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The stomach is a part of the digestive system where food is broken down by acid. It is then transferred to the intestines.
Answer All women are different. But I'd guess the average women starts to show lower on her belly. Answer When I first started to "show", it looked like I got a layer of fat over my tummy, hips and waist. Then I started to notice a small bulge very low on my stomach.....which just seem…
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Yes males consumption of alcohol affect the fetus later in life
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%DETAILS% Answer It might be a cyst over the ovaries? If it's just your left side or right. I had a cyst over my ovaries. I had some test done. Talk to your doctor. It might be causing the pain. If the cyst is is bigger than a qurter. The doctors can get rid of it. My cyst was around the tubes…
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Yes you could be pregnant or you could have a tummy bug. Do a pregnancy test when your period is late.
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yes because if your stomach is looking like something is there that is in baby form and is where the baby should be than I would go and take a pregnancy test and I am a doctor so I would listen to this..
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Two weeks before you period is usually around the time that you are fertile. The cramping you are feeling can be related to ovulation. Also about 5-10 days after conceiving you sometimes have something called implantation, this is where the fertilized eggs digs into your uterine lining to make a hom…
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There is a very very small risk of pregnancy on this day. The risk is 1%.I got pregnant exactly 7 days from the first day of my period and YES you could very well be pregnant..If you are having alot of pain see a Doctor immediately!! Sometimes an old egg can come down and you can have a tubal pregna…
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bad slave or master cylinder
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Creases can be caused by excess fat. When you sit down see if the creases are where your fat rolls are. I used to have a minor belly roll, just at the bottom of my belly when I would sit down, the best way to get rid of it is honestly....crunches. all kinds of crunches help different parts of your b…
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Butt bigger and stomach smaller For a smaller stomach you need to do cardio exercise. Cardio is the best fat burning exercise. A healthy diet is essential, too. Make good use of 'fat burning' foods and quality protein. In addition, colon cleansing can help. Eliminate all junk food and refined (proc…
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You should lose fat all over your body which will be toning you legs and stomach. Try jogging for 45-60 min every other day.
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i heard that eating white bread (you can get at the store) will go to your hips and you might get a curvy waistline. and to have a flat stomach you should do certain excercises like sit-ups. =]
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You can, but be advised that whatever you plug into the new outlet should not exceed 5000W capacity (20A x 250V = 5000W)or you could risk overheating the new outlet with serious results. To prevent this, you should make sure the circuit breaker is a 20A also.
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Answer Rage is the result of built-up anger that has not been dealt with. So bascially anything no matter how tiny it is could trigger someone. 9 out of 10 times though, it is not the cause of what you did,but rather something that existed LOOONNG before in this person and what you did just trig…
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Doctors will pass this off as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and there is no such disease (I had that confirmed by a Gastroenterologist.) In many cases it can be the depletion of the mucus lining of the stomach (happens in many people.) I would see a Homeopathic doctor and discuss this with them. Th…
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Alzheimer's is one possibility, but not the only one.This happened to Michael J. Fox while shooting the film "Doc Hollywood". He would go back to his motel room and his finger started shaking.While this is probably not the real reason ... one should seek a Medical opinion and have it checked out. An…
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%DETAILS% I'm not an expert and I do have IBS. I have light cases and strong cases and I have cases were it starts and stops. Light cases are when i have a small amount of dairy in me and all it does is growl with some gas or none at all. Strong cases where I have to go to the restroom in 30 min…
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Only your doctor will know for sure, so it is advisable to schedule an appointment. It is possible that it could be an ingrown hair or a side effect from birth control, but it is impossible to determine without a doctor.
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i would think not. If you want to be sure, take a test.   Yes. Some women may experience cramping and light spotting during implantation. If this is the case, it would seem like your period was about to start 4-7 days early. If your period starts as usual, then your side pains are probably me…
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Answer There is absolutely no answer to this question as everyone is different as are their growing babies. It also depends if you are a small woman or a larger woman. But usually by the 3rd month the baby is near the pelvis area, so therefore you can begin to pop out a little.
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Answer It CAN be extremely dangerous. Consult a Dr. or go to the ER if you don't have insurance. We could be talking Ulcer to Cancer. Get it checked out.
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Answer First get a calender to track the days that you will be working out. Next wake up early in the morning each day for at least 2 weeks, to jog for about 20mins. Jump rope for at least 5mins nonstop, drink lots of water. Next eat a very healthy, full protein breakfast such as: eggs, and w…
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It is important that you see a doctor. There may be a few possibilities such as migraines, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and pregnancy if you are sexually active. It is also possible that you may have some sort of thyroid imbalance.
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Try doing 50 sit-ups a day it only takes about 10 minutes or if you really are lazy I have tried those ab belts, they aren't that expensive and do work but doing sit-ups would help as well. Also cardio exercise such as walking or jogging or walking works the best at 'fat burning' and toning up yo…
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Push ups--from the table.
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Usually, no. Many women exercise throughout their pregnancies. However, there are cases where it could contribute, because some women have high-risk pregnancies and are advised to stay on bed rest. Bodies are just different. Something that wouldn't cause problems for one woman might cause problems f…
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Crunches work really well. You should try them out. I use a Denise Austin tape called shrink your female fat zones,it works really well. GOOD LUCK!!!  You can grow all the muscle you like on your tummy, but if there's fat you won't see your sixpack unless you simply loose fat.Eat healthier.
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Answer It is the ligaments and uterus stretching and growing. Very normal...kinda like period pains
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Answer The baby is still very small. As it grows it will grow up higher.So basically part of the baby will always be low where you feel it now. As it gets bigger you will feel movement up higher. I'm sure you have had an ultrasound done and nothing is wrong with the baby, so as long as the baby i…
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Actually you can.things tthat can help that is while you're sitting down,keep moving your stomach,do like 20 push ups per day,lie on you back,hold on to someone's leg,lift your leg and let them push your leg slighty hard and you try not to let it touch the ground.keep doing that and you should get a…
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Answer you have the engine on engines have been known to use gas! If the mileage has gone down the things to check include tune up, air filter, sensor plroblems, injector problems.....
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Well, if you get hyper that meens you need to go to a Doctor fast because hyperness is a very bad things if your in a down mood and u drink fizzy drink it is actually good.. now lets go on to fruite juicewell some are very straight...
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Answer Under what variables and for what reason? Please expand.
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Answer No, but if you're going to all of that trouble, a few crunches or sit-ups will help tighten your abdominal muscles, provide a little back protection and make it less necessary to suck in your stomacy. Answer 2 Instead of crunches or sit ups ( which can be bad for your back ) do push u…
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Answer yes Why are you taking such a large dose of Lysine all at once. Try only 500ml and your stomach will like that better.
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Answer You may have a food sensitivity that is causing the bloating. You can get tested for this by a doctor or just try cutting out different foods till you find what it is. I used to get bloated all the time but have found cutting down on foods like pasta and bread have helped aswell as not eat…
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If you are in elementary school it usually means he likes you (if it's a soft hit). He is flirting with you.If it's a hard hit and he hurts you... it means he's rotten and you should run. If you like him flirt back:) If its not in a friendly way, then be careful its not a sign or bulling...
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The bar is called the stabilizer bar and the small rod at each end are called stabilizer bar links. The stabilizer bar links attached the stabilizer bar to the lower control arms. This assembly reduces vehicle roll during cornering.This is good information for you, call Strutmasters they can help yo…
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Yes, though you will probably lose the butt too after you have finished with the stomach. It's all in the skin. Once you lose the fat in one location it has to get it from the next. You don't see anyone with badonkadonks where they don't get enough to eat so keep going till you are done. Another An…
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Answer If you dousche, stop, any doctor will tell you that it washes away natural lubrication as well as protective bacteria (Causing odor). Answer Okay, first of all, there is nothing about douches in the question. Second of all, I probably think I'm an expert on all sorts of lubricati…
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If you want to lose belly fat, it is mandatory that you do at least 25-30 minutes of cardio exercise each day. If you do not do cardio, no other exercise will be as effective. So, cardio (in the morning is best, that way you burn more calories throughout the entire day). Cardio exercise, when done…
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Answer It could be an ulcer, or it could be something less serious but in either case you should see a doctor if it's gone on that long. - The most common pain in the upper stomach is a peptic ulcer, but it could also be caused by gallstones or pancreatitis or hepatitis. Please seek medical at…
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bleeding in pregnancyI had the same thing during my second pregnancy. I was told that because I had my two boys close together, that there could have been residue scabbing on the neck of the womb and as the pregnancy progressed so the pressure on the cervic increasing therefore causing the scab to d…
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Answer Yes this is a very good indication of pregnancy, yet it could also be a sign of something medically wrong. I would take a home pregnancy test and see what the result is. Use your first morning urine, as this is more concentrated with the pregnancy hormone (HCG). If you get a negative and a…
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It sounds like your mom is watching out for your health and is concerned for you. Perhaps you should listen to what she has to say. She seems like a wise person.If you want to stay or get slim, do it with exercise. A half hour to one hour of sweat producing exercise will do more to keep you thin tha…
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Pregnancy is a possibility because you participated in unprotected sex although you usually wil not begin to show any physical signs of pregnancy until at least 3-4 weeks since the egg usually doesn't implant into your uterine walls until 3 days after being fertilized and the uterus will not grow si…
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Is it possible your son is lacktose intolerant? Try not to give any dairy products before bedtime or not at all for a few days. Then other food groups afterwards. Good luck.This is what doctors train for 8 years to answer.
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Stomach Flu and Ovulation Yes it can. Some flues can hit with a vegence and thus the person doesn't eat well or at all. They can also become hydrated and if there is diarrhea or vomiting involved it weakens the person and their immune system. The electrolites in the body fail and must be replenis…
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Answer What I did was to quit drinking pop/soda and I did a lot of exercise. I noticed when I quit doing those things I gained some of the weight back. So you have to continue to exercise, otherwise you won't get anywhere. For more in-depth information, see the related question, further down thi…
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Burn that belly fat! Thousands upon thousands of sit-ups. Also, some have been sucessful with Relacor - an over-the-counter "belly fat" burning supplement. Body Wraps I do body wraps on my target areas. To get specific instructions, go to slenderwrap dot com. They have pictures to show you how to do…
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No. I think it is a great idea for women. Not only the glossy tights can be used as reflector, but also helping shaping the lower body when working out. I don't find thong leotards very comfortable, maybe I wear them too tight! But regular bum covering leotards are great to wear for exercise, I wea…
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uterine pain with pregnancy Pain in the uterine area can occur during pregnancy as the uterus grows and stretches ligaments. However, pain in the uterine area can also be a sign of other conditions such as uterine cysts, endometriosis, pelvic infections, or just menstrual cramps. If the pain pers…
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It could be. This is a very exciting time. :) If you think it is the baby I would say it is. Sometimes you will feel flutters and sometimes (later on hard kicks)You will start feeling that baby move more and more the futher along you get.Good luck to you. :)  It seems rather earlyThis does see…
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Answer It is not the baby pressing on an artery, simply that the blood flow to the uterus is much greater in pregnancy that in times of quiet she may be aware of it.
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Painful urination (which doctors call dysuria) following ejaculation is a relatively common complaint among normal, healthy, and otherwise disease-free males in my experience. This kind of dysuria is typically benign; ie, it doesn't usually carry any long-term consequences. As far as I know, the exa…
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Actually, crunches work the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle (the "six-pack" muscle). To reduce a lower belly bulge, do reverse crunches, bridges, and similar moves that target the lower abdominal area. Exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles also help, as they terminate near the drea…
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Do you mean, 70% isoprophyl alcohol? If so, yes. First of all, viruses are not 'alive' as such, unlike bacteria. 70% denatured alcohol will reduce the potency of most viruses if left in contact for a few seconds but will not completely 'kill' the virus. Using alcohol washes and hand rubs are benef…
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Well...usually that stuff happens when you don't have enough testosterone or...dang whats the word...metabolism. both those things help lower your fat absorption into you body. of course, if you eat too much or don't get any excercise nothing can really help you...
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Yes you will mess up your body doing this. If you want to lose weight you must exercise and eat a well balanced dite. Anything else and you will mess up your body.
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Losing weigh the right way The short answer is, no. Crash diets will cause you to lose large amounts of weight in the short term. Much of the weight you lose will be water and muscle. But here's how the typical cycle goes: crash diet while exercising, lose lots of weight. Then, in a couple of month…
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Starving yourself is called anorexia. Anorexia can lead to serious medical problems including but not limited to death. If you need to lose weight try eating balanced meals and exercising. Answer Yes, eventually, but that not the most effective way at all because you are more likely to store fat…
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New Answer Headline It may also be a condition called hidradenitis, where boils occur in areas with hair such as your groin or your armpit.The lumps are chronic or recurrent and are sore and release pus and blood. In my case it is hormonal and coincides with my cycle. Some months I have them and s…
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Hello -No a yeast infection will not cause this but a period or a approaching period can and so will a pulled or strained muscle.
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you could get malaria and other disease that eats the brain
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i would believ taht it is when you feel dizzzy you no bloated its something everyone gets but it is believed to also happen when you get your period (for the girls)
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It's not likely that your stomach is actually getting bigger due to you being pregnant in the first month. It is probably just water retention and can be due to your last period, upcoming period, or YES a muffin in the oven. Only time will tell...... or a home pregnancy test :) P.S. They are most ac…
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Food usually stays in the stomach for 2-6 hours ~Done bye KAY__TAY
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The baby CAN die, yes, but it can also cause injury to your organs or even lead to internal bleeding. PLEASE i recommend you DO NOT DO THIS. If this has been done to you, go to the hospital right away. This is very important.
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Answer Fats stay in the stomach the longest.
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Getting Curves Is A Fairly Hard Thing To Do... It's Something One's That Have, Are Born With. Most Females Are Stuck Their Whole Lives With Squared Figures, It's Not Like You're The Only One. But If It Bothers You Alot , And You Really Want That Model Type Figure, Execise! I Suggest Wall Push-Ups , …
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Answer Eat something. Many times when you are hungry, your stomach will "growl" or "grumble." This is very normal. Your stomach is a muscular organ that is part of the digestive system. The stomach's role is to break down food with digestive acids and juices through repetitive contractions. When…
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The only thihg you can do here is give her time. Physical violence, whether accidental or not, is probably one of the hardest things for a women to forgive in a relationship. Depending on how much time has passed id start thinking about moving on. Keep telling her you are sorry and try to make it…
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The cellulite is fat accumulation on the body. An appareil cellulite can be used to make your body free from cellulite. The appareil cellulite is a very easy way to remove cellulite.
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The truth is, the fertalized egg will not implant in the uterus until about 11-15 days after it has been fertalized, therefore, the answer is you really can't tell. Wait and see if your period comes or not. If not wait a week and take a pregnancy test. Honeslty your symptoms sound more like constipa…
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1000 tons
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It,s easy you drink ginger bear if you have stomach ache or gas trick first do not drink coke , pepsi, coca cola it will cause gas trick
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The Sakabato (Lit: Reverse-Blade Sword) has a curve because, simply put, it is a fictional weapon. In the end, the Sakabato is not a functional weapon, and though the Manga Rurouni Kenshin popularized it, it would not be very practical in a real sword fight. But a more specific reason as to why, wou…
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Lower rates (on average) of obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, and cancer. This is probably because diets that are higher in saturated fat increase the risk for any or all of these conditions, and most saturated fat comes from animal products. Most vegetarian protein sources are either low in…
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The types of tissue that generate electrical signals would have to be examined on a case-by-case basis. There are a number of creatures that are bioluminescent, that generate light (which is electromagnetic radiation). And there are electric eels and electric catfish that generate a "pulse" of elect…
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This is not possible to say how much stomach acid present in stomach, but the pH of acid is more acidic than an HCl and Sulphuric acid.I think this answer is right. If not ,plz answer it, k.  This is not possible to say how much stomach acid present in stomach, but the pH of acid is more acidi…
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Sprite, 7up, and ginger ale are all good for the flu. They help with nausea and also help your stomach settle by neutralizing some of the acid in your stomach More answers: 7-UP and Ginger Ale are the best drinks for a tummy upset and my mom gave it to me when I was a kid. The trick is to NOT drink…
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Answer It's all mental. Many people feel weak after seeing their own blood. Its not that people feel weak after seeing their own blood, in some cases it might be, but usually it happens because of you lacking blood in your body. Another answer: It IS possible to lose enough blood to make you…
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Answer I'm pretty sure bala sharks are just another name for silver sharks. So, the temperature should be at 25 degrees (I'm from Australia, i think its 78F?) So make sure that's ok, if you dont have a heater get one. Check the brand of food your feeding them. The dodgey supermarket or cheap food…
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Yes. Drinking alcohol (beer, wine and distilled spirits) is associated with better health and greater longevity than is either abstaining from alcohol or abusing it. It is a myth that only red wine confers health benefits. Both beer and liquor tend to confer the same health benefits as red wine; th…
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Answer The stomach lining is impervious to the acids in the stomach, therefore the digestive enzimes and acids do not have the ability to digest the stomach. Also raw meat is not immediately digested by the stomach, some people have had up to 5 lbs. of undigested raw meat in their intestines at …
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the food gets broken-down
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My wife misscaried somewhere in her 3rd month. There was nothing for the doctor to do. We were told that the body naturally knows what to do and it some how dissolves it. That is the way it was in our case. If you are further along it might be different. Good luck. Answer: It depends on the situa…
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They like the feeling of you touching their hair and obviously is very interested in you.
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When an injury occurs, it takes a few seconds for the brain to register the pain. The impulse has to travel from the point of impact to the brain and back again.
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The normal stomach pH is around 1.5-2.
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A popping sensation in your thighs when walking could be your muscles stretching. Some leg exercises should help relieve this pain.
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1. It doesnt take 7 years to digest. 2. It isn't harmful to digest. 3. It takes about 3 weeks to digest unlike other foods. 4. It is not as sticky on the inside of your body as when its in your mouth
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Jell-O mix won't create Jell-O in your stomach. If you put Jell-O mix in your stomach, your body would simply digest it.
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i thought it was that the "cardiac" stomach provided energy for the cardiovascular system, but im not sure.
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