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Car Fuses and Wiring

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Car fuses are installed to protect a car’s wiring. The car’s wiring distributes power from the battery to the different devices in the car. It also transmits analog and digital signals from switches and sensors.
it is the small light fuse in fuse box that is under the hood
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there should be 4 nuts on the back side of the steering wheel look for the holes and once you get those off it should just be pulled out towards you.   probably should remove the srs fuse prior to any disassembly   Before attempting any disassembly of an airbag-equipped steering wheel,…
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New Headline Here's a quicker and cheaper way- go to the car parts store and buy a $4.99 quick fuse tester/puller. (I just did that yesterday.) Then you can test all the fuses to figure out which one needs replaced.   You can order a chilton's manaul for your car you just have to tell them wh…
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im not totaly familiar with this particular car but you may have inadvertently tripped the security ignition cut-out,if in fact they have one,hope it helps ,can you specify which circuit the fuse protects?The Beetle doe not have a security cut out. Is the car cranking over? If not check your fuses o…
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Just pull 12V from the battery or the fuse panel. Make sure you put the appropriate sized fuse inline with you cigarette lighter. It will protect against fires. Good luck.
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Answer mine is under the hood near the front drivers side. i think it is called a power distribution box . ever replace tie rods? Answer From a 1996: There is a fuse block (approximately) above the brake pedal and behind a panel held in place by two black plastic "screws" which need only be …
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Answer what part of the wiring are you looking for? autozone.com or get a repair manual,they are in the back of the book.
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A cheaper and more effective answer is to go to the Ford / Mercury website and download the PDF owners manual. I own a 2000 Merc Mountie and the file was about 2.3 mb which took about a minute worth of downloading and abracadabra the information is there. Since you're already at your computer, you…
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A fuse blow when ever the amperage is to high for the circuit. Either there is a short (to ground or positive), the connections are corroded, wire gauge is too thin or it is the wrong fuse. Never put in a fuse larger than recommend for the circuit, it could cause a fire.
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Answer Typically in the owners manual. Late models have it right under the lid of the fuse box. Answer hey my fuse panel fell off last winter out shopping and i have no idea which one is the fuse for the running lights. a picture of the panel would be very helpful Answer It should be righ…
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Answer the fuse box is behind the access panel in the left lower portion of the instrument panel,above the break and in line with the stearing poast.remove screws and pull it down.
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The fuse is located either under the dash or in the engine department. If you look they should all be labeled. In addition there is a handy fuse puller located under the dash as well. ! It us under the hood to the right of the battery (labeled) once you remove the fuse box cover and yes there is a…
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you need to add a quart of blinker fluid you will find your resevor next to your blinker Make sure you have the right bulb. And make sure the bulb is in the socket correctly. I believe the bulb is a 2057 (not positive), but anyway the bulb has two offset teats if this is the bulb I think it is. If y…
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%DETAILS% Sounds like you're going in the direction I would first go in. If you have more than 50,000, throw in the wires. If it doesn't solve it, it will become a problem anyway-good maintenance.   Your Problem Most Likley Is A Bad, Or Loose Wire, My 97 3000Gt Used To Do That (For About A…
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I can tell you that having a test light instead of the blower motor can help out. Instead of trying to take the blower moter and re-hooking it back up have the test light over there and upon turning it back on, if the light shows and the fuze does not blow then you can have a short in the blower mo…
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This may not apply to yours, but there was a TSB (technical service bulletin) about water getting into the ECM (computer). It generally causes a rough idle when cold, but yo didn't state what engine size you have.   i have a 1999 suszuki , vitari, and something is wrong with the lightsouside …
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A fusable link is exactly like the old fashioned household fuse. You make a fusabling link by cutting the wire and inserting a small length of wire 2 wire sizes smaller (I believe its two, don't quote me.) So if the wire is 12 gauge, put in a small length of 14 gauge. (A 14 gauge wire is small than …
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I copied this from an earlier question:What could be wrong with brake lights, if not the switch, bulbs, or fuses?The brake lights have stopped working in my Ford Explorer. The bulbs are new, the brake switch is new, the fuses are not blown. What else is there to check?by Paul @ Bundy's Auto (becker@…
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%DETAILS% Answer Try replacing the sending unit in the gas tank. if the sending unit is bad it could cause your car to think that it is low or even out of gas.
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%DETAILS% Answer This may be the result of a faulty ammeter or a faulty sensor to the idiot light for charging system. Answer You need to use a multi-meter to test for battery voltage. If there is not voltage at the fuse panel, there might be a large fuse under the hood. Check that. If …
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A loose battery cable will allow the alternator to run 'open circuit'. This puts the engine computer and other equipment under alot of strain from having to deal with very poor quality power. (essentially pulsed dc with some high voltage spikes and varying with engine RPM) The battery greatly st…
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There could be many things causing that problem. Here are some suggestions: Since the brake sights go through the turn signal switch, something is causing the ts switch not to receive any voltage. You just have to trace the wires and find out what happened. It could be the ts switch itself. I ha…
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It really doesnt matter about what car it is. Their all about the same.RED-BatteryBLACK- Ground -GREEN- Possative + side of coil(or tack plug on coil)Cant remember the other color but it goes to the instrument lights in the fuse box.Let me know if I can be of any more help.Ray
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If it is like a 99, just remove the plastic panel behind the spare tire on the drivers side in the back. In one of the cut-outs you will see connector plugs that connect the harness to the tail lights. Good luck.   go behind the spare tire, there is a panel that has to be removed. You will se…
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Hey Barbara==It could be as simple as a blown fuse. Check ALL of the fuses. Goodluck, Joe Chrysler tied the cigar lighter fuse in with the park lamp circut go to the cigar fuse and replace it and it will be tadah, dash lights.   I had the same problem on my 91 convertible. Checked all fu…
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Answer There should be a fuse diagram in the owner/service manual for this car under the capacities or diagram section. Look up "fuses" in the index. This diagram should show exactly the one in question. _also if you removed the stock stereo your lights may not work due to the fact that your lig…
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I have a 1967 Ford Galaxie, i know different models, but i couldn't find it, until i looked in the glove compartment, so try looking in there. I the trunk There are fuses on top off the headlight switch. There is a button on the side off the switch housing you push to remove the knob and handle. Th…
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I would check you local libriary for a repair manual.  Actually autozone.com has all you need in the my zone section, just register and have access to any info you want. manuals, diagrams etc.
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Check your wiring and see if there is a bare spot in it to cause a fuse to blow. Check ALL of the fuses as it depends on what circuit you got your voltage from. If the lights you added require more power than the circuit you tapped into can supply, the extra load blows the fuse.
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there are several ways you can use meter to see if you get a reading from side to side or turn on the ignition switch to on motor not running take a test ligt and touch the top of the prongs if the light, lights up on both sides the fuse is good . if you pull the fuse out you can look throught it to…
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I've fixed a lot of fuses. You've just got to pull. The tool they give you might not work, try some needle-nose pliers. Just grab it and pull. Maybe wiggle it a little. Sometimes they're just stubborn.
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the brake light switch down at the brake pedal is most likely bad . First, use a test light to check to see if the bulbs are getting power. If not, check the stop light switch. This is the switch connected to the brake pedal. When the brake pedal is pushed, this switch closes the circut and causes…
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More than likely you have a short in the fan motor. will require replacement. Don't forget the wiring in this circuit could be faulty, the fan switch, even the fan relay can cause a short.
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the trouble isn't a short. the connector behind the instrument panel locks into a plug that is attached to the dash itself. The copper terminals spread out after being disconnected two or three times, causing the lights or guages to act up intermittently esp. over bumpy roads. Take the cluster out a…
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when you open your driver's door, there should be a plastic panel on the side of the dash. inside this panel you will find your fuses.i reccommend buying a haines guide, it answers every question about your car you will ever have, complete with picutres and step-by-step walkthroughs--a good investme…
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The crank sensor is actually built into the distributor on this year (changed in 89). It is the four pointed mechanism underneath the rotor (white spinny thing), which is underneath the cap (black plastic thing, right of engine, 5 wires.) The sensor is notorious for going bad, much before the elect…
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generaly: red = coil green/blue = insrument light power black = ground
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%DETAILS% Answer Buy a Haynes or Chiltons Manual. They have wiring diagrams in the back with wire colors listed.
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Hey Pat==If it keeps blowing fuses that could be aproblem. Just one, I wouldn't worry. GoodluckJoe   A blown fuse is indicative of an electrical problem. I would bring it to the dealer under warranty and have them check for shorts in the headlight system. It could be as simple as a loose conn…
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It should tell you in the owners manual. It varies between cars. GoodluckJoe
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Hey Chaton==You may need to get a wiring diagram for your car. MOTORLIT.COM has some I don't know it they have one for your car or not. GoodluckJoe
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I believe that's the only way, abs systems are expensive, you can take one out of junkyard version of your car for probably 10 bucks.
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Answer In my 1997 Hyundayi Accent the relay compartment box is located behind the little stoarge compartment in the dashboard on the left side of the steering wheel. The compartment also houses the dimmer for the instrument panel. One has to remove the compartment (easy, it just snaps out), the p…
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If I knew what you were working on I might be able to help more. On most cars and trucks with electric fans the fuse can be located in one of two places. check your owners manual for the location of the fuse. If the fuse is good, your on to the next step. The temp. sensor most likely "Calls" for the…
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The main fuse panel is located to the left of the steering wheel under the instrument panel. To Open, push forward on the tab and pull down. after removing the suspected bad fuse, look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure you replace …
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your fuse panel should be located on the left hand side of the dash and accesable only when the door is open There is a diagram in the owners manual (page 125). Check out http://vehicleownersmanuals.blogspot.com/ to download it for free.
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%DETAILS% Answer Check starter relay. Usualy if a fuse blows that fast it's a sure sign of a major electical short. A 30amp fuse is a heavy fuse which means it's got a heavy load. That kind of a short is a direct short. Starter relays have heavy wiring thats one place to start.If a car …
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%DETAILS% Answer Hey C==The blower motor probably is dragging causing it to use excessive amps hence blowing the fuse. Replace it. Go to a parts store and have the alternator checked out. New alternators go bad just like old ones do. GoodluckJoe
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under stering wheel there is an ash tray holder. remove it and the fuse box is right behind it. Also, there is a fuse box in the engine compartment driver side top.Exactly where is it located? Can you put a picture as an attachment?
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Answer under hood right side,follow the pos.batt.cable to it ____________________________________________ Starter Relay Test Place transmission in Park. Apply parking brake. Check for battery voltage between starter relay battery terminal and ground. Connect jumper wire on starter relay be…
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go to your local library. They should have a repair manaual in the referece section.the hazard light fuse, should be in the top left corner of the fuse panel, its an odd shape fuse, it has L shape connectors and its round, sorry I'm not that techincal but i had this truck and i remember my hazards s…
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%DETAILS% Answer It is under the left side of the eash. Check the horn itself for voltage getting to it.
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http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBroker?ForwardPage=/az/shopping/component_locations.jsp try this link..
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if it only the drivers side one that's not working it would indicate that its not a fuse as both lights are normally on the same circuit check for a break in the cable leading to the lamp and make sure the lamp is well earthed  Comment to above answer, that is actually wrong, as in the ford fo…
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Answer The fuse block on a 1995 Windstar is on the left side mounted under the dash. there is also a large fuse block in the engine compartment next to the battery.
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En el asiento del conductor, debajo de donde se destraba el capot hay una caja de fusibles, el diagrama se encuentra dibujado en la parte interior.
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I could be wrong, but this sounds like you may be askign where is the actual Flasher Button, or Knob, used to turn the flashers on/of ??? If so, mine is a 1990, and is a black button/knob about 1/2" diameter on the left hand side of the steering column. Almost under the shifter leaver if is is a Ste…
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%DETAILS% Answer It is in the owners manual. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM
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check for short behind CD player if aftermarket
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I have a 1996 Z28 SS. My radio turn on and off. when it's off there is no power to the radio fuse or power window circuit breaker. I would say that it does ???I had the exact same problem on my 97 Z28. The problem is the "body control module". This module turns your radio on and off and provides pow…
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The fuse box is physically located on the driver side behind the battery. The diagram is located in the vehicle manual and describes both location and use. ctmemphis@netzero.net it should be under the fuse box cuver it is on mine
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, I had the same "no bus" all gauges dead on my 2000 ram 1500. after looking at all the different answer posted I tried all of them and the one that worked. Was disconnecting the main plug held down by a screw in the fuse box on the engine compartment. I disconnected, blew the plug and the connect w…
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%DETAILS% Answer It is in the owners manual. get one from MOTORLIT.COM
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You can use the factory approved method with a $125.00 wiring part.Another possibility is the $25.00 part at any auto store the wiring converter , but this may interfere with the computer system in the chreokee. It's you choisehere is a link for more infohttp://www.wjjeeps.com/trailer.htm#WIRING
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I'v replaced the signal on a 1989 2 door pathfinder it was actually a simple fix. I orderd the new turn signal control on the colume from the dealer. I removed the plastic cover behind the stearing wheel (top and bottom) a coupl screws an one electrical connection. but that's an 89 path finder feel …
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The owners manual doesn't have a wiring diagram... Go to AUTOZONE.COM and they may have one there.
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There is no fuse for the compressor itself, if the compressor is not working, the low pressure switch has activated and there is not enough refrigerant in the system. Have your AC system serviced by a good shop or your local Chrysler dealer.
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HmmmmmBad Wire? It could be because your ignitation switch is bad and all you are doing is bypassing the signal from the ignation to the starter
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from what i know there are separate fuses for the left side lights and the right side lights so it might be a fuse
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It varies with what part of the country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates.
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Just had my son's door apart for much the same problem. Two cables attach to the window. One winds up as the other pays out and vise- versa. If your window only goes one way then more than likely a cable has detached from the window. That is what I found when I removed the door panel. .
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you should be able to find the fuse at your local pepboys. just buy it pop your hood and remove the fuse cover to the right of your engine compartment and there you will find the fuse usually the white, leftmost fuse ****WRONG INFO HERE****simply pop it out with a flathead s. driver or a fuse remova…
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Answer under the kick panel on driver side next to the emergency realse I THINK IT IS BEHIND THE PLASTIC LOWER DASHBOARD TRIM 3" to the left of the ash tray. This is true in model years 95-98 and possibly later Some of the relays are under the glovebox.
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I just went through the whole thing about the speed sensor , changed it and still did'nt fix problem, it was a bad TCM fuse in the box under the hood , i changed that and every went back to normal Take it to auto zone and have the codes read free. This will tell you what quit probably the speed s…
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Answer The Chilton's manuual available at many car parts stores has the wiring diagram for S-series saturns up to 1997. However, even though the manual is supposed to cover later models, the wiring diagram for post-1995 cars is sketchy at best... Autozone.com has manuals, wiring diagrams, troubl…
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There are none as far as I know. You can send for one from MOTORLIT.COM. Go to your local library and ask the librarian where to find automobile/truck wiring schematics,worked for me.
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If you mean how is it attached to the vehicle.. as you look at the fuse block and relay assembly you should see a plastic lug inserted into a hole on a metal frame on the closest side to the drivers door. At the opposite end of the assembly there are two screws that attach the assembly to the metal …
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It is in the bottom of the dash on the drivers side. you have to remove the panel below the steering wheel. it is held in with Philips head screws.
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%DETAILS% Answer Get an owners manual from MOTORLIT.COM.
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I am in the process of doing this. I simply unsnapped the black plastic cover, the top came off and the bottom simply moved to the right out of my way. (i did indeed break some of the plastic, but with it being there simply to keep the wires from touching the engine, I will just tape where necessary…
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I was told that my 2000 tracker kept blowing the a/c fuse because I had a bad ground somewhere. I just don't care for a/c so I never tracked down which green wire had a bad connection.  A/C 2000 Tracker adviceGo to--> a site called; justanswer.com-- It is well worth the trouble and you get…
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THERE IS A COMPLETE ELECTRICAL WIRING DIAGRAM IN THE CHILTON'S REPAIR MANUAL.Haynes also has a fairly good diagram, I found the dealers shop repair manual to be the best source, most GM dealers will make a photo-copy of whichever pages you need
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The fuses to the air conditioner are located on the pasenger side of the vehicle. the box looks similar to that of the other fuse box located on the driver side of the car by the battery. just lift the top of the plastic and pull out the fuses. make sure to replace them with the same colored fuses.
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%DETAILS% Answer Try MOTORLIT.COM for a wiring diagram. You didn't say what fuse you were blowing. There are probably more things on this circuit than the ignition.
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hook up each wire at a time with the switch on either side u'll figure it out what lite is which.
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there is no relay its a mecanical pumpSome late model 1979 do have fuel injection thus requiring a relay. If you have fuel injection relay is the longer looking relay set under the dash on the passenger side. it should be in the same location as the seat belt relay, wiper intermittent switch and hor…
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In the owners manual or shop manual. Get one from MOTORLIT.COM
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take off the dash panel under the steering wheel i think its about 4 Phillips head screws it should be there on the left
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The Headlight switch is where the dash receives it's power from.
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the fuse box should be under the dash next to the steering wheel behind the plastic panel held up by 3 Phillips head screws 2 on the right and 1 on the left of the steering wheel, remove the screws and viola you found the fusebox
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To my knowledge there never was a 1982 VW Fox cabby, Foxes were imported from Brazil starting in 1987.In the US I remember test driving a VW Fox wagon just before I bought my 1986 Hyundai Excel. Should have bought the Fox. And as far as I can remember, there was never a convertible Fox. Just a coupe…
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Under the left side of the dash Parking lamps fuse is under the hood at the fuse box located by battery, but the brake lamps are located at the side of the dashboard on the passenger side, you will see an oval shape cut out when you open the passenger door, pull/pop that panel off with a flat scre…
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%DETAILS% Answer check for a bad fuse
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Answer Hey just had the same problem in my 92 SC2. The radio fuse box is to the left of where the passengers feet would be. The thing is on mine (not sure if its the same with them all) the fuse was labeled "chime" instead of the actual radio fuse. Might want to get a fuse tester and check them all.…
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My 1997 Chevy Tahoe 1500 kept blowing the turn signal and hazard light fuse. I took it to a Chevy Dealer mechanic thinking they've seen the problem. $600 later they replaced the turn signal lever but didnt solve the problem. All the wiring look good so I took the Tahoe to a local lube/oil place …
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If you suspect the fuse, check ALL of them. It also has a limiter switch in the wiring just before the compressor and a cycling switch on the accumulator line.
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