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European cars are known for quality and performance. Germany is the top car manufacturer in Europe. France and Spain also have robust car industries. Ask questions about European car manufacturers here.
I believe that the 1.2 Corsa engine swapped to a chain driven camwith the move to the 'latest shape' cars - usually Y registrationand onwards. A 2000 Corsa is the previous model and will, I reckon,have the belt driven cam. So, it's 4year/40,000 mile belt changesunder vauxhall's latest...
Remove the engine covers and carefully remove the ignition wires from the spark plugs, there are 12 of them, then remove the spark plugs with a 5/8 plug socket. Make sure the gap is correct on new plugs put a bit of anti seize on the threads then install the new plugs...
Should you need any help or advice in locating the Vauxhall Vectrafuel injection pumps you require then you can contact one of ourStaff on 0905 235 6000 (8am to 9pm Mon-Fri, 9am to 7pm Sat-SunCalls cost £1 per min. Network extras apply)
A Porsche Cayenne starts at about $53,000. The diesel versionstarts at about $57,000.
Depending on what year the model is, the installation can be hardor easy. if its an older car, installation will be easier, becauseyou wouldn't have to deal with too many wires, and electricalthings. if its a newer model, however, it will be harder becausethere would be more wires to deal with.
a cayenne turbo is 450 standard but can be modified to 600+ ACTUALLY, you can find used Porsche cayennes for as low as 17,000!
All you need to do is open up your hood. Then on the left sideshould be your air intake. Take off the cover and there should besome clips around the outside of the box that you unclip. Alsoloosen and detach the big tube in the front. When that is off andthe clips are off just lift up the top part of...
Generally replace every 40,000 miles
Yes you have to get all the proper oarts first of all thain find a nice safe flat place.weal chucks.thain do ir
You tilt the lever to the side to steer.
It is always recommended when you replace timing belt to replacesany and all timing belt components, but if they do not show wareand tension correctly then you are good to go, it is always easierto do preventive maintenance then repair or replace due tocomponent damage, usually you can purchase a...
Timing chains have no scheduled replacement they are designed to last the life of the engine. Timing belts have replacement intervals
The lightbulb is probably out or your car is geting old
The best thing to do with most VW's and german cars, is to rev theengine once then turn it off. Then, it will turn on easier, becausethere will be fluid still in the engine, making it easier for thepistons to move.
Pull up firmly. It is just an o-ring and plastic flange frictionfit. It will usually break into pieces. Be sure to get all piecesout of the crankcase. Firmly press the new one in place.
06 BMW 325i front or rear wheel drive?
I think you have to remove the front bumper to get full control tothe bulb.
Ur battery cable may need to be cleaned coz battery acid corrodes on cables & its not getting a good connection. If theres no corrosion on cables then the cables may b loose. If its still having hard time cranking then it may need a new battery...possibly a stronger battery..
The front tires have to be thinner because they have to do all thesteering, while the rear tires have to all the acceleration, whichdemands more grip.
Beind brake drum to replace
try unhooking battery cables and then rehooking them up, most of the time that will reset the computer if not you may need a new computer for it, and they are not cheap!!!!
If there is nothing wrong with it don't change it
under the hub cap, from birds eye view left hand corner on the top.Has a colourful cap
you have to take out the gas tank first, then it should be on topof the tank.
Many countries. Actual Saab parts = Germany, Sweden, England.
Check either: Solenoid, Wiring, Switch, or OD Relay.
It should turn off, if all of the brake pad sensors are working.You might have a damaged sensor. Each sensor costs around $13.00
Is it legal for a market to weigh fish with the guts ln them then clean the fish,but charge you for guts and the fish also.
4 stages: tighten to 60 nm, back to 20nm, and then 160 deg followed by a further 160 deg.
If you mean for checking if you need new brakes, just feel it, if there's a lip around the outside that is getting pretty define your probably going to need brakes pretty soon
about front of rear right wheel. take out plastic cover.
Try changing, the oil, or cleaning the engine block. if there istoo much dirt and grime, the pistons will get jammed.
Yes. BMW was founded, and centered in Germany.
The rad. coolant tank is located on the driver's side fender area.
First you have to open the hood then on the passenger side belowthe windscreen there should be a rubber seal. Once found, slightlypull towards the driver side. Behind the seal there should be 4crossed head screws holding a plastic cover. Behind the covershould be the air filter.
in the engine compartment hidden under the valve chamber
If its a high pitch squealing while accelerating, then the previousowner may have turbocharged, or supercharged the engine.
People alive in his time were his peers because he was the inventorof Lamborghini.
You probably have a leak or too much oil is getting in the hood and blowing out the venting hose
Need the year and model VW to answer the question.
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Stop call the police
Could be a blown relay, the connections or elements are broken, orthe switch.
it was a European thing, all US Audi TT's have no use for it
I had the same problem, I heard a squeak upon hitting bumps. It turned out to be simple. Turn the latch behind the head restraints fold down the seats and then slam it back up to make sure its closed correctly. That's what was wrong with my car. Hope this helps
Just pull out the dipstick, feed the tall, narrow transmission fluid funnel into the dipstick tube and top up as required.
Well you open it with your hands... Seriously how can you not open a hood
Ok on jx6 jaguar power frome battery to igniton switch /next to central micro processer /next gear swith no tranmission /next to starter relay /next to starter motor /in haynes book its on page12-17 find book at autozone auto parts it's was 25 buck it help alittle for me. Frist test battery cable...
Check that you have the traction control button turned on.
1. First turn the ignition off 2. Press and hold the trip odometer button WHILE turning the key to position 1 3. Keep the button depressed about 5 seconds until you see "oilservice" or "inspection" with "reset" or "re" in the display then let go 4. Press the button...
Depending on the model and time it was made, generally, until 2003:No, 2003-2011: Normally, 2011-present: Yes
Hey, try these places to find a non-power antenna... This one is genuine and thus $75 Volvo World The Volvo Site try these out
Preparation is key. A Motor Vehicle is the 2nd biggest purchasethat we make after property, and as such is an important decisionfor the buyer, whether the vehicle is new or used. This brings a whole load of emotions to the table for the buyer,including fear, doubt, excitement and financial...
Yes, because it has motorbike engines, and only three wheels.
Which Range Rover are you referring to? There are many differentmodels and where you add oil may be located in a different spot onone model then on others.
Remove the wheel then remove 2 bolt on the back of the caliper take the caliper off, then remove the brake pads from the pad carrier. Theres 2 bolts on the back of the pad carrier un screw them and remove the pad carrier put too one side. re move the little touque screw which supports the brake disc...
Answer . Could be "service engine soon" light indicating a problem with emission system - have vehicle scanned to determine problem
8 quarts of 5/30w for an oil change
Why did sringeri Srinivas want to get his hair cut
There are very few fish you can use to reset a radio in a VW Jetta.I think flounder work well.... but cod, those work best on Cameros
or some strange reason, for most of us people, France and theFrench are seldom associated with great cars. Perhaps it is ourimage of them producing the best bread that overshadows their fortein creating great cars . Or maybe it couldbe our own ignorance. Either way, the fact remains that some of...
There were five different R170 Mercedes SLK models: . SLK200 (1996-2000) . SLK200 Kompressor (1996-2004) . SLK230 Kompressor (1996-2004) . SLK320 (2000-2004) . SLK32 AMG (2001-2004) The SLK was built in Bremen, Germany, however SLK320 models werebuilt in East London, South Africa. Total number...
First you key on #1 position. Then you go to MPH display in the cluster. Press trip odometer knob three times (QUICK) and voltage will appear on display. Then you select service menu using + or -. Then the Service Indicator Displays Items Press the menu systems button until the MPH display...
For a 1973 Super Beetle the reservoir is located under the front hood on the drivers side. The two lines that exit the reservoir are for your dual master cylinder. One line fills the front and the other the rear brake lines.
The SXI on a Astra stands for Sports Extra Injection. It is givento express the extras that are included on the Astra.
sounds like either bad earth or there might be water or other debris have got in.. take horn off an blow compressed air down it if this doesnt solve it then run some water through but it needs to dry well after.. could check horn by "temporary" leads connected direct to the battery. if it works then...
Writing to hard can give you hand pain and also using your handmuscle to much.
I think you meant the Lamborghini Adventador. In that case, ithas 700 horsepower.
Answer . Should be 2-3 large wing nuts and 4 brass type nuts in the trunk at the back wall - release these and the entire fixture will pull-out to access bulbs
Under the dashboard on the driver's side is a pull handle that partly opens the catch on the hood and then you have to open the catch located midway along under the hood edge by squeezing it and pulling it upwards. The hood should lift and remain in place. To close the hood, push down hard on the...
If its anything like my 2004 525d Tourer, it will be found within the right hand boot (trunk) cubby hole (mine accomodating the first aid kit), under a plastic tray that is removed by unscrewing three nuts.
There are 21.9 gallons to 100 liters.