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The Dodge Ram is a large pick-up truck produced by Chrysler from 1981 to present. The car, which features a front engine and rear/four-wheel drive, was named “Truck of the Year” three times by the Motor Trend magazine.
Kimberlite pipes are typically quarried using open pit mines.
take bolts out the by a new one then put back on
The Ram Forum has this advice:    6.75 or 6.5 fit the front and back doors.   6x9 front (reason why smaller fits) and 5.25 rear. However, you can  make any size fit any door if you are willing to cut metal and make  spacers.   Dash speakers 3.5.
Inside the fuel tank attached to the fuel pump assembly. To replace  it you replace the entire fuel pump.
Bleed the fuel lines at the injectors, driver's side of the head,  by cracking them open and turning the motor. Video in the link.
Check all of the fuses and relays, if they are good, chances are that the blower motor is bad, but once you get it out try to get electricity to it both +and- if it works then, the switch is bad.... This is what I would do...
you need 13mm spanner,undo the lower slider bolt,rotate the cliper upwards,remove the resevoir cap,push the position back,swap the pads and refit. no more than 30min.;)
Low battery (bad battery or alternator) or bad starter, most  likely.
  == Answer ==   Remove belt and tensioner complete should be able to be unbolted from engine (Left-hand thread)
  == Answer ==   salvage yard
no idea all i can find is people looking for the same answer maybe incorporated into computer
It's at the front, drivers side corner of the engine, between the engine and the battery.It's under a cover and on the bottom of the throttle body.
  You may be able to reset it after you repair the problem that set the light in the first place, by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes. That may not work on your 1996. If not, you will need an OBD scan tool to reset the light.
  == Answer ==   Most are self-adjusting   Try backing up and stopping vehicle using the parking brake 3-4 times
Answer . \nDear Sir,\nThe problem is most likely the switch on the passenger side has gone bad.. Answer . \nYou might want to be sure that your WINDOW LOCK button is not on. It is on the driver's side control panel located on the door.. Answer . \ni have to go for the switch as well.. Answer ...
The 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 PU came equipped with the 6F55 6-speed  automatic transmission. The total service fill for this  transmission is 11.6 quarts.
  Should be in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose
  Try the technical dept of your library. I just got the complete wiring diagram for my 88 accord.
The voltage regulator is located on the firewall, just right of center of the engine.
While I don't have exact figures, I'd imagine the Firebird was the quicker. It's a lighter car. It also depends on rear end gears, tranny, etc.
  == Answer ==   Cylinder head bolt torque 2.7L M8.....21 ft/lbs   M11 Step1 35ft/lbs   2 55ft/lbs   3 55ft/lbs   4 Plus 1/4 turn
  The wiring is already run for you. It's a simple matter of wiring up the brake controller and installing it in the cabin.   Go where ever you comfortably shop (I got mine and Wal-Mart)and get the best controller you can afford. They all work the same but the higher priced unit are more user...
1. First remove the plastic triangle with the tweeter, gently pry it off. The "clip" / "retaining point" is situated about 1/2" from the tweeter outside ring above it at about 2 o'clock angle (north-east). The clip is a round plastic cylinder with a metal clip screwed to it. (or for the passenger...
Depending on your age and driving record. If your 23 years old with a moderately bad driving record with 3-4 points, your insurance would be around $5,000/year.
Yes, Dodge has used a Dana 60.
yes it does...they came stock on 2500 and 3500 rams, 4wd...for example, my dodge is a 01 2500 diesel, has a Dana 60 front and a Dana 70 rear...if it will fit on a 1500, well it can, but it will need modification most likely.
This is not really a complete question. Not sure what is being  asked here and so cannot give a complete answer.
First of all 318 refers to the cubic inches of the engine, or a 5.2 liter. hich ever measurement you use it still refers to the same engine in your truck.  The vacuum line diagram is located on the core support under your hood, the label is put there by the manufacturer, it also contains other...
The easiest way is to take it to a reputable shop. Although you can  rent it there is a tool called a "spring Compressor" that is  required to do this job. Not recommended for the backyard mechanic.   The Jeep will need to be jacked way up till all the weight is off  the spring and the wheel...
would start with 4, check after a minute or 2 then add as needed 5
It sounds like the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) has failed. If the VSS fails, it can cause the symptoms you are describing. Check the wiring and make sure your VSS is properly plugged in before you replace the VSS. Where the VSS is located can vary depending on Make Model and Year. Check your vehicles...
  == Answer ==     you need to remove the entire steering knuckle and have a machine shop press out the hub and bearing for you.
  == Answer quad cab rear diff sensor. ==   It is not a switch, but a speed sensor used by the anti lock braking system to sense rear wheel speed.
I just had the same problem. This is what I found and fixed it! When the cable comes down and keeps going but the tire stays up it is because of a metal piece that is supposed to move inside the piece that holds the tire but because of rust or something is does not move inside and gets stuck and...
 == Answer ==   look on your intake manifold each cyl.has a num.above it.near the frunt of the manifold is your fireing order.bring #1 to t.d.c.(top-dead-center)the rotor button is at #1.cap should be marked. 
  A small exhaust leak should not be the cause.   It sounds like there is not enough fuel getting to the fuel rail. You don't say how old the vehicle is but could it have a dirty fuel filter or faulty fuel pump?
  can be water pump, radiator, heater core, thermostat housing, hose, or freeze-out plugs
  1. Loosen the lug nuts.   2. Jack up the tire.   3. Remove the lug nuts and tire--now rotor and brake caliper should be visible.   4. Use large C clamp, to clamp across the top of the disc brake caliper, placing one of the feet of the clamp on the disc pad facing you and the other on...
Got to Autozone's website and they have one under repair guides.
Answer  The fuse for the radio's constant power and the domelight might be located under the hood in the fuse panel there. Also the same fuse should power the cigar lighter.    Hey theres also another place that may have gone wrong, if you have power seats under the driver side, the plug is...
Look for 33/12.5/17, it will give you what you are looking for.
The flasher is also the hazard switch located below the fan switch Cleaning the contacts would not fix the problem permenitly. Need to resolder the contacts for the coil.
The fuse panel is located under the dash, left side of the steering column.
passenger side back of the motor just got done changing one on my 1994 dodge ram not to bad two Allen head bolts its just ackward hope that helps everyone
Answer . \nTry this web page:\nhttp://autorepair.about.com/library/firing_orders/bl-fo-6511.htm\nGood luck.
  possibly but im not so sure maybe some one has had the same problem and fixed it they may let you know to   possibly but im not so sure maybe some one has had the same problem and fixed it they may let you know to
Visit the Autozone website and they have free guides...with diagrams. I just used them on mine
  == Answer ==     Shiny square box on drivers fender near headlight.
  Look at the pads you are replacing and put them on the same way.
  It's probably the sending unit (in the tank) malfunctioning. Drop the tank to replace it or just fill up every couple of hundred miles.
If you have an offset reduction drive starter, you can access the starter solenoid spool under the end cover. Remove starter from vehicle, remove this cover, slide out spool, and expose the electrical contacts. The input (batt cable) contact will wear faster than output (motor lead) contact due to...
Starter solenoid is on the starter. Trans solenoids are on the valve body, in the trans.
On mine the flasher is behind the dash on the left side. There is an access panel similar to the fuse access panel on the right side. The flasher is behind that panel. You need to open the driver's door to see the panel.
Use of a non factory temp rated thermostat can cause a check engine light.
It is part of the filter on the driver side of the block.
A 1994 Ram does not have a passenger side airbag.
You need a .010 (intake) and a .020 (exhaust) feeler gauge first off. I can't remember the torque specs so look them up. With the valve cover off the first rocker will be intake followed by exhaust, repeat times 6. Bar the engine over in normal (clockwise) direction as viewed from the front of the...
heat core. leak. thermostat. no antifreeze.
inside the oil pan take the oil pan off and there it will be bolted to th engine
1 Disconnect the negative wire to the battery. I did this to be safe. 2 Disconnect the oxygen sensor from the air intake. Do not pull from the wires only pull from the boot. Be careful not to break the sensor either 3 Pull the tube connected to the left side of the air intake off then remove the...
  == Answer ==   i believe that the st has a 4afe (1.4l) engine. if that is the case the pressure sender is below the alternator and to the left of the oil filter. if it has a 3sfe (2.0l) the sender is on the drivers side of the cylinder head on the front.
Ha seriously that's a dumb question......No! that stuff is bad news even on the flex fuel cars Well...my 1999 Dodge 5.9, Ram 1500, 4x4 has 323,000 miles on it and I use 5-6 gals of E-85 per fill-up....NEVER any engine problems...draw your own conclusions!
    == Answer ==     Wheel bearings on the Sentra must be pressed in. The bearings should run around $50 each at the auto parts store, you need two. You will also need 2 different oil seals on each wheel ($10 each). I am unsure what local shops will charge for the labor but I paid ...
Answer . My son's 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 lists 3 pints of Dextron III oil.
  == Answer ==   Too long since last change   Wrong heat range for use
  == Answer ==   Not running on all cylinders?   Check spark plugs and wires, perhaps do a compression check
I think after 70, all the 340 high performance cars had 727's. The Hemi box, was the only tranny, that I know of anyway, that was limited to certain motors.
1981-87 ModelsDisconnect battery ground cable.Discharge A/C system and disconnect refrigerant and heater lines from unit.Move shift levers away from dash.Remove right side cowl trim panel, if equipped.Remove 4 screws at base and remove glove box.Remove brace through glove box opening and remove...
  == Answer ==     your starter should be in the in the back of your engine compartment on the right side but pretty close to the middle.
 == Answer ==   could be a sticky cable. I would go to your local parts store and get some powder graphite. Put some on each end of the cable and work the cable back and forth. If it is just sticky this should help. If it is a frayed cable it must be replaced.     could also be a...
  == Answer ==   could be a stuck butterfly on either the carb or throttle body depending on if your fuel injected or not. if not that, probably something very serious. 
  == Answer ==     This is located on the top of the right firewall or under the battery. More than likely, it's under the battery. You must remove the battery and the bracket to see it.
well i have a 96 stratus and mine was 34.99 at oreillys
Check ball joints, tie rods, drag links, u-joints, sway bar links, for grease zerks.
These are done in two steps. First step is 33 ft lbs. The second step is another 90 degrees. In this sequence: 6 2 3 7 5 1 4 8
Ram 1500 Pickups (both Quad Cab and Regular Cab) with the 6'3" bed will have a fuel tank capacity of 26gal (98L). Those with the 8' bed will have a capacity of 35gal (132L).
  == Answer ==     I have installed everything from cold air intakes, exhaust and software mods to complete supercharging systems . depends on how much power you want and money you want to spend.
7 quarts Capacities: Engine, with Wix 51085 Oil Filter.........7 quarts [1] Cooling System, Initial Fill..........16.3 quarts Automatic Transmission, 42RLE Initial Fill..........4 quarts Automatic Transmission, 545RFE 2WD Initial Fill..........5.5 quarts Automatic Transmission, 545RFE 4WD...