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Manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation since 1982, the Camry is a series of compact and mid-size cars sold in most automotive markets worldwide. This vehicle sells very well in Canada, Australia and many Asian markets.
The replacement door handle bolts are metric sized. The standard bolts are not.
It must be. Check the fuse box. Each fuse box has a key page next to it explaining each fuse function.
By the dimmer knob: Take out coin tray and there's a bolt behindit. Directly across on the right side of the steering wheel there's either blank plates or your cruisecontrol switch--pop that out that there's a bolt. Go to the bottom:there's a little tray plate thing held on by two screws, take...
It's between the transmission and engine bodies, going around the crankshaft.
Answer . Ignition rotor and cap?. Remove distributor cap usually clips or screws. Rotor should lift off - replace in same position should have a "key" slot to insure proper position. Install new distributor cap and transfer wires one at a time to insure proper placement
Dirty or failed idle control valve or carbon deposits in the throttle body.
I believe that the oil needed is SAE 5w30, as is used in most vehicles.
You need to start the engine, idle it for at least 5 minutes. When it reaches operating temperature, go through all gears (without actual driving). Put the car in Neutral. Let the car idle, take out the dipstick wipe it clean with clean tissue, put it all the way in, take it out again and check the...
Answer . \nDear Sir,\nThe problem is most likely the switch on the passenger side has gone bad.. Answer . \nYou might want to be sure that your WINDOW LOCK button is not on. It is on the driver's side control panel located on the door.. Answer . \ni have to go for the switch as well.. Answer ...
You can find to right of the exhaust manifold sticking out to the engine.
I do not think that the light bulb in the 1997 Toyota Camry gear shift panel is meant to be replaced. I managed to get the gear shift box completely exposed. I removed the mounting screw at the top left hand side of the gear shift box and that was, as far as I could go. The box could be moved...
Should be at the bottom or rear of radiator or remove lower radiator hose
You need to change the timing belt each 90K miles.
Check the fuse box for wiggling fuses, also make sure that the harness is sitting tight.
Drain coolant, disconnect the battery. Disconnect the coolant line, replace the thermostat with a new one. Do not forget to replace the gasket too. Reconnect the line. Refill coolant, connect the battery.
If it's cold outside, it's because ECU use ambient temperature sensor and coolant sensor to manage RPMs. After you start the car the coolant temperature is low and ECU sets RPMs very high, when it gets warm RPMs drop down until engine reaches operating temperature.
Answer . Cylinder head bolt torque 2.7L M8.....21 ft/lbs\nM11 Step1 35ft/lbs\n2 55ft/lbs\n3 55ft/lbs\n4 Plus 1/4 turn
It depends on the vehicle you are driving. Unless something is terribly wrong, it takes a fraction of a gallon to drive one mile. My 15-year-old Dodge gets 20 miles per gallon, meaning that one mile takes a twentieth, or 0.05, of one gallon. Some new models get 30 miles per gallon or more, so a mile...
There are multiple causes behind a exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)related OBDII problem codes. For example the EGR on this Camry canbe replaced. That may or may not correct the condition. The firststeps in solving the problem are isolating the symptoms. Forexample a catalytic converter failure or...
It usually happens when the sensor responsible for overfilling fails, gas starts to go in the charcoal vapor canister and contaminates it. It causes vacuum system (EVAP) to malfunction. You need to check the sensor or valve what ever you have in your car. You might have to replace the charcoal...
You can't. Only a Toyota dealer can program the transponder key as it has a chip inside the key and has to communicate with the engine in order to start the car. Toyota dealer charges 1/2 hour of labor about $42 to program. Now the remote is easy...but not the key.
When the old ones are worn ... Always use a high quality brake pad - steer clear of those places that offer "lifetime brakes for free" as they only use very cheap pads that are very soft and wear quickly. Yes, you get the pads replaced for free, but you will always pay for labor. I call those places...
Remove the rubber protection, remove the electric connector, loosen the clip holding the bulb by pressing it and moving out of holding groove. Installation is reversal. Do not forget to put some of dielectric grease. Also never touch new bulbs.
Fours cylinder needs 3.8 quarts.
It depends on how much you want to spend. Common parts are fuel filter, air filter, clean throttle body, clean combustion chambers, replace spark plugs and its wires.
The standard spare tire size, for a 1999 Toyota Camry, is 135 R5515. The spare tire size is smaller than the standard tire size.
You must remove the spark plugs and valve cover, then the cover for the timing belt since they are held down in common. Best done with the right front tire removed for access. I STRONGLY suggest reading the reapair manual BEFORE you do anything! Not a fun job.. but not imposible. As well, most...
In the back of your car, under the floor mat, on the driver's side is a "tool kit". It includes your jack,wheel stops,etc. In this kit is a LONG TUBE. This is your spark plug remover!!! Simply remove your spark plug cable and reach into the plug hole with the tool and unscrew the plug out. Before...
Most likely you have a short current (high ampere) which takes all fuses down. I would start from the engine compartment, the main fuse and wires are around it is a good point to start.
There are a few things that "tick" while an engine is running, one being the fuel injectors, but they shouldn't be loud enough to really hear any difference between idling and accelerating. The other being valve adjustment, or in the valve train itself. That could be one of several possibilities...
Answer . Check Engine Light !!!!!!. Answer . I think this will be the Catalylic converter in the exhaust system
You have to remove dayltime light sensors, or reprogramm the computer. Also you can find the fuse for daytime lights and remove it.
1997 and 1998 will fit on 1999. 1996 is a different model.
It should about 1 hour of labor (~$70) + plus gasket (~$10-25).
Some Camry models have traction control, which allows to improve stability for cars especially on slippery roads. When it's off it means that traction control system is not helping with stabilization of your drive. In some situations you might have to turn it off, but it does not happen very often...
If you took care of your car it can go 230K miles without major problems (most likely you will have to change wheel bearings, water pump and similar staff which is not considered major breakdowns).
You need a book as manual. It's almost impossible to do describe all details in here.
No, there is always one.
It's a relay. Which one it depends... I would start from testing headlights relay.
If you open the hood and can see only 3 spark plug wires: you have 6 cylinder engine. Otherwise you have 4 cylinder engine (you can see only 4 spark plug wires).
First hello , 1. Carefully remove the inner panel from your door, watch carefully for a pair of screws you have to take out. 2. Remove window handle ( if not power window ) it has a retaining ring which comes out using a thin and long screw driver. ( if power window carefull with the wires ). 3....
Probably valve tappets/lifters/pushrods that have gummed up from dirty or overheated oil. Check the oil level and the color of the oil - when new it is gold colored, and when old it is black and sludgy. If the engine is old and has not had oil changes at frequent intervals, there are additives...
try cleaning your switch in door.if not work open your door and try find cabel mayby is demaged or disconected.
Actually you have to do quite the same when you replace your timing belt, but in this case you have remove second part of timing belt protection and timing belt gears to replace the water pump. Flush out the coolant. When you remove the last part of protection you will see water pump and tops of...
Answer . Inspect the front tires they may have a bubble on one of them \n. \nit is possible that a wheel bearing is going out but the easy check is to inspect the tires after you have driven it a few miles.
1st of all not sure if u mean installed or actual cost of tierods for 91 toy camry? i recently paid $16.99 for the outer and was quoted $19.99 for the inner, i purchased mine at advance auto.
It seems to me that the contacts inside the switch may be going bad. Or the solenoid/starter may be on the brink of going bad. It is normal to turn the key all the way into start position and most accessories go out temporarily until car engine starts and then when key switch is released back into...
Unfortunately, you most likely have a blown head gasket! Does the antifreeze look milky or cloudy? What does the oil look like? Does it look like the water is getting into the oil also?. I'm not sure how much it would cost to replace, but I assume somewhere in the $500 to $1000 range.
You need get a special socket for oxygen sensors. Disconnect the harness, use the socket to remove the sensor. Reinstall a new one. Tighten the sensor the proper torque. Put some dielectric grease on the harness, reinstall the harness. Reset the ECU.
You will need a lot of special tools before you do this... 1. Clutch hub installer.. 2. Clutch hub remover.. 3. Snag ring pliers.. 4. 3-jaw puller.. 5. Feeler gauge.. Remove the front compressor shaft nut, insert the remover to pull out the hub and save the shims... Remove the snap ring and...
Remove it, and throttle body carbon cleaner. Make sure that the valve can be moved easily.
Answer . follow the top radiater hose to where it goes to the motor there should be a bubble looking metal houseing if it is it will be inside..
Cat and ECU are covered under the 8 years /80,000 miles federal emissions warranty.
4 cylinder engine is an interference type. V6 is not.
Remove the wheels from your 1995 Toyota Camry. Remove the brakepads by removing the brake pad Springs. Tap on the brake drum witha hammer or mallet. Slide the brake drums off. Reverse the processto install the new brake drums and shoes.
Remove the coin compartment on the lower left of the driver dash by opening it and squeezing the sides together. Pull it out. The fuses are behind it. The fuse is a 15A.
That information (and a whole lot more) is in your owner's manual. In addition to the amount of oil (5 quarts for the V-6) the recommended viscoscity and grade is shown. Cheers ;)
You do not have to, but I would apply a thin layer in case if there is a scratch somewhere.
Answer . 1.Raise the vehicle and support it securly on jackstands.Support the engine\n2.Remove the mount and bracket bolts and detach the mount and bracket.
Put Denso or NGK plugs and they will already be gapped within exceptable specs out the box
Open it and push in the two sides and pull down its in the manual I actually just read that part lol
Yes, Camry 99 has struts on the front as well as on the back.
It's matter of choice. At might place Toyota uses sealant. I personally prefer cork because again personally for me it's easier to handle.
First of all you have to be ready for time consuming work. Also you need to make sure that you have all required wrenches (10 mm, 12 mm, 14mm). You need get a good quality gasket maker or gasket. Start with putting your car on ramps or stand jacks. Disconnect the battery. Drain the oil (be careful...
To replace the thermostat in a 2002 Toyota Camry the vehiclebattery must be disconnected and the engine coolant must bedrained. The radiator hose is connected to the thermostat housingand needs to be disconnected. Next, remove all bolts and nuts forthe thermostat housing unit. The new housing unit...
Open the glove compartment and press in on both sides of the glove compartment and pull out, the glove compartment will them swing down out of the way some models have a small strut on the right side that presses on and off a plastic peg if you move it to the right it will come right off. the air...
You cannot turn them, at leas not officially. The work around is to remove running light relay.
how do you reset the low tire pressure warning light on a 2009camry
If you do not have a paddle of oil under your car you car can loose oil in two ways. First one is your car takes some oil. You will have to change valve gaskets and maybe piston rings. Second one is oil goes in the coolant. You need to check your coolant if you have oil in it. If first one is not...
Check the wire on the left trunk hinge. Many Camry suffer broken wires at that place.
The seventh generation Camry was introduced in 2007. The current Camry is the sixth generation, which was introduced in 2006 as a 2007 model.
Probably ignition switch gone bad or the key cylinder itself is bad. Good Luck!!!
You can find it under the upper timing belt cover next to the camshaft gear. But you do not need to remove the cover to replace it. There is a mounting bolt which you have locate. It should be attached to the cylinder head but it might not easy to reach.
Usually in the housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose right in the front of the engine just follow the large radiator hose to the front of the engine
Take the inside cover off and there should be 3 bolts holding it on.
If your engine is a V6 you will have 6 spark plug wires , the engine is V shaped , there will be 3 spark plug wires going to the front and 3 going to the back of the engine : X-----X-----X X-----X-----X front of Toyota Camry If your engine is a 4 cylinder , you will have 4 spark plug wires ,...
Answer . \nIt is reset with a OBD2 scan tool, after the repair of the system.
Answer . \nYou must remove the oil pan.
If you check page 301 of your owner's manual you'll discover: Oil grade: API grade SL "Energy- Conserving" or ILSAC multigrade engine oil Recommended viscosity: SAE 5W- 30 Outside temperature SAE 5W- 30 is the best choice for good fuel economy and good starting in cold weather. If SAE 5W-...
Manual says it has to be done each 90K miles.
You do not have idle. Check and make sure that the throttle body is connected properly. Check whether you have connected the idle control valve harness.
Either the 2.2 liter - 4 cylinder engine or the 3.0 liter V6 engine
There are many reasons for that. It's better to start from the spark plugs and spark plug wires. Check the EGR valve, and EGR vacuum switching valve. Make sure that you do not have gas leak.
No. It keeps the transmission from upshifting longer than normal mode, increasing RPM therefore increasing fuel consumption.