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The stomach is a part of the digestive system where food is broken down by acid. It is then transferred to the intestines.
People vomit after exerting runs due to high intra-abdominal  pressure.
It depends if you are male or female
Nothing will happen to the digestive system while vomitting and to  be simple, it will be gets cleared off the unwanted materials  present inside it and so, the system will be gets functioning  clearly.
This could be a hernia, a tear in the abdominal muscle wall. Seek  medical attention promptly.
Preferably soups, jiuces , toast , clean water(mineral) , tea and no alchol , surpressing medicine , sugar or fatty foods.
Yes. As a matter o' fact, inadequate diets that are low in protein,too low in calories (less than 1,200), or contain too manyprocessed or fast foods will lack all the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Sleepdeprivation and stress are other conditions that can makeyou more...
The diaphragm is located behind the stomach if looking at a humanbody from the front.
Oh i don't know maybe that you go to doctor maybe?
  == Answer ==   Something always happens when someone pushes my horn;0)
It all depends on what you ate before you puked.   If you ate red pringels (this happened to me) your vomit would be a  reddish color. However, if you ate broccoli, it would be green (did  that one too)
I don't know... probably orange
The innermost layer is a lining of simple columnar epithelium.  This provides surface area for absorption or secretion.
Yes, fish can vomit when they eat something that doesn't agree with them, in fact, there is a species of shark that can vomit it's entire stomach out of it's mouth to clear out whatever is causing it's upset, and then it's stomach will return to it's correct location in it's body.
Antacids are bases, so they even out the pH in your stomach into a more comfortable level.
Simple columnar epithelium
the pyloric sphincter is at the end of the pyloric stomach which is the lower end
  Talk to your physisican about possible causes.
If you are vomiting it does. But usually food doesn't go back into the esophagus because it tends to go down hill, going back into the esophagus is going against gravity.----------Also, the lower esophageal sphincter normally prevents stomach contents from flowing backwards. Sphincters are rings of...
Mallory-Weiss tear is characterized by upper gastrointestinal bleeding and secondary to longitudinal mucosal lacerations at the gastroesophageal junction or gastric cardiato tell frankly the tear is most commonin the upper curve of the stomach
Sodium Bicarbonate or bicarbonate of soda. Its the active  ingredient in baking soda and Alka Seltzer. It works as an antacid  because it neutralizes the excess acids in the stomach. See the  link for further information.
I am having bad flu. The dr prescribed prolase (according to you, is a digestive enzyme) and erythromycine, cough mixture and paracetamine.I know what the rest are for except Prolase. Pl help. Thank you.
It means your metabolism is building and your brain is sending signals faster to your stomach telling you to stop eating a meal, as if you are full. This can be a very important to maintaining a healthy weight :)
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Sounds like bile or stomach acid. If no food is down there something has to come up.
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It is partially processed into a thick liquid called chyme.
Try swallowing air, either with soda or something, or this way. pinch your nose and take a deep breath through your mouth. Then close your lips and exhale air into your mouth then swallow the air in your mouth with spit. Repeat until you feel bloated. Then hold the air down.
like so bad, you can hardly breeth, im not abuse or anything, but id seen peaple get punch in the stomach, clutching theyre belly in pain, the wind out of them, doubled over, it really is painful
Soup, saltine crackers, and ginger ale. Just rest and relax.
Because Salivary enzymes cannot function in the acid environment of the stomach.
it can, even if your too skinny Another answer:Most stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria and can be treated by antibiotics. They have nothing to do with your weight.
it is what it is, there is no real cure for the stomach virus. If it is just a bug, you will be over it soon. If you thnk it's more than that visit the doctor.
  Many things can cause a rash: food allergies, illness, or sometimes there are other causes that are not immediately apparent. Your best bet is to contact a doctor. Without more information, I cannot be sure of the cause of the illness or provide you with an idea of a diagnosis.   This...
The food is broken down by the stomach acid into a more liquid form that passes more easily through the intestines. Also, the acid kills off virus and bacteria.
Hydrochloric acid is secreted from the stomach because the enzyme pepsin, which breaks down proteins in the stomach, works best in acidic conditions. The acid also helps to kill any bacteria in the food. The hydrochloric acid is actually secreted from the pits in the stomach wall called gastric pits...
Things transfer from your esophagus to your stomach through the cardiac sphincter
  == Answer ==   Clear - ish. It's hydrochloric acid (HCl), also known as pool acid (it's what you put in pools to make them acidic), muriatic acid, and hydrogen chloride. 
Actually, only approximately 5% of digestion occurs in the stomach. Most digestion occurs in the small intestines, primary the duodenum.
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The question really is: If you didn't have mucus would your stomach digest itself?The answer is yes.
do you mean complete stomach removal? well if its complete you will have to eat through a tube or intravenously, however research has already been able to come up with an artificial stomach that will make everything as it was before. If it a partial or almost complete removal its like if you had...
ball sweat and apple juice
it gets broken down by the acids in your stomach and then into your small intestine to get the nutrients out and then into the big intestine to get the "water" sucked out and then out the ANUS!
  It depends on what you mean by vomit. I am pretty certain they don't regurgitate their meals but they do secret a digestive enzyme that liquifies there prey that they have caught.
Sodium Bicarbonate...NaHCO3 ...compound rather than mineral. Comes from the pancreatic juices which are activated by the enzyme called Secretin.
Swallowing blood can make you nauseous and possibly make you throw up because a lot of the diffident things in blood make for a good emetic.
I have no idea why you care, but vomit cant be any colour but pink and purple.
Rats can't vomit.
  Your stomach is located on the left side.
Acute gastric distention would be the only reason a bovine will  vomit. Otherwise, it is quite a rare occurrence: cattle much more  commonly regurgitate (a much gentler and less violent/forceful  process) food as a means to break it down further and add more  saliva to it after previously...
Stomach butterflies is a phrase.
    yeah...........i guess so
Yes. It is called aerophagia, the condition in which a person swallows too much air into the stomach. It can cause bloating and discomfort, and can result in feeling like you ate a huge meal and need to burp.   When air is pumped into your nose and mouth, there is a chance that you're going to...
  == Answer ==   pinched nerves in the back and shoulders can cause stomach numbness
Eosinophils are produced in the bone marrow, along with other white blood cells and red blood cells. Eosinophils cells participate in engulfing and killing bacteria and other microorganisms such as parasites. They discharge destructive enzyme to damage the invader.Eosinophils release chemicals that...
Yes, as would any concentrated fruit juices, or a lot of fruit. some more than others. I would rank cherry juice about third after prune and apricot juice. Either drink less, or get use to it
Visual examination of the upper GI tract ( oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) is called endoscopy. It is carried out with a throat spray and sometimes under mild sedation. To be more exact it is called gastroscopy - for stomach visualization, and gastroduodenoscopy - for stomach and duodenum (the...
I went to the dr for this problem and the lining of my stomach was inflamed due to bacteria that had grown in my stomach that wasn't supposed to be there. He gave me some medicine that would coat my stomach before I ate...it helped me
I would definitely say that it is possible for a sinus infection to result in anauseous feeling. This condition is most likely due to post nasal drip however. Post nasal drip occurrs when the body drains mucus down the back of the throat, as it is unable to control the flow and production of mucus....
You need to go to the emergency room imediatly and get it looked at. I have not heard of this happening before, the drug could be reacting with something new in your system.
nutritional anemia need vitamin b12 to help maintain iron. Iron deficiency seen with ice eaters in copious amounts.
Because inner wall of stomach is made up tissues which are polymeric in nature as plastic so acid can not attack on such material.
When people catch the flu, viruses coming from the nose are swallowed, they get to the stomach and infect the stomach causing diarrhea as well as part of the clinical presentation of flu.
The day after Thanksgiving, my ex woke up with the stomach flu, but I never got it even though we were intimate the previous night. It's a hit or miss in my opinion.
they d not mix and how about if you eat rotten fish and rtten milk hahaha
Perhaps you need to switch to Armour Thyroid which is real thyroid and helps with low T3 and T4. The lab tests are faulty. They don't always us the best tests at the labs and many don't test the T4 level. Ask your doctor to switch you to Armour Thyroid. The cost is about the same and you won't be...
It could be two different things from my knowledge (and personal experience). First I might suggest you suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome, which can cause that, and second could be H.Pylori, the bacteria that can cause ulcers. - or you have GERD, or maybe even Barretts Esophagous. I never had...
  Yes!! At this time your tummy is starting to show its self so it must stretch. The soreness will go and then return more in the third rimester.
That is known as GERD -- Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease.    Also called pyrosis (in some classes)
Saliva produces an enzyme called ptyalin,which helps in the  digestion of proteins. The saliva also help to kill the germs that  enter through food.apart from this the saliva also mixes with the  food making it soft and easy to swallow and helps break down the  food.
what i do is drink ginger ale, and lots of water. i think you could also drink tea...
If they are feeling sick, or have an upset tummy, they will eat grass or other greens to throw up. This is a good defense mechanism in case they had eaten something that could be very harmful for them.
my doctor told me to go on a clear liquid diet then the next day got on a toast or cracker diet then just eat soup until you fill normal. and drink as much as you can. Gatorade and water.my doctor told me to go on a clear liquid diet then the next day got on a toast or cracker diet then just eat...
Vomit is normally a light brown although that can vary according to what you have eaten. A dark green/ brown, especially after a lot of vomiting, can be bile. A dark brown that looks like wet coffee grounds suggests bleeding in the stomach and is a reason to seek immediate medical care.
i expect that normal body temperature is needed, that's all i know, sorry.
Probably 4-5 hours after the vomiting stops. Once the vomiting stops, feed ONLY the meals listed...BananasRiceApplesauseTost. (B.R.A.T diet)Forthings to drink that'll help besides water...Ginger AlePerrierAnd other clear sodas that will help your stomach.Hope this helps! And hope your kid feels...
The digestive system includes the stomach. The stomach is a hollow,muscular organ that is capable of stretching. Food enters thestomach from the esophagus. The body system that the stomachbelongs to is the digestive system.