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Intellectual Property

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Common types of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks, patents, industrial design rights and trade secrets in some jurisdictions.


The Picasso family retains the copyright, and it is administered by ARS-NY.
1600.00 I know that's on the 870 and what else i don't know but it's unlikely any Remington shotgun will bring that amount
If you decrease the size of a page's margins, you will decrease the  amount of data that can be printed on the page.
There is no specific patent number for the mailbox.
If a work has been copied, altered, distributed, or performed/displayed without permission from the copyright holder or an exemption in the law, that copyright holder's rights have been infringed upon. Deciding whether a work is infringing is not always straightforward, just as it's not always easy...
Not at all. Musica reservata was a particular style of a cappella music intended for small, limited audiences.Copyright infringement is a violation of federal law.
Because the lawmaking process is so slow, IP laws are continuously struggling to catch up with technological advances. Each major step forward (e.g., digital music, computer networking, satellite radio, etc.) should correspond to an update in the law, but as this is not always possible, we are often...
Early translations, yes. Most 20th-century translations would require permission from the copyright holders.
  A patent has been applied for but not yet granted.
Knopf; it is distributed by Random House.
The "fair use" or "fair dealing" provisions in copyright law allow certain limited unlicensed uses of protected materials. This does not mean that all educational activities can go unlicensed, however.
The design of the item is copyrighted, meaning you can't manufacture a product that looks like the original (a knock-off), or is so similar it's obviously derived from the original. The silverplate is pretty much irrelevant, unless it is a unique factor of the design, which is unlikely. Silver...
Picasso's original works would be protected by copyright, but he did not print the notification on the work itself.
Once you are using the logo in commerce, or have solid plans to do so, you may register it with the trademark office in your country. Registration is not required for protection.
Nope. Plus, the studio would prefer that you not have the first copy, if it's more than 10 days after it was broadcast.
The reflecting telescope was invented by Sir Isaac Newton in the  early 1600s. This was before there was a patent office, and no  patent exists on the reflecting telescope as such. The Dobsonian  mount is a popular alt azimuth mount for reflecting telescopes,  created by John Dobson in the 1960s...
A drawing of a mouse wearing pants who otherwise bears little resemblance to Mickey Mouse should be subject to its own copyright protection. However, there's no telling "how different" something needs to be before it's no longer thought of as a derivative of another work.
Each program has its own copyright information.
According to the Berne Convention, "literary and artistic works." It then goes on for some time: The expression "literary and artistic works" shall include every production in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression, such as books, pamphlets...
Only use graphics which are your own original work, are in the public domain, or for which you have permission from the creator or an exemption in the law.
Copyright is automatic as soon as a work of sufficient originality is fixed in a tangible medium.
For information on Streetbeater, contact Quincy Jones Music Productions at the address linked below.
To encourage inventors, by making it possible for them to make money from their ideas and inventions.
The various films and other materials marketed as Excellence  Classes are owned by the Excellence Classes company. Not much help,  but true.
Yes, under US copyright law, an unpublished image is copyrighted for 120 years, unless you know who the author was, in which case it is copyrighted for 70 years after that person's death. So, for example, an unpublished image created in 1890 by a person who died in 1943 would still be copyrighted. ...
It was felt that there was a "standard practice" of reusing recordings in compilations without licensing them; recordings would be put on a "pending list" that dated back to the 1980s, implying that the licensing and payment was indeed pending.
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The song itself is in the public domain; certain performances, arrangements, and recordings may have their own protection.
It's not stealing, because there's nothing to steal. That's why it has its own name: infringement. Infringe comes from a Latin root meaning to break or weaken: you're weakening my claim on my art.
  27 Books in the New Testament
  == Answer ==   yes it is.   == Answer ==   yes it is.   == Answer ==   yes it is.
The Greasers treadmark was their hair. 
They do, if they're not licensed.
Unless other arrangements were made, the creator is the initial copyright holder.
That depends whether the trademark is national or international.In the U.S. the current federal fee is $325.00 per class when filing online.Also, in the USA, you can register in one or more states and those fees range between $50 and $100 per class.Each country can establish its own fee structure.
  If you are using it for personal use you do not have to get a licensce for it. Meaning if you are using it in a real bar and you get a profit from having it then yes you do. But to have it for personal just find it on the internet and then find some way to put it on the table..
For the most part, no, not for a simple reference (e.g. "I was  sitting there watching The People's Court when I heard the shots").    If the TV show is central to the plot, however (e.g. "The People's  Court Slayer Strikes Again") you may wish to contact an experienced  IP attorney not only...
"Copyright in fragment" is a common misspelling of "copyright infringement," which is the violation of copyright.
At the moment (winter 2011), the Authors Guild action against the Hathi Trust is the most significant.
Yes; the design dates from the 18th century and as such is in the public domain. Although not addressed by copyright, you will want to take care that the business cards don't fraudulently imply a connection with the state government.
"Concepts" are not copyrightable. Once a website is created, however, it is automatically protected by copyright.
Many people have memorized different-length portions of pi , but nobody has ever memorized all of pi , and nobody ever will, because pi can never be written down completely with digits.
Google gives its copyright date as the current year.
There is no specific Patent Law School. However in America onceyoudo 4 years of Undergrad (Bachelors) and get admitted to a lawschool of your choice in JD Juris Doctorate Program you will spendfour years studying law. In your third year you will be able to select elective courses andyou can chose to...
  You just did! The design of this webpage is copyrighted and the words you are reading at this moment are copyrighted. However, you have a LICENSE to download them. If you do NOT have a license or other lawful excuse to download copyrighted material, then it would be illegal to do it.
Yes; architectural drawings are protected as visual art. Typically the disposition of rights would have been addressed in the contract or commissioning agreement.
look at the rental contract or lease papers. the utility responsibilities should be listed there. many times garbage, water and sewer are included in rent. typically utilities such as electricity, cable, gas and phone are not included in the rent.
false the arch was created by the romans
There may be a trademark on a particular brand, but not hats in general. Copyright famously does not protect fashion.
The trademark office in the country in which you plan to do business may have their catalog searchable online; it's also perfectly reasonable to Google it. Note that if the name is in use but not registered, it is protected as a common law trademark.
Yes; check the file information for each image for details.
Nobody. It's public domain.
McGraw-Hill, through its division Contemporary Books, formerly Reilly & Lee.
Yes it, in all likelihood it is an infringement of copyright. Whether or not a copyright symbol is displayed has no bearing on the materials copyright status. Since the law was amended in 1989 it has not been required to have a copyright notice in evidence to maintain protection.
For Registering a trademark see related link. For filing a patent see related link.
You would need permission from the copyright holder to use photos from the internet. It's often challenging to identify and contact the rightsholder.
Unfortunately there is no clear answer on what amount of anything can be used without a license. For educational and commentary purposes, one common guideline is to use as little as possible to convey the point. However, the only way to tell if your use is fair or infringing is in court, and most...
  == Answer ==   If it's your own work, or you have a license from the owner, there shouldn't be a problem.     Otherwise, the issue of copyright infringement will depend upon the context of the speech: educational, critical, news, one-time or repeated, etc., in order to qualify for...
  All I can tell you, which may or may not be of much use to you as I don't know much about these things, is that when I lived in Norfolk, I went to a country game fair where I saw a stand full of old guns of all types.   To cut a long story short I went to see these people who had an office...
The concept of a fairy godmother cannot be protected, but certain descriptions, illustrations, and interpretations may have their own protections.
I strongly counsel against taking any advice given on this site as a substitute for a legally binding opinion.Added: You should contact an attorney practiced in this particular specialty area of the law and ask for a consultation. In the meantime (if you are in the US) you should also contact the US...
Ownership, grants of licenses, enforcement, expiration, etc.
Patents apply to any machine created under that patent until the patent expires. It does not matter how many times the machine is used or how many times it changes hands, the patent is still a patent.
It depends on the context, the amount taken from each film, and more. There is no straight answer.
In certain specific circumstances, yes. Most uses require permission.
They do, depending on what it is it can be from 10 to 25 years
Many items will have the patent number printed on or in them; patents are also searchable through Google.
Quoting a book in a review, copying an article out of an encyclopedia for personal study, and playing musical examples in a classroom are all common examples of fair use.
That which is neither freeware nor GPL-licensed.
  Which one? There appear to be at least three songs by this name.
Arthur Granjean was born in France. He is commonly WRONGLY believed  to be the inventor of the popular Etch-A-Sketch toy in the 1950s--  he was NOT the inventor.
Using others' work without proper attribution can be considered plagiarism or even fraud.
Yes; patent examiners often have science degrees, but attorneys would not require them.
  The term "Patent Shoon" translates simply as "Patent Leather Shoes", or "Wearing Patent Leather Shoes". Robert Service uses the phrase in the poem "The Ballad Of Basphemous Bill". In the poem he is listing all the various ways, places and cercumstances Bill might die in "In cabin or dance-hall...
The U.S. has a 'working provision' patent law that requires you to exploit a patent or forfeit the patent. Second, patents are really expensive.
== IP Issues ==   Yes, please see the Related Links for "Copyrights on Answers.com" to the bottom for the answer.
In on 22 May 1906 they were granted U.S. Patent 821393 for a "Flying Machine".   After an extended legal battle with Glen Curtiss the Wright brothers were finally awarded a patent for the invention of the aileron in January of 1914, two years after Wilburs death.
As visual art, yes. There would need to be demonstrable creativity and originality, of course.
With a license, yes. Without a license, no.
Copyright allows the creator to ascribe value to their creativity and hard work.
No eBay do not permit the selling of items if they are a copy of the real thing even if it is a craft item as i also listed a hand made card on eBay upon which i had used one ofb the burberry checks and after just a few hours eBay had removed it. Actually it depends on the item. For instance, if...
A mark registered with a U.S. state will be on file with the trademark registrar for that state. Federal Trademarks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You can search the USPTO through their website, linked below. Note that this will only find registered trademarks. While...
Trademark protects designs used in commerce, such as logos. You may register the trademark with the trademark office of each country in which you seek to do business. If your design is not to be used as a logo, it can be protected by copyright. Copyright protection is automatic as soon as the work...
Fair use allows certain unlicensed uses of protected materials in instances such as education and critique. Thus it could be said that fair use protects teachers.