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The rules of social conduct, and procedures for interaction in polite society and official life. This is grease that makes the wheels of human congress turn smoothly. From the formal addressing of an envelope, to where to seat people at a dinner party, from the correct way to answer a business phone to the intricacies of wedding planning, we will try to find answers to all of your quandaries and do so in the most mannerly fashion possible.


%REPLIES% Answer Not always. Some women are possessive and unsure of their relationship and thus, it can turn into jealousy. Time to communicate and put those fears aside for her. It will only get worse. Be sure you don't have roaming eyes and playing a few little head games with her either…
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%DETAILS% Two of my long-term relationships (one of which I am currently attempting to dissolve) have been with men several years older and it was/is awful after they think you're "under control" (after they initially are so charming). As far as a 30 yr old chasing teenagers, that's just sad. . .…
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Abusers are inherently selfish and manipulating . They can manage to present a false image ; but not for long.If the relationship survives any length at all,it will only be a matter of time before he shows his true colors.   One cannot say. Still, past conduct is the best predictor of future …
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Do you really have to do that? what is to keep between you and your past life, except children if there are any. Even so i don't see why an ex-partner should know anything about your future life, this will only mean that you are still engaged in o get back together a relationship with your ex. Ano…
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Should A Person Give Money At A Family Wake: No. Although some wakes have the option to make donations to a certain cause (if the cause of death being heart problems there may be the option to give donations to the organization/institute or a place such as the retirement home).No. The reason for a …
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How to give a proper handshake Delivering a proper handshake can make or break your first impression on a person. A handshake that's too limp or weak can convey weakness or lack of self-confidence, while one that's too strong or crushing can convey hostility. A well-executed handshake is one that…
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You can ask that if you see someone is kind of down and looks sad, other than that its just a simple Hello.'There is nothing wrong with the phrase, but it depends on how people react to it. I think it would be good to ask when the person is in a good mood and that way the person may tell more or at …
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The best way to get to know someone is to be really friendly, you can always just ask simple questions like; what is your name, how old are you, whats your job or what school do you go to (depending on the age of the person). Ask them if they like things that you like e.g. if you like Dolphins then …
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The groom should give his bride a gift that comes from the heart. Love can be expressed in a myriad of different ways, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic "love letter" or "love card". Elite Glass Cards offers beautiful glass cards, engraved with a special messag…
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This is a question I actually feel somewhat qualified to answer. I can tell you that platitudes like, "But you have everything to live for" and almost-superstitious kneejerk reactions like "Don't say that!" are no help at all. I've received both, and have learned to keep suicidal thoughts to myself.…
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Preferably, wedding gifts should be given just before or just after the ceremony. If you cannot attend the wedding, it's always best to err on the side of caution and send the gift by post (and insure it if it's valuable!) so that it arrives at least two days before the wedding is to take place. How…
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Answer As a couple you can arrange a dinner for the parents so that they can meet. Perhaps one set of parents or the other is a good place to start making plans. In any case, it will help if you are both comfortable with the result. If you need a neutral meeting place, set up a dinner or lunch a…
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I still say it. A lot of the changes in etiquette have to do with the way people are brought up. I lived back east for 4 years and the polite meter dropped drastically there. But there were those who were kind and considerate like I am used to. In Montana it is a little less formal than when I was a…
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I Guees, that's a burning question for all of us, male or female ...i guess my retort is: ultimately, what are the primary and absolute needs in your relationship? that is: what is it you must have in order to feel happy, content and safe within a realtionship? Being male myself i sometimes find my…
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Answer I gave my husband a piece of art. You could give a watch or a pair of cufflinks. some good wine to start a cellar would be a nice idea.
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Answer if you like him it mayb that he is atracted to you and wants to aproach you if you talk to him he wants something els wink back and see what happens ;)
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It is a personal preference, however, guests are never required to bring a gift and shouldn't be expected to the second time around (especially if they gave you a gift the first time).----This can be a tricky one in this day and age. On one hand it seems awful greedy to register a second time, but t…
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Answer I gave my husband a piece of art. You could give a watch or a pair of cufflinks. some good wine to start a cellar would be a nice idea. Answer Not sure if this will help but I gave my husband a stop watched with his initials engraved on it..He loved it Think of something timeless, s…
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It is always a breach of etiquette to do so. Sometimes it 'must be done,' but it is never appropriate.  Will you be quiet?  Or politely, I'm afraid I have to ask you to lower your voice, because (make up a reason.. eg. The baby is asleep)
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Typically, you are looking to cover the cost of your plate. It also depends on how close the friend is to you, and the kind of wedding they are having. Some wedding gifts can range from $75-$200. If you are invited with a guest, remember to take that into consideration as well. You need to cover the…
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Thank you notes should be written with care making sure to mention detailed instances where the volunteers made an impact. The notes should also contain some sort of token of appreciation as well, such as a sweet treat, gift card, or even and invitation to a group dinner.
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me and my ex have been on and off for nearly 7 years. He's had a long term relationship before with a girl for about three years but after that came to me and said he liked me. we went out for a while but things didn't work out. but no matter we were still friends. few months after we had broken up …
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Parents of the Groom Traditionally, contribute financially to the following: -Purchasing engagement ring/bride's wedding ring -Rehearsal Dinner the night before the wedding -Honeymoon It would be very offensive to the bride's family for the groom or his family to offer to pay for anything else,…
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Male coworkers have flirted with me in the past, but, it was harmless, I was married and wanted to stay that way. I didn't feel any need to tell my husband and it wasn't because I was lying to him, but it was of no benefit to him and by telling him it would only make me look like I was either playi…
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best man gift My husband gave his best man Cuff links another idea is a bottle of wine. Hope this helps. Lis@ Hi,  
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Honestly, it really shouldn't matter if you're having a good or bad day, in my opinion. What I believe you want to project is always a positive attitude and nothing blends in better with a positive "non-used up" word to define a positive response that in return will result in a positive and genuine …
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Road Rage It is my understanding that road rage happens when one driver does something that makes another driver angry. Some examples might be pulling out of a side road in front of a car coming down a road when you actually should have waited until the car passed, not giving a turn signal when t…
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Answer As a college woman, I personally like it when men look at my eyes and ask questions about me.
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Answer No you shouldn't, and good for you! Just stand up for yourself and don't let anyone mess with you and get the best of you. I'm sure there's ways out there to prevent jerks from doing this without having to compromise your respect and manners. AND--believe it or not, there are more people …
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it is a nice gesture to give a gift anytime someone gets married. Gifts are by definition voluntary. You are never required to give a gift for any occasion. This is not to be confused with cultural customs. If you are attending a wedding or are close to the parties involved, it is customary to give…
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If you're together alone, don't exactly give it away but tease the other person rub their back touch their face or neck then gently kiss them, but not full make out. If you're a girl, a dude gets really really inpatient and wants to kiss you, because what guy doesn't want to make out? If you're a du…
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You should get the host of a baby shower one of those Spa at home baskets. Like the ones the sell at Bath and Body works. Those are really nice. So, she can relax after a stressful day. Some aroma therapy candles would go nice with the basket. You can also maybe purchase a gift card to a nice restau…
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Introduing Yourself to a New Class"Hi, I'm (name). I used to live in (name of old town), but am excited to live in (name of town you're living in now)." Remember, be friendly, smile, and maybe tell a joke if it's appropiate.  Hi. My name is so and so.You can also add any special interests or h…
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if you are at dinner with your boss and a new employee walk up how would you introduce that person to your boss
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Answer General etiquette answer: *It depends on who is paying for the wedding. If the bride's parents are paying, they are the ones doing the inviting. If the bride and groom are paying, their names go on the invitation. If the groom's parents are paying, their names go on the invitation. In …
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flirting is when you try to impress a girl. for example make her laugh or act tough. now people use flirting to try to get a girlfriend. its a risky business but when you do it right its WORTH IT.Note: Flirting can be done by anyone, and isn't just used to impress a girl. Flirting can have different…
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If the ring was charged on her account, then of course she can sue for the ring or the money. Even wedding ettiquette states that the ring be returned to or kept by her if she wants it.A suit can be filed, whether or not a judge would agree to hear it is a different matter.If it is heard, the intend…
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Typically, gifts are not exchanged at that type of occasion. Friends may want to send flowers to the family of the deceased, but other than that, gifts are not typically exchanged. Often the family of the deceased or a religious group associated with the deceased may provide a meal after…
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Well, way back when, when people did speeches, the listeners would walk up to the person who just spoke and pat them on the shoulder. Now, because of so many people attending these things, they made it so one of your hands is like the guys back, and the other is your hand giving him a pat.
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When one person starts pointing out flaws, weaknesses or otherwise ridicules or minimizes another, it's generally an attempt to make that person feel better about themself. It doesn't really work though, because it ends up being a behavior that is repeaded constantly. You can criticize anyone you wa…
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My friend has Tourettes Syndrome and like, you know what. Who cares who makes fun of you. They are just lame and immature. If they understood that you can't control it then they would probably handle the situation a little more maturely. But you are probably a young kid. Just keep explaining to them…
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I think that you should give your parents something that came from your heart. Something that they will cherish forever and was bought or made with care and love.
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It is proper to leave the seat down, but whether the cover is left down or up is a matter of personal preference.
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The next time he accuses you of lying then tell him it's usually a guilty person that has done something wrong that feels their mate is lying or cheating. When I was married to my first husband it was about a year after our marriage and he started to accuse me of cheating. Considering we both worked…
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The best would be to ask. The vast majority of people would rather be asked about their name. They know what sounds best (it's their own name, after all), and they also always have a preference that is not too likely to guess. Proper salutation?? I would say for example: Dear Mrs. Alberta Ramon…
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If you are the host, you should just ask to be excused. If you are with friends, you should ask the host to borrow a pair of pants - or just say you forgot something you had to do and go home, change and then come back. If you weren't invited to the party to begin with, you should leave discreetly…
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Not a lot really not even Aries sir..........
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If you are dating him then simply tell him you love him, but be prepared for him not feeling the same, he may in fact be a little scared. Don't rush anything thought, if you have only been dating a while then don't rush saying i love you as it is a very big step.If you are not dating then i would sa…
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It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
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Since a bris is a circumcision ceremony for a newborn Jewish boy (typically it takes place on the eighth day of the boy's life), an appropriate gift is anything one would normally give to parents of a newborn: clothes, toys or whatever else a baby needs.
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"My Lord" or "Your Lordship" are both acceptable.
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There are no particular rules regarding this, despite the list in the wedding books. You should discuss costs of the wedding with your intended. Where as it is tradition of the brides parents to pay for the entire wedding (this includes wedding flowers) the grooms parents may offer to pay for someth…
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Why do women leave it down? It's a force of habit, and in most cases the habit can be broken. For a most scholarly look at this common problem, see the Related link below...
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1. Check your city/state regulations about health codes, licenses, certifications, etc. - http://www.business.gov/ 2. Decide on a budget: how much you want to spend on supplies, if you are going to have a separate vehicle, if you are going to hire someone to help you, etc. - http://www.mint.com/ …
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Good Manners Waiting until everyone is seated and served to begin eating Putting the napkin in your lap Placing the knife across the top of your plate when not in use Pushing chair up close to table Chewing with mouth closed Thanking the host/hostess for the meal Poor Manners Belching or other…
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AnswerTeachers were poorly paid so families would help support teachers by giving them apples which was a fairly common crop. As time progressed and teachers earned more baskets of apples were narrowed down to just one apple.
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I don't believe that you need to, but you probably should send a thank you card Most people find it a difficult and awkward task. "When is the appropriate time to say it', 'What to say', 'How to say it', and 'How to react to their emotions' becomes problematic. At situations like these it is wise t…
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I believe that it's possible because I work at Dunkin Donuts and one of my co-workers is or was a freshman in high school. You just need a way to get the job by the use of relations or associates.It was somewhat stressful during the first few weeks of working for my coworker, but I believe it's sust…
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Answer You're best bet would be to have someone dress as Barney by renting a costume. I heard on the news that when Dannielynn (Anna Nicole's baby) had her first birthday, the real Barney came but they said it was a very rare appearance because Barney rarely makes appearances.
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QUESTIONIf she is bad enough to leave, why be proper, or is it she is really not that terrible, and you want out? In that case,there will be nothing proper about it. yea if you really don't like her and she is that bad than just leave her a note telling her that u just don't like her and you want to…
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Dining service styles refer to classical ways in which a guest is served in the restaurant.
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Etiquette dictates that the spouse with the professional title is listed first. If the woman is a doctor, but her husband is not, write: Dr. Lucy Wallford and Mr. Christopher Wallford, or, if they have different last names, Dr. Lucy Jones and Mr. Christopher Wallford. If the husband is a doctor, the…
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Out of Respect It began with men of 'lesser rank' removing whatever headress or coronet (crown) they had on to show that they were not trying to challenge or be disrespectful to the king or cheiftan of their country. The first man to not do this was "handed his hat."
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Guievere's father, King Leodegrance, gave the Round Table as a wedding present--acording to Malory's Morte d'Arthur.
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Something simple would be, "Hi, my name is _________. I like __________. Some of my hobbies are__________. Would you tell me a little bit more about yourself."
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regarding bell ringing in Catholic Churches:The bells are rung (i) to summons parishioners to Mass (ii) to announce the Angelus at noon and at 6pm (iii) as part of a Funeral service (iv) to celebrate the church's Patron Saint.... and at Weddings.To summons parishioners to Mass, the bell is normally …
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Glasses to the left of me, saucers to the right Glasses go on the left and cups and saucers go on the right. Silverware should be one inch from the edge of the table. Empty wine glasses stuck in the middle with you The above is true, but it's also acceptable for an empty wine glass and water glass t…
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Some basic rules for funeral etiquette: Most important is to show up, it shows you care.Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party.Proper demeanor. Again, this isn't a party. Voice low, don't monopolize the bereaved.
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Proper etiquette doesn't require that you bring a gift for an engagement party. It should never be expected that guests who are invited to an engagement party bring a gift since they will be invited to the wedding as well and gifts are a requirement there. However, some people choose to bring an en…
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Even though the congressman is retired he should still be addressed as such. The envelope should be addressed; Congressman, then his first name, wife's first name, and then their last name.
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You should ask them about their hobbies. People love to know someone cares. If you have the same interests, its best to stick with things you both agree on. What lessons do they like? Who are their friends? What do their parents do? What do they want to be when they are older? Play some games to get…
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White bow ties are worn with morning coats of varying colors. Evening wear requires a black coat and black tie. A man's evening wear is meant to keep him from clashing with his partner's gown, so black and white are preferred.
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Jane Doe is a name used for a woman whos name is yet to be determined
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R.S.V.P. stands for the French phrase, "répondez, s'il vous plaît," which literally translates to "respond if you please," or more simply, "please respond." The phrase is used in the sense of an invitation: the sender is asking for a reply indicating whether or not the invitee accepts the invita…
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just pick up the phone and call her if your nervous its fine its better to call and have her know and her never know at all and she could love and be marring the wrong man and she would never know
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Rudeness is perceived hostility against another person, in manner, tone, or behavior. Defining Rudeness Only in a situation where all parties involved have exactly the same perspective, culture, and understanding of the situation can rude behavior be seen objectively. This is almost never the case. …
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You are correct. The caller should always end the call. Of course, that makes for some long conversations if you are polite. Another perspective: In the 21st century, as long as you don't just hang up on someone in mid-sentence, it is not considered at all rude for the called party to end the call.
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It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, its the inside that counts. BE NICE! Ugly is what comes out of peoples mouths when they are being particularly nasty.
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yes and you might want to tell them that it was from all of them and yes because it tells them that you guys are proud of her and she need to keep going on her dream
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static electricity no its because when its cold you get goosebumps
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err...yes The older I get, the more flexible I become. As my muscles get stiffer, my mind opens up and I get a little bit wiser everyday (I hope!) That means I am more adaptable, get into fewer arguments and am in no rush when possible.In body: Do stretches every day. But girls are naturally more fl…
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Answer People with good manners stick out above others that don't. No matter how laid back some of us can feel good manners are a must! You just never know when you are going to need them. You can be yourself around your family and friends, but when it comes to the workplace, doing personal busin…
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"I like you for more than your body"Additional Answer: Tell her the truth. Speak from the heart.Be natural, and don't forget to SMILE. As a girl I would love to hear what he really feels about me and it would make me feel happy if I would hear a man say that he's happy with me.
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Traditionally, a baby shower is only meant for the first baby. However, we are seeing more people have showers for subsequent babies, especially if they did not have a shower for the first baby, the second baby is of a different gender than the first child, or if there is a large age gap between the…
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It is a graceful gesture of accepting the honor with humility, rather than displaying vanity. It is a quid pro quo reciprocation of respect to the honor itself, and the person / institution bestowing the honor. This is socially appreciated, and often expected. The word, when used as a verb, can mea…
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clothes. dark clothes.
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Answer: Good Excuses are hard to come by. If you need a truly good excuse for any given situation, here are some good "all purpose" excuses."My cell phone was set to silent mode and I use it as my alarm clock, so it went off on time but I didn't hear it to wake up.""It was like that when I found it…
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Graduation is about starting new phase of life. Giving her/him home goods, such as blankets, will make their new place as cozy as their previous home. Evenmore, Several stores selling customized blankets, that will allow you to make your own design for your cousin. One of the the stores I know is Vi…
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Left hand on the finger next to your pinky and middle finger
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a quality that makes someone worthy of honor and respect
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Taking other peoples opinion into reality and not just doing something without discussing itMore precisely, a compromise is a method by which two parties come to an agreement by each making some concessions to the other. It is a civilized , adult way to solve a problem or dispute.
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You can catch the attention of men or women at a company party with a smile and then walk over and say, "Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I work in Accounting.' From there the conversation should proceed and the person should react back to you.
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This is an easy one YOU'RE WELCOME! Else You could say - My Pleasure
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How to Address a Member of the United States House of Representatives While "Representative", "Congressman", and "Congresswoman" are not traditional honorifics for members of the House of Representatives, they are the informal honorifics of choice of some members. Follow the preference of the bear…
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No as long as you have a good excuse. It would be rude if you knew you could attend the church or the reception and didn't. Many people because of the way they have to work today (o/t or shift work) often will have to miss all or part of a wedding. By at least attending the reception you are the…
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It is kind of bad but if its the truth its the truth
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There are many qualities that a person might admire in someone else. Specifically, they might admire a person's perpetual happiness, their calm and patience, and their inner strength.
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