Turkey (Country)

Officially known as the Republic of Turkey, Turkey is a Eurasian country that stretches across the Anatolain peninsula in western Asia and Thrace in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It is a country with a significant geostrategic importance with its location at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.
The most famous mountains located in the region of Turkey are theArarat Range. They are biblically famous for being the spot whereNoah's Ark may have come to rest.
Turkey is located in the northern hemisphere between the 36 degrees- 42 degrees northern parallel and the 26 degrees - 45 degreeseastern meridian. Turkey has an area of 783,562 square km. Turkeyborders the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Aegean and theMarmara Sea and has a total coastline of 8333...
The most common food is Turkish Kebab- Kebab şiş( shish),AdanaKebab(a skewer of minced meat spiced with chili and topped withpide bread, a speciality of Adana city, Urfa Kebab- Anothertraditional dishes is Dolma or Sarma- a family of stuffed vegetabledishes- Köfte (meatballs) is another...
Azerbaijan has a lots oil and other resources.
No. Turkey is a member of NATO and potentially of the EuropeanUnion. The majority party as of 2016 is a conservative Islamicorganization called the Justice and Development Party.
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The lowest climate for Turkey is possibly the winters because there can be very harsh.
All citizens of Turkey have Turkish Nationality. There is a dispute in Turkey as to whether or not being Turkish(nationality) and being a Turk (ethnicity) are interchangeable withthe government and the majority Turks saying that they are andminorities like Kurds saying that they are Turkish, but...
United States Dollar: USD $1 = 1.19 YTL Australian Dollar: AUD $1 = 1.05 YTL Euro: EUR €1 = 1.77 YTL
It's called Lion's Milk or raki. It is made of grapes and aniseed.Coffee and tea are popular drinks but raki is used for ceremoniesand celebrations.
There are about 4,000,000 turkeys (the animal) in Turkey (the country). If you are referring to citizens, then there are about 74,000,000 Turks in Turkey.
Byzantium was the Greek city that Constantinople was built on.
The island of Cyprus is south of Turkey and west of Syria.
Byzantium was the surviving part of the Roman empire withConstantinople as the centre of the empire. As a capital theemperors have decorated the city so much, some say that Constantinehimself stripped all monument in the empire just to decorate thecity, so as a survived capital the city become large...
Turkey considers Israel an enemy and is allied with Iran and Libya.
Armenia greece cyprus iran irak kurdish
It was built as a Eastern Orthodox Church in the years of 537.Between 1204 and 1261, it was a Roman Catholic Church. It wasconverted to a mosque in May 1453. It was closed in 1931 when itwas remodeled and opened again a museum in 1935.
As far as I'm aware of, Turkey has no national tree. I'm from Turkey
Turkish food varies across the country. Some of the most famousfoods are kebabs, baklava, Şöbiyet, and Manti. Lamb and beef are acommon meats. Eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes are commonvegetables.
Current issue Turkish banknotes have the currency as Yeni Turk Lirasi , which means "New Turkish Lira". This distinguishes modern, devalued notes from the pre-2005 high-value Turk Lirasi (Turkish Lira).
Turkey was never discovered. Turkish republic are the descendantsof many great empires. in order, Mongols, Oghuz Turks, theGokturks, the Hunnic empire, the Hittite empire( to some extent),the great Seljuk empire, and lastly the Ottoman Empire. as theempire from North Asia were moving south west,...
Turkey has a modern and industrialized economy and thus accountsfor many of the jobs done in many parts of the world. For example,here are some areas in that economy that created typical jobs inTurkey: A. Sophisticated banking system; B. Transport industry jobs; C. Jobs in hi tech communications; ...
Yes the Ottoman Empire was founded by tribes in Anatolia.
Ottomans were invaders and they organized wars for robbery.
peace is Barış in Turkish language
In Turkey the best places are in Istanbul which everybody almost knows about. It is a very pretty place. Lots of restaurant, nightlife, cafes, big hotels, and more. I cant explain it, you have to live it. :) The Bosphorus Bridge is beautiful and it is one of the important part of Istanbul and it is...
No. While there are Christian Turks who celebrate Easter, most Turks are Muslim or Agnostic and there is no holiday celebrated on Easter Monday.
The Ottoman Empire was the sick man of Europe during World War I. Agroup of Young Turks had tried to make changes in the governmentbefore World War I. The Ottoman Empire had lost territory to newnations. The Turks killed many of the Armenians to cleanse thecountry of non Turks. Finally Attaturk took...
They wanted to modernize there nation.
Turkey got it's independence by by fighting the Turkish War ofIndependence.
Answer More of Turkey's land mass is in Asia.
I believe the following geometers were born in turkey; Thales ofMiletus (c. 630-c 550) Anaximander of Miletus (c. 610-c. 547)Anaximenes of Miletus (fl. c. 546)) Miletus was a town in the area where today Turkey is. But it iswrong to say that Anaximander was born in Turkey because we mixancient time...
He is probably the most important person in the history of modern Turkey and revered by numerous Turks similarly to how George Washington is viewed in the United States. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was primarily a soldier in the Ottoman Army, serving with distinction in the Italo-Turkish War,...
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Turkey is a "rich" country ...
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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk overthrew the Ottoman government who kept giving up land to the Allied Powers in World War 1. The Ottoman Sultan escaped Istanbul and went into exile never to be found again when Ataturk was near Yalova. The Sultan tried getting a British citizenship but never got approved. The...
13, nope it's 67. they have 67 cities in turkey
- . President. Abdullah Gül. - . Prime Minister. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
Constantinople gave the world a stable currency for about 800 years (400-1200). It was called the BEZANT.
Really cold... like snow... 353 days a year.
Constantinople- commonly known as Istanbul (in Turkey) is located in both Asia and Europe
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alara means in Turkish red moon. and apparently in french first drop of water in heaven.
2,104.72 GBP (As of February 15, 2010) GBP equals approximately 2.37 TRY
yes, Turkey is a developed country.(cia factbook)
There is an Aqua Park at Konyaalti Beach which is west of Antalya and roughly 25km from Lara Beach
Think of Constantinople as the major city that followed Rome.It had greek coulture though most of the the byzantine empire's income came from Antioch and other eastern cities. Constaninople was the the major city of Europe until the late 11th century. It was the capital of the longest (in years)...
Osman the first (1258-1324).
Constantinople or Byzantium was a good location because it controlled both the land and sea routs between Europe and Asia.
Although the Ottoman Empire is now generally thought of as being a Turkish Empire, the Ottomans identified themselves by language and religion more than by an ethnic identity. Although the Turks made up the largest portion of the population and had been the ones to establish the Empire, they had...
Siam- Thailand Batavia- Jakarta Constantinople- Istanbul Yedo- Tokyo
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Turkey - 302,535 square miles.
The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish lira (TL), although the money was called the Turkish pound in Ottoman Turkey. There are 100 Kurush to every unit of Turkish currency (TL) but because inflation is so high in Turkey Kurush are rarely used. Metal currency in Turkey consists of coin ...
Yes, though not in large numbers and probably not all the year round. The Great White Shark is resident in the Mediterranean, but there is no reliable data as to its numbers. As late as the end of the 19th Century it was relatively common off the coast of Italy, Greece and modern-day Croatia but...
Was capitol of Roman Empire under Constantine and then became theByzantine Capitol. It was in a good location for trade, it hadvarious arts, including religious. They made beautiful mosaics.Constantinople also had very amazing monuments such as Hagia Sophiaand was just a very powerful city....
In its heyday the boundary's of the Ottoman Empire in Europe stretched as far north as Hungary and parts of southern Russia, Iran, the Palestinian coastline, Egypt and the north of Africa. In the1600s the empire went into decline. in 1908, when turkey decided to side with Germany in WWI the regime...
One reason Constantinople was important was because of itslocation. It was the center of trade for centuries. It was alsoimportant because it was the last remaining part of the ByzantineEmpire.
The Blue Mosque, known as the Sultanahmet Camii in Turkish, or Sultan Ahmed Mosque, is an historical and dramatically beautiful mosque, located in Istanbul Turkey. Its title, 'The mosque,' is because of the lapis-lazuli blue tiles surrounding the walls of interior design. The Mosque was built...
The capital of Turkey is Ankara.