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Air Pollution

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Air pollution is the presence of natural and artificial substances in the air that affect the health of humans and other organisms. A person continuously exposed to polluted air may eventually develop lung problems.
The left overs left behind in the soil as irrigated water for  farming evaporates, which makes the soil water have a higher  osmotic content for the plants. A higher concentration of solutes  means there is a lower amount of water. Therefore, more water will  run/diffuse out of the plants cells...
I can only speculate but I wouldn't imagine global warming would  have had much of an impact on global shark populations to date.  Water takes a lot of energy to heat up and changes to global  oceanic temperatures are less noticable than atmospheric  temperatures. Sharks are cold-blooded so...
Earth is described as having three atmospheres. The first  atmosphere, captured from the solar nebula, was composed of light  (atmophile) elements from the solar nebula, mostly hydrogen and  helium. A combination of the solar wind and Earth's heat would have  driven off this atmosphere. The...
It is 72% of our atmosphere. However it also can cause ground level  ozone and smog. It also can be bad in water systems if there is an  excess. Without it though nothing could live. Plants need it to  survive.
Methane 16% -- Carbon Dioxide (Forestry and Industrial process) 76%  -- Nitrous Oxide 6% -- F-Gases 2%
There are millions of carbon compounds. Three simple ones are  methane, CH4, ethene, C2H2 and ethanol, C2H5OH. Remember the  numbers must be subscripts. Answers.com cannot provide  drawings.
You can say that the Earth is like a ball that will explode when  something "bad" happens to it.
=== ANSWER: ===   Contact the manufacturer and inquire if they repair or replace the units with freon leaks. Also ask them if they can refer a repair shop near the town you live in. Quite simply, putting more freon in it will leak out and it will keep freezing up. Fix the leak.   >>>...
1. by not standing next to people who smoke  2. not living in a high polluted area 
when fossil fuels is combusted , it produces energy and rest of by  products are poisonous gases like carbon monoxide , sulphites,  nitrites , and solid residue which is non biodegradable
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement while the  Copenhagen Accord is a political agreement.
Yes, it is. Both the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in Iraq have many  pollutants added by industry and the populace. This includes  sewage, chemical releases, and agricultural runoff.
I'm quite sure the answer is Montreal Protocol:)
Because if their is more mass the more force is applied when the  mass is lower the lower the force will be needed
There are many ways to make a model of land pollution for a school  science exhibition. One idea is to show a diorama of land and lake  area clean next to a diorama of the same scene with sludge in the  water.
There are many natural resources that are extremely important to  human activity, but without water human activity could not exist.  Therefore, water is vital.
Ozone layer protects our planet Earth from the harmful radiations  that comes from the sun. The ozone layer was discovered in 1913 by  the French physicists Charles Fabry and Henri Buisson. Ozone layer  is a deep layer in earth's atmosphere that contain ozone which is a  naturally occurring...
7,568,906,398,976.  approximately = 7.57 trillion
Burning oil produces carbon dioxide gas and also carbon monoxide gas. These go up into the ozone layer and form a large blanket of gas around the earth. The gas then traps in heat. The heat melts the ice-caps and this creates rising sea levels. 1 degrees more of temp will make the sea rise 7metres....
you can use a bicycle or take a walk to school so that you don't pollute the air.
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pollution affects people (or your loved or love ones) by putting chemicals into their bodies for example if u smoke beside ur loved or love ones then they are in hailing the same chemicals u are but for them its worse this is called second hand smoking.THIS PEICE OF TEXT WAS WRITTEN BY JOLIEN DOESN
(i) respiration (ii) photosynthesis (iii) burning (iv) movement of yatchs (v) generation of electricity
by making a fire , they make smoke which pollutes the air , that how culture practices contribute to air pollution
  == Answer ==   Usually, it lowers it as CO2 is converted to HCO2 and SO4 is converted to H2SO4 (carbon dioxide to carbonic acid and sulfate to sulfuric acid). Nitric acids can also form from nitric oxide. That's the general composition of acid rain. (low pH = more acid) 
One major cause of human water pollution is waste water runoff into  streams and rivers. Another is run off from agricultural  operations.
we can stop littering by not doing bad things to our environement
Ozone depletion has some associated problems. Ozone hole at both hemispheres,
Water is a natural resource. It is depleted via people of earth.
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Yes, decaying vegetation underwater in a swamp will produce methane, also known as swamp gas.
Particle pollution is elevated in summer. It is due to the heat.
maybe from acid water
by releasing waste from their processes into the air, ground and waters.
Various items are equal in destroying ozone. CFC's and FREONS are example.
It has many franchise and packing plants that emit harmful chemicals. One of the most polluted cities is Mexico City, which has a dense fog of gases and chemicals that hovers above the city, similar to Los Angeles.
It paid farmers to plant crops that protected the soil.
a drop a day will probably pay
carbon monoxide, dirt, germ, pollutants
CO2 is not harmful to humans even in concentrations more than several times the present level in earth's atmosphere (which is about 385ppm, or about one part in 2,500). It is commonly far higher than 385ppm in offices etc with no harmful effects.CO2 is absolutely essential to the growth of all green...
Yes, burning anything releases carbon dioxide into the air, and makes it less breathable.
Silt is a major problem. Run-off (oil and fertilizer) from roads and farms is another. Unregulated or illegal waste from factories is another.
  == Answer ==   Seems unlikely, at least in any significant quantity 
The consequences of water pollution are grave. Toxic water will not  only harm plant and animal live in rivers, streams, lakes and  oceans, but this harm will continue up the food chain to humans.  Drinking polluted water can cause illness which leads to death.  Eating food raised on, or in,...
"Waldsterben". Climate change
by increasing the prices of cars so that someone would if afford  than buy a car to reduce air pollution and to use bycle
no, cause air pollution comes in so many different forms, no one person could possibly become immune to every form of air pollution. ____ Unfortunately, air pollution doesn't work like that. The health problems that it causes are usually accumulative... meaning that the more you breathe it,...
oil gas gabage bottles and body fluids
Since 70s it can't. Now they use ozone-friendly propellants like propane and other hydrocarbon gases. But it's still bad for global warming and pollution. Before 70s they used fluorocarbons as propellant which was really bad for ozone. It's because ozone molecule is O3 and fluorocarbons "steal" the...
The increase of technology.
Carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas) is disturbing the normal carbon cycle that keeps the planet comfortably warm. This extra CO2 is causing the enhanced greenhouse effect that is causing global warming.
Use plants and add hot water to them with smoke
The ozone does not filter layers. It filters the UV's.
carbon dioxide and water if it has not enough air is produces Carbon monoxide and water
  == Answer ==     well check your belts if they are loose then that could make this hapen. if the belts are not loose look at the pullys if the pullys are shiny like they have ben polished then you need new belts they are old and worout. if this dose not help then check the berings on...
If it isn't emiting lots of carbon dioxide, it can be fairly eco friendly, because many people are on the train, and not on their cars, which emits about the same amount.
    == Answer ==     You could be losing compression from your cylinders or your timing chain could be slipping. My chain broke and that was the first thing to occur. No power when applying the gas.     could be a fuel pump not producing enough pressure. has the pressure to run...
Ozone layer is a single spread over a distance of 20-30 kilometersabove earth's surface. Its concentration varies over a distance.
The refrigerant's used are CFC's. They are most harmful to ozone layer and decompose it.
Ozone layer present in troposphere is known as bad ozone. It is apollutant and is a major constituent of urabn smog.
Petapak Aerosol Corportion has developed a PET aerosol bottle which it is going to launch into North America, ASIA & Europe in 2012.
Bearing in mind that some people still think that smoking ishealthy, seat-belts are frivolous and Elvis, JFK and Adolph hHitler are still alive, it is easy to understand that opinionsexist that global climate change and its relation to human activityis a hoax, con-game or fear mongering. However...
in the year 1985, an ozone hole was discovered over Antarctica. This was not actually a hole but thinning of ozone beyond a certain concentration which was termed as the ozone hole.
yeah it does because everything has carbon when it dies what matters is the amount it has
Wood is a hygroscopic material. That is, it tends to absorb moisture from the air. Normally, it contains about eight per cent of water. However, it varies slightly depending on the atmospheric conditions of tumidity, etc. to which it is exposed over a period of time. Such a wood constitutes "dry...
Very little connection between the ozone layer and greenhousegases.
It is based as salt water but then turned into pure water. 1. The ocean water evaporates into water vapor leaving all the salt and other chemicals behind 2.The water vapor turns into clouds 3.The clouds build up in water so much they rain. So yes rain water is pure
The earth has so much severe damage. Firstly, the most hazardous of all is termed Global warming. Global warming is more severe than the others. Another just as severe damage as Global warming is Ozone depletion which I think is as severe as Global warming if not the same.
it affects the air by putting toxic in it and if you breath the toxic you will eather die or will have to wear a mask forthe rest of your life
because it takes less time for the water to boil. I f you put more water in the kettle it will take a longer time for it to boil which takes in more energy
how does toxic gases that goes high in the air impact water cycle of the region
There used to be an ad campaign featuring an owl that said, "Give a hoot, don't pollute!"
I'm going to assume that you aren't looking for the answer "to cook in it". People boil water to kill bacteria.
Yes global warming is causing climate change, and this can causeextremes in all types of weather.
People do have problems with ozone layer. But the problems are invalid as the ozone protects us.
Most of the ozone is present in the stratospheric region of theatmosphere. It is formed in the form of ozone layer.
Air pollution is very harmful because, it makes living things hard to breathe and is not good for their bodies.
The harmful effects caused by destruction of ozone are not countable. There are large environmental issues associated with it.
saving environmentwhen u go 4 camping or hiking take all your rubbish home with you or throw in a proper dustbin.don't break branches of trees or carve your names on 'em.recycle things.say no to products made from animal hides and body parts!plant more and more trees and preserve forest. According...
  this is a sign of a major problem you either have a cracked head or block or a blown head gasket.   there is a product called liquid glass you can use to fix this but bear in mind this is a tempoary fix at best. However, check the water pump blades to see if they may have cut a circular...
By burning it (reacting it with Oxygen)
solar panels water tanks compost bin energy light saver dual flush wind turbine and more
It can cause major flooding. Also it does harm to people or animals who consume the polluted water. Aquatic animals will also die due to the water pollution. and there will be a decrease of fresh water sources.
The ozone is our vital part. It is present withing stratospheric atmosphere layer.
Point source pollution is pollution at the place that it occurs.  Nonpoint source pollution is pollution where the item causing the  pollution is at a different place.