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Social events refer to people gathering at a location for entertainment, or a place where one could find social interaction. Parties, shows, and even social networking sites are considered social events.

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Monopoly (Business)

What is the clayton anti-trust act?

Clayton Antitrust act (1914):

designed to strengthen the Sherman Antitrust act of 1890 by declaring illegal certain corporate practices not included in the Sherman act

* The definiton of "unfair methods of competition" was expanded to include price discrimination, interlocking directories, purchase by on company of stock in competing corporations, and contracts limiting the right of purchasers to handle the products of competing companies * Officers of corporations were made liable for illegal acts of the corporation. * The use of injunctions in labor disputes was prohibited unless necessary to prevent damage of property. * Labor unions and agricultural associations were exempted from antitrust acts, and strikes, boycotts, and peaceful picketing were deemed legal processes

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What are the key elements necessary for throwing an authentic masquerade party?

Your theme is the most important part ... ie: 1950's, 1960's, etc., or black/white clothing (no other color.) It can be anything you want from any country of the world. I find the best one is to look up on "Google" .... Mardi Gras and see what their costumes are. There is absolutely no rule as to what you can wear, but it's a blast and "anything" goes. Send invitations out (you don't want to go to all this work and then have people bail out if you just phone them.) Be sure you have put the "theme" in your invitation, the place, what time, etc. Also request they call you to let you know if they are coming. Decorate your home or hall that you may rent in the theme you have chosen (go to party rentals) and concentrate on Music first, then the decorations. Food is easy. If it's Mardi Gras then you can do creole dishes, etc. If it's the 50's hamburgers, chips, coke, etc., (alcohol of course ... people should bring their own liquor, but you should supply the soft drinks and ice.) If it's Mexican, do bean dips, wraps, etc. If you go under Google and put in "Mexican recipes" for example you will get a whole slew of them. Before you decide on the theme, think of the personalities of most of your friends, their ages and what you think they would all relate too and have fun with. Remember, you are the brain child of this party, you did all the work and it's up to your guests to have the fun. PLEASE NOTE: If this is a high end party then you should supply the alcohol and everything else. Good Luck Have fun! Marcy

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Which point in the Virginia Plan was objected to by supporters of the New Jersey Plan?

The larger states should have more representatives in Congress.

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Urban Planning

What are the advantages and disadvantages of colonialism?

Advantages: In theory, Christian theology promotes equality and education for all. The killing of twins is exposed as a primitive and horrific practice and stopped in the name of the colonizers. The Evil Forest used as a depository for abnormalities. The way in which newborn and toddler deaths are dealt with and the ways in which their cadavers are mutilated. The sexism and the violence with which women are treated. Disadvantages: unfamiliar system of government a complete loss of culture loss of land ownership in general a lack of respect for traditions enforced religious views risk of disease taxes imposed by the colonialists dominant class that comes with the colonial power The native people are considered savages and of no worth whatsoever; therefore, lack of respect. living conditions drastically change because land gets taken away Native way of life is forcefully changed.

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What should you do when your friend comes over and its raining other than watching tv or a movie?


You can talk about your favorite bands, any concerts coming up; put on some music and dance and just goof around having fun. You can play computer games. There are times when two people don't always have to talk.


you can

1.go to a nearby park

2. make a comic book or funny drawings of people you don't like.

3. go on a walk

4. get on the computer

5. make jewelry

6. prank calls

7. take crazy pictures

8. do funky makeup

9. play a board game

10. would you rather

11. watch a movie

12. have a dance party

13. go to the mall

14. go to the movies

15. go to pool/ice skating


Don't want to sound vicious, but read the question next time?
It's raining.
They're watching a movie, not planning to go out.
I think, if you're just friends, you could make conversation.
Or if you're more than friends, you could make a move?
If it doesn't go to plan, apologise, and change the subject?

Social Events

The physiologic population density of a country is always lower than the arithmetic density?


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What city hosted the 1967 Worlds Fair?

New York? Seattle was earlier, maybe 1962?

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Jane Goodall

Any poems about Jane Goodall?

Answerwho am i?

i study chimps

I married Derek Briceson

im still alive

my journey took me all the way to the jungle

Who am I?

is that what you wanted???

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Contract Law

How binding is a banquet hall contract?

It depends on the contract, who wrote it, who signed it, whether money changed hands. If the contract clearly expresses intent, you signed the contract and you paid for part or all of the hall rental, it's probably a pretty solid contract and you're stuck. Your best bet would be to try to work with them for some kind of compromise. Getting upset with them won't do you much good. Remember that they're in the business of renting the hall and if you tie it up for the night then they aren't making money on their investment. If you could find someone to take the contract for the period of the rental you could probably work out a favorable resolution. * All written contracts are legally binding to the extent of the contractual terms and the established laws in the state in which they were created and/or entered into. All verbal contracts are equally binding if the plaintiff can provide substantiated evidence that there was a "meeting of the minds" by the involved parties. In the US it is not always necessary for money to exchange hands to insure the legality of the instrument in question and the enforcement of such.

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How do you become popular in seventh grade?

Be popular in a good way. Smile and be nice to everyone. Help people who need it, and ask when you need help. Make a good impression on the students and teachers. Being popular isn't important, being helpful, caring, and wise is!

BUT, if your the kind of person who wants to be popular in fashion and stuff, here are a list of things that I have to get me to popularity:

-shop at Charlotte Russe and old navy, places like that. (a.e. and hollister)

-get some cute shoes and sandals.

-have cardigans, tank tops and cute capris and jeans.

-get a cute purse.

-get feathers or a new haircut or hairstyle.

-be yourself!

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Birth Rate

Which Indian state has the lowest birth rate?


Social Events

What can you dress up as for a dress up party?

There are all kinds of costumes you can wear to a dress up party. You can make your own costume. Go in your pajama's and a bathroom. Put curlers in your hair and wear your slippers. That's easy enough.

Homemade and easy costumes include: A house wife, a woman or a man, a bum, a witch, use a black sheet and get a broom stick. Just think about all the silly homemade costumes you can make. I've seen a friend dress in a black leotard and tights and buy a cat ears and tail kit. One buddy of mine dressed up in tights and a turtleneck shirt, and pinned small balloons to his shirt, he said he was a bunch of Grapes! There are lots of ideas for homemade costumes or you can buy a costume from a local costume store. There are also plenty of online sites where you can find costumes too.

Some good ideas are celebrities or people well known, although if you have a good sense of humour go as something which is embarrassing but know your friends will laugh.

For a Christmas party, you can dress up as a princess or a bride in red silky dress or a black sparkling gown. If it is a fancy dress competition you can also opt to dress as a candle.

The usual angel, devil, jester, queen of hearts, prince or princess are always fun. But it's also fun if you can get a friend who is also invited to team up as a pair for an Anthony and Cleopatra, Jack and Jill, Sonny and Cher, or George and Martha.

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Who pays for the inauguration of US Presidents?

The balls and most of the cost of the parade and ceremony is funded by donors.

The added cost of public services caused by the crowds. such as additional police to direct traffic, additional security, cleaning the streets, etc. are paid from public funds. Of course the event also produces added revenue from taxes on sales, meals, lodging, etc.

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Age of Enlightenment

How far did enlightenment ideas spread from 1550-1789?

the movement reached its height the mid - 1700s and brought great change to many aspects of western civilization.

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Sweet Sixteen (birthday)

Where can you get party ideas?

Go onto: has a lot of great ideas for young children.

select a theme party, character party....There are lots of party ideas for girls. But if you are over 40 then just type in the a party theme you fancy at Type: Party Ideas Usually theme parties are very successful. Examples: 1950s - 1980s. All men dressed in black and the women dressed in white. The most fun party I was at is coming as one of your favorite singers and I went as Tina Turner and lip-synced and won first prize. It was a hoot!

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How much is it to rent a hall in London?

£300 per hour

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Which day is celebrated as world family day?

May 15th

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Why is a cool person cool?

A person who is "cool" displays confidence and a calm, unflappable demeanor. Whether "cool" people are actually popular or not, their bearing suggests that they are, and they are always in good spirits. They are constantly involved with the activities and people around them, and they are seldom upset or angered. They are not apathetic toward problems, but deal with them as best they can. Nearly everyone knows someone they consider cool, and it is possible to learn from those who are acknowledged as cool - not by copying them but by observing their actions, and how others react to them.

US Constitution
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To refuse to sign into law?

Bill of Rights

Letters Notes and Memos
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What do X's mean in greeting cards?

X's are kisses and o's are hugs when it's part of somebody's closing on a card or letter.

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What are the objects of ethics?

what are the material object o ethics

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What does the name micaiah mean?

The name Micaiah means to worship God.

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What are Lebanon's customs and traditions?

Despite Lebanon's diversified people, who belong to 18 different sects, the Lebanese are yet tied down to sharing the same traditions. You can see this clearly when attending Lebanese weddings anywhere in Lebanon. Whether simple or grand, a Lebanese wedding wouldn't be truly Lebanese without a 'zaffeh'. Zaffeh is Arabic for the act of escorting the bride to her husband, and nowadays with her husband, in celebration of their holy marriage. According to a recent news article, planning weddings is so big in Lebanon that many Arabs and Europeans call Lebanese wedding planners to help them out with their weddings. Even better, some come to wed the Lebanese way! For more information, you can copy and paste these links:(The first link is the most resourceful one, it'll talk about Lebanon's customs and traditions)

Jehovah's Witnesses
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Do Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate child birth?

I am not 100% sure exactly what you are refering to by the term "celebrate child birth." But I will do the best I can.

We do have baby showers if that is what you mean. A "baby shower" of course, being a party or a get together where friends and family present gifts to the new parents either before or after the birth of the child, and these gifts are customarily to benefit the child. (cribs, blankets, clothes, etc)

Whether or not new parents have some sort of formal celebration for the actual birth of the child, like some kind of "welcome to the world" thing, would be up to the parents. But I am not aware of anybody I know doing this.

The only problem there would be with any celebration or party is if there was a connection to the worship of a god other than the GOD of the Bible, some kind of pagan religious practice, or something like that.

JW's don't have a problem with parties or celebrations. We also love to give and receive gifts. In the case of any celebration or party the deciding factor of whether or not we will participate will always be whether or not there is any connection to worship of a god other than the GOD of the Bible. If there is a connection to some form of worship of a god other than the Biblical GOD, then we will not have any part in it.

That is why we do not do birthday celebrations, that is, annual celebrations honoring the day on the calender that the child officially becomes a year older. Birthday celebrations come from ancient pagan religions and were to appease the god of the particular astrological sign that the child was born under, and to ask that god to bring the child good fortune.

I hope I was able in some way to answer your question.

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Was the 1984 miners strike worthwhile?

No, not from the very beginning, there was coal reserves for at least two years and thatcher was stubborn and wanted to enforce the free market program. It was a plan of Thatcher's, to in the long run close all nationalised coal mines; particularly the Welsh coal mines as she was anti-welsh. As a result of this the main source of employment in wales and northern England were destroyed and 20,000 people were left unemployed.


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