Georgia (US State)

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Georgia is a state located in the southeast of the United States. It ranks 24th in terms of total land area and ninth in terms of population. Georgia participated in the American Revolution.
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Atlanta in May has the most rainfall in Georgia.
The Georgia Constitution is the governing document for Georgia. Itoutlines the three branches of government in Georgia.
There are 2 Buckhead's in GA. One is 5 miles from downtown and the other is 70 miles.
Scotland is 5 hours ahead of Atlanta.
The approximate driving time and mileage information - Between: Atlanta, GA and: Toronto, ON, Canada Driving miles: 765 Driving time: 16 hrs - is based on traveling non-stop in good driving conditions.Driving time does not take into consideration conditions which mayextend travel time such as...
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The Supreme Court of Georgia seats a total of seven justices - one Chief and six Associates - who are selected by voters in non-partisan elections. The term of office is six years. The current Chief Justice is Carol W. Hunstein, who was chosen by her peers on the panel.
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Answer . 9285 miles
The five main themes of geography : location, place,human-environment interaction, movement, and region. Location -Absolute *83 degrees 29.7'N, 32 degrees 42.8'N -Relative * Southeast, Above Florida, bordered by Alabama,Tennessee, Florida, North and South Carolina. PLACE: Georgia is a southern...
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is anorganization located in Atlanta, Georgia that deals with infectioncontrol.
Google Maps estimates the driving time as 4 hours and 22 minutes.
what is the distance in miles between atlanta ga and vidalia ga
The figures carved into Stone Mountain are the Confederate heroes, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.
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Georgia voted for peaches to be the state fruit. Georgia startedgrowing peaches to replace cotton.
The distance between the above mentioned places is 1263 milesapproximately. The distance between the above mentioned places is 1487 milesapproximately.
244-320 Renouf Road, Forsyth, GA 31029
In 2010, the population of the state of Georgia is 9,687,653. Link:
On January 21, 1985, Atlanta airport had a low of minus 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and Peachtree-DeKalb airport in Chamblee had a low of minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This day has been the coldest day since the beginning of the 20th century. I did read that there was a temperature recorded in Atlanta of...
It is an estimated driving time of 12 hours and 48 minute drive covering a road distance of 794 miles.
About 6 1/2 if you're looking at Louisville, KY. About 3 hours if Louisville, GA Just go to google and ask that question then it will give you a map on how to get there and how long it will take.
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Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia.
Obverse of Seal: "Wisdom, justice, and moderation" . Appearing on a banner that encircling the three pillars were the words "Wisdom," "Justice," and "Moderation"--with each word associated with one pillar. This later led one historian to conclude that "Wisdom" was to apply to the legislative...
Savannah was where Georgia colony started.
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People from the West Indies.
Georgia was one of the first North American Gold rushes.
John Oglethorpe found Georgia.
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The city of Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Some other examplesof cities in Georgia are, Alpharetta, Fitzgerald, Baxley, andDaisy.
358 miles. It is 363.86 miles according to MapQuest.
The Senate Judiciary Committee reviews the judges chosen by thePresident, and if approved, they are confirmed on the Senate floor.The President may receive nominations for judges from Senators.
Mapquest says about 359 miles (about 6 hours driving time).
Georgia is the US state that is located directly north of Florida.
Orthodox Christians make up 82.1 % of the religious groups inGeorgia. Other percentages include 9.9% Muslim, 5.7% ArmenianApostolic. 0.8% Roman Catholic, 0.1%Jews, and 1.4% other religions.
Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson are two delegates from Georgia.
A penal colony is a when the home country feels it would be best toget rid of some people by moving them to a remote location. GreatBritain did this with Australia and debtors were sent to colonialGeorgia in the United States.
Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, although the largest city is Vancouver.
One of the most-loved and well-known products from Georgia isCoca-Cola. The drink was created by Atlanta pharmacist JohnPemberton, around 1886. Other Georgia products are peaches, Vidaliaonions, YKK zippers, Dalton carpets, and Lay's chips.
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No. Savanna is an important city in the US State of Georgia, but Atlanta is the state capital.
John Hope was president of Morehouse College and later AtlantaUniversity.
The distance between Atlanta GA and Biloxi MS is about 390 road miles .
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Some employers are exempt or under certain conditions are exempt from having to pay employment taxes. See the Related Link below under "How do I know I have to pay unemployment tax" to see the conditions/type of work that is exempt. If your employer does not fall in these categories, you should...
In 1773 Savannah became the center of Colonial Govt. When Georgia's independence from British rule was declared. The Revolutionary state government made Savannah it's Capital in 1777
It is 662.36 miles which is an estimated 10 hours and 18 ninutes of driving time according to MapQuest.
In the American colony of Georgia in the 1700s, most people did nothave an education. Most of the educated people went to colleges tobecome clerics of clergymen.
peqnuts, peaches, watermelon, corn, basically whatever they can grow, hunt, or find. (venison)
Georgia is bordered by Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina.
what is one of the top stories in todays news for people living in Dalton Georgia
was georgia set up for religion freedom
It will take 14 hours and 46 minutes to drive from Rockford, IL toAtlanta, GA.
First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.
yes, there are a couple of waterfalls in Georgia.
There are a couple of different section 8 waiting lists that areopen in Georgia. The first one is called The DCA Rental AssistanceProgram. The second one is called Clarion Housing.
It's actually unknown. The stars and bars, upon which the Georgia state flag is based, was designed to carry the same meaning as the flag of the United States but have a different appearance. With this assumption we can say that the red bars stand for courage, which the white for purity and the blue...
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