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Ask questions about cars manufactured in North America including the Big Three: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.
First diconnect battery for the safety of ur self second remove the fan shroud around the engine fan there are two bolts size 10 minimeter third remove the fan its 4 bolts wat holds the fan down.Fourth step remove the water pump pulley fifth step remove the water pump bolts but ones you remove them...
The 1989 Chevrolet C/K 1500 was equipped with rear wheel antilock brakes, commonly known as RWAL. The antilock brake system or ABS require a primary and secondary bleeding to remove all air from the system. The system combines the ABS module with the primary brake system and also includes a...
If I had to just go from memory, and I haven't seen a neon in years... I would say 19mm for the lug nuts, 6mm or 7mm Allen for caliper bolts, flat screwdriver to aid in caliper removal and use your preferred method of pushing the caliper back ie C-clamp, channel locks, caliper depressing tool etc
the lights are out on my dash, climate control and radiobuttons, but are ok (but very dim) on the odometer and radioclock/display. it's like someone turned the dimmer all the waydown. could the dimmer be bad? all my interior lights and automaticheadlights work.
First remove item from dash then remove speedometer from cluster,and then look for seam where speedometer comes a part and thendisassemble from front to back keeping all items in order
replacing the timing belt is a very involved operation, purchase a manual for your vehicle and check out some videos on replacing it before you start.
1. block rear wheel so it won't roll; 2) loosen lug nuts; 3) jackup wheel with jack under cross frame; 4) place jack stand underspring support & lower jack to rest PU on stand but keep jackin place holding some weight; 5) remove lug nuts and wheel; 6)remove the 2 bolts that hold the brakes to the...
It wasn'tnamed after an animal. It was named after a British type of warship similar to an American destroyer.
I had to replace the fuel pump twice. First time the vehiclewouldn't start. Worked like a charm after the replacement, untilthe fuel gauge sensor failed. Second pump I have put in worked fineuntil the vehicle started stalling randomly. Kicking the gas tankto start it helped for a while. Checked the...
Should be written on intake manifold.
that's probably not the problem. it's probably the spark plugs
Remove the original brakes and in stall it slowly.
Could be torque converter going bad or cylinoid in a certain gear is burning up and going bad.
The part of the air filter where the filter spreads apart is the intake side it goes towards the air hose leading to the carburater
which is the biggest mountain country stop social
For any type of bushings you will need a special tool to take them off the bushings are pressed in
on the right side of the engine
give me time an i will answer your question later
Hey Judy==The problem can be in the relay, motor or control pannel and it will take someone with a good dit of know how torepair it of it is anyhting other than a fuse. Check ALL of the fuses. GoodluckJoe Answer If I'm understanding your question, you're only pumping out heat. If that's the case,...
You have to drop your tank,it is inside the tank
Amsoil makes some of the best automotive fluids on the market.
Remove inner driver's door panel number should be on "brain"
Remove dust cap in the center of front hub Remove the nut (2) and the washer (3) from the hub. The four bolts on the back side of the hub do need to come out.Usually a good 15mm socket on a breaker bar will break them loosewith no problem. Continue applying heat and penetrating oil. Theywill...
Take all the oil out then unscrew all the bolts and take a scraper razor blade where the gasket sits between the engine and the pan clean the pan and then put the gasket in place put the bolts back in and torque them to what it says make sure not to tighten them to much don't want to strip any of...
It should be located under the drivers side of the dash and looks like a plug f
there should be a fuse schematic/diagram on the underside of thecover of the fuse box
Most of the water comes in from pinhole breaks around the weatherstripping and in the sheetmetal or from the wheel wells. Here's a cost effect solution. Remove the spare tire (check and grease your bolts and hold downs for the tire because the moisture can do a job on those nuts and bolts). Better...
The best thing is to refer to the manual for this.
Is this a single belt or a serpentine belt system, if so look forbelt tension idler pulley and loose belt, or single belt then youwill need to loose and release tension on the power steering pumpassembly.
Was there anything else wrong that you noticed when you hit thebump, and does your jeep make any noise when in motion. (as in likea bad sound)
There should be a few screws holding the door in place usuallyaround and next to the door handle on the inside of vehicle and acouple at the bottom left side of door, and then the remaining itemholding on are blind clips be sure not to break them. Then lift thepanel upwards and swing it out towards...
Where the lens meets the housing there is a seal, just replace it.
Answer . Inside trunk, remove thumb screw to fold back paneling near tail lights. Then remove three thumbscrews and the whole tail light assembly can be moved out to change light bulbs.
E4OD(transmission) with C6 in overdrive
how to replace water pump on a 1999 chevy malibu 2.4
First look around the inner door panel for any screws or bolts. Ifnone are found, you should be able to GENTLY pull it off (due tothe hardware used). You should see some screws or bolts around thehandle. Loosen them and replace the handle. You will need to linethe hardware up well to put it back on.
U have to use a chainsaw and then weld it back together
Fuel pump regulator is usually located on top of engine assemblynear fuel injector rail assembly looks like a chrome or blackdinner bell, usually has fuel lines connection on it. look for fuellines coming up fire wall and heading towards fuel injectors.
In 1978 and 1979, the station wagon from the discontinued Astreseries was added to the Sunbird line, as seen here in this 1979Pontiac Sunbird Sport Safari Station Wagon example. They continuedto use the same front fascia as the Astre with Sunbird badging. The2.3 L engine was simultaneously...
You could try searching for instructions on YouTube.
Pull pumpkin cover pull tires and brake and brake brakets...pull center carrier pin push axles in pull axle keepers pull axles out pop seals out put new seals all steps in revers
Follow the wiring harness from your blinker. Disconnect the factoryharness from the relay. Replace with the new relay.
If it is leaking through the crack next to the soft/hard top just put some sealant there and it should be fine.
On The AC Case Inside The Dash
You just unbolt them and bolt in the new ones.
It could be the battery, or it could be the alternator! I had this problem with 2 vehicles I had! It will keep trying to turn over, but, if the alternator is bad, it will just keep draining the juice from your battery.Have a mechanic check how many amps the alternator is putting out. If weak it...
Take the door panels screw the screws out the speaker pull the plug off the speaker put the new one redoing everything you did to take it out
Again, not a professional car (hearse or ambulance ) question and Iam not a mechanic
First, be sure it's the motor, not the switch. There's a quickdisconnect inside the door. Disconnect the motor there and attacheither an automotive test light or a voltmeter and try toraise/lower the window. You should see 12 VDC with a meter or thetest light should come on. If it does, try the...
I wouldn't even try it. I tried to on my 2003, and I ended up spending more time and money, ad still had to have a mechanic fix it. Bring it to your local mechanic and have them do it.
Usually relays will be intermittent, they are normally open ornormally closed, when they wear out they sometimes causeintermittent issues such a fluke problems with fuel pumps the easywas to test is to find similar one in your fuse box and swap with aknow good one if this fixes your problem then...
Like A Pulley That Moves, Look For A Threaded Adjuster Mounted To APulley
The ect should be inbetween the injectors on the drivers side of the motor, just below the intake where it says 2.3 efi kinda hard to see but with a flashlight you will see it, there is a wire plug connector that connects to the top of the sensor. PITA!!! and that is all there is to that
Under the back bumber outside the car. It must be running in order to produce oxygen
There should be a book or computer at most auto part stores.
You will need to set No. 1 cylinder to Top Dead Center oncompression stroke, usually vibration dampener will have slot inpulley to align with markings on engine block, and then ensure thatcamshaft sprocket time marks are also aligned appropriately.
The Escort has two belts to replace and also pullies and tensioners. These may be purchased together in a kit. 'Gates' belts are of very high quality. Depending on the mileage of the vehicle, it may also be advisable to replace the water pump. No job for the timid. If you have no experience in...
Due to a over or underloaded system, ensure that the correct ratedfuse is installed, over or under amperage can cause a fuse to beblown.
Unscrew a few screws and pull it out
The Ram Forum has this advice: 6.75 or 6.5 fit the front and back doors. 6x9 front (reason why smaller fits) and 5.25 rear. However, you canmake any size fit any door if you are willing to cut metal and makespacers. Dash speakers 3.5.
Its located on the lower radiator hose its called the thermostat housing it comes with a housing and thermostat together u wont miss it
tell you a horror story or three of the ol' 4L60E giving up theghost in a variety of situations. There is the common "2-3 flare,"where the transmission just can't quite grab Third gear underpower, the less popular but even worse "1-2 rev-limiter showdown,"and the least favorite of all, "my...
The parking brake pads are the same brake pads that stop your vehicle when you apply the brake petal. This is a mechanical system instead of a hydraulic one and so, yes, the parking break is needed in the event that the hydraulic system fails or in case you should have to change the tire. The last...
Check either: Solenoid, Wiring, Switch, or OD Relay.
The min thickness should be stamped on the backside of the rotor,pull and examine.
That should have a 4.6L and the egr is easily accessible by the throttle body although more often than not the egr valve is fine but the ports are plugged so take the throttle body horn off the plenum, should have 4 bolts, and u will see what looks like a horse shoe under the gaset... that is the...
Inside the fuel tank attached to the fuel pump assembly. To replaceit you replace the entire fuel pump.
flush your pet cat in a toilet bowl
Whenever one is replacing parts on a vehicle or anything reallythere are many different factors involved. A) Do you want a new or used part? --New parts of course are goingto be more and sometimes in the part is rare or hard to find it isgoing to be pricey. An used part is often much cheaper and can...
Answer . Look under the vehicle at the junction of the. 3 cables
It keeps the camshaft in time with the valves
Under the steering column to the left(near the brake) there is a panel. Take the panel off and with aflashlight you will see a white sticker on the fuse box. The whitesticker will have a 5 digit code. That is your factory keylessentry code.. Can you believe they were actually going to charge me $50...