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Plymouth Acclaim

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The Plymouth Acclaim was a mid-size four-door sedan manufactured by Chrysler Corporation from 1989 to 1995. The car was the upgraded replacement of the E-body Caravelle. It was also offered in high-end LX and mid-range LE trims.
Remove the center bolt for the C/V joint... remove rotor and brake caliper, there is 4 bolts that holds it on, remove the bolts and it will come off and install in reverse order. ============================================================== This isn't true for say, a 1989 Acclaim which has the...
under left side fender in engine compartment will be 3 or 4 square relays there one is fuel pump relay. check manual to see which one
This could be the dummy lights that come on when you start the car, but if it stays on, your engine could just need some oil or you may be on a steep hill.. Low oil pressure due to low oil level in the engine; very THIN oil; meaning the wrong oil is in the engine.
Bad temperature sensor?. Thermostat opening and closing. ============================================================. Well those are possibilities but usually when the temperature starts fluctuating on the 2.2 or 2.5l engines, it is usually a head gasket starting to fail. When this occurs, air ...
There are five bolts on top of the dash after you remove the cover near the windsheild. There are two more bolts. On both sides near the bottom base panels close to the lower dash mounts. These donot have to come completely off just enough to tilt and lift the dash out of place. All connectors and...
You don't. The timing is controlled automatically by the on-board computer, which controls not only timing, but also fuel/air mixture, and most everything to do with the combustion of fuel. If the timing is off, it may have to do with one or more of the sensors the computer uses to determine how...
The cam position sensor is inside the distributor, under the cap and rotor. There isn't a crank sensor.
Rotor buttons are inside a distributor.
Answer . \nHeater blower motor running continuously. Check the heater resistor pack.
auto parts at rock auto.com gives diagrams of exaust enter year, car model then go to exaust.
Low speed shakes are tire problems. High speed shakes are tire balance or poor overall tire condition. Some one should shake all the wheels too to make sure no parts are becoming loose and dangerous.
Answer . \nIt uses a spring loaded belt tensioner I believe. The tensioner is automatically set. IF there is not enough tension, then replace the tensioner. The belt may be stretched and need replacment however.
Had the same trouble with mine. It was the ignition switch on the steering column. Could also be the mass airflow sensor mounted on the fire wall above and to the left of the air cleaner.
Depends on the fuel injection system. If they are both throttle body it should work, but you might have to swap the ECM.
There could be a leak that is seeping into the seating. Check theengine as well as the radiator to ensure there are no looseconnections which could be affecting performance.
It is located in the main relay and fuse panel under the hood on the drivers side wheel well.
Answer . \nWe have had a similar thing happen twice with our 1991 Plymouth Acclaim (about 140,000 miles). Both times replacing the headlight switch solved the problem. We just replaced the switch for the second time today. It cost about $20 at NAPA. It requires removing the dash panels which you...
starter on 2.5 4cyl is located on back side of motor by drivers compartment easyest to get to from under car.
Depending on what engine you have you may have a multitude of parts interchangable to other vehicles. The v6 models are a Mitsubishi motors engine. Some parts are interchangable with other cars with the same motor... similar years chrystler, Mitsubishi, Plymouth, hyundi, others...
Answer . Remove fuel tank. Use a brass punch to drive fuel pump lock ring counterclockwise. Remove pump and O-ring. Check inlet sock filter for damage or contamination, replace if required. Clean sealing area of tank and use a new O-ring when installing.
It should be near the bottom of the front bumper on the inside if I remember correctly. Check behind the bumper where the fog lights are (if you have them), and you should see a bundle of wires. The horn should be right there.
it is on the back of the transaxle of the transmission its an oval piece with a two part wire going into it.
Answer . \nEmail me at:shughes@gcronline.com. I will give you what you need to know. Lynn
It is much easier to reach them if you remove the air filter box itself. They are basically opposite the front ones.
%DETAILS%. Answer . the library has chilton repair manuals,i just copy the page,pages that i need for .10 cents a copy.
Answer . if battery has gone dead or has been disconected you will have to have your idle relearned. Answer . \nHow do you relearn the idle?
My 1991 Plymouth Acclaim manual says mine is R12, but I can't say for the '92 It was built with R12, should be retrofitted to R134a.
If your fuel pump won't run when turning on ignition, but, [will run by alternate power source] then your problem is most likely in wiring from pump to ignition module. Follow leads from fuel pump and trace back towards front of vehicle. You may find a chewed or corroded wire or even a two-piece...
\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf check engine soon light is red you should not drive this vehicle any longer, because yellow light means minor problem(s), and red light means major problem(s). If you continue to drive this vehicle with the light being red, you risk major damage to your engine, if you...
There are a few different reasons this could happen. The most likely cause if you lost that much oil that quickly is a rear main seal. This is a "main seal" in the back of your engine, this seal can leak severely over time and mileage. The engine typically has to be removed to replace this seal.
Try checking the coil make sure all wiring is hooked up as well as plug wire from coil to distributor if all is hooked up and still no spark have coil tested
Could be clogged injectors. Run a pint of Sea Foam in the gasoline. No guaranty's but it has worked for me.
Check the fuel pump relay. It's on the passenger side fender between the battery and strutt tower. Have someone turn the ignition to the run position (don't start the engine) while you listen, the fuel pump relay will click when it turns on. Run the vehicle until the pump stops working and check for...
run a compression test on it should read about 150 i think bad head gasket or crack in head.
maybe you should try putting it in a drive. its the D letter on the gear switch =)
On the 2.5L, it is under the intake/exhaust on the back of the engine. On the 3.0L it is below the exhaust manifold on the front.
Answer . First it's a 89,\nif the A/C never been touched it's working on r12 freon , if you need to add freon there is a leak, if the leak is there since a long time you will need to change the dryer.and youll need to do a conversion from R12 to R134a freon ( changing fitting, adding special oil,...
how do you change rear wheel bearing in 1994 Plymouth acclaim
Answer . if the injector is getting fuel, check for spark at the plugs, it might be the plug wires, bad plugs, rotor, pick up, or coil
Answer: . The front axle nut on a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim is 32mm OD. A 32mm axle nut socket should be available at most parts stores.
approx. 4.5 litres give or take.Start with 4 litres then check. If still low but reading on stick add half litre till full.
HAynes manuals include "representative" diagrams
check temp sensor, it located where the thermostat is, or the fan relay (its in the black box under the hood with all the fuses in it). To check unplug the sensor, it's on the thermostat cover, if the fan turns on the relay is good. If it doesn't come on change the relay.
\n. \n Answer \n. \nthe bulb that the car uses is a 9004 headlamp. Locate the wire behind the headlight in the engine compartment. unplug the wire from the bulb.With your hand you will feel a retainer ring that is about two inches in diameter. turn it about a quarter of a turn counter clockwise...
Get the car on jack stands so there's no weight on the front wheels. grab the tie rod and twist it, lift it; does it move? Grab the tire and move it rapidly like the car was turning right to laft rapidly; see any movment? feel movement? Any movement means replace it; Count the threads showing on...
Answer . Rough idle could be: spark plugs(worn or wrong gap), plug wires, vacuum leaks, wrong ignition timing, uneven or low compression.\nTransmission trouble--check fluid level.
This is a big job. I suggest getting a manual on your car from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM.
Answer . I verified that the 2 coolant fans come on at low speed once coolant temp reaches 223/225 degrees I thought this was too high a temp so I checked with local Buick dealer. They claim 220-230 is still considered normal operating range. If you want to get cooling fans to come on earlier and...
The fuel pump relay is designed to initially give enough gas to start the engine as well as provided gas for runnining the engine. Sometimes the relay does not respond when the motor turns. In rare cases the Map Sensor may be faulty. The Map sensor is designed to detect the engine es turning and gas...
Answer . There is only 1 filter, its under the passenger side of the car, right before you get to the back tire... its a silver round thing, should be real easy to find cause nothing else under there has hoses going to it.
"Mechanic in a can" get some engine clean, diesel, or some trans fluid; drain a quart of oil out of the engine; then put a quart of what ever you got in to the engine replacing the oil you just drained; run it till it's warm, drain it all out and change the oil and filter; start it up check for...
Try AutoZone, but don't look under the year and model section. Select Products and How To Info on the left side menu, then pick "T" and "Timing Belt". It's not as detailed as the manuals, but helpful.. 2nd answerThis was real helpful for me. Make sure you are a DIY person first of all and if that's...
Answer . \nyou have to remove the dash
Remove the plastic cover surrounding the stereo and air conditioning knobs/vents. Use a flat screwdriver with the tip covered with tape (not to scratch anything). Slip the screwdriver under the plastic cover and pry off, not too hard. If you wiggle around you will find the clips holding it in. Pry...
Any service manula for this car will have this information; it's probably available on the web somewhere and your local library should have some service manuals on hand as well; check your library's web site; my local lib has auto tech data-- how - to on line and it's free!
if the cap is green, your ac system uses R22 coolant. If it's PINK, then it uses R410a coolant
Diagram of Fuses . \nThe diagram o the fuse box is located inside the car near the hood latch. Lift the cover which is held on with velcro and the diagram is inside the panel of the door.
Answer . \nLook at right of hand's brake
Be sure that the radiator is filled to the top and the reservior is 1/2 filled. Warm up the engine and see if the cooling fan is working.If not then turn on the air conditioner and the fan should come on. If not you most likely have a defective fan motor.. Your radiator could be plugged up; if so...
Answer . On the front of the Throttle Body, its held in by 2 Star Screws.
If you know the battery is good, then you have a bad ignition switch or starter, or a loose wire.
The ECM on mine (2.5L of that year) is to the right side of the battery, up against the frame, integrated with the air intake.
Answer . Check out AutoZone.com and I bet you find it. No, I don't work there or have any affiliation with them, but I have gotten incredible help from this site for my '91 Acclaim. Good Luck
Answer . Could be the TPS, it will cause it to idle high and low and make the car become sluggish, but a vehicle will run without one, but it will run very rough.
Several things may cause this. Make sure you are not lugging the engine when driving. You may have a fuel filter that needs replaced, you may need to change your plugs and or plug wires, the gasoline you use may be of a lower octane value. Buy higher octane gas. Try using a fuel additive to clean...
I know that whenever I get gas - I SLOW DOWN!
The US needs an average of 6.89 billion barrels of oil per year. Itis to sustain the average usage of 18.89 million barrels of oilneeded per day.
Answer - Acclaim fuel pump fuse / relay . You might want to check the relay, instead of the fuse. I had the same question as I looked at a neighbours '94 Acclaim. I found the relay (by accident). Looked like it was replaced once already. The fuel pump wouldn't stop, so thought to pull the fuse....
On the 2.5L, it is under the intake/exhaust on the back of the engine. On the 3.0L it is below the exhaust manifold on the front
To the left of the fuse panel you will see the flashers, you can up snap all of the dash trios, take the screws out and it exposes all the flashers, theres three of them right together, the emergency, signal and horn relay. The "trio" block contains a hazard warning(short and round), a time delay...
Answer . The relay on our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee was located behind the headlight on the passenger side of the vehicle. We were told by the technicians at the Jeep dealership that you have to remove the bumper to get to it OR you can remove the headlight assembly and drill a hole large enough...
I have a 1992 acclaim, the speed sensor is located on the right hand (passenger) axle.. Look on the back side of the axle,about 6 " down from the transmission, you see a lump on the housing, with 2 or3 wires leaving the top.
You may be looking at a device that looks like a cigar lighter outlet, that is really just a 12v power outlet, to charge a cell phone in the car or power any 12v. appliance .. That is what I have in a 1992 acclaim.. It is nearly down to the floor above the tranny hump.
Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts store comes with instructions
www.autozone.com . Answer . I recommend purchasing or checking out from your local library a Chilton book for your make/model. These are the most complete how-to car repair books I have found. They are a little less than $20.00 at a parts store if you wanted to keep one around just in case. They...
Answer . \nJust go to your local Autozone. They can print you one out at the parts counter while you wait.
Answer . slide radiator down into position behind the radiator support\nattach the air conditioning condenser to the radiator if so equipped,with force of 10Lbs to seat the radiator assembly lower rubber isolators in the mount holes provided\ntighten the radiator mounting screws to 9 ft. lbs....
I have a brand new crate engine of the newer version , It has 2000 miles on it with docs . Answer . Perfect circle is one company that comes to mind. Call almost any aftermarket parts store and they can help. NAPA would be a good start. Check on line, the list is probably endless.. Answer ....
Pull the hood release lever near the parking brake on the bottom of the driver's side dash. Push the lever under the hood up and push up on the hood.
The sensor is between the cab and engine. its in the back of the engine not the front like many other vechiles.
Under the dash near the steering column. Kinda looks like a metal bottle cap, with one conncector.. F. garay
Your problem is prob the starter, if you hear grinding it def is, Tho if starter is good could be ignition relay
The tank is 16 gallons. With my 3.0 V6 and the 3-speed automatic, I get about 22.5 mpg with a lot of stop-and-go traffic.
If you have a 6 cylinder 3.0L the timing marks are located on the crankshaft gear for the timing belt (its just a notch on the rear of the gear just spin it clockwise until you find it) that lines up with a notch that sicks out from the block just above it. The camshaft marks are little arrows on...