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VW Jetta

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The VW Jetta is a compact car manufactured by Volkswagen since 1979. As of 2006, the company sold more than 6.6 million Jetta models worldwide, one-third of which was from the US.
yes it does and it is located by the battery and if it is blown you may need an ac compressor they have a problem with locking up
There are MANY Volkswagen factories. Brazil, China, India, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, England, Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Mexico and South Africa. They also build Scania trucks in Sweden and France, Bugatti's in France and Lamborghini in Italy. A new...
There are 3 places to find fuses on a 2001 Malibu. At the side of the dash board on both sides when the doors are open. There are panels on both sides which open to reveal fuses. The third place is under the hood. There is a small box on the upper right hand side when you are facing the car which...
Answer . \nthe reverse light switch is usually mounted on the shifter inside the car.
inside the trunk there should be a small door behind the light assembly with access to the bulb
Answer . \nManual transmissions usually have a screw plug more than halfway up on the side of the transmission body. Remove the plug. If fluid spills out, the transmission is full. You can check the level by inserting your finger in the hole. If the transmission needs fluid, it is added through...
Trouble code P0171 means: System Too Lean (Bank 1)
Its the round ball shaped plastic container on the drivers side under hood; it usually has a blue twist off cap. If your vehicle was just recently running be careful when unscrewing.
My 2000 Jetta 1.8T had two cr1620's stacked one on top of the other. Some sites say a cr2060? Open and find out for sure. http://userfs.cec.wustl.edu/~lrr1/vwremote/
Bad spark plug, bad spark plug wire
Ever thought of a child using the remote to start a vehicle enclosed in a home garage and running a risk of carbon dioxide poisoning?
switch?? Module maybe? front of passanger side valve cover. two ten mil. nuts two wirring connectors and you are done.
flasher . \nSounds like hazard flasher needs replaced. there are two one for rerular turn Andone for hazard.. Answer . \nSounds like hazard flasher needs replaced. there are two one for rerular turn And one for hazard.
I am a welding student so I do indeed know alot about steel's/welding metals. In steel there is a cell like bond. Such as in anything else. Once heat or strees is applied you force the steel to change cell shape causeing the creak you hear, its mostly stress of the steel. This can be prevented by...
Answer . get your ecu checked out my 91 was doing the same thing, the ecu was bad, and the ground to the ecu was bad, which caused the "fry" to the ecu.
because we need special chemicals for the cars
Answer . The snap rings that hold the shifter in place have popped out and you will need to remove the boot to put everything back where it belongs.
Intermitent start . 1. Loose,corroded, or worn battery cables. 2. Faulty starter solinoid. 3. Faulty Ignition Switch. 4, Corroded,worn (bad) start wire. . Ignition Coil going bad. Cracked distributor cap. Bad fuel pump/ fuel pressure Clogged fuel filter "in line/in tank"
You have to do it from inside the trunk. Remove the plastic screws that hold the cargo net in (they should just screw out). Then, pull the plastic trim that was under the plastic screws out to expose the studs that hold the tail lights in (there should be 2-3 studs). Remove any screws if there are...
There are three ways to reset the check engine light. The easiest way is to disconnect the battery, and then reconnect. This resets the cars computer. Second, you can plug in a code reader which can reset the computer. Lastly, you can fix the problem. Sometimes the check engine light on a car will...
Try disconnecting the battery terminals and let sit for a minute or two. Then reconnect and start vehicle! This should reset the computer and the check engine light should be off! If this does not work try disconnecting again and let sit for a longer period of time!
There is another fuse panel above the one you see under the driver's dash. Drop down the one you see and pull the fuses for the alarm on the fuse panel above it. This will also disable your radio.
Answer \n. \nYou need to specify if it is a steel, wood or fiberglass door.\n. \n Answer \n. \nInsure the door frame is square and solid. After checking that, move on.\n. \nFor a wooden door, it is possible to pull the hinge pins and remove the door so the bottom can be planed a touch. It's...
Inside engine compartment passenger side at firewall
Make sure you've unlocked the car and then press on the little door to the gas pump. It should pop open.
I have a 2000 Cabrio and you push on the side of the fuel door that is closest to the front of the car and it will pop open. I am not sure it they are the same but I would give it a try.
25% is kinetic 75% is wasted
Answer . The light is part of a complex algorythm developed by GM specialists. The only thing the owner can do is turn it off.. The setup monitors and measures several parameters of the engine environment then calculates when an oil change is needed. The manual states that if you are using it to...
the engine must be lifted from the engine bay quite a few inches so that it can be accessed and removed. You do this by removing the air box and battery, take the lower bolts out of the front motor mount, lift engine, remove waterpump.
The ignition relay is under the air filter box on the right hand side
Answer . \nTry having a friend press down on the hood (near the latch area) as your trying to pull the release handle; this may take a few tries. If the hood opens, you may want to check the release mechanism for any dirt or debris, clean it up and lubricate it. It's possible that the wire to...
you really cant change the bulbs but you could just pop the climate control panel off go up to your nearest junk yard and get a new one they should range from 45 to 80 bucks but it beats the dealers price of 300 to whatever they want to charge
Answer . Look in the fuse box under the dash board. It's located on the drivers side kick panel. It should be labeled.
unbolt the sensor when you pull it out you will see how it comes apart. unbolt the sensor when you pull it out you will see how it comes apart. unbolt the sensor when you pull it out you will see how it comes apart
It is important to maintain the fluid levels of a vehicle. A personadds power steering fluid for this car into the power steeringreservoir under the hood under the lid labeled power steering.
Bad turn signal flasher? . Bad switch in steering column?. diffrent fuses.
Trouble code P0134 means: HO2S (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Circuit No Activity
some models of bora like 2002 or 2004 have sensors even on seatbelt live Volvo but if you haven't seatbelt sensors then you have to know that your computer is crazy so go and check the car by its checker, above the lighter you will find it and go to anyone have the checker to run diagnosis on this...
Answer . I know what your sayin. My car smells like crayons and I have shampoo'd my car and used all kinds of sprays. Nothing works. Gud luk though!
Answer . As far as i Know, is inside the engine block, behind the flywheel ;) in that area
Just replaced mine in January. I have fold down seats so I crawed in that way. Removed the trunk lid cover w/ a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the thin arm on the hatch release... that will open the trunk. There is a plastic push arm that broke on mine... I took off three bolts, determined that I could...
Complete Instructions @ http://www.ehow.com/how_4743283_chrysler-front-grille-removal-instructions.html
Answer . Find another shop. Most manual transmissions oil need to be changed only after 50,000 to 100,000 miles. If you have no shifting problems leave it alone.
A Jet Ski is a watercraft. It's more like a motorbike only in water.
301 motor is different than 350x(buick motor)
On the 2.4 and 3.6 liter engines it is behind the timing cover down by the crankshaft sprocket. Caution: the timing belt cover bolts of varying lengths. Be sure to mark the bolts and the cover to return them to the proper holes. You may wish to change timing belts while you are in there.
Answer . \nWhen the Check Engine Light (CEL) comes on, it usually indicates that the computer detected something wrong in the system. Before resetting the light, you should retrieve the code(s) to see what was detected. If everything seems to be fine as you indicate, you can reset the light by...
Were is the ESP in a vw car I am looking for it
Answer . I started at $13.00 an hour. I have never worked at a daycare, however, I have a teaching degree (ECE and Elem. Ed) and have taught in the school system for a few years. I will also be finishing my Masters Degree in April.
there are located over both covers valves (4 on right bank) (4 on left bank).
If it comes on and then goes off after a bit it could be because the oil filter temporarily has no oil in it.\n. \nHere is what I do and I have not had your problem to date. Before you spin on that " New Filter " Fill it up with oil a couple times and allow it to soak in. If you are lucky as...
Answer 1 . HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventillating, and Air Conditioning. So, I would suspect that the two items are the same thing. As long as I can remember, we just called them "the blower resistor," even though it was a "package" of several resistors.. The way they work is by doing their ...
Go to ecmtogo.com. I just bought a reman. for my Plymouth. Their website tells ya all you need to know. Prices are reasonable, and the warrenty on products sold is great. Scared of ordering online?, call them on the phone, they are very nice and will definitely help you, heck they managed to help me...
on the side of the engine! looks like a can!
Answer . Check the fuse box for a bad or blown fuse for the radio.
Melanin is an inclusion as opposed to being an organelle.
Did you mean Cooling sensor ? if so , it located at the bottom of radiator next to lower water hose, here is the link to diagram http://www.acuraoemparts.com/delray/jsp/prddisplay.jsp?inputstate=5&catcgry1=VIGOR&catcgry2=1993&catcgry3=4DR+LS&catcgry5=RADIATOR%2BHOSE&ListAll=All&vinsrch=no
I have a 2000 VW Jetta.I was driving and the air Bag light came on.For no obivious reason.Thank you I had this happen on my 2001 VW GTI, the dealer said the sensor was dead in the seat belt female end, I had it replaced. The light come on when the system detects a problem and sets a trouble...
Yes. Since your dealing with MKIII's here (1993-1999.5) the parts will work.
My car is the exact same model and is doing the same thing. When i come to a stop it will cut off or idle really low. I was told one of three things is wrong the most expensive is replacing the idle control valve it is almost 510 bucks brand new but some salvage yards will let you get them cheaper.....
Drive your car off of a cliff
Answer . \nSensors are located under the floor mats at the front edges of the seats when they are fully to the rear. There is a box type reinforcment that runs from side to side in the floor. The fronts of the seats arebolted to this frame member. The sensors are bolted to a mounting panel that...
Easy !!! Replace the coil. That setup is a temporary solution for when the coil goes bad.
Need to take van to a Chrysler dealer and have alarm system retrained.
take off the plastic underneath the steering wheel above you feet and the relays are located in there.
It could be you have something shoved in the tape slot, I've seen this problem with 2 cars I have owned. One time it was just a coin in there. But we bought a jeep last week tried a tape, rejected, looked inside we found a bunch of trident wrappers, quarter, dime, and 3 pennies. so take a flash...
general purpose of wire is to transmit power or signal in to receiver side the following are the classifications of wire Signal wires Power wires Co-axial wires
Where is the oil drain plug for 2004 VW Golf
I have a 2001 and i use red one. 50/50. Auto zone has it for 13.99. hope this helps.
Anytime a Fuse "Blows" . Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circuits and overload conditions which can cause extreme overheating that can result in damage to the insulation and the conductors,...
Book says 8.5 quarts. Almost dead on. I put in 8 after an oil change and ran it a week. Checked it and it was half a quart low.
180 horses and 174 pound-feet of torque
Answer . Did you set the spark plug gap to factory specs? A plug gapped to wide will cause hesitation. Also look and see if you inadvertently disconnected a vacuum hose. You may need to replace the plug wires on this 10 year old vehicle.
Answer . If the speedo is not working too, see the previous question. If not check for vacuum leaks; Check the hose from the pump to the servo(diaphragm) that pulls the throttle. Check the servo for leaks. Then check electrical wiring and connections.. For more (better) troubleshooting hints see;...
Answer . \ngo to auto zone they will run the machine that tells you why the light is on and they can reset it with that
The MAF is located at the air cleaner you should see a wire connector leading to the air box and that's it.
Repair the problem . \nYou reset it with an OBD2 scan tool after repairing the problem detected by the computer. Otherwise it will just come back on.
Answer . \nIf it's anything like the 2005 Envoy, there are four wires tied to the side of the steering column without any sort of plug on the end. These are for the electric trailer brakes. I don't recall how they're labelled (they didn't match my brake's instructions exactly) but they were...
Locate the front wire on the distributer and follow. it will lead to the crankshaft position sensor.
Answer . The check engine light indicates a problem with the emissions system so to permanently clear the code you must have the codes read and correct the problem, it is most likely a faulty sensor. Auto parts stores at least the big chains can read the codes for you and also help in clearing...
Answer . Assuming that there are no aftermarket gadgets on the car the horn you hear when you lock the car is not the same as the one that is on the steering wheel. If the fuse is good I would next locate and check the horn relay. It is mounted on the relay panel that is above your left foot when...
Answer . \nFirst fix the problem that caused the light to come on. Then you may be able to reset it by removing the battery cable for 5 minutes. If that does not work, you will need an OBD2 scan tool to reset the light.
\nOpen the boot, and pull away the compartment at the relevant side.\n. \nYou should then be able to access a panel, where there are two clips you will need to squeeze, which then releases the lights.\n. \nPull the bulb panel toward you and replace the third bulb down!
Answer . \nI would immediately check the oil level. If you find that it is not low of oil, immediately replace the filter with a new name brand filter. AC/Delco would be my choice in this vehicle. If that does not help, replace the oil pressure sending unit.
This is most likely an electrical issue, and may have nothing to do with fuses. If the headlight switch has failed, both headlights will be inoperative. On many cars, there are separate fuses for right and left headlights, so both of them failing at the same time is unlikely. Your best bet would...
from oil, under the ground