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For most people buying a home is one of the biggest financial and lifestyle decisions they will ever make. This category could possibly help assist you in making an informed decision about that purchase, so before you decide to buy a home, make sure you're ready by checking out some of the answers in this category.


It was sold to an Indian Businessman for 35 Million
You will add money to the principal in your first payment. It willbe a small amount, but that is when you start. Your statementshould show how much the bank puts toward principal and how muchgoes toward interest. Over time, more money will be applied to theprincipal. You can also make an extra...
== Answer ==\n\nFrist mortgage seasoning requirements would be determined by the terms of your loan documents. Some lenders allow loans with no restrictions, others have requirements that would limit your ability to obtain secondary financing or re-financing for a specific amount of time.\n\nHome...
A condo is very much like a duplex. It is one house made into two. A townhouse is different because they are just single houses against each other.
The most expensive property in the world is a 27 story, 400,000square foot skyscraper home. It is owned by Mukesh Ambani and it isin Mumbai, India.
734.4' x 160' = 3.4 acres
NO. A first time means just that. The purchase of a house is your first time purchasing a house.
As a home inspector, I can tell you that it will broaden the way that you view buildings. I see problems that can be resolved with design choices all of the time. However, this knowledge could be gained by other means. You can check in your state,because I am sure that they have a certification...
Then the husband is the sole owner of the property. Unless it is specifically written in the husbands Will (if he should die) the property belongs to him and him alone.
Before repaying the borrowed home equity, you should make a properplan. Firstly, review final amount you have to pay before the endof your draw period. Planning should be done at least a year beforethe exact repayment date. Start accumulating the money to repayfrom different income sources you have....
Production homes (100+) can be constructed for $75/SF - Standard sized home with average finishes can be built for $150-$200/SF
If you were to take out a home equity loan and pay for the mortgage recording tax, it would be deductible and the IT-256 form must be used to claim it.
Generally, but there are limitations and qualifications. See the related article for more details.
An average house costs about $150,000 to $200,000 in Massachusetts.This depends on square footage, building materials and where youare building your house.
Appraisers look at a homeÕs proximity to public utilities such asschools and transport, the floor the apartment is located on,property size, and the exterior of the home such as foundation,condition of the house, interiors such as the floor, walls,windows, lighting and their general condition....
The size of a city lot will vary depending on location. Thestandard size of a city lot is 25 feet wide by 100 feet in depth.
In Nova Scotia, the average cost per square foot for building a newhome averages between $130 to $150. This estimate is based on afinished general living area and does not include a basement orattached garage. If you wish to add a basement, this will averageanother $50 per square foot, and an...
A property boom is a real estate and economic term. It is oftenused interchangeably with 'bubble.' During booms there are periodsof aggressive growth in the real estate and land markets.
The minimum legal age to purchase a house in Canada is 18. If aperson is under the age of 18, they are unable to enter into acontract since they are still considered a minor.
200 per sqrt ft with installation
It depends on if the seller has a realtor or not.. If the seller does have a realtor then they will handle all the paperwork.. If the seller does not have a realtor then they need to contact a title attorney and they are capable of handling the selling process.
\n. \nMore than likely, you will be able to qualify for an FHA with 3.5% down. They don't focus much on your score versus other items such as your income which seems pretty decent. Good luck.
The key to repairing bad credit is to write a properly formatted credit repair letters to one or all of the credit bureaus and send them out via registered mail.
Depends on the area, but generally about $110-$120 per square foot to custom-build a home.
They build houses for the people to live and have a shelter forliving, where they can sleep and spend the night.
No. Also, the person buying should require you to be on & signthe deed as Grantor; otherwise, they are only buying her share.However, you could gift your share to your daughter & thusavoid capital gains tax. This might affect your lifetime exemptionamount, so see an estate planning attorney for that...
Make an offer that includes a contingency of sale of existing house by a certain date. Buy an option to purchase the house (take it off the market) for a modest fee, to expire in a short time. Borrow a bridge loan to cover payments on both houses until you sell the one you already have, then buy...
There's nothing cheap in Central London but try the YWCA.
It is hard to qualify for a mortgage with a Fico score of 567. Mostlenders, including FHA, require individuals to have a minimum Ficoscore of 580 to qualify for a mortgage.
If a family has a daughter that is afflicted with Rett Syndromeprenatal testing is available. Testing is also available forsisters of girls with Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a geneticdisorder and nearly all cases are caused by a mutation in the MECP2gene. Less than 1% of cases are passed from...
You could take out a mortgage on a second home to payoff the mortgage on your primary residence if you have sufficient equity. I guess the question would be, why would you want to do that?. Generally, you are going to get better terms on a mortgage for an owner occupied residence vs. a 2nd home all...
In 1938, the average cost of a new house in the United States wasaround 3,900 dollars. This figure is just a little more than twicethe average annual income at that time.
A sheriff's sale is a public auction of property seized by lawenforcement. Typically, a down payment of 10 percent is required atthe time of the auction, with the rest due within 30 days.
Antilla in Mumbai, India Price is $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) 27 stories high, 600 servants (Information from Bankling.com) If you wish for something more modest, Donald Trump's home is only $125 million. Might be a good starter home before upgrading to Mumbai!
You can purchase a home loan through CHFA with a Tax ID or SocialSecurity Number. However, some form of credit should be establishedor alternative credit payments of at least 24 months must beestablished to obtain a home loan.
Zoning laws in large land tracts that allow for suburbandevelopment keep large industries from locating in largelysingle-family developments. Suburban zoning laws allow for offices,retail, or even light industrial development in suburban areas.
All states have different requirements. Best way to answer is to call your states Real Estate Division or Association of Realtors. Either of these should give you the specific answers for your state.
They work for whomever needs the inspection and has the money to pay them. Maybe you should not hire one that the real estate seller recommends. Where are you going to find an honest one? Good question. Who hires the most home inspectors? The buyer, seller, or real estate salesman? I think the...
You can rescind your real estate listing agreement at any time.This is usually listed in your terms that you sign with the agent.
The average sizes are 10 x60 and 12/60
With this high credit score you can get a mortgage a lot earlier, if the purchase price of the property supports the appraisal or vice versa and your income supports the future payments.
No. California does not have a statewide system that can show you which county is accepting applications. Each jurisdiction within California, as with most other states, has its own housing authority which maintains its own waiting lists.
A letter of release stating that the mortgage is paid in full.
Yes, but the existing mortgage (and interest on bridge loan) will be a factor in the points and interest on the new mortgage, as the initial risk to the lender is higher.
You can contact your local utility companies for the history of the costs of the monthly utilities. Of course, it also depends on your usage such as refrigerators, computers, other electronics, space heaters, freezers, air conditioner etc. Space heaters use a lot of electricity as does a...
You would need to be eighteen, or you would need to have a buyer who is currently eighteen in order to make it legal.
Depending on many factors.. Cookie cutter FHA loans can take a few days for a full approval.. Manual Underwrite FHA may take 1-2weeks depending on how much documentation is required.. Average turn time with most FHA lenders is 2weeks just to look at the file (04/11/2008)
Yes, you can get a mortgage. The amount of the mortgage will depend on the overall financial picture of the property and what you can show to a lender that demonstrates the monthly payment you can afford.
No, you do not need to have a fifty-percent loan to value ratio to refinance. There are many many loan programs that will allow you other ratios and consider an overall financial picture of the situation so that you can refinance.
For a good overview of the items, systems and components that arereview during a home inspection you can google "Home InspectionStandards of Practice". This document explains exactly what is, andmore importantly what is not, included in a typical homeinspection.
Yes, a civilian can assume a mortgage of a Virginia property. Inorder to get a loan for a property in Virginia, the person musthave a credit check completed. If they have good credit, theirchances of being approved for the loan are higher. If they have badcredit, the bank or loan officer may ask for...
When I took the Real Estate Exam in Texas there were 25 questins per section. There are 4 sections. The Brokers Exam has 5 sections with 25 questions per section. Essentially for the Salesman's exam in Texas the exam has 100 questions. The Brokers exam has 125 questins. But it depends on other...
25 lakhs............if more do not buy $70,000
There many opportunities worldwide where you can buy a island.Caribbean is one of best places.
The book is called "Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream" by Adam W. Shepard Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0061714275/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0061714275&linkCode=as2&tag=40nort-20
No matter how long your home lingers unsold, you can comfort yourself that at least you're not Mark Twain. The celebrated author put his Hartford, Conn., home on the market for $60,000 in 1901, according to biographer Fred Kaplan. Despite repeated markdowns, the elaborate house failed to attract a...
Land developers are required to have licenses in every state theyintend to build. Each state and county have there own requirementson the type of license required for land developers.
A detached house is one that stands alone without being attached in any way to another building. A semi-detached house, therefore, is one that only partly stands alone as it shares one common wall with another house. Houses that are joined to others on both sides are called row houses or terraced...
its around 80$ a square foot for basic material. if you want to go with top of the line everything its around 110$ a square foot.
Why not? Is it cheaper than a two?
The average construction cost per square foot for building a housein Chicago southwest suburbs is 2,520 square feet, which assumes atwo-story structure. This places the construction at $117 persquare foot.
Refers to how much you pay for a unit of energy. When talking about natural gas, 1 unit = 1 CCF. When talking about electricity, 1 unit = 1 kiloWatt.
In simple terms, you have to compare Present Value (as in finance) of mortgage expense (interest), increased with maintenance expense and property taxes, reduced with tax deduction savings, with the rent you would have to pay during the potential ownership period.. The simplified break even equation...
It depends also on the amount of income added.. If there are 2 borrowers on the loan, and they have 6 scores.. Borrower A 600, 550, 500. The lender will use the middle score 550. Borrower B 700, 750, 800. The lender will use the middle score 750. When there are two borrowers, they will use the LOWER...
Solon, Ohio has a city income tax rate of two percent. Property taxfor property costing approximately $100,00 is currently twothousand dollars.
150 x150 = 22,500 / 43,560 = .5165 acres
My co-worker borrowed funds to hold them on deposit. The funds were verified so she could qualify for her mortgage. It was easy to get the loan with no credit check because she agreed to just hold the funds on deposit. Then she got a down payment assistance program to make her down payment for her,...
You should get a line of credit, or at least "approved" for a loan. Even if you don't go with a particular company for the loan, at least get them to agree that they will give you a loan for some amount of money (I would recomend a higher amount than you are acctually willing to take a loan for,...
100 x 2 = 200 / 43,560 = .0045913
No you don't have to if you can find a better rate someplace else you can go there. Its just the person that pre-approved you isn't going to like you very much because he lost a commission. :) but that's their fault if they couldn't give you a better rate...
If you are in a city, it is unlikely you have a septic system. Country, you probably do. Most places have a charge for sewer on the water bill. If you are on a well, you have a septic. When it is dry in the summer, the grass over the lateral field will be green longer than the rest of the yard. Look...
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300ft x 300ft = 90000ft 2 1acre = 43560ft 2 90000 ft 2 x 1 acre/43560 ft 2 = 2.1 acres (rounded)
Amerigo Vespucci was a good man and a great guy he was born in 1454 and as he grew Amerigo came to understand how important this trade was. christopher Columbus was telling people his plan and they started to laugh Amerigo Vespucci thought it was a good plan did I also tell you that he had a brother...
The good here is you can choose what you want and how you want it! You get to live in them....yay?