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Chevy S-10

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Introduced in 1982, Chevy S-10 is a pickup truck manufactured by General Motor’s Chevrolet brand. It was also sold from 1996 to 2000 by Toyota as the Hombre. The vehicle was popularly known as the S-series.
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By removing it and replacing it with a bran new one.
You use a volt meter set on amps and connect leads in series, disconnect negative battery cable and atach one lead to cable and the other to the battery post and read amp draw after 10 minutes it should have less than 70 ma
It doesn't have or need a line connected to it. The spider is  inside the vacuum chamber.
 == Answer ==   I believe it is 153624 but you can call an auto parts store or go to one and look it up in a book most auto parts have that information in their computer and can tell you over the phone     The answer according to O'Reillys Auto stores is 165342 and it runs clockwise.
no you need one off at least a 1988
Fuse box by the driver side door that says FRT WPR
either go in to autozone/parts store or order it online   it is cheaper on amazon or criges list   Very cheap on ebay.
  May be your rear seals, need tightened or replaced.
Try removing the negative cable from the battery terminal (blackcable). This should reset all of your vehicle diagnostics.
rocker arms can be tightened right down as their is a shoulder on the stud.
it is a great " little " truck when looked after.
The approximate curb weight of a 1982 Chevrolet S10 v6 standard cab  is 3,600 pounds. A modified truck will weight more.
negative side of coil, or if electronic distributor it will have a port on the distributor, then its power wire and ground and then same for lights
  == Answer ==   Try in or near the fuse block   Perhaps left side of steering column by firewall?
  5 quarts, unless you need to fill up torque converter, then you'll need an additional 5-6 quarts.
Answer  PERHAPS THROTTLE BODY IS STUCK OPEN- TRY TO FREE WITH SCREWDRIVER (WITH ENGINE OFF)    Also could be either a bad TPS (throttle position switch) or bad ICS (Idle control solinoid) more likely to be TPS
Answer . \nLook closly at the sprocket and you will see a small dot or indentation,you align both dots (cam and crank sprocket dots)
  == Answer ==   yes but there is a bypass tube  across from head to head also
Hey William==This means that the gauge on the dash isn't getting a signal from the sending unit. The sender is either not plugged in or there is a break in the wire somewhere. GoodluckJoe
You first have to unbolt the engine from the motor mounts and unbolt the engine from the transmission. You then will remove the motor from the truck to make replacing the mounts easier. The mounts should each be held down by four bolts going into the frame. Remove or cut these bolts to remove the...
Any brand of brake fluid will be fine.   as long as it is DOT3
== Answer ==   You don't. That stopped in 1999.   ? mine ia a 2002, and im finding it dies stick in 4x4 if i dont back up??
The timing marks for the cam sprocket on a 98 S10 is on the front.  The marks for the crank shaft is on the oil pump gear.
The signal and emergency flashers are located behind the plastic lower dash panel. Remove the few screws holding the panel and drop the panel down. You will see the flashers aprox above the transmission hump area.
 == Answer ==   The firing order is simply 1,2,3,4,5,6 the distributor rotates counter clockwise, and the number one cylander is the rear extreme right of the car (passenger side). 
 == Answer ==   Bottom Pan Removal: 6.5 L (6.9 qts)     Complete Overhaul: 9.0 L (9.5 qts)     Dry: 12.2 L (12.9 qts)   
I get 19-21 mpg in mine i have a 2002 ext. cab w/4.3 vortec
    If your jeep does not have a factory trailer hitch installed then you would look one up online, in a catalog, or go to a hitch dealer, and find one make for your jeep.     If you have the factory hitch receiver then you are most likely looking for what is called a ball mount. My...
Check your fuel pressure. You can rent this gauge from Autozone or any autoparts store that rents. If it is hard to start in when its cold test the pressure at this point. If it is the fuel pressure regulator like I think it might be it will be a bit low (around 45 psi) When its running it should be...
 == Answer ==   your local library should have a repair manual with the schematice in it. 
Using a programmer such as hypertech
It is under the battery rack. Remove the battery and there are three bolts in the engine bay and one in the fender well.
on the harmonic balancer there are two marks, one set at 12o'clock and set at 3o'clock, standing in front of the engine, where do both marks need to be set?
The more use they get the less effective they are, your check engine light will let you know when they need replacement.
All Chevy V8 engines have the same firing order with a few FI Applications. 1,3,5,7 is the left bank, 2,4,6,8 is the right bank and the distributor rotates clockwise. 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2
1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 all small block and big block firing patterns are 1,8,4,3,6,5,7,2 for Chevy
  == Answer ==   A great place is ebay.com or your local salvage yard should be able to hook you up!
Different locations for different vehicles. Need more info like make, model and year.
   NEVER EVER disconnect a battery cable while the engine is running. The surge will fry your computer. Here's a link to the proper way to test: http://www.ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/repair-topics/alternator-generator/testing-an-alternator-without-blowing-it-sky-high       ...
I have a 2000 Grand Am Gt with a V6 RamAir engine and my car wouldn't start last week. I wasn't sure what was wrong with it so I had my friend take a look at it. I put gas in and I knew it wasn't the battery because the lights were starting. It was making noise n wanted to turn over, but it wasn't....
  Tools needed: Small deep socket (6 or 7mm), new mirror (about $30 online, March 2008)   First remove the interior door panel. See below: (This is the hard part) When door panel is removed you will see 3 black rubber plugs behind the mirror. Remove the plugs to access threaded studs with...
== Answer ==   The bolt that is behind the power steering pulley can only be removed by removing the power steering pump.   == Answer ==   you should be able to just pull of the pully with a power steering pully puller   == Answer ==   I got the pulley off but cannot figure out how to...
depends.is it constant or periodic. if its const. its water in the oil. if its every now and then its just condensation in the exhaust.
  == Answer ==   if its automatic, there is a dipstick just to the right of your oil dipstick. its red in color. you will need a funnel to get the fluid in.   If its a Manual transmission. there is a dip stick in the far upper right hand corner, strait down in the accual case of the...
Answer . an EGR valve gasket is available that has a screen to block the carbon. They cost $5.69 at the autoparts store in my city.
Nobody can figure it out, not even the GM mechanics. I have just about replaced everything.....nothing works to date. 1 Fuel pump, 2 Ignition control Modules, 1Cam shaft sensor, 1Fuel relay switch, 1distributor Spark plugs, Spark Plug wires.... Did I forget something...prob.. I say cut your loses,...
    blown fuses, dirty switches, bad relay, broken poer lead to switches.
i have a 1989 chevy blazer gos in 4x4 drive but front wheels are not pulling wat do i do about that
Answer . \nUsually the chime sound comes from a relay box in your dash. There are two possible ways of shutting it up. 1 Disconnect the relay box. In this first case make sure that the box doesn't control anything else, or you'll have to do the other way. 2 Locate the box, disconnect it, open it,...
  as far as i know, it should be the orange part of the wire between the alternator and a cylindrical white plastic thing, then the wire turns into a red heavier gauge wire that goes along the wiring harness to the fire wall, pull quite hard on the orange part of the wire if if comes apart the...
Click on the link below for instructions.
  the wire is under the dash next to the ecm on the passenger side
  == Answer ==     Depends on the year I guess. I have a 2002 Chevy S-10 and I had to remove the exaust pipe from underside of the starter and then just unbolt and remove...not hard once the pipe is off. You will need a socket wrench and a long extention to reach the bolts on the top of...
My car is a 1991 4 cyl 2.2L, the starter is locate at the front of the engine, near the oil dipstick. I have ramps so I would fit under the car, so I raised the front. Disconect the battery - if you car has one of those GM radios that requires a code to work, please check if you have it handy....
Reg./Ext. Cab 18.5 U.S. Gallons (70.0L) Crew Cab 17.8 U.S. Gallons (67.4L)
It doesn't use a Map sensor , it use a MAF sensor , and it is located right on top of the Air filter box
where is the fuel shut off swith on a 1995 Chevy s -10 blazer at
Answer . Sounds like your Wiper Motor may be going bad or you have a loose connection.\nI had that problem with my '91 APV. If I manually pulled on them they would start working but would eventually lock up again. They would also stop working when it was raining. It turned out to be a bad...
it should be in the fuel tank on the passanger side of the truck they are easy to get to ,the gas tank is easy to get out
There is a very large number of screws, bolts, and nuts holding the dash in my '98 S10. I would highly recommend buying a repair manual for this procedure. I have a Haynes Repair Manual (about $15-$18) and it has saved me huge amounts of money....most recently when I replaced my heater core. The...
  usually the drain plug is located on the right side of the radiator it could be on the side or under the radiator if you still dont find one you can remove one of the water hose but that wont drain as much as the drain plug also known as cockpit
  Prestone has coolant flush for about $3. S10 V6 have that crap dexcool. DO NOT USE IT! It promotes corrosion and there are some MAJOR lawsuits going on over it. I couldn't get that damn plastic check valve off so I took the hose off the bottom and flushed thru there. Good luck   Dexcool...
if a 4.3 yes... if is a 2.2 need 4.3 bell housing
its on the right side of the motor if you look at it, it is literally right in front of you really eassy to change
It is under the upper intake manifold, attached to the bank of injector poppets.
Underneath, inside left frame rail, aprox under the drivers seat.
  The bulb may be blown. Replace the bulb.
if it is a four cyl its 1-3-4-2 if its a v6 its 1-2-3-4-5-6- 2.8l  if its a 4.3l 1-6-5-4-3-2
  == Answer ==   With a soldering iron?
Should be on the drivers side of engine, between #3 and #5 spark plugs.
Under left side of dash, close to the e-brake release handle.
You would adjust the brakes on a vehicle with abs brakes the same way you would adjust the brakes on a vehicle without abs brakes.
Next to the vibration damper, passenger side. It is best accessed from underneath.
Your local auto parts store can sell you a kit to restore the plastic lenses of your headlights. Just be patient and follow directions.
AnswerTurn the radio off first. Press the set button. Use the scan and seek buttons to set the hour and minute.
If that water is engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.
"READ ENTIRE REPLY BEFORE YOU GO TO GET YOUR PARTS AND TOOLS" I am a very expierenced general moters tech and after you read this reply you should feel pretty confident about doing this repair... 1st, You have to remove the fuel tank from the vehicle i hope you're real low on fuel because its a pain...
Replace the spark plug wires, to much resistance.
It would be the sensor after the catalytic converter.
towing capacity s-10 chevy-4.3 v-6-automatic tramsmission
Durango was not a Chevy, it is a Dodge. Actually Chevrolet had the "Durango" package. It's a trim package included in many models such as the 1969 Nova and the 1983 S10. Dodge had the Durango, it was a truck model, but for Chevy cars and trucks, it's just a trim package. The trim package included...