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Manners and Etiquette

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The rules of social conduct, and procedures for interaction in polite society and official life. This is grease that makes the wheels of human congress turn smoothly. From the formal addressing of an envelope, to where to seat people at a dinner party, from the correct way to answer a business phone to the intricacies of wedding planning, we will try to find answers to all of your quandaries and do so in the most mannerly fashion possible.


M'lord or m'lady is always safe. You may use the actual title -- Princess, Baron, Lord, etc. -- if you know it.
Self confidence is the one and only most needed ability to deal the  distressed clients in a sympathetic manner. In the way of  conversation, you have to exhibit your self confidence, so that you  will be able to consult with them in a free manner.
No. In many communities, predominantly the temple congregation and family members are the only ones there.
Complicated, confusing, many, subject to change depending on the people and culture involved and hardly ever cut in stone. You can't even use the broad term of treat others the way you would want to be treated. If you do not know their customs, you cannot know proper etiquette. How you and the other...
If you mean the receptionist for a place of business, here you go. 1.] Answer with the appropiate greeting.[ Good Morning, Afternoon etc ] and name the company the person is working at. 2.] State your name[ i.e. Stacy] or title[ Mr. Anderson's secretary ] 3.] Ask the caller how you may be of...
    === how ever you want It ===  
Answer . you bend the back leg and take your skirt and hold it, and bend your legs
Your a moron. You can't see thunder.
Make comments that chip away at her self esteem. Ask her if she feels ok and when she says yes, say really? Ask her if she has gained weight recently. Ask her is she ok every 35 minutes. Find a blemish on her skin and ask her if she always had it, and whatever she says, say well it looks hideous...
A set of customs that permit people to interact without unnecessary friction. They are often carried to extremes.
Just as " Chef " is appropiate for either sex, regardless of marital status.
You are never required to give a gift. If you don't go, you MAY send something, but you don't have to. Many people wait and give a gift when the baby is born.
i think it's good to talk about their achievements in life or if not the happiest moments of their life..... Mention a current event or situation and ask them how they feel about it; what it was like when they were young.
  == Answer ==   Suggestions for employer building trust with employees:   * Don't lie to them. If the company is truly having a bad year then let them know the truth. If an employer just doesn't want to give raises or bonus' then they should be honest about that as well because employees...
Never give your phone number, address or email to any stranger! Get to know the person first and be sure your parents and friends know who you are seeing. You need to practice safety first.
The Bible in Exodus 21:7. says you can sell her into slavery. I think this is just a ridiculous thing to do tho. If she's over 18, I have a friend who would love to meet her.
In a classroom involves being in the environment of people. Respect others by not speaking when someone else is speaking, waiting your turn for responses. Holding doors for one another as you enter and leave a classroom. When a classmate drops paper [except for test papers!] pick them up for...
He want's to know if you get angry easily.
  == Answer ==   Filipino families are much closer than Westernized civilizations. The parents are respected and in turn, they respect their elderly. The elderly are held in high regard. Whenever there is a problem or illness the whole family will get together and help out all they can....
  Male chauvinism. A "macho" attitude.
  Well, there are smart girls and dumb girls, smart boys and dumb boys. It may only seem that way, but both genders are equal. It somewhat has to do with how the female brain develops in the wound giving us the ability to multitask, but still.
John W. Smith, M.D. John W. Smith III, M.D. Dr. John W. Smith III Dr. John W. Smith Juniors, seconds, thirds, etc. are used to distinguish amongst people with similar names who might otherwise be confused. Unless Dr. Smith's father or grandfather was also a doctor, there should be no confusion.
The way to greet a female friend in Italian is Ciao! ("Hello!"), which also works for a male friend.
If they are both using the same last name: Drs. Alan & Mary Jones If they have different last names: Dr Alan Smith & Dr Mary Jones all on the same line If they are not married Dr Alan Smith Dr Mary Jones on separate linesWhat's up, Docs?!
  some times, advice gained as a result of experience
You may call him your Lordship, , or in an independent Duchy like Luxembourg, Your Highness, as this is the most elevated royalty in this country.
I know only of Late Mombutu of Zaire to be richer than Biya(Cameroon). Omar Bongo(Gabon), Mugabe(Zoombambwe), Obiang(Equitorial Guinea), Obasanjo(Nigeria) in that order. The more corrupt an African country is directly propotional to the wealth of it's leader
I am sorry you are going through this. There isn't much you can say, but be sure you let them know how much you care for them. Perhaps going over old memories of the fun you had together (silly things) may bring laughter instead of tears. Dying a lonely road all of us must make one day.If you know...
Autism manifests itself differently in each person , but these people can be tempermental and have trouble establishing contact with new people. I think you have confused this with Down Syndrome . These people are very affectionate, huggy/ kissy types for the most part. Some do have impulse control...
Yes. An engagement celebration dinner can be serve anywhere from 5 PM to 8 PM. It depends on the day (if it's a working day for some people then it would be wise to have a dinner at 7 PM or even 8 PM.) The perfect time for the dinner is 7 PM. This gives the busy hostess time to do last minute...
The Bat Mitzvah is a ceremony that celebrates a girl becoming a bat mitzvah, that she is now old enough to take on the religious responsibilities of an adult , in her faith community. The traditional wish, after her first time reading from the Torah publicly is "mazel tov" and to comment on how good...
The reciprocity lies with your guest . The Thank You note does not relieve them of their reciprocal obligation , but don't hold your breath. Many people don't follow the reciprocity of social invitations these days.Don't be offended. Many people are not taught these niceties anymore.
Helping people gives you a sense of purpose , amd makes you feel good about yourself, while making someone else's life better. It also makes you appreciate your own personal situation better. And someday, if you are on the receiving end of some help, it will allow you to be gracious in accepting it ...
It's a sign of respect equivalent to a snappy salute or a coutly bow, and indicates to the lady that she is worthy of the gentleman's respect and attention as a social equal .
Dillan or the more common spellings of Dillon or Dylan is Welsh in origin and means "Great Tide"
Some basic rules for funeral etiquette: Most important is to show up, it shows you care.Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party.Proper demeanor. Again, this isn't a party. Voice low, don't monopolize the bereaved.
You are honoring the special guest; bride and groom, etc., by raising your glass and giving a special toast.
I dont recommend this but torture usually works to get people to speak. Or you could just aggrivate the daylights out of them.  whatever the guy above me said
It is "thinking outside the box" when such practice is notpermitted. Creative accounting is actually a good description ofthe practice, as it tends to "create" a picture that is nottechnically correct from the perspective of the information'sintended user.
To be ethnocentric about any group of people means you are interested is all aspects of their culture and customs. To comment on the size of someone's body parts is just plain rude .
the 3 cluster of PECS - Achievement cluster - Planning cluster - Power cluster
  When the officer first approaches the car my hands are clearly visible, extended outward across the dash board, palms up. When asked where I'm going, I answer "to <insert name> hospital where I work" and that's all it usually takes. I have been asked for proof of hospital ID so don't try...
It was just an abbreviation, the 'O' represents arms around you... hugs the 'X' represents puckered lips... kisses.
  if I do, they have now to remain private.
Wait to be invited in.Remove you hat if you are a gentleman.State the purpose of your visit.Wait where indicated, don't take yourself on a self-guided tour.Ask before smoking, chewing tobacco, or doing anything someone else may find objectionable.If asked to leave, for any reason, just excuse...
Proper etiquette doesn't require that you bring a gift for an engagement party. It should never be expected that guests who are invited to an engagement party bring a gift since they will be invited to the wedding as well and gifts are a requirement there. However, some people choose to bring an...
  Arrogant like the Dutch They still don't understand why they didn't win WW2,
Friday is National Good Manners day. So you'd all better mind your Ps & Qs. Are manners important? If you meet someone with bad manners, do you think less of them? Do you get fed up with your parents always telling you off about your behaviour? Come on, let us know what you think, but don't...
No , they wear it to show their family affiliation , and sometimes for use as a seal for closing personal letters with sealing wax.
This is a situation fraught with pitfalls . If you have two or three particular friends, just ask them privately . If it's for a Holiday, you almost have to have it open to everybody in your department or on your shift , and then there's the question of spouses.This is really a matter of personal...
    well a good way to start would be to get to know that person first because if you get to know them they will either   a) turn out to be a jerk and you will have saved your self an embaressing moment   or   b) like you too   then give them a card on their birthday saying "hey...
First off, I'm very proud of the fact that you are one of the few men that really cares how someone else treats their wife! Very proud of you.Your wife is a mature woman and she should be handling this and not you! You have the right to communicate your feelings to your wife about her friend, but by...
A card is sufficient otherwise that person would have to send you a gift and it would never end.A hand written Thank You note is the proper response for someone who has taken the time to remember you and send you a gift .
  Yes, unequivocally. Being analytical does not mean you are cynical or jaded, it means you reflect on the facts, on reality. An idealist can see the facts as they are, and yet have hope that things can always improve and become better.
1. Set of rules or conventions to exchange blocks of formatted data. 2. Syntax: data format3. Semantics: control information ( coordination, error handling ).4. Timing: speed matching, sequencing
  like dissapointed and upset over somthing..as u didnt win in a contest so u feel bummed up.
you say:"May you pleas pass the [item]" and when passed say Thank You.
It is hard to act like the character if you do not have the same education and life experience as he does. Intelligent, observant, quick witted, has the life experience of the carnival, slight of hand, a con man, knows people, what motivates them and their weakness's . is very sure of himself. knows...
Yes, it is proper to ask a client if he has any account at other banks. Sometimes it is necessary to submit the photocopy of the first page of the passbook of another bank to verify the address if the client does not have sufficient document in support of his address proof. Moreover, at present when...
Treat others as You wish to be treated especially your friends!
  It might be his job to drive the bus but there is never any reason why you can't be polite. Everyone likes to be noticed and appreciated, especially when doing our jobs.
People will always make fun of other people who look, act, dress, or talk differently.
  Many people bathe first thing in the morning. I myself find that I wake up sweaty and smelling a bit musky in the morning, so I prefer to be freshly showered. I know in some cultures people bathe in the evening. One need not bathe fully in the evening to be clean, there are other ways to be...
AnswerTry to avoid that person as much as possible.
dont know for sure but im guessing its: BestFriendForLifeNoMatterWhat
"Mon nom de mères est " (insert name here).
what are objective of business ethics
The worst insult in the world is your an un-awnsered question !
I did. But I don't care about propriety. If you love the person, and want to show them support, an create an opportunity for others to show support, go for it!
  Keep your wife or husband interested by staying Psychologically and sexually interesting. That admittedly is easier said then done.
Extra- curicular school activities , church groups , hobby clubs, sports teams , or social networking sites , but be careful how much personal info you tell on the net.
You address each event with a separate invitation, unless they are related events on the same day, like a wedding breakfast, church ceremony and reception to follow. To include separate events on different days, you would just appear lazy and , shall we say, overly thrifty.
It is up to the parents of your nephew to teach him some manners, but apparently they have no idea (or don't care) how rude their son is. Have a talk with the mother or the father about this problem. If they do nothing about it then don't hesitate to put your nephew in his place by talking to him...
  In my point of view,both professionalism and family are like two eyes.we cant leave any one of them.We have to maintain both of them in proper way,otherwise that leds to mental torture.We have to maintain profession for leadin a happy and luxurious life and family for mental happiness and for...
  He wasn't watching where he was going
1900's Man acted good and polite they respect their fiancee parent and they mostly start by talking to the parent first and they ask their fiancee parent if they could marry her.
yaIf it's stricly an office party , ask a fellow employee if spouses were invited . If no one else's spouse was invited, don't ask to bring yours.And before you ask your spouse to be invited to a party, ask hinm/her if they are interested in attending, then think before you ask your host. Does this...
    Definitely! just do it in a way he will appreciate it.
Girls is fine if they still are girls. Over 14 , ladies or young ladies.
Yes, Ladies fart and sometimes they are real stinkers!!!!!!!!! I'm a lady i fart and they dont smell like roses god put it there an i belive its gotta come out!!!!nice question!! butt its stupid did you see what i did there
Although as acts of intimacy go, touching hands is quite mild, even so, people should not touch other people unless invited to do so. Of course, you personally may enjoy touching hands, and allow such touches to take place. In the end, people do need some sense of contact with other people.
Table etiquette is important because do you really want to be embarrassed by the way your eating. Always keep elbows off the table and always have the correct table format set. Always show maturity at the table.
Usually, if a guys hitting on you, theyll say something sexy like, "your hot" if someone tells you youre beautiful, as long as its someone you've known for a while, they probably really think it.
When emailing a Reverend: Reverend John Doe.
proper manner is you should know what is right and wrong
If you hate the groom, don't write anyhting about him on the bridal shower card. Write about something else.
Wishful thinking on his part, or maybe he is just trying to get your attention..Be nice. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder as much as beauty is . If this bothers you so much, say " Excuse me, was there something you wanted to ask? " If he asks you out, you can POLITELY say, " Thank you for asking,...
Fidgeting of ANY kind. Keep eye contact with the intervier when answering questions. Do not let your eyes rove about the room like you are looking for an escape hatch. Do NOT cross you legs or put your hands anywhere but in your lap when not in use. Good posture. A firm, brief hanshake.
Answer . you should have a baby shower no matter how many babies you have, its a taditon to have baby showers.
If you get service that warrants a tip, yes. Before you avail yourself of this service, inquire if you can use any unused portion of the gift certificate towards a gratuity. Like if you got a Spa day, and do not wish to use all the services covered by the gift certificate.Also, keep an eye on...
Most people hold the fork in their right hand, while holding the knife in their left. In the European style, people cut their food with the fork in the left hand and knife in the right, then generally have to transfer the fork back to the right hand, as there are many more right-handed people. This...
Yes, it's quite acceptable, but confusing. Some people may fear if they don't give a gift others will. It's best not to put anything.
Your mother's first cousin is your first cousin once removed.Your mother's second cousin is your second cousin once removed.