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The successor to the Chevrolet Van and GMC Vandura, the Chevy Express is a full-size van produced by General Motors.
No it can't be since the car has already been placed for what it is.
You should take the tires and rims off and then remove it from thedrive shaft. And make sure the brake lines (if it has them) aredisconnected.
Go to a good mechanic and ask what is wrong. It can take a couple of hours, but you will find your problem.
5 quarts for Gasoline Engine. Look in your owners manual in the back under SPECIFICATIONS.
ok you have to take your breather box off with to or three bolts i think 10mm and then the intake tube going to throttle body with a screw driver loosen the clamp that it holds to the throttle body then you should see a round black top about 2 inches around three inches tall with an electrical...
one click of the parking brake should turn off the lights, don't recomend driving though
under the hood on the left side driver side
Answer The fuel pump is in the gas tank. It is not easy , first before you do it make sure that is the problem.Get a auto manual if your not up to it take it to a good repair shop and be ready to pay $600.00 to $700.00 to have it done. on those vans the conections usually go bad before the pump...
On GM model cars I know you use a Torx socket. You can purchase them at Checker Auto Parts. On my 2004 c1500 Chevy 2wd the torx socket size is 55. But they are frozen. i could not even get them loose with an air impact. I guess I will try heating it with a torch and hope I don't fry the brake...
You may be able to find the diagram on the Chevy site. You can alsofind diagrams in the back of the Haynes Repair Manual.
Answer . drive slower and leave more room between vehicles.. NEW ANSWER: Have the rotors turned just enough to clean them up, Then sand them up and down were the pads go against them with med. corse sand paper. Then install BENDIX pads. You will notice a big change in your brakeing, For the...
I believe it is under the dash on the pass side of van. If your daytime lights go on and off when driving it you better get it change >mine went out the security light came on and would not start.
I had a bad distributor cap/router. Changed out, works great! Also, check the coil and save an extra repair later on.
b2200 fuel psi . 92 b2200 ,fuel injection psi should be 38 to 46 psi
Answer . sometimes its because somebody put in a light bulb wrong & is back feeding the system..
check fuses and battery first . How's your battery? If you have a low battery its the alternator. If you do not Tap on the starter a few times if it then starts its the starter. I just went thru this so after I got mine started and took off the transmission wouldn't shift. SO it could be a speed...
Remove the 'dog house' and you'll see it right in front of you.
Remove two bolts in the arm rest, a panel near the door handle that will pop out and you will see obvious screws. The pain in the butt part is the clip on the window handle (if you have manual windows) I was able to push the panel in and remove the clip with a small screw driver. If you have a...
IT depends on the van, usually between 27-33gals.
Answer . No. It may be able to handle it for short durations, but for extended runs you are pushing the machine past its limits. The overload protection will either instantly kick out for overcurrent or the windings in the generator will overheat tripping the thermal safety.. So basically, it...
the factory service manual has a diagram or there may be one under hood or in cooling can also get a haynes or chilton book at an auto parts store with the diagram in it
Answer . \nThey best way I have found is continually lubing them with a quality rust penetrant such as "Thrust" by Castle. And moving them a 10-20 times afterwards, it may take days to get it to a reasonable point.
There should be a little lever behind the seats. Pull up on thisand then the seats will fold down for you.
Under the vehicle on the frame cross member directly under the drivers seat. A single clip holds it in place and it faces toward the front on the vehicle.
The entire taillight unit can be removed by removing the black plastic headed nuts that hold the unit in place. Use a 6 point socket to prevent rounding the plastic nut off. If the nut does not come off easily, spray under it with a good penetrant like Kano "Kroil," let it soak for a while, then try...
2005 Chevrolet Truck Express 1500 Van 2WD 4.3L SFI OHV 6cyl . The Spark Plug Gap . .060 (In thousandths of an inch). 2005 Chevrolet Truck Express 1500 Van 2WD 5.3L SFI 8cyl . The Spark Plug Gap . .040 (In thousandths of an inch) .
it should be the 700r4 4 speed auto no 4l60 or 4l80
New York (Contact Member). "Chevy Express Back Driver's Side door handle Jam solution" Hi, For those of you who just found your Chevy Express Back Left hand door handle not working here is a solution...this might help. If you look inside the door and study the handle mechanism you will notice a...
The horn relay and horn fuse in that van should be on the driver's side the hood, closest to the right side in a black square container. This is near the windshield washer fill area - ya smart, and usually has a water splash guard there slightly over it.
If you have the electronic climate control system it most likely is a Vacuum Hose leak Start under the hood on Passenger side and replace all hoses from canister to under the dash this should help. With a Vacuum leak it defaults to defrost mode
If I recall, they are 5 quarts. Put in 5 qts. and start the van, then add if u need to.
Pull the fuse in the fuse box for "Security" Light will stay on for dash saying Security, but the security system will no onger act up and will enable you to start your van forever.
most of the time, the trim is just held on with spring clips. grab the edges with your fingernails & give it a sharp snap. yes, it is tight, but it should come off. The other part holding the dash on besides spring clips is the cubby between both 12 dv plugs (cigarette lighter) has two screws that...
If your meaning the Mitsubishi Express Van, mines an Nov '88 model with the 4G63 engine and its located behind the passenger side front wheel (which is the left hand side of the vehicle as i'm in Australia which is right hand drive) I jacked up the left hand side of the car and went under behind...
Rear driver side van wall. Look for louvers in the finish.
Answer . Water builds up in the pan the A coil is sitting in, overflows and goes inside the furnace. May short out electrical parts, could short out motor on fan.
Fuel pump is cooled by the gas around it, keep your tank at a quarter or above. This is a common problem with Express Vans. Also a partially clogged fuel filter will cause the fuel pump to overheat.
If you want them to work properly, take it to the nearest Chevy dealership.
Answer . Hey Christina==It is on the door edge above the lock assy on the rear of the door. GoodluckJoe.
Remove glove box 4 bolt behind it. remove right and left lower dash panels. Undo 4 clamps 2 in the back 2 under glove box wiggle to break seal. its off
Answer . \nOn the intake area? 700 Dollars. Answer . \nThe above answer sounds more like an intake manifold gasket if I was guessing.\nThe cost of replacing a part is a very general question that unless specified exactly is hard to answer. First, is who is replacing the part? Is the Dealer,...
Answer . The DRL module is a grey box with a small circuit board inside. The module is electrically taped to the main wiring harness right next to the fuse box located next to the emergency brake on the driver's side of the vehicle.. The DRL relay is located a little lower to the right of the...
I have a chev g1500 2000. Does anyone no how to ajust the rear brakes?
Hey Duc==This is kind of envolved. Get a manual on your van from a local parts store and it will tell you how and have pictures . GoodluckJOE
The fuel filter on the 1999 Chevy express van 3500 with 350 engine is on the cross member of the frame behind the front door.
It is behind the passenger foot molding, just in front of the door. It pulls off. it is a 2x2 black box with a terminal of about 7 wires or so
in engine compartment(under the hood)on drivers side, hard to get to and the second one is right above the lever that opens the hood, requires you to twist a screw to access
Answer . \nCheck the coil pack, sparkplugs and sparkplug wires. if their not all firing, you might have un-burnt gas, Burning in the exhaust. causing your car to run rich.
On the 6.0L it is located on the back of the engine block below the valley/intake manifold.
You might have a faulty oxygen sensor. Typically, when cold, the engine management system operates in "open loop" mode ignoring feedback from oxygen sensors because they don't work properly until they heat up to a specific temperature range. Once the sensors heat up, the computer goes into "closed...
Bad coil pack? also check to see if your model has a camshaft posistion sensor the seal on the back of the disributor could be leaking when the oil thins a little from heat. you can check this by rmoving the distributor and looking into the hole where it hooks into the cam if there is oil you nees...
I get about 12 MPG towing a boat - I get about 16.5 MPG on highway - fully loaded down (6 people, luggage etc.). I have a 5.7 Litre, 2000 Chev Express.
Remove the serpentine belt by going clockwise with a 3/8 breaker bar on the belt tentioner UNDER the truck (I had to use my 1/2" breaker bar with a 3/8" adapter). Have someone remove the belt off the alternator as you remove tension under the truck (jack the truck up just a bit to fit) there is a...
Answer . \nCheck engine light can literally point to hundreds of things. The only right way to find out is to take it to someone with electronic diagnostics.
I have a 2003 and I'm assuming its the same. Open the rear cargo door. You will see the nuts holding on the lamp assembly and the plastic trim parts. Remove the nuts, then the tail light assembly. There are 2 bulbs, unscrew the plug from the assembly and remove the bulb.
I too have a need for this answer == 2001 Holiday Rambler on a Workhorse chassis -- replaced CATS and thought OK but after 1,500 miles -- again quit late afternoon -- Workhorse customer service NO HELP -- they say maybe valpr lock, but current fuel systems almost preclude vapor lock problems...
The blower resistor controls the speeds of the blower motor. Hi-resistance lower motor speed. Lo-resistance higher motor speed
to the right of the steering column under the dash
GM cars have a test lead for the fuel pump. In the case of my Sunbird it is on the driver side, under the hood back where the wiring comes through from the fuse box. It's a red wire with a terminal end. It has no power running to it at all. You plug in a 12v source and if the fuel pump comes on then...
Under the hood. In the blower motor harness connector.
by law you shouldn't be allowed to purchase an A/C compressor without having the proper ticket, and if you had the proper ticket you would not be asking this question, but in any case there is already a spot for the ac compressor on the block on the right front half of the engine. a four bolt mount...
go to Autozone online. They have repair info as well as wiring schematics
There is no cabin filter on full size Chev vans.
Remove and dry inside rotor cap with hair dryer, look for crack on cap and most likely it does not have seal. Try applying small amount of silicone to stop moisture in future. Since there is very little detail given about the problem I can only give a generic answer. If your speedometer...
Thats simple,due to's your cv joints,,worn out..but take notice, it can be from regular wear and tear,or due to soft motor mounts,creating undue stress on the inner joints.The motor actually twists to far and creates damage to the inner cv joint.I replaced top(driver's side mount)and...
Answer . This information can be found in your owner's manual. If you do not have one, then I suggest you get one. You need an owner's manual to know what items to service and when, and for specifications. You can order one from a dealer, find one at a salvage yard, ebay, or one of these sites:....
can soneone help me? i lost all my remote keyless entry for my 2003 Chevy express van and i just got a new repacement. but i don't know how to program it.. can soneone help?
Caught unprepared or by surprise.
remove 2 Phillip head screws pull out bulb replace it
Place a drip pan beneath your 1999 Chevrolet Express oil pan.Remove the oil pan plug. Allow the old oil to drain out. Replacethe oil pan plug to its original position. Put the new oil into theengine.
In order to change the sparks plugs in a Chevy Express 3500 van,you should first remove the front tires. This will allow you to getto the front six plugs. The doghouse also needs to be pulled inorder to get to the last two spark plugs.
You will have to pull up the seat fabric on the backrest enough that it exposes the area where the armrest is mounted. Inside you will see the pole from the armrest coming into the seat, held in place with a sort of horseshoe shaped clip. The clip also has a rubber band holding the two open ends...
Does it require replacing tensioner pully when replacing waterpumpand timing belt on 2003 passat 2.8
You need to run a fuel pressure test on the fuel pump. It must have 60 to 66 LBS. of pressure with key on and engine off. NO LOWER ARE HIGHER or you will have starting and running problems. You also need to check the fuel filter.
Answer . no extra steps at all, as long as you dont need to replace parts that need bleeding
The turn signal switch is located in the left side of the steering column attached to the turn signal arm. It is one unit with the 4 way flasher.
You will have to slide / move the transmission back enough to get your hand up in between the flywheel and toqure converter so you can remove the flywheel bolts. You do not have to compleatly remove the transmission. I do it all the time.
The 1/2 tons used the 4L60E and the 3/4 tons used the 4L80E.
Answer . Take off your distr. cap and spray some wd-40 under it. your getting moisture or water in your engine compartment.
Located under the drivers side seating area on the frame. Follow fuel lines from gas tank. It will run into the filter which is mounted to the frame. You will have to unclip the retainer holding this, then there are 2 clips that have to be popped out and then pull the filter off. I would reccomend...