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its easy the tensioner is on the left side middle facing the vehicle, If i remember correct it is a 5/8ths and all that you need is a regular ratchet. If you look at the digram on the vehicle it displays the belt route. The whole process is really easy! it auto ajusts the tension if you need and new...
That is a statement, - what is the question .
the 307 only had 140hp, only the 442 with the "9" code 307 had 180.
By the dimmer knob: Take out coin tray and there's a bolt behindit. Directly across on the right side of the steering wheel there's either blank plates or your cruisecontrol switch--pop that out that there's a bolt. Go to the bottom:there's a little tray plate thing held on by two screws, take...
This tire fits your vehicle: Goodyear Assurance ComfortredAll-Season tire P205/70R15 You can try to find some discount coupon at
YES they can: here is some information that you might like to know, just in case you want 20in rims on your 99' Grand Prix. Bolt Pattern: 5x115 Offset Range: 34 to 45 Wheel Size Range: 15x6.0 to 20x9.0
First disconnect battery, the starter is in front of motor, disconnect the wires from the two posts ,remove small inspection cover under starter, one bolt is on front side of crossmember other is on backside.when starter is loose gravity will help then.
Preferably the time to use the switch is in DRY CONDITIONS with quarter mile straight aways or less and sharp cornering ti provide more stability to help stabilize steering.
Its not an electrical fuel pump its a mechanical fuel pump right next to the harmonic balancer in another words called the crank shaft pulley or under the exhaust intake front left side driver side
Assuming we're talking about Coild over springs. you need acompression device that allows the spring to stay compressed andremove of the suspension shock easily.
In dash, if you don't have subscription to an on line mech. Program, buy the detailed Elect .Diagram schematic at auto store for 86 Old's. Good luck !
It should have a cap that has a upside down triangle with rounded top that also has a line going through it. It's typically in the front and usually black and yellow.
I recently replaced both sides of the front struts, and just want to share my experience in hopes it helps others who are considering doing the same.
You need to remove the door panel to access the bolts andelectrical for the mirror. To remove the door panel, it is allclips on the outside however there are 2 hidden bolts that you needto remove the cover from the door pull to access
Under intake plenum... has a dry coolant temp. Sensor in the head on the left bank... calculates ambient, exhaust and head temp in order to determine coolant temp
Could be many reasons but in any case have a trusted mechanicinspect those brakes NOW! before you have an accident.
Because it's a small speaker that deteriorates over time.
OnV6 4.3 with 4L60E transmission will faulty shift solenoid cause not to shift into high gear?
By removing it and replacing it with a bran new one.
1-----2-----3 4-----5-----6 Front of Ford Escape ( with V6 engine )
blower relay 1992 Caddy sedan deville
Disconnect the battery ground (negative) cable. Refer to BatteryNegative Cable Disconnect/Connect Procedure in Starting andCharging. Drain the engine oil. Refer to Engine Oil and Oil FilterReplacement Drain the engine coolant from the cooling system. Referto Draining and Filling Cool Install the...
you can have a professional do it.
By getting a repair manual specific to your vehicle at the partsstore, which will give you step-by-step instructions.
Gotta clear the code ,than restart engine, if code is persistent again,then there is a blockage in your intake or plenums
It can be found next to the exhaust tube by the engine.
Look on the distributor cap there is a plug in for your tach. Answer That is not correct.... you will need to hook up four wires, actually three to make it work, but four will get the lights working too. Start by locating a good chassis ground and connect the black tach wire to it. The red tach...
Almost all GM products idle rough when its cold but, if itcontinues it may be the tps swich.
block heater is located on the side at the rear end of the oilcooler, follow your plug in wire and it will go right to it.easiest to see if you get under truck behind front driver wheel
Very simple, you need a socket wrench and remove the two bolts on the alternator, and the wire connection.
No it can't be since the car has already been placed for what it is.
It's either a rotor (disc brake) or drum (Drum brake) either wayyou have to remove the wheel for both, for drum it takes a firm rapwith a dead blow around the side of the drum and then should pulloff. For Disc Brakes you remove the caliper and pads the the samegoes for the rotor gentle tapping on...
Remove the door panel and unclipped the three plastic retaining tabs that hold the window motor in place disconnect wire connector and it's out
Probably going to have to replace entire radio. Unless you can find a mom n pop shop that will do it
If you mean for checking if you need new brakes, just feel it, if there's a lip around the outside that is getting pretty define your probably going to need brakes pretty soon
Start by removing the lines, drain the fluids, then remove the pumppulley. After that, remove the mounting bolts.
replace the combination switch on the turn signal stalk
By "fit" if you mean can be wedged into the engine compartment,then a lot. If by fit, you mean bolt-in, then the question gets alittle muddier. The 4.0L block was used in Wranglers and Cherokeesfor YEARS, and it can be adapted to fit most Wrangler or Cherokeemodels with the level of difficulty...
There are two screws on the outside of the tail light assembly. Remove these two screws (keep them) and the assembly should be ableto be removed from the truck. Carefully twist the socket out of the tail light assembly. Pull the old light bulb out of the socket and replace with new. Insert the...
how much is a new computer or pcm for a 2000 Plymouth breeze
1 quit slamming the gas retard and its a clogged catalitic converter or a fuel pump more than likely the cat though
Grab a Chilton service manual from your local auto shop
Well, I'm afraid you must be more specific. Why are you changingit? Did a clip fall off? Do you have the piece? Do you need awebsite on where to get one? Please say more.
Removing a door panel from a 1995 Ford Contour is very easy to do.You will need to take the speaker casing off by taking out the twoscrews. Then you will need to take the clips off that are holdingthe door panel in place. There will also be two retaining screws tobe taken off the door panel with a...
Now I don't understand why would anyone want to remove his head light if its in perfect condition and if it is not then who cares about damage. Why not give it to a mechanic he will do it much easily then anyone can and will just take some dollars
Maybe look is up on a wheel website, but I honestly doubt it, you would have to lift it 3 inches
Horn is left front of vehicle below bat- remove wheel well apron orget to it from underneath the chassis. Horn relay is in the fuse box on the wheel well. Horns are a commonfailure item.
You need to remove all screws including those that may be behind caps. Then use a stiff putty knife or something similar to pry gently on the panel. It will pop off
You should take the tires and rims off and then remove it from thedrive shaft. And make sure the brake lines (if it has them) aredisconnected.
take it to a auto mechanics shop and they will attach a devicecalled a scanner to your truck..this enables the technician tocommunicate with the truck's computer using an OBD 2 connecter anddepending on which model scanner they have it should give them areadout of the voltages on each sensorâ€...
The max towing capacity is not a question of what engine your vehicle is equipped but what suspension it is equipped with. But check the door jam on the drivers door. All model specific info is contained on this data tag.
I recommend you to go into your nearest Ford Dealer or repair shop.They can help you on anything you want.
(1) Remove door trim panel and inner belt weatherstrip . (2) Lower the window to 50 mm (2 ins.) from bottom of travel. (3) Loosen bolts attaching rear lower run channel to inner door panel (Fig. 47). (4) Remove rear run channel from door. (5) Loosen screws attaching window regulator ...
PO 160 is an oxygen sensor code..take the vehicle to a certifiedmechanics shop and they will attach a scanner to the vehicle thatenables the technician to communicate with the car's computer andallow him to read the codes..and depending on which model the shophas they can view voltages for the o2...
on the inside of the door, opposite of the mirror there is a plastic cover, remove the cover and the bolts holding the mirror on will be exposed.
How does the culture of the Caribbean differ from culture ofcentral America
Not a whole lot to be honest do you have Mods on the car hoe much weight it carries anything, is te engine cleaned out, is the tranny still good these are all questions you have to ask yourself if your local mechanic can also figure it out for you
According to the 1996 Ford Escort Owner Guide : With engine oil filter change : Both the 1.9 and 1.8 L four cylinder engines take : ( 4.0 U.S. quarts / 3.8 liters , the PREFERRED oil is 5W-30 )