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European cars are known for quality and performance. Germany is the top car manufacturer in Europe. France and Spain also have robust car industries. Ask questions about European car manufacturers here.


you will need a pair of tongs to place in 2 holes each side of the system control panel which will unlock the triggers If you have a Philips radio fitted you may have to remove 4 grub screws to gain access for the removal tools to be used   Review your car's owner's manual to see if it…
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There is a nice possibility that one of the sensors have been damaged. perhaps you only jammed switch
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Here are complete step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to remove a door panel: http://www.ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/repair-topics/window-power-repair/remove-a-door-panel-from-any-vehicle-without-a-diagram
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with a hammer  OR, TryWWW.HARRYPOTTERAUTOS.COM he can change it into anything you want!
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alternator failure probably or possibly starter motor could also try the earth leads around the battery and starter also slim chance of a problem in alternator diode or resister pack located in or on the back of the alternater. just remembered try make sure the alternator belt is nice and tight (1 i…
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There is a how to video below click the link labeled t-stat
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Toyota is one of the top brands in the industry for reliability, fuel economy overall, and rigidity. However, Honda deserves notoriety, as the Honda Accord outsold the Camry in annual sales by a mere 941 more than the Camry.
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See link below.They have info back to 1985. Very Nice.
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If you want to make it better take it to a good garage it's better clean out the throttle body with a throttle body cleaner. Use a tooth brush to clean. wd-40 the linkage where the cable goes into the line (by the accelator petal) may be rusting up there.. If your car is equipped with a throttle…
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first check your balance on you tires local tire shop will usually balance new tires for free or if you have a reciept from where you purchased the tires some tire shops will balance for free if you bought the tires there if tires are not balanced it causes the vechicle to shake at about 30 mph if t…
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Answer Most likely not. TVR produces its own engines and uses unique transmissions. So you'd have to find a transmission that matches the mounts of the engine, which could prove difficult.
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Answer question hasn't been answered cause no one knows what the hell a "skoda Felicia" is. Country of origin might help? ANSWER Drain the box remove the speedo cable at the gearbox end withdraw the drive gear refill with 2.4 Ltr of 80W grade gear oil replace the drive gear minimum oil le…
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turn the key to the accesories position. pump the break pedal 3 times. the check engin light should flash. then turn the key to the off position and then start the car. the light should reset. I am not sure if that works I have a 2004 Odysey and I did this and it worked. While the car is off, push…
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Answer There should be 2 adjusters on top of the headlights, one on far left and one on far right of each light. These ane like plastic nuts or screws sometomes accesible through holes in the landing panel. One of these will adjust the kick up (left and right) and the other will adjust the heigh…
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No They will not fit because the rear subfram is in the way.. 14" maximum on N reg rover 100/metro
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Answer from sandman I have had this problem on my jaguar s-type, once finally properly diagnosed (after about a thousand dollars two dealers and a specialist)it was nailed down to the fuel filters being dirty. Most cases the filter will pull trash from the bottom of the gas tank and clog up. Thou…
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shell rotella 15w40AMSOIL also sells diesel oils -- first company to make synthetics and a great option i use on my 240D -- 15w40 is good viscosity can be changed based on your driving conditions, weather, etc so take a look online for the best oil to use for your conditions
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Answer Unless your owners manual says that you must use super unleaded gas, you should just use regular unleaded. Otherwise you are just wasting your money and possibly harming your engine. super unleaded petrol has a higher octain rate than unleaded. check your owners manual for the optimal rat…
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It is so easy. Just follow this procedureTurn the ignition to the ON position -Press the selector button so that the warning is showing -Press and Hold the selector for 10 seconds, the display will flash. Once flashing let go of the button -Press and hold the selector button for 5 seconds, the displ…
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Answer to Brake Problem First, please understand that rear brakes do not work as hard as front brakes. The ratio of working is 60% front brakes and 40% rear brakes. Therefore, they do not wear out as quickly. Is this your observation and reason for asking the question? Second, if your rear brake…
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It is important to have a diagram when making any changes to the electrical system of a car. A 1991 190E radio wiring diagram can be found in the maintenance manual.
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Any white foam on the cap indicates water in the oil. Mild white foaming may just be that the car is not warming up properly or its just cold and damp weather and the oil cap is not giving a good seal - can be caused by too many short journeys. Foaming around the dipstick is likely to be more indica…
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Is it when the ignition lights on the brake lights are stuck on? If so adjust the brake light switch at the pedal.hope this helpsAnswer: Its the park lights. The vehicle is probably in park.
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Take off the engine cover. There should be four Phillips head screws and it will pop right off. You will see four black box looking things. These are individual coil packs. Take those out by either pulling, or on some models they require taking a hex screw out, and proceed to taking the spark plugs …
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Ideally we need to know what car this fault is on but generally on euro-American cars (dodge Chrysler etc.) it points to the incoming air temperature sensor is faulty
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Using a vacuum pump, you evacuate the refrigeration lines to get all of the moisture and air out of the line and verify that there are no leaks, then you add refrigerant, probably 134-A, and possibly oil charge if you determine that it is needed. You'll need to understand the concepts of refrigerati…
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Answer Unfortunately, I am stuck with the same problem. I went to the dealer who allowed me to peek at the schematic of the gas door activator. However, when I asked the service manager if I could do this myself, he called a technician who told him it is a tricky repair. In other words, they woul…
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www.VWVORTEX.comEither your ignition coil is getting wet (just add some dielectric lube to the connection and electrical tape around it) or your vacuum pump hose has a hole.
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Take it to the junk yard starter is almost impossible to remove . Good Luck
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follow the lower radiator hose to where it is clamped to the motor...remove the part where the hose was clamped to, and Viola...also You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with the right info...make copies as they are usually only in the REFERENCE section....good luck:) Deta…
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You may not have an oil dipstick with this model of Benz. My C240 (2001) instead has electronic oil level measuring software that you access through the electronic dash display. Refer to you're owner's manual for the correct sequence of steering wheel buttons to push (with the ignition on). good luc…
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For many later models, Mercedes did not include dip sticks for customers to check their own transmission fluid. I believe this is still in practice today. Matter of fact, I believe they have recently also removed the oil dipstick. Now they just have a low level indicator that gives a warning throug…
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check ignition
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Answer . The recommended service intervals for Peugeot engines is 72,000 miles The 306 TD was fitted with two types of engine, the XUD which had a metal cam cover mounted under the intercooler and a DW10 (HDI) engine that should have a plastic cover over the top of the engine secured by 4 clips …
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Answer Haynes repair manual, Dodge Neon 2000 thru 2003. Book #30036 I think the question was where is it located on the car, not which book do I buy to find the location. It is located at the end of the cylinder head. Its the black plastic part with an electrical connector on it.
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All you need is a 10mm allen socket with a 6" extension. remove that bolt and the steering wheel pops off. Yo uonly needed to remove the Mercedes logo in center of horn to access that bolt.
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Remove old lights and install new ones. Use small hands.
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go to your local auto shop and tell them you need a headlight screwdriver and you'll get one then when you open your hood there are the screws on top take it out and take out the old one but be very careful and put in the newones and screw em back in also just one more thing its a pretty easy job. I…
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On the top of the gearbox left hand side.Accessible from a hole in the floor of the car.
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Should be approx. 4.5L with an oil filter change. I recommend using Shell rotella 15w-40 oil.-1991 Diesel Jetta/1986 Diesel Golf/ 1985 Gas Jetta owner
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the manufactures manual, chilton manual,. hope it helps. duboff With all due respect, after 60 years of auto repair and instruction, there is NO better manual than Haynes for a car owner. Manufacture's manuals are for mechanics which have had some factory training and the text often does not incl…
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You need to first remove the door trim. This is because one of the 3 mounting screws that hold the mirror on can only be accessed when the door panel is removed.
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yea easy job if its a carb.but the car engine must be cold when adjusting.both electronic and water chokes are held on by a pinch ring with 3 small screws, loosen the screws so the choke turns.turn the choke until the tension on the choke butterfly (the brass flap on top of the carbs primary venturi…
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first ensure the engine timing marks(located on the crank pully) is lined up with TDC and the make sure you note where the plug lead to number one cylinder is on the dizzy cap, remove dizzy cap leaving the leads plugged in. unfasten the dizzy pinch bolt and remove the dizzy.it makes it easier at thi…
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From shop
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Coolant Temperature Sensor Replacement 1998-2005 VW Passat 2.8l V6Disclaimer: documentation for informational purposes only. No warranty is implied. Following these steps may lead to personal injury, death, dismemberment, mayhem, or voiding your vehicle's manufacturing warranty. Now, with that out o…
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This is most likely an electrical issue, and may have nothing to do with fuses. If the headlight switch has failed, both headlights will be inoperative. On many cars, there are separate fuses for right and left headlights, so both of them failing at the same time is unlikely. Your best bet would pro…
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1. Begin at the corner furthest from the driver and proceed in order toward the driver. (Right rear, left rear, right front, left front.) While the actual sequence is not critical to the bleed performance it is easy to remember the sequence as the farthest to the closest. This will also allow the sy…
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Answer 1I'm not familiar with a VW as new as yours, but from the starting fluid comment in your question, it sounds like there is something preventing fuel from getting to the engine. If the engine runs, or tries to run until the "shot" of starting fluid is consumed, then that suggests everything EX…
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could be the stalk (switch) this is a separate switch to the main beam but the whole stalk needs replacing
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It is important to have all of the manuals for a car while owning it. A workshop manual can be bought at an auto part store.
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depends what you mean by adjust ???if u mean adjust the mixture the screw is loacted down a small narrow tube above or below the airflow sensor depending on year of car and type of injection system. if u mean actually adjust the airflow sensor to gain more range in the mixture (make it richer or wea…
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Absolutely. If a vehicle shares fluid between the transfer case and rear diff, the flow will be interrupted if the transfer case goes bad. A fluid pump failure would cause the flow of oil to be cut to both components thus causing a failure. Also, if there is not adequate vacum pressure for the pump …
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Need to know what year and kind of vehicle you have the problem with.1998 Chevy van
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Not too sure if this will help. I have a Volvo 1995 S90 with a similar problem - power windows, indicators and dash lights all were not working. I found that it had to do with the ignition. When i turn on the car and discover that these aspects are not functioning properly i twitch the key a millerm…
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European foot controls are identical to North American foot controls except for the British Isles, which drive on the "wrong" side of the road. Foot controls are the same, in GB, with the accellerator furthest right, brake next then the clutch, for vehicles that use a stick shift. +++ OI! It's not t…
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Yes there is a code if the radio or Toyota vehicle is not in the US and Canada
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You can find a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1988 Mercedes 190e 2.3 in the owner's manual. You can also find it at various auto part stores.
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Starting price is $195,000.
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the abbreviation Sxi stands for Sports Extra Injection
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Under the hood of car from the back of the headlight, release/flip the two retaining wires holding the cover over the lights and remove cover, unplug the wire harness from the bulb (there is a clip on one side), remove the black retaining ring that secures the bulb in place by turning it counter-clo…
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It used to be the 1976 Toyota Corolla, according to Consumer Reports magazine. Being that data was some time ago, I would look in the latest edition of said magazine, which happens to be the Annual Auto Issue. Good luck!
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Some pumps have been known to make a very distinct, disturbing noise before leaking or going completely bad. For the most part yes. However, if the water pump is seized, and is the original one from the factory, it may not have a 'weep hole' which leaks, lowering the pressure, and will not be wet a…
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If you look on the backside of the climate control unit in the dash you will find a glass buss style fuse. It will be blown. Replace the fuse and your fan will stay on with your headlights.
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The turn signal flasher on a 1989 VW Jetta is located next to the fuse box inside the car. It is on the driver's side under the dash. The hazard flasher should be right next to the turn signal flasher.
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I found my answer in at vwvortex.com forums. I didn't understand the second step, so I ignored it. Here it is...Subject: Re: 94 GLX Waterpump bad First thing to do is remove the airbox completely to gain clear access to the belt and pump.Second is to remove downpipe to cat fasteners (have new ones o…
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on the front of the gearbox there is a Black plastic pipe with a lid going over it, take the lid off and top up. Be care full not to over fill. This is on the T4 2.5TDi. The black pipe dimensions is about 3/4 of an inch in diameter and 4 inches long
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A Buggati Veyron costs 1.6 million US dollars.A Buggati Veyron SuperSport costs 2.3-2.8 milion US dollars.
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Get an inline spark checker. (Harbor Frieght for a couple bucks) Put this between the spark plug and wire and check the spark. If it is a bright sprk light then it is oky. Try this with all the plugs. If you are getting spark in the tester then your coil is good. If you run across a plug that doesnt…
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The radio the 1977 240D is equipped with does not require a radio code. If you have an aftermarket radio, you will need to contact the manfucaturer.
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I have the same problem I dont know what to do My Renault Clio 1.4 is doing this same problem and I am wondering what to do when u start the car it starts to vibrate Please help
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I had same problem with my 2001 Isuzu rodeo sport with 53K miles.......and just put a new battery in and presto, no more abs light.....I think if your battery is weak (does the car have any problems starting and is electrical good?), it will trigger the abs light.....it did on mine.
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Answer make repairs and verify the fix with your consult-I diagnostic tool also the infiniti I-30's had an issue where the check engine light will stick on because moisture gets into the sensor some how so go to your local auto zone and they will reset it for you at no charge and also let you kno…
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is the brake and clutch reservior integral on a 2001 vw passat tdi
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It is important to know the types of fluids that go into different cars. A Land Rover Discovery takes Dexron III automatic transmission fluid.
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Ncap did not tested the Thesis model. BTW a friend of mine crashed it about 100-120 km/h. He opened the door and leave the car. It's a strong car, and still the most beautiful in the modern car area.
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yes usually shown as installed under the bonnet/hood i dont have it on sprinter
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In engine bay upper left hand side of car next to the strut mount its the black box thereright beneath the windshield on the driver side next to the master cylinder
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I know this is not your question, but I bought a 2000 528i with 68K miles in almost perfect condition. So with a 1998 I really would not but anything with more than 90K miles...
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Front indicator bulbs - remove the complete headlight unit - see 'related answers' for this. Rear indicator bulbs - unfasten the rear light unit which is held in by a big plastic wing-nut on the inside. Lift the hatch and reach in behind the light unit. You will feel a hole in the trim and inside i…
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It sounds like your dizzy cap isn't lined right which causes the engine to stay running after the ignition has been switched off. i had the same problem with my fiesta
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With the car on level ground, in gear and parking brake applied, loosen the wheel nuts a half turn. Get the jack out, make sure to find the right spot for the jack to engage the car. Make sure that the ground is firm and flat where the jack will stand.If you have them, put chock blocks ahead and beh…
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can u get a bushing for ur cam shaft pulley ? or do ya buy ful thing
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If its a 4 speed automatic 01m tranny there isn't a dipstick, you must have it on a level surface, have the tranny at roughly 30 Celsius....and crack the drain plug , if it drips its full
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in the bottom of the fan housing located on the passenger side footwell.
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The 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo costs around $198,000 to $221,000. The 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago costs around $354,000 to $382,400 dollars. So, about $330,000.it coast at like 200K different coast for different modelsThe lowest cost is about 200,000 but they can go to like a million. The most common…
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Radio codes are Vin Specific and can only be given to you by a Mercedes Benz authorized dealership.
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Lamborghini Gallardo 198,000 dollars
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probably Italy since the inventors Italian
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When light is on bring it to a shop that has an ABS scanner it happened the same to my 99 beetle i scanned it and the code came up to be abs pump, i replaced it with a used part but light still on. if you plan it to do it your self you need to be really prescise when thighing those line bolts i alr…
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It makes things easier by putting rope through on end and pulling a weight up with little effort
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202 mph
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Koenigsegg Koenigsegg is a Swedish manufacturer of hyper cars, with 'ordinary' models said to be at or very close to Formula One class.
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Open the hood an take a look, then you will know.
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Answer A mixture of baking soda and water and vinigar does a neat job on rust too especially nuts bolts and fittings etc
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