as it is today. He was born in Ralung in Tibet in 1594, to one of the the most prominent Buddhist leaders in the world at the time, and Princess Sonam Pelkyi Butri, daughter of the ruler of Kyisho, who was in turn descended from the...
Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.