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What is armchair anthropology?

armchair anthro is when a scholar sits in his office and reads other peoples work and comes up with theories and ideas without ever actually going into the field.

Forerunners of anthropology?

The forerunners of anthropology were also forerunners of sociology.  These people included Karl Marx, Ibn Khaldun, and Giovanni Battista  Vico.

What is social anthropology?

Social anthropology is the study of the society and culture of  humans. The purpose is to understand the effects of how people live  and interact with one another.

What is the goal of anthropology?

The goals for anthropology research include (1) describing and analyzing the biological evolution of human (2) describing and assessing the cultural development of our species (MORE)

What is the meaning of anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of the origin, the behavior and the social, cultural and physical development of humans. It could also refuerece the part of Christian theology invol (MORE)

What is the study of anthropology?

anthropology is the comprehensive study of humankind across time and space. ( anthro - man ology- study) it is literally the study of mankind in its massive entirety. It seeks (MORE)

What are the challenges of anthropology?

The main challenge that anthropology faces now is that aboriginal communities are disappering from the world so they have to adapt to study new human groups who are more famil (MORE)