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The head or heads will have to be remove and inspected for cracks or warpage. You then replace the gasket and reinstall the head. Drain the oil and change the filter. Replace the thermostat and pour in fresh coolant. Unless you ran it hot or drove it for a long period of time in this condition you m…
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Answer I will firs verify is the climate control is working (the dash board) controls, and then work my way up to more complicated issues. There are to important by pass that could be clogged also, if water has been used instead of coolant. well for one it could be the heater blower motor or it co…
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If the "S" light is flashing, it indicates a problem with the transmission or speed sensor. I have 1991 Honda accord LX and got "S" mode without pushing 'S" mode switch I recommend that if if u have S mode On in yr odometer that means yr TCU or TCM(transmission computer) is not working properly. &…
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just a quick note: bank 2 is LEFT side (drivers) on a rear wheel drive vehicle ,on front wheel drive vehicles it would be the front side when looking down from the front of the vehicle ,Sensor 2 is after the cat converter! if you replace that sensor, clear the codes or have someone clear them for yo…
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The oil pump on that engine is pretty easy to access and replace, since it's right there on the timing cover. I believe I wouldn't try to mess with replacing just the pressure valve, but I would replace the whole oil pump, pressure valve and all.
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BIG JOB Get a manual from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM nd it will help on the next repair.
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Answer With the hood open, stand on the drivers side of the engine, and look against the back wall. You will see 2 steel pipes coming out of it (heater/ac pipes) between the braking system and the engine. Just below those 2 lines, will be the O2 sensor, pointing up slightly, almost at the same an…
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Check with the salvage yards, they will be able to help you. Or, you might want to check out the Firebird Clubs on the net.   Got o or call your nearest auto junk lot and ask them to search for it -- they will find one for you!Firebirds (and therefore Trans Am's) DO NOT have grills from 1982 …
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Duck Tape Go to a home depot or lowes and buy aluminum peel and stick tape for a perm. repair
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Why would they report it stolen?? IF it was stolen from you, then YOU would report it stolen. The lender loaned MONEY so they will recover money(garnishment, leins, ect.) if the collateral disappears.   They will eventually find where you are working and you will pay for not only the car but …
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You need to know who the leinholder/lender is OR which repo company is looking for it. The VIN is used to trace the leinholder. IF you need more help, email me.
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Stolen?? NO. Report you for hiding the collateral??? Maybe. Cars havent fell off the face of the earth since CC found out it is ROUND. Someone knows where that car is.
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READ your contract for details. They had to pay the repoman to go to the gate, to find you, its a fee incurred to service your account while in default.
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If you feel that it is your duty or obligation to do this, a call to whoever holds the note for the car will be sufficient. If you do not know who the finance people are, in some states your can find this information from the name and / or plate number. Sometimes you can call the police and get guid…
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Don't be a jerk and mind your own business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yea seriously what is wrong with you I agree mind your own business and quite being a douche.Uhhhm go to cash4repo.com and they will do the rest. I used this site for my ex that would not pay child support and enjoyed his brand new truck. They…
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Uninsured drivers When I was hit by an uninsured motorist and it was their fault, my insurance company paid to fix my car. It's my understanding that they then sued the uninsured motorist for reimbursement. I was told that I could also file a small claims suit against the uninsured motorist for the…
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There is no sufficient available data to answer this question.
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No you cannot travel outside of NC with a learners permit. Not even with a 5 year licensed driver.
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The most expensive are very rare veteran and vintage cars. Below are two examples. I think the Ferrari 250 GTO, built during the years 1962-1965, may be a good candidate. Only 39 such cars have been built during those years, including the 330 GTO. Current value is around $12 million. The 1931 Buga…
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Number of Cars in the US According to the U.S. Department of Transpotation Statistical Records Office there are approximately 62 million registered vehicles in the U.S. at the current time and appox. 6.4 million unregistered functioning vechicles. Roughly 32% of those two numbers combined would acco…
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The answer is yes, it can.
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Fuel Pump Shut Off Switch Location It is located on the passenger side behind the kick-panel. Location of the fuel shut off switch ls rear where interrior panel comes off to get to jack its in there Answer Check inside the cab on the pass side about 18 inches up on the firewall. Answer …
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Add 1 bottle of ordinary rubbing alcohol to the tank. If The Bad gas is just gas that has water in it, then the alcohol will allow the water to "burn" with the gas. Answer The best way to do it is kind of a pain. Take the tank off and dump the bad gas out. While the tanks off would be a goo…
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Yes, most likely. Lots of things have serial numbers, and those are often recorded in guidebooks. Additionally, calling the manufacturer such as Singer Sewing Machines with a serial no will get you a date as well. Remington Firearms have a letter code stamped into the steel barrel in addition to th…
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I just bought a 91 dynasty. After 4 days I just tried to start it. There is no evidence of power. I tried to jump it and their was still no sign of power.Sounds like your starter, I had the same problem with my 1990 Chrysler Imperial.
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You really have to take them lose and look but it's been my experience that the mounts can go before the struts. My Alliance was so bad the upper mounts where totally separated at 150000 but the struts were fine.Also, to check the struts themselves w/o removing, go to front of your car, put your han…
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Most systems operate differently, but many will reset if you use the key in the drivers door, sometimes you need to turn it to the left, then unlock the door with it. Check our owners manual for the specific procedure for your vehicle.
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if you are really good &up to date; you can make as much as you wont to.i would average around 100,000.00 - 180,000.00 per year. it has to be a very good new car dealership.but once you put in your time; you will start having people ask for you.it is really like being a MD; except you are runnin…
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The first indication is usually drips under the car under the front center. I have found they will usually drip for a long time before they fail. If you crawl under the front of the engine with a flashlight and look up under the harmonic balancer, you will be able to see the coolant seeping out. As …
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If you don't know where the oil dipstick is this is not for YOU! you must remove the metal guard plate that SHARES the same 4 bolts that holds the tank in place. unscrew the hose 5/16 clamp w/ crescent that is connected to 1 1/2 hose from top of tank to gas spout you must use extreme caution not to…
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You will need to remove the door panel first. In a '99 Bravada, there are a total of three screws to remove. First, remove the screw behind the door opening lever and remove the plastic cover that hides the internals of the door. Then, there are two screws hidden below the handle on the door (the ha…
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In 2009 there were about 246 million cars!
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Typical rear brake shoe setups are removed by uncliping retaining springs and washers, and then the shoes are easily removed from the assembly. Emergency brake cables may also have to be disengaged from the shoe itself to release it.
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Autozone will print you one for free. As number 5 would say "Need Input" Make? Model? Year? Actually you don't need that info yet,but you will when you get to the parts store,most of them,given the make,model,year and engine size,can pull up a diagram to guide you in the process. also if you …
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Answer Passenger side rear bottom of engine The starter is located driver's side bottom rear of engine. Follow red power line from battery down to starter, two bolts, 9/16 I believe, to remove. Don't forget to disconnect the positive(red) wire from battery before working.
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There are many different kinds of vehicles, one of which is an automobile. A different answer would apply to other types of vehicles (ships, locomotives, etc). Karl Friedrich Benz, born 25th November 1844, is generally regarded as the inventor of the petrol powered automobile.
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ANSWER. If your car is being repossessed all things inside the car go with the car. You can reclaim those things through your finance company. If anything is missing when you reclaim them your at a loss since you can't prove it was there. Also if it is connected to the car like rims, stereos, s…
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This is most likely due to Electrostatic Charge. That being said, you generate static either by friction (sliding) or by clothing. Very dry cloth (nylon, silks, rayons and some polys) are more prone to create static. Over drying them makes the matter worse. Some fabric sheets help reduce this pro…
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Check your coolant level, it's probably low. This might be a thermostat problem. A slight internal leak or a thermostat that is ever so slightly _broken_ can do this.
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Cars are more faster than by walking. Like you can go to a shopping mall in fifteen minutes,but if you walk then it might take an hour.
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The cars are put on a semi truck trailer. It can be either open or enclosed (for more protection). Enclosed is safer for your vehicle but cost more money. The trucks can come straight to your house and drop off where ever you like.
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Could be, a stuck closed thermostat,low on coolant,bad head gasket,cracked head,restricted coolant flow inside radiator,restricted air flow outside radiator,missing or broken fan shroud,fan clutch inoperable,
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You can find rebuilding and maintenance information in most service manuals. The service manuals can be found at your local library.
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Did you buy the battery from new or was it a spare? Clicking sound when trying to turn key in ignition is usually low battery. The radio and lights may still work for a few minutes if there is enough charge left but the engine wont turn over. Turn off all lights, alarm and radio - wait 20minutes an…
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If your car is air bad equiped, the inflator for the bag has a slow leak. It should be checked and replaced. it is unlikely to be your air bag if equipped as the inflator is a explosive charge not filled with fluid. the air bag system is mostly made up from electrical components , explosive compone…
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First step would be to check fuse, if good check to see if there is power to the wiper motor, if so bad wiper motor, if not could be switch. Also, get some W-D 40 and spray the area of the windshield wiper motor. Then take a hammer, and gently hit on it. It might just be stuck on something.
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1995 was the last 5.0 before the coming of the 4.6 introduced in 1996.More Information:1993 was the last year of the original FOX Body 1994 and 1995 were the only two years that the SN95 Platform housed a 5.0 engine. 1993 Was the first year of the Cobra in quite a while. The cobra has been made a…
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Here is the low-down on oxygen sensors, and their location designations explained: Oxygen sensors are screwed into the exhaust system at various points. Some people say that there are 4 oxygen sensors, but technically, that is not correct. Only the front 2 are considered oxygen sensors. These ox…
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there is a diagram of it here:http://mechdb.com/index.php/Ford_ZX2_accessories_belt_replacementAn extra set of hands helps on this one, no space for two arms and a new serp belt between the pulleys and the car's body. I have had the best luck grabbing and pulling the belt over the water pump pulley …
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Answer Yes, it will only leak if the seal is bad. Have you checked the drive belt? Squealing is normally a loose or worn drive belt. Yes, the timing belt is brand new which is where the water pump sits. And somewhere with in the timing belt area this noise is coming from and I am not sure what i…
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97 jeep grand Cherokee 6 cylYou can find a new manifold on Ebay for under $100, but anywhere else you are looking at about $200 to $300. Make sure you get a kit with a new gasket kit.
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Answer Brakes may holding the free ride of the car back. The decelerating makes me think this.   i have a different answer if you just mean the car is hesitating to go. like u give it gas and it just wont get the power to take off, it will get up to speed, but only after like half a mile. …
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serpentine belt replacement '96 olds 88Found out the hard way (by doing) and was surprised to see a short cut. Remove the plastic splash shield behind the right wheel. It is held with a plastic rivet which is removable. You can now see and remove the motor mount nut and stud nearest to the A/C compr…
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An auto-darkening helmet contains an electronic shutter module. This module contains fixed/static IR (Infra-Red) and UV (Ultraviolet) filters that require no electricity to operate along with an electrically operated LC (Liquid Crystal) light valve or shutter. The LC valve/shutter darkens/lightens w…
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Answer I really do highly recommend reading a "Service Manual" before attempting this. It's not hard, but you really need to know what is you are doing and why. 1. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheel before jacking up the car as shops use air tools that generally apply too much force. Pre-loosening w…
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The USUAL problem is the front sensor on the water pump - not working. The other [manifold] sensor COULD be a culprit. OR the fuses/relay in the engine compartment box are defective or burned out Try the first sensor [front of water pump - just ask anyone at a parts store where it is - easy to find]
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Need Make Model Year and engine size to answer this as many different ones. Please ask a new question with more info.
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You need an OBD1 diagnostic tool that hooks up under the dash to a large computer plug. However, your lebaron displays fault codes as a series of flashing lights. This link tells you how to read em and what they are.. http://www.knizefamily.net/minimopar/fault/index.html?b1b90a68
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the transmission is no good needs to be replaced or rebuilt take it to your local transmission repair shopTo be more specific it could be low on oil or the clutches inside are worn out
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open the tailgate take out the light and look for a fuse or check your owners manual and your fuse box.
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Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.
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The 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass cam sensor is located on the back of the left cylinder head. The cam sensor should be labeled as such.
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Under the metal housing on top of the water pump (held on with two small bolts). There is a metal water line running from there across the front of the engine and a rubber hose clamped to the housing.
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Try checking your power steering fluid. Low fluid levels can result in air being ingested and damage occurring to the power steering pump. If it is full you may need to replace the power steering pump to rid it of the groaning.
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you don't say wot make an model... so i presume its the Chrysler new yorker as i cant think of another with a 3.3 v6.. easy answer.. buy a haynes manual.. if your gonna replace the belt.. you might as well do other stuff like replace the water pump and front engine seal while your at it..
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Answer I'm pretty sure these have chains not belts for the timing. i'm positive that they are a chain you don't need to replace it unless you pass 300k miles. but would be pointless cause it won't last that long.
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Answer I suggest you read this it is a very informative article by Larry Carley an Automotive Rebuilder. Good Luck and Remember. Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil. Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's. See My Bio For more information.
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Rotor Some rotors can be resurfaced and it is cheaper. Most brake shops prefer you buy rotors because there is a money factor and time involved. The cost of resurfacing a rotor is around $15.00 each. Rotors on some cars are as little as 25.00 each. Is that price difference worth safety? In most …
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Read the purchase agreement.
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If u are talking about reseting the computer, all u have to do is un plug the ground on the battery for about 15 min
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It isn't possible.Couldnt you just go to the DMV and have them search by your social or the name in which the vehicle was registered under?
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Loose or worn tie rod ends on the 96 F350 can cause this problem. There could be other front end components wearing as well, check the entire front end system for problems.
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Have and use all the proper tools unscrew the 2 silver ignitioncoil coilpack for the 3 cylinders on both banks of the V6 and unclip the wire's and safely put the coilpacks aside then take the socket wrench with a extension and use the sparkplug bit with the rubbergrip inside then turn them counter c…
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Answer The coolant drain plug is located on the bottom left side of the radiator when looking from front of car. To access it you must remove the passenger side fog light and push the rubber cover out of the way. It only takes a 1/4 turn and the fluid drains out of the hole in bottom of front spo…
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If the 1998 Olds Achieva will not rev over 2500 rpm there may be an issue with the idle control valve. A bad or unplugged valve will not let the car accelerate over 2500 RPM.
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Answer: recharge your own AC Here is a good write-up on the procedure, including risks of doing it yourself: http://autos.yahoo.com/maintain/repairqa/fluids_heat_air_conditioning_general/ques023_0.html BAD ADVICE. This article says you can't buy the refrigerant unless you are certified. An…
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Answer. 5 quarts
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This isn't easy to answer. It could be leaking from many places. Common places to check are the hoses from the radiator, the radiator itself, the hoses leading to the heater core toward the fire wall, the water pump could also be faling. Try putting the vehicle on a clean piece of cardboard over nig…
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no. but around about 2080 they will be invented
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A low-temperature thermostat will not prevent overheating so much as delay just a little bit. It will also cause poor fuel economy and with most electronically controlled FI systems, it will cause fuel control errors. Answer If the engine is overheating with a properly functioning 190 degree ther…
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Possible Fuel SuggestionsYes, it could be the fuel pump, the fuel filter, and/or any other gas related parts. I have a 2002 Yukon XL and it stalls when I run at a high speed (like on an interstate). I've been told its my gas cap not venting properly so my fuel pump isn't getting enough gas.Good luck…
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am not 100% but it may be you are not in the correct gear for your speed or you could be running out of fuel Bad universal joints or CV Joints. Low on transmission fluid. Transmission slipping Engine miss due to Bad plugs/wires a lock up converter on the tranny will jerk if the pressure swi…
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You can look inside the radiator if you see the water running you dont need the water pump. If you put water in the radiator and it runs out of alittle hole near the front of the engin, icct's time. car runs hot'
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Most likely you have a faulty wheel speed sensor or dirty connector. The onboard computer THINKS one or more wheels are running at a different speed.
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Remoce wheels Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Remove rotor
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Anything over about 4000 lbs makes stopping very dangerous in mine (manual drum brakes), and the 360 starts to feel a little strained on steep hills. Mine has a C6 auto tranmission. If I had a manual trans and power disc brakes I'm sure I could tow a lot more.
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Drivers side fender well under the hood right behind the washer fluid reservoir. May be under a square metal shield... better yet here: http://www.ford-trucks.com/article/idx/0/358/article/DUI_Ignition_Installation_In_A_Ford_351W_V8.HTML it's the second pic.. the lil gray square box with the wires…
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This means your suspension is due for replacement. The thumping you are hearing is either from your rear struts or coil springs. Could also be the seats as well. The pressure in the struts starts to leak out, and become useless. The noise that you're hearing is coming from the strut banging up and d…
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White smoke from the exhaust is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber. Most likely cause is a blown head gasket. Stop driving this vehicle until you have this repaired or you will destroy this engine.
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that is a very vague question. If we are talking about supercars, European cars win there but if we are talking about muscle cars, Americans win there. Answer: Comparing these two types of cars is fairly complicated for a number of reasons. European cars and American cars are not better than one an…
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Auto insurance is for cars not for people. You can buy insurance on yourself so contact any insurance agent.
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Answer : Ask a doctor. Ask your regular doctor. A water pump fails one of two ways: 1 - The seal will fail and it leaks coolant or... 2 - The bearing goes out and it will make noise, leak coolant, sieze, or all three. Most all water pumps have what they call a "weep hole" - no nasty comments …
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Okay, so you have a mark 7, so you're pretty much FUBAR for as much as Ford cares so you might as well go with my crazy theories. First, we'll fix the problem of plugged oil returns: 1: Do an oil change. 2:Pour 2 tablespoons of Dawn dishwashind detergent and 1 quart of Mercon transmission fluid i…
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Depends on if people are painting their cars silverFrom F.S. Nerd
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nissan :D
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Check Engine Light On After replacing the EGR valve, use the diagnostic tool and erase codes then read the codes again. I had the same problem on my 97 geo metro. After replacing the egr valve, the check engine light stayed on. After a while it was suppose to clear itself but it didn't. So I wen…
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