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Chevy Malibu

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First introduced in 1964, Chevy Malibu is a mid-size vehicle manufactured by General Motors and marketed in Canada, United States, Brazil, Middle East and Mexico. The first Chevy Malibu was a top-line subseries of the Chevrolet Chevelle marketed between 1964 and 1972.
you can replace the speedometer by taking it to your nearest car  dealers shop/ sale or you can just take it and post it online by  taking a picture and people can tell you and give you a bit more  information about this ;)
You could have something in it or need a new tire.
Is it drum brakes? It's time for an inspection unless you just wanna replace the rear brakes yourself.
You can find a replacement sun visor for your Chevy Malibu in a few places.You can try your local junk yards, Craigslist, eBay, or an online vendor.For a in depth blog post about finding a sun visor try:http://www.oempartsguys.com/blog/how-to-find-your-replacement-sun-visor/
Take it to a place to be repaired...if not...call a specialist-wait  till then
yes they will but you will have to go with the 245/30/22 or the 255/30/22 tires A.K.A Rubberbands The only way that would work is if you do a strut change because i have a 99 Chevy Malibu and that's wut i had to do
They very seldom go bad but they occasionally need to be reprogrammed. The dealership can do this as well as some auto repair shops. They would have to put it on their scanner to tell what the solution to your problem is.
  You should be able to use the power side of Injector #1 for the tach signal
buy a kit at walmart (about 12 bucks), open your hood, look for ablue cap on a hose, remove the cap and attach the ac recharge kit.if the gauge sits in the green it dosn't need to be recharged. ifit is outside the green squeeze the trigger until it is in thegreen, all done.
A warning on the dic showing an engine power reduce, indicates that  there is an electrical problem with the Chevy Malibu. These issues  could be worn or damaged sensors, wiring issues, a weak battery,  engine overheating or stored codes that could be causing the  warning.
the is a fuse for the radio under the hood in the fuse container. black box on the drivers side fender well.
        The guides are probably bad from the engine heat and wear.       When the tensioner has been replaced, you must take something like a small screw driver and press the little plunger, that pushes out the shoe, all the way in and then it will release the lock and...
  == Answer ==     15 gallons of gas   == Answer ==     Yes, 15 gal straight from the owners manual.
  == Answer ==     The standard colors on the rear speakers are as follows:     Light Blue - Right Rear Speaker Return (-)   Dark Blue - Right Rear Speaker Feed (+)     Yellow - Left Rear Speaker Return (-)   Brown - Left Rear Speaker Feed (+)   ...
A squeak in the steering of a 2004 Chevy Malibu is often caused byimproper lubrication or worn components. Greasing the fittings willoften reduce or eliminate the problem.
  First shut the vehicle off, then set the parking brake, then start it back up, the lights should remain off. Once you release the e-brake the lights will come back on.
don't think you can, i had the pass lock problem where the anti-driver/ anti-theft light will flash and make you wait 15 mins w/ your car on accessory before starting, because it thinks your trying to steal your own car. i lived it w/ it for almost a yr of it happening anywhere from 1x-8x a week,...
Your best bet is to go to a parts house and purchase a Haynes Manual that is specific to your car.
Answer . \nthe horns are located on the passenger side under headlight in the fender. remove the plastic panel to access them. you may have to remove wheel also.
Yup its sure is and there is nothing bad about a front wheel drive Bu i get mine to fish tail all the time.
where is the ecm unit in a 1997 Chevy Malibu 3.1 6 cly
  Yes, a catalytic converter can make it run hot if it is plugged.
  * Disconnect the negative battery cable.If the vehicle is equipped with a delco loc 2 or theftlock audio system make sure to have the activation code before disconnecting the battery.  * Remove the drivebelt  * Label and detach the wires from the backside of the alternator  * Remove the...
  == Answer ==   Should be on the larger hose coming from the compressor may be near the drier at the passenger side firewall
 == Answer ==   see your dealer about a recall for flasher 
i use pennzoil 5W30. yellow jug
Answer . No, but a bad wheel bearing could..
Bad lock actuators? try replacing the lock solenoid. there only about $25
  == Answer ==     check all your fuses first this is usually the problem on these.
Well we just got back from doing a round trip from Reno to Oakland. We filled up 12.24 gallons and arrived back with 450 miles. That sums it up to being about 36 mpg. We never did over 70 mph and cruised around 65 mph. This coming from a 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Classic (with the ecotec 2.2L engine)  ...
the ignition lock cylinder is located on the upper right side of the steering column.the ignition switch is inaccessable unless the steering column is lowered.so the column must be lowered carefully and supported to prevent damage. remove lock cylinder-(note:pull actuating rod for switch up until a...
Answer . \nThe problem can fixed just going to the auto parts store purchasing either the blade or the whole arm, and that should only cost you at least 10 dollars.. Answer . \nThe cost of repairing wipers is elusive. Do you mean they aren't moving? Aren't cleaning?, or they are stuck in wrong...
It has a serpentine belt and has a self adjusting tensioner.
Behind the fuel line on the right side of the motor.
You need to buy a Haynes Manual at a parts store or a bookstore. They have them specific to your car.
Calipers do not have a grease fitting. The only fitting is a bleed value and this is for brake fluid to come out of when you bleed the brakes. I bet you are trying to lube the caliper pins. Simply remove the pins holding the caliper on and use the appropate brake lube. You can pick up the correct...
Turn the wiper switch to the on position. Turn the key on and as soon as the wipers go straight up then turn them off. That will make it easier to remove the blade. Lift the wiper away from the windshield while pulling down. Be sure to not let the wiper fall against the windshield. Push the new one...
All from 1995 to date require dexcool. There are several class action law suits against General Motors in reference to dexcool.
      A Full tankful.
Answer . Low presssure side - larger hose from the compressor
Fuel cut off/ Inertia switches are a Ford/ Mazda feature only. The only type of fuel shut off switch on a 97 Malibu is the ignition lock and key.If you're trying to find this switch because the car won't start and it has no fuel pressure then its not too unlikely that the fuel pump may be bad. They...
You will be replacing your plugs with Platnum plugs they are pre gapped but you can also ask your auto parts store to check to make sure they are at the correct gap.2001 Malibu 3.1L Platinum Plug gap is .060 thousands    AnswerDont listen to the advice of someone who claims that plugs are...
No , the 2.4 litre four cylinder engine and the 3.5 and 3.6 litre V6 engines   have a timing CHAIN in a 2010 Chevrolet Malibu
  == exhaust working ok? ==   check to see that the exhaust pipe isn't bent or dinted closed a bit. if the exhaust gases can't escape as quickly as they should the engine will overheat.....
I have a 2002. It doesn't turn off for a few minutes unless you open the driver side door.
should be the same identical frame as they are both A bodies.
Find out why it is missing. Bad plug, plug wire, injector, etc.if its not plugs wires or coil it could be ignition modular its under the coil packets
The 2005 Chevy Malibu 2.2 liter engine oil drain plug size is 9/16.  The oil drain plug has very fine threads.
Answer . \nThe easiest fix is to go to any Jiffy Lube or quick lube and ask for the transmission service. Otherwise it is a real pain.
Build up in the radiator system or a plug can cause this. Do a radiator flush (or have a professional do it if you're not interested but it's fairly easy if you read an online HOWTO) to remove the grime and refill with fresh coolant. This solved the problem in my 2003.. Check the low coolant level...
Time with no problems will make the light go out or you can hit the reset button on the test unit. If you have an auto parts store nearby, they will very often do this for you.
the blower motor resistor is bad or the connector going to it
my 2002 Chevy Malibu theft system is faulty if the car doesnt start whyen u first crank jit the theft light blinks and u have to wait 10 min while it flashes till it stops then turn the key of then start it what could be the problem.
The brakes must be applied to shift. If the release is not working. there is a small clip on the front of the T handle. ( looks like a staple) remove it. (a pen knife works well) Lift the T handle off and you can push the release down. If this works you need a T handle. Another way START THE ENGINE...
Theres a short in the circuit board that controls the Fan go to a Chevy dealer and have them replace it
  Chances are the "blue wire" belongs to the cluster of wires on the back of the ignition switch, it can only be reached through the radio cubby. If any of those wires are disturbed it sets off the "pass lock" and your car will never start again, seriously! Those cars are MF ers! So, take out...
if it has a 4 cyl. ecotech it takes 5 qts.
  You will need a scan tool to program this Keyless Fob.
First verify that you do not have the interior lights switched on using the panel (instrument illumination) dimmer switch. Verify that door switches are working normally and doors are closed. Then, if all of that is well and you do not have any damaged wiring, replace the BCM. Also, you could pull...
If they are torque to yield. That means if you torque it to a certain number and then have to turn it ,say, 90 degrees more. the answer is yes because you are stretching the bolts.
  you dont unless you glue it again, if wanting to replace head lights then, on top of headlight assembly there are 2 tabs to pull up. then remove assembly.
  The recommended freon capacity is 1.75 lbs
  for a 2.4 liter dohc quad 4 the casting number is 24574683-18
I need the torque and secuense for the hea d bolts for a Chevrolet Malibu 2000 3.1
The car stereo wiring color codes for a Chevrolet Malibu are simple  to identify. The car radio battery constant 12v+ wire is red/white,  the radio accessory switched 12v+ wire is dark green, the ground  wire is black/white, the dimmer wire is gray, and the power antenna  trigger wire is pink....
  == Answer ==     Repair the ABS system so it functions.
  == Answer ==     I think the '99 is like my '98, if so the answer is yes. The rear disk has a drum style brake system inside the back side of the rotor for the parking brake. There is a self adjuster, and a hole for the adjusting tool to go through to 'adjust' (usually just to loosen...
turn 1/4 counter clockwise= fromright to left. use pliers, very difficult to grasp-no room. petcock will turn and pop out enough to let water flow.twist-n-pull seems to be all the rage in detroit. simple, but effective....read--CHEAP
Step one obtain a wrench that matches the screw size. Step two unscrew all of the screws. Step three with a metal cutter, detatch any adjacent metal. Step four pull it off and cover up the space somehow. Step five if all else fails, go to the dealership!
in back of engine, a few inches from belt area. its plastic with wires to it. it can break like glass, but it is not hard to change. on 3.1,
  == Answer ==     on the back of the compressor
On a 1997 Chevrolet Malibu :   Both the 2.4 litre four cylinder engine and the 3.1 litre V6 engine have a   timing CHAIN
YES ! ! ! next you know you will be stranded trying to get a jumper it doesnt work until you replace either alternator and battery[both].
  == Answer ==     From everything I have read about this, if putting the jey in the 'ACC' mode for 10-15 minutes doesn't reset the system you will most likely have to have the key cylinder replaced by the dealer.   == Answer ==     The security Passkey system will probably have...
  == Answer ==   The actual part ( the manifold gasket set ) runs about 80-100 dollars ( i called around got some quotes from Napa , Oriley...etc. ) but the main cost comes from labor, and there is a lot of it! You basically have to take the engine apart to get to the lower one. Overall, (...
  # Raise the rear wiper arm finish cap to expose the wiper arm nut.  # Remove the rear wiper arm nut (1).  # Lift the rear wiper arm assembly (2) away from the rear window and remove the wiper arm from the pivot shaft.   The cap tilts up toward the arm
there is no dipstick on this car why i don't know but there is a 10mm nut on the side of trans u fill trans until fluid starts coming out that's how u know its full i don't know what genius @gm came up with this
The dealer tells me it is just in front of the gas tank, may have to lower the tank to gain access.
  == Answer ==   unless you pull up the carpet and see an access panel wich i don't remember one being on there...you'll have to drop the tank. sorry!
That would work on cars before 1995 but it will not now. The computors have more knowledge and have to be reset with a scanner.
Unless you have a scanner or the equalivant then you think you reset it when in reality you have only had to reset the clock.
you have bad water tstat that stuck partly close loss belt dirt rad clean with rad cleaner you buy auto parts place also look down in the hole with cap off you should see a good flow water coming back to rad ,bad water pump bad rad keep that engine dont over heat make the valves go bad make rings...
All depends on the shape it's in and what drive train it has.
I have found wheel bearings to be about 99 dollars at local stores. Take the 5 lugs off at the wheel. there are three bolts 1/2 inch or 13mm usually. Then there is one large axle nut that needs to be removed. I recommend spraying the bolts an but with bolt loosener before trying to remove them. ...
Chevy did not build Malibu in '94