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A category devoted to vehicles that are manufactured in Asian countries. Questions that specifically refer to these types of cars, and not to any specific vehicle model or brand of car.
  To replace the kickstart shaft on a CT90 the entire engine must be disassembled and crankcase split in order to gain access to it, it can be a difficult job and will require some mechanical knowledge and a manual. it is quite expensive as all gaskets have to be replaced and the whole engine...
I'm not sure about a 1994 Prelude but if it were a 1992 Prelude  this may be 2 separate problems, fuel guage issue may be the fuel  guage sending unit, the temp guage may be a stuck open thermostat.  Have the engine temp checked after driving at least 5 miles, does  the gas guage ever move...
If you need to replace the pads only, it can cost about $20 and  more depending on state and city. If you need to replace rotors  or/and calipers, it might cost $400 to $500 on average and more. 
should just pry right off
Never done it before but I found this info in a Honda Accord users  forum. "After much research, and little info on "how-to", I  replaced both stock 9006 low-beam bulbs on my 2004 Accord. Despite  much info on removing fenderwell splash shields, I was able to open  the hood, and reach the...
You have to remove the starter and run a new wire
The fuel is going to be connected to the fuel line, first find the fuel line and follow it, and you should find be able to find the fuel filter.
  Not without changing an unreasonable amount of other parts.
World Rally Cross (x represents cross)
If you have a 1.8L, 2.0L or a  2.4L engine, here's how using only a screwdriver and  a wrench or ratchet.   1. check to see if your engine is on Dead Top Center  (markings on the crankshaft pulley should line up when in  TDC)   2. The #1 piston needs to be on the compression stroke. this ...
The car doesn't seem to have any trouble pulling my trailer even  when my trailer is pushing the 3500 lb limit. However, as the  weight of the trailer increases and the tongue weight also  increases the front end tends to easily lose traction while  accelerating.
About 6 quarts, depends if it's completely dry or flush and fill
Well before you ask that question. The real question is how often do you drive your vehicle and how far you drive.
Not sure there is a way to reset. It may be a lock solenoid or a bad wire
With a 7/8in. Oxygen sensor socket or wrench
you have to get it off the ground, then look for the pan and take  the bolt out, make sure there's a pan under it
That is perfectly normal, before going to bed leave a trey under or park on a sandy area
Geothermal power can be used in our homes as air-conditioners andheaters. It is renewable as the Earth is constantly making heat.
This land is your land, this land is my land From California to the New York Island,From the redwood forest to the gulf stream water,This land was made for you and me.As I went walking that ribbon of highwayI saw above me that endless skyway,I saw below me that golden valleyThis land was made for...
replacing the timing belt is a very involved operation, purchase a manual for your vehicle and check out some videos on replacing it before you start.
by gitting a screw driber and fixing the screws
Just take it to a machanic! U don't have to do it because it is  more expensive to do it ur self! Pls stop asking me questions! I am  in no mood right now!
Yes, but you need a two wheel car trailer.
I4 is 15.9 gallons, V6 is 21.1 gallons. For an 89' Nissan D21  Hardbody 4x4
Wat controls the idle on that type of car its a sensor called a idle control termo valve witch its controlled by the antifreeze temperature and air. it has two small hoses under the throwel you wont miss it . And if u not sure go to auto zone and ask for the idle control valve its a black sensors in...
Where Exactly Is The Thermostat Located In a 2005 suzuki Reno, PLEASE SHOW PICTURES
It's okay to use Synthetic oil on any vehicle but bare in mind, if your vehicle has previously run on regular oil you will need to drain all the oil out completely in order to switch to synthetic, once you run on synthetic oil though you have to keep the oil synthetic because switching between...
It's not that hard but will take an effort of course
It's usually recommended every 50 to 60 thousand miles.
You bleed a hydraulic slave cylinder in a 1989 Toyota 4 runner by  opening and closing the bleeder
  == Answer ==   Inside trunk, remove thumb screw to fold back paneling near tail lights. Then remove three thumbscrews and the whole tail light assembly can be moved out to change light bulbs.
I would look on Amazon. It is usually the same thing as expensive ones and they have one of the best return policies if something doesn't work
by taking 4 bolts out and get a new one and put them back in 
Turn car on then let it run and heat up then remove dipstick
Check your egr system. It might be your throttle body that not breathing correctly while the car is on.Take carw of the problem asap before it cost more to fix.
There were 14707 sold in North america for the 1991 model year.
2001 Honda CR-V DOES NOT have an EGR valve!
Like A Pulley That Moves, Look For A Threaded Adjuster Mounted To A  Pulley
the same way you align rear tires to a 1999 mustang un screw all  the bolts that is connected to the vehicle and then add in the tire  then screw it together an done !!!
For the 2007 Honda Odyssey it is located under dashboard between the steering column and the brake pedal.
Its on the bottom center console on the passenger side. Heck, its  cover with a TAN rubber cover that blends in with the tan plastic  no wonder I was having a hard time finding it. thank you all.
By removing the gear box , then reinstalling it and finally removing the old belt and replace by a new one.
It is usually located on the drivers or passenger side of engine  towards front of engine look fora small oval sending unit with one  or two wires coming off of it.
You will have to remove the drive belts from the front/ side of  engine along with vibration pulley dampener, and accessory drive,  then remove timing cover assembly and you will expose the timing  belt, ensure that you sent your timing marks and TDC before  removing and replacing timing belt,...
put your hand in the gas cap and clean it with a sponge
Remove the plastic shield that surrounds the underneath of the fuel tank the two straps connect the hoses wire connectors probably easier to disconnect the wiring from inside the trunk or take the back of the back seat out became
By the dimmer knob: Take out coin tray and there's a bolt behind  it. Directly across on the right side of the  steering wheel there's either blank plates or your cruise  control switch--pop that out that there's a bolt. Go to the bottom:  there's a little tray plate thing held on by two screws...
if you can get to the speakers the re should be some bolts that  you need to take out. Then you should be able to lift the speaker  up and unplug the wires. then carefully plug in the new ones, and  screw the bots back in. 
Well, I just recently purchased a 2004 EX-L RES from the States and   imported it into Canada. I have received so much good  information from this site, I thought I should contribute something  myself.      One of the Canadian import requirements was the installation of   Daytime...
It comes from a factory defect with over pressurization. Its just one of those things you have go deal with.
It should be in the owners manual and it is on the oil cap for some  vehicles.
This is something that can often be found in a manual for the car.  Those can usually be found at a local auto parts store.    Chilton also has it online, but you have to buy access to it:  repair.chiltondiy.com/Pub/DIY/Product.aspx?ca=Repair&b=1282    I also found a workshop manual...
Gotta clear the code ,than restart engine, if code is persistent again,then there is a blockage in your intake or plenums
I think it's on top of the transmission, near the battery but I'm  not sure
There is bolts unscrew them and the replace again
The easiest and most direct route would be to first to loosen your belt tension, this should allow you to move the alternator once unbolted from its mount. Before unbolting disconnect any wiring harnesses attached to it, and take note what goes where. Once the old part is removed, always compare it...
Its gas, old gas can be used. It's a pain to drop the tank to  remove gas and I wouldn't recommend draining it via running the  fuel pump and flowing it into a can either, too dangerous. If you  absolutely must pump out the gas, get a siphon pump and pump it out  the fuel neck.
You need to twist the turn signal switch.
They actually make tools specifically for the car, but most times you can just buy a cheap boot puller at many stores or online.
lower tailgate unscrew two screws in the side remove tail light  lens remove the 3157 bulb replace using dialectic grease on  terminals reverse assembly.
Glass repair on cars is tricky; on a windshield, you risk breaking  the new one. For a door, you have to go into the door panel, remove  the glass chards and check that the mechanism for raising the  window is in good shape. If you don't have glass coverage, YouTube  may have a demonstration for...
could be oil from valve cover gasket or not changing plugs wires
on the inside of the door, opposite of the mirror there is a plastic cover, remove the cover and the bolts holding the mirror on will be exposed.
    == Timing Belt ==     This is a repair best left to the experts. Severe engine damage will occur if the repair is done incorrectly.     The Chilton's manual is fine for someone who has a good baseline of knowledge to begin with. But if you do not know what you are doing, it...
Most centre consoles in cars are usually bolted down with screws or  bolts, to get to those screws and bolts, you will need a trim  remover to remove the trim on your centre console. These screws and  bolts can be reached from the rear seats or underneath the driver  and passenger seats